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  1. Watched Bo Nickal throughout his collegiate career, and when he said he was training to go into MMA, I bought those hype train tickets in advance. Absolute beast. Really excited to see who he draws for his first assignment..
  2. Oh man the Vinegar Syndrome Black Friday pre-sale reveal is absolutely bonkers. Lots of folks going to talk about Road House....but the big story for me is INVISIBLE MANIAC IS FINALLY ON BLURAY. Back in May I got a little extra spending money and took the plunge on the subscription package. The upside is everything I've gotten has been cool. The downside is I don't think I can go back to not having it now.
  4. Joe Rogan trying to talk weight cut logic to a goddamn psychopath. "if you can't cut the weight no title shot." "I kill everybody no one stop me" "Yeah but..." "Kill everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  5. I wonder what Li Jingliang got paid under the table to go through with this. 9 lbs. woof
  6. WOAHHHHHHHHHHHHH Heel Kick from a grounded opponent to the liver? I think almost everyone but Aldana's corner was baffled.
  7. Listening to Khamzat talk with Megan Olivi, he says a couple interesting things. 1. He says this fight was supposed to be in October, and that he had been focused on lifting weights and gaining muscle. Inferring that he didn't have time to lean out. 2. After beating Kevin Holland he says he's looking for the winner for Periera/Adesanya. This one is extra weird because neither he or Kevin Holland are even in line at Middleweight, and he's already in line for the winner of Leon/Usman 3. He also said that he was told to stop cutting weight at 4 am. So I don't know what this.
  8. Oh man what a week if you're an AEW and UFC fan. It's moments like these where I would pay top dollar for a live feed of Dana White trying to sort this shit out.
  9. According to Ariel Helwani the details were pretty tame compared to the AEW one. I love the mental hoops of wanting to prove you're tough, even though you're already a pro fighter, realizing you can't hit a guy until the show, and being like "Water bottles don't count right? I can throw those!." And then hit the one guy who is just trying to calm shit down.
  10. If they're head of legal for the Jaguars, this may not be that crazy of a situation to them.
  11. I don't really get it either. If it's a work that you're trying to make people believe is really real, it's teaching the rest of your roster to behave like a shit in public so you can get a push for creating interest, while giving the industry the impression that you can't handle your roster. If it's real and you turn it into a work, then what do we get then? A wrestling match. One that means both parties will be cooperative, which is the opposite of why people were interested in the first place. This doesn't end in Adam Page and CM Punk having a legit fight on TV. It ends in a Colt Cabana's contract on a pole match.
  12. You know what's a good story? What they're doing with Daniel Garcia. I love that Danielson lost. Because it makes Daniel Garcia eventually beating Lionheart up even better. Jericho and Danielson are working together without ego to make this guy and it's beautiful.
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