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  1. I might just wear em to piss people off.
  2. Oh, I'll still be around, if anybody's on. It's not like I haven't played through all the Mass Effect games a time or two. Won't be on for a few days at least, since the mayor and I are both somehow on vacation at the same time. I don't know how long it's been since you were on, but they've added all kinds of stuff. I think there may be three heists you've never done. They added a bunch of the lower end, older supers as Simeon cars. I don't know which ones exactly, but I do know the Infernus is one of em. My favorite thing in the game right now is business battles. They're t
  3. Hadn't been paying that close attention to the release date, so I just now realized I'm heading out for vacation hours before. First time I've been away from the house for an entire day since 2019. Another example of my perfect timing. I'll be in a cabin out in the woods with no TV or internet, trying to convince my wife that those weird ass Axis deer calls are chupacabra. At least there won't be any temptation to try to find a way to play.
  4. More power to em. Just be sure to put a prefix on that title. Most Disappointing seems to fit, though I'm sure plenty of others would as well.
  5. Does that mean the movie is actually good? I'm pretty sure Sum of All Fears is the worst novel I've ever managed to finish reading.
  6. It might be a financial flop in one way at least, though the impact won’t be seen for years. I figure they’re gonna have to work pretty damn hard to sell their next game. Much harder than they had to with this one.
  7. Having watched virtually every snap of said QB’s college career, I’d quibble with the decision making knock, but fully agree with the rest Mond played really well a couple times, but he was mostly just a not gonna lose you the game guy in college. Not sure that’s the kind oh QB you spend an early third on.
  8. Hey, if you have the opportunity to get Trent Dilfer, you make it happen. You don’t let things stand in the way.
  9. I once met Chris Simms when he was a freshman at Texas. I was very bored waiting for my wife to get off work (she was the math tutor for the athletics dept there) so I decided to entertain myself watching a student IT person trying to explain the difference between a Mac and a PC to Simms. It was like watching somebody explain the Schrodinger Equation to a groundhog.
  10. Yeah, a lot of that's still around, but it's less annoying somehow now. Maybe I just don't give a shit any longer. If it gets annoying, I just change rooms. It's weird how stuff seems to go in and out of fashion. Since I started back playing a bit I've only run into one suicide queen. RPG spamming also seems to have gone out of style. I've run into a few scout sniper folks, but not nearly like we used to. Still a lot of flying motorcycles, but not quite as many as I remember from the past. The only ones that bother me are the guys that constantly use their stupid bikes to move from
  11. I have you know I am only got one trip to juvie. You were our only repeat offender. You need to come visit when we’re on sometime. The dots haven’t got any better and Simeon cars net 20k now
  12. Melraz and I got our first ever GTA car show invite last night. It was cute. They even had a guy running security. I don’t think we’re gonna get invited back.
  13. When I got mine from Walmart they said I had to be at the house to sign for it. Then they dropped it off on the doorstep without even ringing the bell. We lost 40 pounds of cat litter off the front porch right about that same time, but the Xbox stayed put.
  14. I'm coaching my son's T-ball team this year. First time coaching. It's been interesting. We already had two kids out due to Covid before our first game. Our second game was cancelled because the other team was quarantined after they had a kid come to their first game with the virus. Yesterday we got an email saying we're going to umpire the games ourselves since most of the umpires have it. The kids themselves are an interesting mix. There are four or five who are pretty good, a few that at least seem to realize they're on a baseball field, one that hasn't shown up the last fou
  15. By then you'll probably need an external USB HD just to store all the patches. And the game will still be as broke as ever.
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