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  1. I'm curious if that ASPYR port of KOTOR is worth touching. I know they've ported it elsewhere too. I still own an OG Xbox copy and never finished it. Could be fun to play through on the go before the remake releases.
  2. One person changed their tune on Death Stranding after playing the DC: https://www.polygon.com/reviews/22688402/death-stranding-directors-cut-review-ps5-changes
  3. I never really had a D2 group to play with overall, and every time I load that up I'm just overwhelmed by it all and sadly my gaming timing is so limited that grinding against that thing never makes sense (yet, I keep paying for that damn thing like a fool).
  4. Danielson really is the greatest. That's the most I've ever enjoyed an Omega match (I'm also in the not a fan club), but Omega has had a good run recently between last night and the two matches with Christian.
  5. I google for a date every few weeks because Turtles in Time was one of my favorite games as a kid.
  6. I'm guessing he's out a lot longer than Sunday. I wonder if Flores is calling his former boss and saying, "so be bluntly honest with me about Cam Newton."
  7. I think this was a DVDRMB Movie Club pick a few years ago, and I never got around to it. Without searching, I'm guessing it was before the board reset.
  8. I completely forgot about Glover ever being a video game. I'm more than positive I played it. I don't remember a second of it.
  9. You may want to look into a Gamefly account for a couple of months. EDIT: I remember seeing a trailer for that game on State of Play. I didn't realize it released. I don't think I've heard anyone talk about it. Double EDIT: I guess because google said February and it came out this week so *facepalm*.
  10. There's not a lot on this week's slate that jumps off the page at you (hey, remember when Florida/Tennessee was a big game?). Arkansas vs A&M should be a good test to see how much of a headache Arkansas is going to be for everyone in the West this year. I guess Oklahoma is going to be our weekly "upset alert" team until it happens (maybe this weekend).
  11. and I think two of those down those "wins as a starter" are because Fitzpatrick came in late to win the game (at least that week against the Raiders was one). I can't recall the other.
  12. Yeah, the O-Line was pretty atrocious for sure. Poor Jacoby was running for his life, and some of those 4th down attempts were just yeesh. I think it's just more the fact that he has trouble staying on the field between Bama and now here.
  13. I think I'm over the Tua experiment at this point. Mediocre passer and can't stay on the field. Bummer Phins skipped over Herbert.
  14. This discussion made me google what Pudge Rodriguez's high was and Javy Lopez. Pudge was only 35. Javy hit 43 in 03, and there was always a joke about Javy, contract years, and possibly substances.
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