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  1. That's infinitely better. Still don't need to hear it ever again, though, after listening to it at way too many weddings in the late 90s/early 2000s.
  2. If this horrible thing isn't stuck in your head, you haven't spent enough time around elementary school age kids. Be thankful for that.
  3. These guys are my heroes: They also managed to get it up Mt. Chiliad. Doing pointless stuff like this has always been the best part of GTA. Reminds me of the time a bunch of us spent 30 minutes and a billion GTA dollars worth of explosives blasting my wrecked Mesa out of a river so we could take a picture with it
  4. I beat the game and I remember exactly none of that, including Liara. The game obviously left a deep impression on me. I can tell you where the ammo drops are on just about every multiplayer map, but it took me forever to even recall the player character's name.
  5. Tannehill at least out have the professionalism to explain the proper way to keep track of an AR-15.
  6. There were preseason projections that had him going in the first round. Then the season happened and it was more middle rounds. Then he tested about as well as your average wrestling message board member. So he gets a trip to Buffalo as a free agent. Don’t expect him to do much blocking either.
  7. This is true, but every every dollar that doesn’t enter Russia is a dollar that’s that much harder for the bastards that are targeted to steal. it’s also a scary time to have your very portable IP sitting on Russian servers. When we shut down our Russian site a couple weeks ago, the servers over there were remote wiped with no warning, including the backups. Corporate decision was apparently that it was better to lose data than it was to risk it being stolen.
  8. Beat Wonderlands. It's not bad, at least it's better than the pre-sequel. It is weirdly easy - easier even than BL3. I beat the final boss on my first go, using only a semi-automatic pistol with no enchantments. Borderlands bosses usually kick my butt a few times before I figure em out, but not this time. I did wish they would've gone lighter on the D&D inside stuff. Never played D&D, and that wasn't gripping me. I know it's based on D&D, it's much more pronounced this time than it was in Assault on Dragon's Keep. Even Torgue seemed a little off this time, though he did have the one moment of awesome in the game, when he finally
  9. Did my first freemode runs in at least six months over the last two days. And the first runs on the new Online version. Noticed the dots seem to be a lot higher level than I remembered. Level 800+ folks seem to be in every room now. Found out the hard way that they've somehow put something in the game that may actually be worse than the Nimbus MKII. Some new cars actually allow you to go off radar permanently, as long as you're near the car (apparently 500 meters, whatever that works out to in GTA land), and provided you don't kill another player. It also allows your entire CEO org/motorcycle club to be off radar along with you. And your org/club doesn't have that second qualifier. They have to be near the car, but they can kill as many dots as they want. Ran into several people abusing that last night. Thought it was a bug exploit. Come to find out, it's actually a feature. WTAF?
  10. Game's only been out 8 1/2 years. Give em time. They'll get it right. (Yeah, I'm not afraid to run that joke into the ground).
  11. If you haven't already, you might want to look at having a sleep study done. I resisted for years and wish I hadn't. My results basically came out as "why haven't you died in your sleep yet?" The CPAP bugged me for a couple days, but now I don't notice it really. Got my BP down 30 points, to well within the "safe" range, just by doing that.
  12. Shadowmere is great at distracting dragons. And at luring em down to ground level, so I can stop messing around with my bow and start whacking em with axes.
  13. I'm enjoying Wonderlands so far. Whacking Smurfs with an axe will never get old.
  14. Sadly, GTA5 has had them for years now, so that wouldn't be much of a surprise. The flying motorcycles are worse.
  15. How exactly is Miami close enough to winning anything significant that they need to give up that many draft picks and hand over that much guaranteed to Hill? Are they really one high end WR (whose countdown to going WR batshit crazy can't have long left on it) away from anything?
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