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  1. https://www.espn.com/olympics/story/_/id/31847805/tokyo-2020-organizing-committee-chief-rule-cancellation-summer-olympics
  2. To be fair, "A Major League Baseball investigation couldn’t corroborate the allegations against Santangelo, according to people familiar with the situation." according to the Post article.
  3. ESPN says it was an alternate, but that "The USOPC did not say whether Olympic champion Simone Biles or any of the other favorites to win the team gold were isolated because of contact tracing."
  4. (I never knew that they turned GaoGaiGar Project Z into a web novel...)
  5. Make sure that you're connecting to the board using regular HTTP and not HTTPS (and also make sure that you don't have HTTPS-Only Mode turned on). I had the same kind of issues when I was playing around with HTTPS-Only; I think the site has a bad SSL cert or something.
  6. And Bauer's been placed on seven day administrative leave by MLB
  7. Remedy’s Project Condor is a multiplayer spinoff of Control
  8. PFT's reporting that he's dealing with ankle issues which may have happened because of something he wasn't supposed to do since the Steelers released him with the Non Football Injury designation
  9. Bleeding Cool seems to think the Beyond tag is a reference to the Beyond Corporation from Nextwave and Mighty Avengers and that there will be a rotating creative team with the writers being Kelly Thompson, Saladin Ahmed, Cody Ziglar, Patrick Gleason, and Zeb Wells
  10. Any chance of the different wrestling groups banding together and forming their own vaccination center like Avex is doing for their staff and talent?
  11. Hopefully it turns out better than what happened with the Caps...
  12. Well, most likely the English translation will only be on the Asian version like the past SRW games, which means if there's a Premium Vocal version again that won't have English subs. It's nice that Combattler returns; hopefully the other Choudenji brother shows up. (Although I sort of wished they would have done a retro theme for the 30th anniversary since it's been a long time for OYW Gundams to be in a main SRW game)
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