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  1. I woke up mid nap with a new one. European Dragon, Br-EYE-an Danielson. Thank you. I’ll see myself out.
  2. “I remember that man. I’ve wrestled him before...PCO. But he’s looking different. That twinkle in his eye and the baguette in his hand. Wait...that’s not PCO. It’s FRENCH-CO!!!”
  3. Malakai Black and his evil step brother Malakai Shaq take on Cody and Brandi.
  4. It’s a BOY! Jasmyne and I did a gender reveal and got blue confetti. Can’t wait for him to come in November!
  5. I really enjoyed this segment. I know there’s the talk of Kenny’s promos and I agreed when he was a face he could be very awkward. But I’m really liking Heel Omega and the new facial hair is a plus.
  6. The Shrine. With the new purchases (they accidentally put out Mirror in stock so I got it a week early) I’m at 200 Criterions.
  7. I could take Miro and Wardlow. Shoot on them real good.
  8. I for one like the way this thread has gone. Wrestling discussion should revolve more around beating up nerds.
  9. I thought Sydal and Martin’s tights, especially as opposites, were fantastic and it made for an exciting watch.
  10. Aja Kong & Bull Nakano vs Akira Hokuto & Shinobu Kandori
  11. Haven’t seen this posted. Looks like as restrictions are listed we’ll start seeing more excursions again.
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