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  1. @The Natural I'm ok, thanks. I've been busy with work. My spare time always is split between wrestling and baseball once April starts.
  2. Scott Steiner's selling of the dropkick is tremendous.
  3. I'm a huge NIN fan, so I still call that move the Downward Spiral.
  4. Can we agree the worst name was that extremely brief period where Bob Holly's Falcon Arrow was called the Hollycaust? Just a total case of, What the fuck were they thinking?
  5. I might like Story of the Year's cover more than the original.
  6. I didn't set my expectations to an unreasonable level, so I was perfectly happy with Christian being the surprise.
  7. That's the best direction they could possibly go with this.
  8. I enjoyed this show until the ending. Do I now regret buying that shirt Kenny was wearing before the match was over? Maybe
  9. Why does this board hate me so? I am a nice guy after all.
  10. Belligerent Mean Gene was a true gift. God knows how many drinks deep he was here.
  11. From that angle, it looks like Jericho and MJF beat up Quentin Tarantino.
  12. I'm glad Lance Archer got the win, although I would have preferred if both he and Fenix were in the ladder match. I loved the match between these two aside from the Spanish Fly spot. Things could have gone really bad if Fenix didn't clear Jake.
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