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  1. This. There are a lot of reliably bad teams this year.
  2. Anybody want to be Washington State’s coach? Their previous coach apparently decided to be a clown full time instead.
  3. Really interested to see who LSU targets/ends up hiring. Lotta noise about Fisher heading over there, mainly due to LSU's AD being the guy who hired him at A&M. Don't know if that makes sense for either party. Assuming Fisher doesn't actively want to leave A&M, and I haven't seen anything indicates he does, LSU would probably have to give him 10-11 million per year, for 10 years and all guaranteed. That seems crazy money to pay anybody not named Saban or Swinney. From Fisher's side, unless he wants out or gets all the money, I don't see a whole lot of reason to wade into the potential Title IX/NCAA mess in the bayou.
  4. UFOs are back, after 8 years. Only this time they're actually supposed to be there, not inserted by hackers.
  5. I had a completely shit day and didn't even end up watching the game. Saw the Ags had won, so now I gotta go figure out when it replays on the SEC network, so I can record it. Might get round to watching by March or so, given the way life is going at the moment. If you'd have told me at noon today that Texas (who was up 28-7 or something similarly ridiculous at that point) would lose and A&M would win, I'd have been willing to bet you quite a lot of money that you were wrong. I'm kinda guessing Calzada just had ihs Reggie McNeal vs. OU moment, and next week he reverts to being himself all over again, but even if that's what it was it's good enough. If he didn't, or if King comes back and is actually good, then 10-2 isn't out of the realm of possibility, looking at the remaining schedule. OL somehow didn't give up a sack, which is really encouraging. They gave up three against New freaking Mexico. And they scored more points against Alabama then they did New Mexico as well. Football is weird, but I don't hate it this week like I did last week.
  6. So just as everybody predicted, Calzada is 10-10 with 2 TDs in the second and A&M is up 10. Still expect Nama to win by about 40 at the end.
  7. Aw. You've got to come back to LS first. Where the hell you been? I've been practicin my Mary Lou. I've seen dozens of those things. He's using the standard formula. Hell, I can still rattle off the compound ... complex ... stuff in my head without even thinking about it, and I haven't heard it in 25 years. I don't remember those mannerisms, so I don't know if that's just him or if I've just forgotten that. I really don't remember the cannon being there either. The fact that I never went to one of those things sober probably doesn't help my memory Yeah, he's a junior yell leader, doing the standard midnight yell finish. I will say he's doing the worst job of it I've ever seen done, though. I'm guessing he won't be governor in a couple decades. I miss midnight yell. I mean, not enough to want to drive two hours to go, but I miss it. Stumbling over from my rundown apartment (generally referred to by people that didn't live in that complex as "the slums"), getting in fights in the stands, getting puked on, making out with the random girl who happened to be standing next to you when they cut the lights. Good times. My favorite memory from my time in grad school at Texas. Walking out of the old ENS building in the evening and hearing the yells and the Aggie War Hymn loud as hell. Took me a minute it was coming from the stadium, clear across campus, and that Brown must've been trying to get his guys ready for the noise at Kyle. Funniest damn thing I've ever heard.
  8. I haven't heard Sterling, or thankfully Harrelson, in years and years, but the idea of anyone being bad enough to make Harrelson sound like Scully by comparison is something my brain just can't comprehend.
  9. I was gonna cheat and say Joe Paterno, but their fanbase is still perversely committed to him.
  10. As bad as Calzada has been, he isn't even the worst thing about A&M's offense. The OL is up there with the worst Aggie OLs I've seen, and that's saying something. Fisher has already punted on the year, telling starting level players to go ahead and get their season ending surgeries out of the way. So this is the one week of the year where I hold my nose and root for OU. I have an expensive piece of paper from Texas somewhere in the house, but the there are very few teams I'd root against if they're playing Texas. Basically the Penn States of the universe.
  11. He'll be in Houston, which is hell with higher humidity.
  12. Half the field is officially out now, so we've just about hit the point I hit every year where I get knocked out. One of my two most appealing available matchups involves picking against a bad Giants team playin on the road. Pretty sure if I pick that game it will end up in a tie or something similarly ridiculous.
  13. I hope you're right there. I'm OK with "Screw you, I'm moving my team to Austin" being the threat every shithead team owner uses, as long as we don't mess up and actually get a team by accident. I'm starting to be fearful that Austin is getting big enough to actually get a team one of these days. I've been here since 71, minus six years in College Station and Houston, and the place is unrecognizable to me if I think back to being a kid. Full of people who moved here in their keep Austin weird shirts pricing out everybody who used to make the place what it was before their rent tripled. We used to live on 38th, just east of Mopac when I was little. When he was watching TV my dad would go out during commercial breaks and shoot rats in the garage. Imagine doing that in THAT neighborhood now. The folks that tore down the existing homes to build their two million dollar houses would piss themselves.
  14. If Jones and McNair can keep an NFL team out of Austin till I can move the hell out of here (11 1/2 years and counting) then I might actually think positively of them for once. Or at least slightly less negatively than I do now
  15. No clue why I've had a song I only know from a TV show I haven't seen in a couple decades stuck in my head the last two days
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