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  1. RIP Lee Elder, first African-American to play in the Masters
  2. Chicago Dallas Buffalo Houston Atlanta New England Philadelphia Cincinnati Tampa Bay Carolina LA Chargers Minnesota Green Bay Baltimore Seattle Tiebreaker #1: 13 Tiebreaker #2: 332 Tiebreaker #3: 37
  3. For Macross fans, they announced that all Macross music will be on streaming services starting tomorrow, Nov. 21. They also announced a special "worldwide blue" VF-25 from Frontier and a Hi-Metal-R VF-0 from Zero as the first worldwide available figures. It's going to be weird being able to access Macross stuff without having to worry about importation, etc. (And oy, my wallet's going to take a beating if I get the figures they announced this weekend...Metal Build Hi-Nu, Metal Build Sirbine, Metal Build Guren, Hi-Metal L-Gaim MkII...)
  4. Cleveland Guardians' launch starts with store sign crashing to sidewalk
  5. Bucs’ Antonio Brown accused of obtaining fake vaccine card
  6. New England Miami San Francisco Carolina Green Bay Cleveland Buffalo Philadelphia Chicago Tennessee Las Vegas Dallas Seattle LA Chargers Tampa Bay Tiebreaker #1: 74 Tiebreaker #2: 4 Tiebreaker #3: 52
  7. I'm a bit upset about The Past Within being multiplayer, since all the previous Rusty Lake games have been single player and I don't know anyone else who have played them.
  8. Early reviews of Netflix's Cowboy Bebop are out... Cowboy Bebop turns a classic anime into a Saturday morning cartoon Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop is a bloodless substitute for the real thing
  9. Well fuck looks like he might have blown out his knee
  10. 13-0 WFT over Tom Brady! JUST END THE GAME NOW!
  11. Brady with two INTs in the first quarter
  12. Fitzmagic is unlikely to return this season because the hip subluxation has not shown sufficient recovery.
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