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  1. Pretty sure that article is all theoretical. I don't think Rivera would even think about trading away all those draft picks.
  2. WFT just drafted someone named Cameron Cheeseman. I'm a bit shocked that the Packers didn't snatch him up.
  3. Well LB was an obvious need for the WFT.
  4. Thank god all the big QB names are off the board now for WFT
  5. Yup, I had the same reaction. The base game of Fenyx is fun, even if it's a BOTW derivation. Plus the dialogue is funny, especially if you're somewhat familiar with Greek mythology. I will also give Ubisoft props for using the proper Greek spelling of Herakles. The DLC though? Absolutely hate it and gave up on it. Most of the trials are just stupid, inane platforming runs that are just trying to see how good your reflexes are.
  6. Yeah, I would strongly argue that WFT's drafting hasn't been that much better than the Jets until recently and in some cases worse.
  7. Eh, from what I remember from 2019 he and Donald Penn weren't that bad on the left hand side of Washington's OL. Of course they were using him at guard and he was playing under Bill Callahan, so it probably was an anomaly...
  8. It's probably not a true tokusatsu show and more of a plamodel commercial, but I really enjoyed the first three eps of Girl Gun Lady. Thankfully Bandai's putting up subbed versions of each episode pretty much right after it airs in Japan.
  9. Well maybe this is why Fields is dropping in a lot of mock drafts: Justin Fields told NFL teams he is managing epilepsy
  10. There was also Griffins... Yeah, just remind everyone how badly drafting RG3 turned out to be...
  11. Probably not. Caps are pretty much right up against the salary cap right now, and they have to find a way to fit in Ovi's next contract during the offseason. And most likely the Caps overpayed a bit to get the Panik contract off their books.
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