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  1. Buddy Rose vs Tito Santana - 3/5/90 Buddy is always great. He’s one of the few wrestlers where literally everything he does makes me smile. It’s also interesting to see bigger Buddy in WWF and you can tell the company’s body preferences in the commentary throughout.
  2. That scrappy sonuvagun will make it out alive! Same Darby time, same Darby channel.
  3. I will saw this: I had to see this match while it was happening. Went to an open bar, asked to change the corner channel to TNT, and had a fun time drinking beer by myself. I love wrestling. I got a few zingers hurled my way. Gotta roll with it and chuckle it off. The closer tv was on the Twins game that I guess the guys who never looked up from their phone was really invested in...
  4. They could call it the over-inflated ego match. (Not an insult, based on gimmicks)
  5. Oh dear lord! Yus!!!! Thanks for the tags @The Natural! I’ve been pretty in and out of things with work so I’m glad I saw the email notification. For shirt sizes, they can run tight in comparison to US sizes. But I have no problem with the Four Pillars shirt. The Kawada jersey might be a tad tighter, but it’s not overly tight. I think it’s more of a form fit on me. Plus, I’m losing weight (trying to) so it’s motivation. Lol Mecha Shotei is my favorite shirt company atm. I hope they do a Misawa and Taue Jersey.
  6. Haha, so great! Thanks. —— side note: I loved reading Niko and Gordi talk about the 95 tag. That’s one of my favorites as well and I absolutely love the Kobashi crawling spot.
  7. Lol, shamefully I only know Kerry. That area is a big blind spot. Hit me up if you have some must watch David and Kevin matches. Willing and always excited to learn.
  8. Oh boy, I really am behind. Time to get liquored up and watch some wrestling. Apologies to my friends on here, didn’t mean to blow you all off. Work and Derpin. The Fabulous Freebirds vs Von Erich’s and Iceman King Parsons: recommended by the legendary @Smelly McUgly Normally I’m a more a fan of matches with commentary, but with how unbelievably pumped this crowd is, I think this is better without it. Just laying on my couch I realize I’m wiggling my legs in excitement. All that happened is the good guys got all grabby and pushy and the Freebirds fled the ring. Th
  9. Thanks @Leonidas! I’m strictly behind the scenes. I’ll occasionally have fun doing bits but my acting is terrible. I had a friend that did both behind and in front of camera and it wore him out. Directing is stressful enough, haha. For this project I wrote, directed, and edited. The crew was pretty limited and shoots were spaced out. I would have a Camera Operator for maybe half of the shoots and the others when it was just myself and the actors I’d work camera.
  10. Sorry all. Off and on busy and all over the place. Planning on enjoying your match from last week at the end of this one @El Gran Gordi! @Smelly McUgly, I’m gonna toss you this one. Let me know if you’ve already watched it and I’ll switch it: Brodie Lee vs Claudio
  11. Hey film nerds amongst Wrestling nerds. Gonna ramble, copy/paste and combine FB posts for mine, and ramble some more: Roughly five years ago I was as pacing around in a St Paul basement while waiting for my laundry. I’ve always thought best while moving. As a very kid I would run around the outside house and call it “Dreaming.” Different stories would pop into my head about silly things like wrestling, opening up a restaurant, or adventure. Eventually the dreaming left the circles around my house and became biking around the neighborhood. At a young age my dreaming began to transition fro
  12. Ohhhhhh, I’m excited for them to clubber each other. @El Gran Gordi, this deep fried calamari will give you a fun one. Dusty, Putsky, Andre vs Afa, Sika, & Samula.
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