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  1. Pat Beverly vs. JJ Reddick is the best shit on TV. They should be a package for all sports shows.
  2. Felt bad for him. He really turned it around in the second. Then he got dead legged.
  3. Oh my damn Andre Petroski kickin it off big time with a tight anaconda choke.
  4. Listened to some of the postfight presser and Rose said "They were booing Carla." I can't.
  5. Probably Islam instead. Chandler could get Dariush. Or he may have actually snuck his way into the Connor sweepstakes.
  6. What a weird night. Carla wins in a clunker. Charley Olives wins and isn't the champ. Khabib/Do Bronx what could have been.
  7. Absolutely awful. Trevor Whitman trying to figure out a way to say "Hey could you fight more." Without disrupting whatever mental ecosystem Rose has rigged up to make it this far. Meanwhile her fiance is like "Hey, the boos means it's WORKING!"
  8. Yep. Nice little video package. They had a little window on him showing his reaction while it played because it seems he didn't know it was coming.
  9. Ending the early prelims right with a highlight reel left hook from Fialho that put Van Camp's lights out. Gnarly looking stuff.
  10. If Mads Mikkelsen did more full on horror he'd probably be exactly what you're looking for.
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