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  1. In a better world, right now we could have a Smackdown where Roman and The Usos are bragging about all they have done, and the lights go out and The Wyatts are in the ring and things jump off from there.
  2. Bray rules. Best gimmick of the past decade. One of the best mic-workers and one of the most creative people, too. He was in the best match the WWE has maybe ever had (Vs. The Shield), had Daniel Bryan’s best match during the YES! Movement run (Royal Rumble), was the foil Bryan’s biggest pop, was one of the first reasons anyone went out of the way to watch NXT and more. I have little interest in seeing CM Punk or Daniel Bryan or Chris Jericho in AEW. Those guys had their visions in WWE executed for long periods of time and we saw what they were able to do. But we never saw a fully actualalized version of Bray. That I want to see.
  3. 1) I love the ritual we have in America of every four years people wondering why we do not handball in our lives all of the time. It’s a sport made for us. It could be played in any gym class and also outdoors. I know we have basketball for that already but handball can also join our lives very easily. I can’t believe no one has tried to put on the European pro league on some channel. It is baffling to me that every four years we all collectively love handball and then there is never any momentum for it anywhere. 1B) I wonder what the hell handball would look like with a 2-point shot or an actual shot clock aside from the vague “passive play” rule. 2) Rugby 7s is also great. I wish it was a bit longer but it is a blast. 3) Water polo is the most physically grueling and brutal sport but man is it bad on TV. Anyone who plays water polo at a competitive level has some is a fucking maniac and someone I would not want to live near. 4) Team Archery was a lot of fun to watch. Badminton is also awesome. I also got a big kick out out the kayak/canoeing events. 5) My wife and I are oddly obsessed with synchronized diving. What a weird weird weird sport. It is just incomprehensible. But I have so many questions. How does one find a partner for this? Or what if one of the divers is better than the other? Does he/she have to dumb it down so they can be in better synchronization? Can you steal someone’s partner?
  4. Hacks on HBO is really great. Jean Smart deserves every award. Every other show I have ever watched about the comedy business, except for 30 Rock, completely sucks. But they made a dramatic show about a relationship between an aging comedian with a huge ego and a struggling young writer with an even bigger sense of entitlement that is also funny. And the actual comedy presented works, too. The writers got their start on Broad City, which is one of my favorites. This is such a great change.
  5. Stath Lets Flats is on HBO Max. It is a U.K. comedy about an inept but ambitious rental agent in London. It’s really funny. Not a mockumentary but there is obviously an Office influence. Well worth the watch.
  6. That Corbin segment ruled. Great whiny heel with a cool twist with his rip-off GoFundMe shtick. Why do people not like that?
  7. Me. Always tag me if it is a New Breed promo.
  8. Friday Night Dinner is as funny a TV show as I have ever watched. Man, this is just classic TV comedy that anyone and everyone would love.
  9. Writing for the WWE isn't all that different than any other serial drama but it's harder because it's live. You have to write within certain time limits because of live commercials. On top of it, you also have performers who have to also make sure they nail their cues and have to pause and react to an audience. And some of the performers may have just wrestled and have an injury or are just winded. Or some of the performers suck at performing or go into business for themselves and don't care about time constraints or where they're supposed to stand. Or a wrestler will get injured in the 6th minute of a 14 minute match. The only other show that's anything like the WWE in its format is Saturday Night Live. I really don't think wrestling fans appreciate just how fucking insane it is for the WWE to have consistently had live shows for this many years. It's always a huge deal if they miss a pinfall or something on camera. That's because their production is so ridiculously good that any mistakes really stand out. That's not to say that everything Kevin Dunn does works. But it's just nuts how they are able to pull together a few hours of live shows a week, especially factoring in all of the variables that can happen.
  10. Had my gallbladder removed two weeks ago. I had some major stomach pain and after a second trip to an ER they saw my gallbladder had to go and I had surgery the next morning. Not a bad recovery from a procedure by all means but I'm glad I'm not in pain. Super thankful that I have a job that offers insurance. Anytime I have a big procedure like that, I always just keep in mind how lucky I am and how many people who live near me don't have decent or any health insurance and would have to suffer through something like that or face financial ruin from doing so.
  11. Killer promo and direction for Nikki Cross. It's like she's becoming what Bayley was in NXT. I love that it's a NOT over-the-top superhero gimmick that's well explained. It's so utterly relatable for anyone who has had a rough go of things for a while and then manages to get back up on their feet and has that optimism return -- aka, almost everyone. She's not a superhero, but she has the spirit of someone who thinks they can take on the world. The audience always needs a character they can see the perspective of the story being told through the protagonist's eyes. Great examples of this are Sami Zayn and Bayley in NXT, Becky Lynch during her huge breakout moment, Dusty Rhodes, Jim Halpert and Pam on The Office, Elliot on Mr. Robot and some others. It's rare that the writers remember this. It's also not a WWE problem, but a writing problem in all mediums. Or, maybe people do remember it, but the performer isn't up to the task. But Nikki? She's here for it. I could absolutely see her headlining a major PPV with this persona.
  12. Yeah. Absolute and total fucking frauds. The worst was that Sam Hinkie became this like culture warrior here among basketball fans. At first, I was down with the rebuild. But then it just became a rebuild after rebuild. Along the way, the most vocal corners of Sixers fans on the Internet became all-in on everything Hinkie did. It was just blind loyalty... and it completely overlooked the fact that he fucking sucked as a GM. Some stuff wasn't his fault -- we all knew Embiid had injuries, but not that he would miss two years. But he managed to accrue draft picks, spin it that draft picks were a crapshoot except for a few top picks every few years, and managed to escape the blame for having really fucking shitty draft picks. Or the roster building made no fucking sense at all. Or that you can really just have one or two guys who are actual professional basketball players in the locker room to set the tone about how to prepare for games/how to not start fights at nightclubs/trash your condo/etc. and it will have long-term benefits. Or that maybe you'd like to get at least a competent point guard who can dribble the ball up the court and put people in the right spots so they can organically improve during actual NBA games. Like, his name STILL gets mentioned today about how if he was just allowed to keep to the plan the Sixers would be on Year 4 of a 15-year dynasty. (Everyone casually overlooks that no NBA team has even been rumored to have any interest in hiring him because of what a fraud he was.) How does Ben Simmons not even SHOOT a basketball? And I like him a lot as a player! He's incredible at so many parts of basketball. But... like... just fucking SHOOT THE BALL. He doesn't even do that when contested at the rim! I don't care if you don't shoot threes. But just take shots when you're five feet from the rim.
  13. The team’s best player came of age when the team was eagerly trying to lose games or even just one “quality locker room vet” guy to set the example or a coach with any sort of gravitas to tell him to stop drinking Shirley Temples. Ben Simmons came aboard when there was already a culture in place where there was no accountability. The team is on its fourth GM in six years. The ownership group is the worst hedge fund frat bro collective anywhere. This is what The Process has wrought. All of those second round draft picks accrued over the years definitely paid off. Fuck this team.
  14. It is jarring just how much bigger Karrion Kross Was than everyone else in that match. He actually screams “pro wrestler” when you see him in the ring. But man what exactly is he supposed to be as an act? A mean tough-guy old-school dude? Then why is he wearing Roman Gladiator trunks and have a valet who is a metaphysics enthusiast? Or is he some apocalyptic warrior with a siren girlfriend? Then why is he wearing a suit at the press conference? The best characters are those you can describe in less than 10 words or less. They need to write that down and have a look that matches. Everyone else in that match had a defined character you could see from their wrestling. Adam Cole: Slimbeag opportunist. Johnny Gargano: Goofball technical specialist. Pete Dunne: Tactician/borderline sadist. KOR: Emerging all-around Star. But Kross? His act is just... ugh.
  15. On top of being an all-timer, that was the debut of Kane. A character as hokey as Kane - the brother of the Deadman looking for revenge - needed as strong a first appearance as possible. Being the deciding factor in that match launched him right away and he held his end of the bargain and then some.
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