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  1. Kai Kamaka went full heel with the eyepokes and nut shots. And it looks like it cost him a win. Rough patch for that guy.
  2. Super fun opening fight. Phil Rowe got controlled for almost the entire 1st round. Then shit got wild in the second. Good stuff.
  3. I get that, but I just figure that if you get a live mic you ask for the big fish, so media and fans can press the issue for you. The guys ahead of him are are Gaethje, Dariush, Chandler, Ferguson, RDA, Connor(LOL) and Dan Hooker. I figure both Dariush and Chandler would've been better call outs. Call out Chandler who was doing the live studio analysis so he has to respond. Put it on the record. And Dariush is someone that Dana White can probably entice with a title shot if he beats Islam. That feels like a totally doable fight. I guess I would have figured Islam would've been a little bolder and tried to position himself a fight away instead of two more fights away. Because based on the promo videos UFC seems more than okay for the hype train to explode down the tracks as soon as possible. You can't say people are running from you if you don't show everyone publicly that you're running after them.
  4. Surprised Islam isn't going straight for Gaethje, Chandler and Dariush. RDA is the only viable option between him and the Top 4, but who really wants to see that when you could see him go against those other guys. It's time.
  5. Meisha looked solid from everywhere. I don't know what she'll look like if she ends up facing the younger lions, but it was fun for tonight.
  6. Jesus, Benitez stopped every right with his fucking eyeball it seems. Don't see a striking stoppage from that position very often either.
  7. Right? Like Joe Rogan saying "He deserved to get those last 30 seconds in." Why would you wish that on someone?
  8. Jesus the PPV has started and I STILL have to listen to Stephen A and Max talk about Connor? We're behind the paywall now, get to the goods.
  9. I was just reminded that Aljamain Sterling is still champion. LOL. Now he's doing the P3 commercials. Piotr Yan quietly stews in his serial killer den.
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