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  1. They remembered they had him on their roster?
  2. Oh, it's for sale now. However, I'm cheap. And it costs less if you jump through the hoop. I don't even try to race if there's a bunch of high levels. The races where there's two guys above 100, and a couple level 10s are more my speed. If I had to win I wouldn't bother, but I can usually manage a third place in a race with only three people in it.
  3. So this tuners thing has a car you can win. Deal is you have to place in the top three in one of the new tuner races (locked to the new cars) three days in a row. I want the free car, so I'm actually doing a few races again. Ugh. Five plus years of not racing means I've actually got worse at racing than I used to be, and I was crap to begin with. Unfortunately the car I have is also crap, so I'm doing even worse than expected. Like getting schooled by people that have done five total races bad. I figured out real quick that I'm not catching up if somebody has even a decent lead on me. So last night I got pitted twice by the same person on the first lap of the race. I was miles behind after the second one, so I decided to display my annoyance. So, want to pit me for sixth place (out of seven) do you? Spent the rest of the race ramming the poor sap. He had to restart multiple times because I pinned him against things, making it impossible for him to move. When the race ended he was pinned between my car and a telephone pole, facing the wrong way. Somehow he placed after me, though he was closer to the finish than I was. Turned out he was the race host. He put the next race on non contact. Then he left when it started. The guy next to me ran over his character as it exited his car. Then I won the race, somehow beating a guy who had 1600 race wins and only about 200 losses by more than 20 seconds. Then I got to quit racing for the day That's what victory is like in GTA in 2021.
  4. All of that sounds a lot more fun right about now than the current Alabama/Clemson/Ohio State/Oklahoma status quo.
  5. And somebody already found out how to hack it. I'm so proud.
  6. Sadly you're right. It's all indoors. Can't bring weapons or run anybody over. Somebody will figure out how to hack that, and will be my hero.
  7. Probably about the duck.
  8. My finest GTA moment. Dying halfway through round one. Still not as funny as our characters fusing behind a semi trailer. Been a long time since i laughed till I cried.
  9. I'm curious if that means Xbox One and Series X/S can't play together whenever this drops. It's been a nice change from the 360/Xbox One switchover to have the two generations able to play together. I could care less about losing access to car upgrades. I haven't raced in years, and cars in general are pretty much useless with 8902347690243876 different kinds of weaponized/flying vehicles packing auto aim missiles. I do like the idea of tuner meets, though. I love myself a car show in GTA. It's a target rich environment.
  10. Buy 3 times, at least for Xbox, apparently. PS5 gets it for free.
  11. Gotta love when that happens. I'm a logic designer, not an IT person, so I normally don't get too many emergencies. The one fun one I remember was while I was working at Motorola forever ago, and an issue with first silicon came up during a new years party at my house. I wound up doing validation work while distracted and drunk in the middle of the party. Somehow didn't FUBAR it.
  12. They're just so terribly precious about that.
  13. I've always encouraged Stout to buy the original games since he liked Andromeda. Then I replayed Rannoch last night. I'd forgotten how that reaper fight goes. Worst, for me. Have to do 20 Mary Lous in a row to avoid the Reaper, and if you screw even one of em up, you get to start over. I'm picturing him getting positively apoplectic over it.
  14. ME3 decided to get all buggy last night. About halfway through the fight to get to the shroud on Tuchanka, I ran into a couple Rachni, with a few smaller things surrounding them, that I could not target with biotic charge. I ran right up to their faces, and still couldn't hit them. Finally had to get Garrus and Edi to kill em for me. The last rachni took me out, just as my helpers killed it. Apparently it autosaved when that last rachni died, because reloaded right were I'd died. All the enemies were dead, but I couldn't move in any direction. Fortunately, I had a manual save from just before the fight started, so I went back to that and stayed in cover till they were dead. And apparently after I looked it up, it's a bug others have seen, since I see it listed in the second bug here (whoever filed it REALLY needs to learn the difference between "bride" and "bridge"): https://answers.ea.com/t5/Mass-Effect-Legendary-Edition/Two-Quest-Breaking-Bugs/td-p/10382933
  15. So far the most annoying part of ME3 is that Shepard still runs like a Bushwhacker wannabe in casual clothes
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