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  1. From what I understand about the situation the unified app should be coming in the first half of next year. That was the plan once it was announced they were buying Comcast's share in Hulu. Sadly, I'm pessimistic that a better version of the app that offers customers more clarity will ever be in the cards. When HBO and Discovery became MAX they took a perfectly good interface and fucked the menus around so it's harder to get to the specific brand of content you want. I think they think we like not knowing what the fuck is going on.
  2. Catching up on the card avoiding spoilers.... Those two slam KOs were fucking bananas. Meisha Tate was an absolute bully in that fight. Just mean and vicious stuff. Forearm in the mouth crank nasty. Just dripping confidence. Great stuff. Clay Guida is a treasure. He has one of the most insane motors in MMA. I felt bad for Bobby Green getting done dirty by the ref. Poor Jalin Turner had to feel like every punch was a little bit closer to murder. Tsarukyan beats Dariush and celebrates now that he's in the Top 5. Then he looks at the Iron Fortress that is the Top 3 and realizes his "princess is in another castle. " Does Dustin Poirier even entertain the idea of this fight? What super fight options does he have left?
  3. So for the first time I now have a catalogue of all my movies that I can search through. This week I discovered Tellico which is a collector's app that pulls metadata from online databases. It can be used for different mediums - books, music, comics and movies. And it's free. Adding movies was so easy and you can generate reports from the metadata you collect from The Movie Database or IMDB. So now I can see a bar graph that tells me what year has produced the most films in collection. My Top 5 Years of Production in my Collection 5. 1967 4. 1986 3. 1974 2. 1972 1. 1989 Which was kind of surprising. According to my bar graph I have a lot of late 60's early 70's, but dip between 75 and 1983. Then I peak again for the mid 80's and early 90's, before dipping again around 1995 until 2003. That's kinda funny that both lulls start in the middle of the decade and last the same amount of time. I don't know what it means, but it's fascinating to look at. Some of the other data is skewed by box sets. For example: My Top 5 Actors are.. 5. Lon Chaney Jr. (11 movies) 4. Sonny Chiba (13) 3. Meiko Kaji (13) 2. Takashi Shimura (14) 1. Shintaro Katsu. (26) Lon Chaney would be a result of the Universal Monsters set. Sonny Chiba and Meiko Kaji are legit favorites of mine and I look for their work. I also try to collect a lot of Japanese cinema in general which is why Takashi Shimura is there. That guy is in so many great films. And Shintaro Katsu is a result of the Zatoichi Criterion Box Set. Anyway, thought I'd share some of this stuff. Having it catalogued let's me really visualize my collection so that's not just a mass on the wall.
  4. Sounds like he may have been inebriated and done something unbecoming around team staff and corporate sponsors, and is now going to get treatment for alcohol abuse.
  5. Bulls are so bad I'm reading articles about "Why the Bulls Can't Hit a Layup." How did we get here? Lonzo Ball should probably get retroactive MVP votes for how bad we've become after his injury.
  6. Do you think not running it on Kickstarter made a difference? I can't remember what platform they used last time. I honestly didn't know it was happening and didn't know where to find it until IGN ran a story on Friday.
  7. Right as I turned to my wife to say, "see they didn't need him, they made that crowd happy just with Randy Orton going nuts." Cult of Personality hit. I'm really just not interested. His time in AEW wore me out, which sucks because he was really having quality matches. Like him vs. Reigns sounds fun, but after all the shenanigans I just don't want Punk around acts I'm invested in.
  8. Eberflus's entire reign in Chicago has been marked with many many fourth quarter comebacks by the other team. I'd rather the team just be terrible from bell to bell than these blue ball nut punches every week.
  9. Detroit has decided they do not want the ball at all.
  10. THe leg kicks are special, but Pereira's left hook is fucking tight, nuclear and can be thrown in a phone booth. He killed Strickland with it. He killed Izzy with it. And he did it to Jiri. Everyone knows it's there and it is unavoidable.
  11. It looked like Jiri was bulldozed on that take down more than he was out. I would've liked something a little more concrete, but I can imagine that Marc Godard was terrified watching these two kaiju popping each other over a round and half. Alex Pereira is incredible though. People talking about Anthony Smith maybe getting a title shot offa some twitter beef - but goddamn these leg kicks might end that man's career.
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