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  1. Yeah, these are my feelings. People are acting like the bump is mandatory. You can just do something else entirely if you’re not willing to do a table bump or what have you. These kind of spots are supposed to invoke fear and worry for the well being of the wrestler, instead I just find myself rolling my eyes every time. I’d rather see a legitimate bump off a cage through a table once every 4 or so years rather than the constant big bump into crash pad we get seemingly every month.
  2. Reading some of this thread has reminded me I need to give DQ11 another try. For some reason I have never been able to get into the series like I have with the FF series and other RPGs. I thought 11 would be the perfect start, but petty as it may sound, after a few hours in the overworld I found the music really lacking, with short loops that started to drive me crazy and I just gave up on it. Apparently they changed that in the Switch version, so I wonder if I’d like it more now, as the Switch’s pick up and play style lends itself more to long JRPGs. Part of me would rather just play Octopath
  3. Not surprising that a man that preaches the importance of good hygiene, cleaning your room and having proper posture would make a good villain to Marvel fans.
  4. I recently discovered the Dark Souls series and went to type out some thoughts and it quickly turned into an essay. Spoilered for size.
  5. Now that’s a HOT TAKE I do feel like the quality of strikes has gone down a lot in the last 10-15 years and that switching the camera is kind of necessary many times given the giant whiffs on a lot of kicks and punches, but god damn do I get nauseous watching the camera work
  6. Man I love watching UFC on the actual fight night, but when it comes to hype it’s just so hard for me to get invested until weigh ins are complete. Jones/Ngannou is certainly exciting, but at this point I’m expecting them to book Francis vs. Lewis in the summer, and Lewis could very easily win that and squander all the big money fights.
  7. (Hopefully this hasn’t been done before) I’ll start with... -Kenny Omega was never the best in the world (if you choose to believe that) based on his talent, he was simply in the best spot to be the best when he was in New Japan. Any of the top 20 (hell maybe 50) wrestlers in the world could be the best if they were given the position and push he had. His acquired knowledge working in Japan/fluency in Japanese does help him greatly in getting that push, though, and he does deserve credit. Styles also had his best career run there. New Japan doesn’t burn out the crowd before their main
  8. I just rewatched it to see if I missed anything and there’s not really anything there that breaks kayfabe at all. He said he’s a workhorse, Moxley realized how little he knew about wrestling when he got in the ring with him, and that he makes wrestlers level up. These kind of lines all have real sport parallel if you look at UFC, where people don’t realize how little they know till they grapple with Khabib, how a guy like Kamaru Usman is a workhorse, or how when facing a champ like GSP you level up. I mean when OSP faced Jon Jones they were talking about him getting the rub just by getting to
  9. Second the Fire Thunder, also Thunder Fire! Psycho Driver was a good one, surprised no one has stolen it yet Pearl Harbor Splash would be bad, but for Jun Kasai it’s perfect Zandig’s MOTHER F’N BOMB is a guilty pleasure Everest German Suplex is great cause Takayama literally means tall mountain. basically a lot of Japanese moves. I don’t understand them but they sound good. D-Geist, Axe Bomber, Pumping Bomber, Ranhei, Sliding D, and plenty more.
  10. Thank you for reminding me to rewatch this, my favorite women’s match ever. I tried my playing my drinking game doing 1 oz pours of Hamilton Jamaican Pot Still Blonde rum for every cliche I listed on the first page, and then after 2 in the opener I realized I’m fucking 30 now and I might be on pace for cirrhosis by 7 PM. Decided to call it quits and just watch the show later. Glad I did cause I think I would have been way too wasted to pay attention to the main event. Opener was bad, echoing what everyone is saying here. Cody has gotten progressively worse to me. Also didn’t rea
  11. Happy St Patrick’s Day! Here’s the drinking game I’ll be playing tonight (feel free to add, I know there’s many more cliches) -Run in during or after match -Ref distraction -JR commenting on someone’s physique -Promo being interrupted -Heel rubbing their palms together -“you see” uttered in any promo -Canadian Destroyer -Lights go out -Jab at WWE -JR getting someone’s name wrong
  12. If we’re going to town on wrestlers we think are overrated, I’ve always been amazed at the seemingly unanimous love of Pentagon. I haven’t seen a single original thing about him besides the little hand gesture he does while his opponent just stands there and takes it like a chump. It’s so drawn out I cringe every time. I’ll never forget that tag ladder match where he had a chance to grab the belts but opted to do his dumb hand gesture on the top of the ladder instead. I’m not sure I’ve seen a ladder match with less attempts to actually try and grab the belts. His move set is based around Canad
  13. Song is Rising Force by Yngwie Malmsteen Yoshihito Sasaki appears to be a tamed, pudgy house husband at this point, looking nice and happy, with a forehead that looks like laffy taffy. He married a former idol and has a huge family with her, and they regularly update a YouTube channel about their daily life. Bit jarring to see one of the most violent wrestlers I've ever seen being such a jovial dude, but I'm happy for him that he doesn't appear brain dead and bitter. He recently did a review of his Wikipedia entry and confirmed or denied things. From what I ca
  14. I just found this old Big Japan video from around 10 years ago I thought I lost forever, and thought some people here would appreciate it. AKA the watch Yoshihito Sasaki bleed more than any deathmatch wrestler Music Video. Sadly there's many others I made that are gone forever. I stole the song from an old Michinoku Pro music video that I also sadly can't find.
  15. Scorpio has done nothing to get me excited for him winning the title, but I will try and be open minded if he does. To me I’d be more bummed on the fact that Darby’s reign almost made me less into him. We went from Cody having awesome matches every week to Darby having (at least according to my poor memory) 2 defenses in 4 or so months, which didn’t really make him look like a fighting champion. I just want to see him wrestle and go crazy in the ring, but instead I’ve just been subjected to a bunch of vignettes and run ins of him, while Cody’s reign looks downright legendary in comparison. And
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