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  1. I think Amazon is having some success with theirs if you want a similar product.
  2. A one off Thrillseekers vs Briscoes match is major sign me up potential.
  3. Coming in 3 weeks, Chris Jericho faces off against Davey Richards inside of a steel Davey Richards.
  4. They should have Coach O be an honorary commentator.
  5. Auburn had 100 more yards of offense in the 3-2 game, and we thought Tony Franklin was bad at the time.
  6. Chaos

    LIVE MUSIC 2022

    I guess I know what I'm basing my summer plans around:
  7. AEW to announce new show AEW: Timbers, where Big Meaty Men Slap Meat in the most intense hoss battles of all time.
  8. A lot of people take the Khan refusing to acknowledge thing as a sign and not just Khan having years of experience fielding similar questions an NFL team executive and also a English Football executive. The only one that is purely candid on that kind of stuff is Jerry Jones.
  9. Thursday, September 22 Pittsburgh Sunday, September 25 Cincinnati Minnesota Baltimore Carolina Chicago Kansas City Philadelphia Miami Las Vegas LA Chargers Atlanta LA Rams Green Bay San Francisco Monday, September 26 NY Giants Tiebreaker #1: more passing yards, Aaron Rodgers Tiebreaker #2: Tyreek Hill receiving yards vs Buffalo: 82 Tiebreaker #3: total interceptions thrown in Cincy/NYJ: 2
  10. I played Trombone for four years, so I'm definitely intrigued.
  11. Before long, the Flyers are going to have to change their Gritty mascot to a caricature of Dan Campbell.
  12. DVR it and build in some time for a potential runover (record to like 10:20 easternish?)
  13. Deion is probably holding out hope that the FSU situation goes south, but Norvell seems to have turned things around. Deion is definitely an easier sell in the southeast than anywhere else, but even then it's a lot of gimmick with questionable substance even though he has had success at his Jackson St. If you can get the NIL money and the flashy transfers to come with it, it could at least be an initial bump for the program. However, Deion gelling with the powers that be at Auburn or any other booster ran program is a short lived powder keg.
  14. This probably belongs in the upcoming or the Sports Game thread, but I figured I'd post it here just for maybe some cross-over interest. It appears AFC Richmond is getting added to FIFA 23. I may make that my road to glory team. (For some reason, YouTube embedding isn't working for me this morning so trailer is below:) https://youtu.be/TUamiLX6gp4
  15. I want few things more this year than for the Dolphins to beat the Bills on Sunday. Too many embarrassing losses to a team we've historically been great against.
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