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  1. Watching some of the main card after the fact. Arlovski had two good rounds in him and then man was he exhausted. I imagine Felipe getting KO'd while adjusting his shorts one day. Bruno Silva third round striking was fucking killer. UPPERCUT UPPERCUT BODY SHOT UPPERCUT
  4. Stalling so I have to keep listening to these people talk about this fight is not winning me over.
  5. Agapova was goddamn assassin. Combos that set up different combos. Then took the choke to wrap that shit up. Just great awareness and efficiency.
  6. I could've just read the FAQ Are you just pulling images from the web, or are those portraits really generated by a machine? All images on Artflow are generated on the fly, based solely on user input, by a combination of machine learning models (more specifically, we use Generative Adversarial Networks as well as the CLIP model from OpenAI). We do not use any existing images and the chances of generating an exact copy of an existing image are practically zero.
  7. It's been interesting see results and trying to figure out what words conjure up what images. Like does "Harley" conjure up bikers regardless of context? In my head I imagine every word is creating its own image search looking for faces.
  8. www.artflow.ai Figured some folks might enjoy this. I certainly am. Lots of people using it to generate a portrait of their D&D character. Just type in a short description or...fucking anything and it'll generate a picture of...someone. It's crazy how specific you can get and it comes out pretty good. Here's some descriptions I've done. Shout out to Ben Hanscom for the assist on the last one.
  9. I'm kinda bummed that I don't remember it at all. I even watched UPN. Well sort of. We had a weird WB/UPN hybrid channel that would play WB's primetime lineup from 7-9 and then play UPN's primetime stuff right after. From what I understand the UPN version aired after one of those "Real Vampires" expose show(remember when that was a thing?). So because it came after a "real" doc show, people just assumed it was also legit. In New Zealand they added a disclaimer saying "Viewer Advised: the Veracity of this footage is being debated in America." which was a) true and b)obviously unnecessary because it had a cast and crew and credits. ... Oh wait, who ever in charge there added the disclaimer AND purposely cut the credits from the telecast.
  10. Okay we're five deep already and this year is going well so far. 1. The McPherson Tape - Found footage alien abduction from 1989. The history behind this is kind of great. Made for 6500 dollars. The distirubtion company had a warehouse fire the originals were thought to be lost. Most people got a hold of this through tape trading, and somewhere during that people started to believe it was legitimate. Which is fucking crazy to me having seen it. I mean they actually see aliens and then go play go fish until the next scare comes. Madness. But then the director got to remake this movie for UPN. And some people thought that was real. When UPN was like - there's a cast and crew it's not real - the original McPherson Tape collectors came up with a consiracy theory that the remake was created just to discredit the original. Even though both were made by the same driector. Anyway, it's short and it probably the closest progenitor to the found footage genre, bridging the gap from the Mondo movies to Blair Witch. So if you're into that kind of history viewing check it out. 2. Underwater - The Kristen Mcpherson flick. I really enjoyed this. It gets going, doesn't stop and the creature reveals are incredible. 3. Superhost - On Shudder. A couple of Youtube Travel Vloggers pick idyllic B&Bs to rate and review. Their host for the week is crazy. Obviously crazy. But they're so desperate for clicks that they stick it out hoping to exploit her quirky behavior. The actress who plays the nutjob is OVER THE TOP, but I loved it. The couple is rough. Not terrible acting, but just I don't know what to do with them, and they're hard to root for. To the point where I was rooting for Lady McCrazyPants. Also there's a solid cameo by a scream queen that I didn't know was in it, and she does great. Totally worth watching. 4. Jug-Face: I've put this one off because the commercials gave me a vibe that I was just going to be disappointed, and after all these years I finally gave in. I was mostly right. It's okay, but party of me felt like the premise and the tension of it are wasted. 5. DeepStar Six - Another underwater flick. The misogyny in this one for the first half is ridiculous to point of comical. The are three women(Doctors and Engineers) on the ship and almost every conversation with them is a guy being like "Oh my god just shut the fuck up." Even when the first major emergency happens it's like "Don't get your panties in a bunch, hon." Just brutal. But then all those asshole get killed so....retroactively subversive? (j/k it's still bad.) The plus side is Miguel Ferrer goes ALLLLLLLL IN with his part, and you can't really miss that.
  11. For all the horror fans.... VANS just dropped their horror line. https://www.vans.com/shop/vans-x-horror?icn=homepage_aem_horror_inline_shop
  12. It's amazing how for years I wanted to go to a Fire game, but was just like "Nah fuck it, that seems like a hassle." But I'll drive to the Galloping Ghost.
  13. This is a major factor in where we move when we finally decide to leave the city. So I don't blame the Bears.
  14. Honestly, after Sunday most of the city would probably help them pack. Arlington Heights is just north of O'Hare, so not a big deal. I'd also wager that most of the folks who can afford to go to Bears games are from the Burbs anyway. They're probably ecstatic that they can bypass Chicago city traffic altogether and get to the Bears game. It should be noted that Bears are in a lease to Soldier Field until 2033. It's 84 million if they break it in the next 5 years. Chicago Park District owns Soldier Field and for me the big disappointment is them possibly losing that revenue. Chicago Park District programs are massive for parents in the city. On the bright side, if they build a new stadium we might be able to host a SuperBowl(maybe even a Wrestlemania again.) And it would be able to properly accommodate parking. The situation is not over but I just don't see why they'd stay. They want on site sports betting, and aren't allowed that at Soldier Field. They want a roof and expanded seating, and no one is really sure how the fuck to engineer that, outside of tearing half the stadium apart, so not a cheap option. These aren't small wants, and I don't think the city can come through on them.
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