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  1. Might pledge some money for this. The Mac & Me episode from the Netflix series is an all timer for me. My whole family still quotes it. Dig the idea of Jonah having his crew and Emily having hers, if that's where they're going. The only downside is that after we watch an episode it takes my youngest a week to stop riffing on regular movies we watch. He's funny but not that funny.
  2. Reyes hit some of the same shots he's used to KO others in the first including that retreating left that put away Weidman. And all he got for it was another broken nose. Fucking demoralizing. What worries me about Jiri is that he absorbed a lot to get what he wanted, and I don't know how good a solution that is long term. Can he do that against "Polish Power"TM? I sure as hell want to find out.
  3. If Procházka came to the ring yelling HUSS HUSS he'd be Top 5 favorite fighter in the world. Hard to watch that KO with the way Reyes fell on the top of his head. Hope he's okay.
  4. Procházka makes intense entrance, warrior music fades. Dramatic Pause. Montell Jordan "THIS IS HOW WE DO IT!" Here comes Dominc Reyes. LOL
  5. I think that's weird area for that rule. I get knees and kicking an opponent when they're down But if the person kicking is on the ground under the person being kicked I feel like that should be fair game.
  6. ..... until the judges handed in their cards. Everybody better be looking for a finish tonight.
  7. If anyone is looking to cherry pick form tonight's card, Kai Kamaka vs. TJ Brown is the goods.
  8. Blood Games is fucking great. My wife picked it for a date night and it was a highlight. I saved up for the halfway sale. I'm most likely getting the giallo sets they've released. Also Cthulhu Mansion. Probably take a gander at the special releases.
  9. Is this my last chance before I actually have to say "Andy Dalton is our quarterback."?
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