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  1. Good morning. This poll is about historical importance, obiouvsly not about who is a better worker. The comparisons are: 1) Randy Savage vs The Undertaker 2) Edge vs Randy Orton 3) Jeff Hardy vs Big Show 4) Chris Jericho vs Sting 5) Shinsuke Nakamura vs Toshiaki Kawada 6) Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles  Thank you very much
  2. In reality when Batista was on top ratings, ppv buyrates, house show attendance increased strongly from the year before, so the fact that WWE is the draw is not so much correct. Bryan in WWE unfortunately was never a draw like Batista, and I'm a huge fan of DB and not a fan of Batista. The fact that Bryan headlilined everywhere he went I don't think that show that Bryan is bigger.
  3. But Batista was also a big star as a wrestler, he was way bigger worldwide than Bryan. He drew huge ratings and ppv buyrates, while Bryan was never a big draw. I think that Batista's wrestling career has been very underrated by many people, in 2005 he was even bigger than Cena.
  4. I agree with you about Goldberg vs HBK. Goldberg is clearly the biggest star, while HBK is more important and more influential. About AJ Styles vs Reigns is really difficult; I think that Styles is more important considering that everywhere he has been on top everywhere he wrestled; he was the most important wrestler in TNA history, he was from 2014 until 2016 the top gaijin in NJPW and since 2016 until today he is one of the top wrestlers in WWE. Anyway Reigns is clearly the biggest star, they are really close in USA, Canada, UK, but in countries like India, Arabia, Pakistan and o
  5. Good morning. This poll is about historical importance and about who is a bigger star/draw, obiouvsly not about who is a better worker. Furthermore, in the case of Batista it's better if you consider exclusively his career as wrestler, not his acting career . The comparisons are: 1) Goldberg vs Shawn Michaels 2) Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles 3) Daniel Bryan vs Batista Thank you very much
  6. In particular casual fans. Analyzing google trends appears for example appears to confirm that https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=all&q=%2Fm%2F01t99n,%2Fm%2F06299b
  7. However do you agree that Kane is more known by people? In fact he wrestled for a long period in the biggest promotion worldwide and was on top during periods in which WWE was very popular. While Bryan wrestled on top for less than a year in a period in which wrestling's popularity went down. Anyway that was not Bryan's fault.
  8. Yes, like I said Bryan was more over than Kane at his peak with crowd, but that does not mean that he is a bigger star or draw. Kane is objectively more known by people worldwide considering that was on top for longer. In a sense a comparison can be made between Kofi Kingston and Reigns. Kingston is probably hotter with live crowds, but Reigns is a much bigger star. In my opinion Bryan is more important than Kane, but not because he was a bigger star (he wasn't, although it was not his fault) but because he is much more influential? Do not agree with me?
  9. In your mind, how much important is "being more known and being a bigger star" in the criteria historical importance? For example you stated that Bryan is more important than Kane , but for sure Kane is much more known both in US and worldwide https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=all&q=%2Fm%2F01t99n,%2Fm%2F06299b. Bryan unfortunately was never a star like Kane, when he was on top tv ratings and house shows attendances went down, although he was really over with live crowds. Obiouvsly that depends also on the fact that Kane wrestled on top for longer and was an uppercarde
  10. Good morning. This poll is about historical importance, obiouvsly not about who is a better worker. Furthermore, in the case of HHH and Batista it's better if you consider exclusively their career as wrestlers, not promoting career in the case of HHH and post wrestling career for Batista. The comparisons are: 1) Rey Mysterio vs Kenta Kobashi 2) Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Toshiaki Kawada 3)AJ Styles vs Big Show 4)Triple H vs Shawn Michaels 5) Batista vs Shinsuke Nakamura 6) Daniel Bryan vs Kane  Thank you ver
  11. Hi John, how are you? Yes I'm really enthused about AEW. I look forward to the first episode on TNT. I really hope that they will grow fast.
  12. Good afternoon. Like last time I opened a poll in which you should compare some of the best wrestlers of all time. The criteria is exclusively IN RING ABILITY, that includes criteria like storytelling, workrate, in ring psychologhy, selling, versatility, cleaning in the execution of moves, technical skills, high flying skills, brawling skills... The comparisons are: -Ric Flair vs Bret Hart -Kazuchika Okada vs Hiroshi Tanahashi -Daniel Bryan vs Mitsuharu Misawa  -AJ Styles vs Jumbo Tsuruta -Shinsuke Nakamura vs Jun Ak
  13. Good morning. This poll is about historical importance, obiouvsly not about who is a better worker. The comparisons are: 1)Randy Savage vs Mitsuharu Misawa 2)Ultimate Warrior vs Ricky Steamboat 3)Jake Roberts vs Chris Jericho 4)Big Show vs Jeff Hardy 5)Edge vs Batista 6)Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton  Thank you very much
  14. Next time I would like to compare: 1)Ultimate Warrior vs Chris Jericho 2)Jun Akiyama vs Goldberg 3)Akira Taue vs Jeff Hardy 4)Jake Roberts vs Kurt Angle 5)Batista vs Edge 6)Randy Orton vs Toshiaki Kawada What do you think?
  15. In your opinion, what is Daniel Bryan's place in wrestling history? In the sense, how would you rank him in a ranking of the most important/influential wrestlers of all time?
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