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  1. Well, he starting working NOAH in 2006 until 2013.
  2. My initial thought seeing Archer land on his head was Hayabusa, so I was relieved to see him able to roll out of the ring and stand up. You weren't the only one expecting Cody to use the Pedigree at the end, as I totally expected it.
  3. I hope there's someone doing coked up voiceover intros.
  4. I remember Samoa Joe and Low Ki in the BDC near the end, but I don't remember Eric Young, Homicide, or Hernandez in the group.
  5. That's a face in my book, although my book is really out there and missing some pages.
  6. My guess is Archer going over Kingston.
  7. Yes, Bobby Fish's entrance music was ReDRagon's theme in ROH. Punk/Sydal made me feel like I was watching Gabe-era ROH.
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