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  1. F1rst Wrestling does a pretty good job making an event a fun experience. Especially their Wrestlepalooza or other bigger shows. They’ll usually break the wrestling matches up with two different burlesque dancers and then either a band or rapper for the intermission. It really fits the scene here. Very fun.
  2. Holy shit. Double decker? I might manufacture this. There was a place in St Paul that had The Miracle On Slice. It was a deli sandwich with pizza as the bread. Their Philly Cheesesteak was so good that I usually went with that though.
  3. Applebee’s is an existential treat of the beauty of the mundane. If a culinarily casually fried Andy Warhol and a dollar bottomless Norman Rockwell had a baby that grew up to be in your local highschool sports teams as an important bench player, but still beloved. It is not simply an American restaurant, but the American experience is ingrained in the fibers of not just the concept, but the foot and physical structure of the building. Is the idea of Applebee’s a lie we tell ourselves so we can keep living? Maybe. But it’s one that still brings a tear to my eye. Thank you, Applebee’s. Bless you and your $5 Blue Bahama Mama.
  4. I can’t really find the data to support how many matches or if it was in multiple companies (I know of more that Cagematch doesn’t list at least), but I thought of Jerry Lynn vs Lightning Kid/ Sean Waltman.
  5. Chris Hero vs Eddie Kingston is another one I thought of. Rivalry spanning across IWA:MS, CHIKARA, CZW, IWC, PWG, ROH, and AIW.
  6. What are some great touring Indy matches? Opponents that matched up in multiple companies. Like American Dragon vs Low Ki in the early 2000’s.
  7. lil Octopus has SuctionCup Tentacle & Beak Disease. Poor guy had a very tough night where his mouth hurt and was struggle to sleep. So the two of us stayed up laying on the couch (then I was smart enough to bring his mattress to the living room) and we watch Zootopia and Finding Nemo on repeat all night. Last year he had bad Stridor and needed to be in the ER overnight. Father’s Day is cursed. My beautiful wife, Gazelle, is making pork chops though. So I’m tired but about to eat good.
  8. The modern Andre The Giant vs Stan Hansen
  9. Are you telling me we could get a Doctor Woods, phd gimmick?!
  10. My two brothers were much bigger than I was. The middle brother would be Kane and I’d be XPac and as he chokeslamed the gorilla stuffed animals I’d do the suck it cross chops.
  11. Does WWE own UUDD? EDIT: I missed @CraigH’s post where he said they did. My bad. also googled This.
  12. Next time you’re near one of the 1,536 locations, you should try one. Tell ‘em Octopus sent ya!
  13. Trust me. I wouldn’t lie. And if push comes to shove and I was under oath, I’d truthfully plead the fifth.
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