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  1. I somehow was able to figure out if I had purchased or bought Uncharted 4 (I must have deleted the purchase from my gmail account (whether plus or otherwise), but if you go into the web store and choose game library, you have to do an exhausting search through your history of all library games and it seems like all + purchases have a + icon by it. My copy of 4 did not. So, that's an easy $10 snag tomorrow.
  2. Yeah, I'm covered through like June I think, and I'll probably try to buy a year or so worth next time I have the funds and it's cheap.
  3. I also just want to point out that it sounds like my hunch from a couple weeks ago may be a bit too accurate.
  4. I actually last night discovered the Hansen vs Andre 9/23/81 match from New Japan, which I'm surprised that I've never heard of (to be fair, I haven't watched an insane amount of 80s Puro that wasn't NWA Title defenses). I want to get back into the habit of writing, so I may do some words on it and other things over the weekend, but that match was spectacular. It was just two dudes beating the hell out of each other, and a crowd that was completely unglued. I really should watch more non-broken down Andre.
  5. You can find people streaming or posting content from the Mod. It looks pretty good for a going on 9 year old game. Also, I keep my 360 in a spare room and play it. I have NCAA Football 14 digitally because I sold my physical copy when the digital one was on sale for like under $10 and that adds another wrinkle to the Xbox mod stuff. It seems easier with a PC and some PS3 Chicanery.
  6. Sort of (not really) related. I was looking up what I would need to run that NCAA Football 14 College Football Revamped mod, and I really just need to build myself a PC at some point but i'm a mess and have a few other buckets to check first.
  7. I thought he had done something by he way that story floated out there yesterday, but it sounds like this is performance based on the high expectations at Louisville. You already have a list of the usual suspects on their wish list.
  8. Kiffin is the most amusing Twitter follow. Just trolls everyone. EDIT: Payton also apparently said "I still have a vision for doing things in football... that could be coaching again in the future." Not sure of the original source but PFF tweeted it.
  9. Hansard has been on my "See live" bucket list for years, and Once was my exposure to him. I currently have a ticket to see him in DC. It's rare I travel more than 6 hours for a concert. I'm hoping I can pull off that trip, but life, funds, etc.
  10. I watch wrestling with a much more mindless eye as opposed to a critical one these days for sanity’s sake, so the atmosphere at GCW made it a fun show, but I really only enjoyed the Lucha 6 man and Christian/Rush from a quality standpoint. I popped a lot for theme song choices (Homicide, Gimme Back My Bullets, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road). This was my first gcw content, not sure I’ll watch again.
  11. I just installed Hitman. I'll probably still end up buying it on PS5 next sale with the Deluxe edition because I own it there, but I'm looking forward to doing some assassinating!
  12. Alex Navarro runs his rock band equipment on his Series X. I'm not sure what generation stuff he's using. Also, it's either 13.9% or 14%. Unless there's a weird no-rounding/no fractions rule for business purposes.
  13. Yeah, auto pre-order if I can do it with all peripherals and the ability to work on Rock Band as well.
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