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  1. According to ole Bruce, that was JR's idea. The corny truck pun dialogue they gave him was the 2nd biggest disservice. I wonder what would have happened had they let Nash do what he did after Survivor Series 1995 earlier where Diesel turned into Mr. I Don't Give a Fuck which is essentially Kevin Nash.
  2. I believe the biggest disservice he did to Nash was switching the belt at the house show at MSG. I get what they were trying to do, but an important moment like that needs to happen on television. I know they replayed it a billion times, but I think it would have helped Nash greatly if it was on television live. We would still be talking about that moment had it happened on TV. As is, we just had to accept Diesel was WWF champion. No clean transition or anything. By the time the fans finally warmed to Diesel being champ and the whole Big Daddy Cool, his run as champ was winding down.
  3. Hogan at least wanted to try his luck with Hollywood though. He wasn't going to be able to do that on a full time WWF schedule. Moreover, his shadow looms too large if he just shows up every now and again as a featured player. I believe Vince thought there was no way Hogan would ever sign with WCW, which had it not been for Ted's love for wrestling, would have been dead. It would be like if Cena went to Hollywood, it doesn't go well, and he signs with Impact. The timing and Hogan's lack of success elsewhere lined up perfectly with Eric becoming Executive Vice President and then being able to sell Hulk on doing a pretty comfortable schedule for great money.
  4. I just watched the Raw from September of 1993 where for "one night only" they brought back Snuka to wrestle the great Paul Van Dale aka the guy who gave the world Carmella. Snuka was 50, and I'm guessing hard up for money. If he thought 40 was over the hill...
  5. It's clear that once Hogan was gone, they wanted to clean the slate and move on the next era. However, it's clear that they couldn't stick with that edict. Based on Bruce's STW episode on Survivor Series 93, they definitely thought they had something with the Borga character and Halme. What it was....I am not sure. It didn't really resonate with the fans and Halme's work was not good. Maybe five months isn't a great sample size, but there wasn't much hope in that time Borga could actually do something worthwhile.
  6. No, I understand that part. However, before Del Ray gets hurts the next year and I believe Del Ray also runs afoul of the office, the Bodies are pushed way above just being part of that co-promotion. By the time Jim gets there in August, outside Money Inc which lasts for all of a few weeks longer, all the tag teams from 1991 and 1992 are gone. The Bushwhackers are still around but they were a novelty act. So clearly bringing in the Bodies was mutual to help out that tag team division. They didn't really bring in anyone else and bill them as SMW stars. I mean they allow Jim sell his injuries from his storylines in Smoky Mountain and the tag belts show up for a little while, that's basically the extent of the co-promotion as it comes to WWF television or PPV. That said, I'm assuming they thought people knew who Rock N Roll Express was and didn't think it needed anymore build. I believe they do a couple matches on like All-American wrestling and the other syndication programs. As Cornette tells it, bringing them in was his idea. However, he says it was terrible idea to do it in Boston.
  7. If you didn't know better, based on the responses, commentator/part time worker Randy Savage is by far the biggest star in the promotion followed by Taker and then Yoko and maybe Bret as 3b to Yoko's 3a or vice versa. It's dire in terms of star power. Once Hogan is done and only really doing the overseas tours and you get a bunch of exits as the years goes, it's clear they don't have the star power or depth to do a three hour PPV. Summerslam 1993 is an alright show (first two matches good, the middle drags massively including the Hart/Lawler stuff which seems to go on forever, Taker/Giant Gonzalez stunk to high heaven, and the title match was alright for what it was). Survivor Series 1993 is just a bad show. To be honest, Survivor Series 1992 kinda stunk as well and was probably too affected by the amount of turnover and turmoil in the company.
  8. There is an alternate timeline where he somehow is a member of the Truth Commission (hell, Mantaur was member at one point...unfortunately not as Mantaur) and later on DOA. So much untapped racism there. That late era of Coliseum video before WWF went their own way with WWF Home Video is sort of lost in time. I have absolutely no memory of that. I am sure it happened but those releases stop meaning as much later on. Outside of gems like the Harts (Bret and Owen) vs. the Steiners right before Owen fully turns heel, the amount of filler on those releases is unbearable. You get stuff like heel Shawn vs. heel Skinner (shortly before Keirn fades into being the other Doink when Borne feuds with Crush) in a seven minute match where Skinner takes 90 percent of the match. Just some bizarre stuff that should have been left as dark matches.
  9. I love that despite his deep, uncompromising love for saving the environment he looked like the live action version of a Captain Planet villain.
  10. I noted a lot of this when I watched this show for the first time in a long time a couple years ago (kinda regret that). I believed they clumsily inserted Shawn in that program by insinuating he said something about the Hart family. I know they were trying to do Cornette a solid since he did allow folks from SMW to pad out their thin roster. However, they could have made that a dark match. Boston wasn't the right place for that match. The amount of effort they put into Ludwig Borga from the time he shows up in the summer of 1993 until he is gone in January/February 1994 is mind-boggling. Like he didn't matter one iota over that six or seven months. At least Nailz got the whole Bossman feud. He didn't last long enough for the Taker program, but he got to do the terrible Bossman program start to finish. Borga never even got to do a big singles match on PPV. He got the Jannetty match at Summerslam, the Survivor Series multi man tag, and was basically done by Rumble 1994. That's crazy given they protected him the whole way through.
  11. Mita...Shimoda...Hokuto...Ozaki...you know what it is.
  12. Here is the template for this week: EVENT #152 Bellator 285: Henderson vs. Queally (09/23/2022) - Dublin, Ireland (3Arena Dublin) Benson Henderson vs. Peter Queally - Henderson, DEC Yoel Romero vs. Melvin Manhoef - Romero, TKO, R1 Leah McCourt vs. Dayana Silva - McCourt, DEC Mads Burnell vs. Pedro Carvalho - Burnell, DEC Ciaran Clarke vs. Rafael Hudson - Clarke, SUB, R1 Karl Albrektsson vs. Karl Moore - Albrektsson, TKO, R2 Brian Moore vs. Arivaldo Lima da Silva - Moore, DEC Brett Johns vs. Jordan Winski - Johns, SUB, R1 Georgi Karakhanyan vs. Kane Mousah - Karakhanyan, DEC EVENT #153 Fury FC 69: Jones vs. Cutts (09/23/2022) - Dallas, TX (Gilley's Dallas) Austin Jones vs. Evan Cutts - Cutts, DEC Isaiah Gutierrez vs. Carlos Vera - Gutierrez, DEC Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady vs. Chris Pecero - Al-Selwady, TKO, R2 Alberto Trujillo vs. Jacob Silva - Trujillo, DEC Cody Walker vs. Matt Jones - Jones, DEC Shane Torres vs. Kale Moniz - Torres, DEC EVENT #154 Unified MMA 46: Larsen vs. Jones (09/23/2022) - Enoch, Alberta, Canada (River Cree Resort & Casino) Chris Larsen vs. Jamelle Jones - Jones, TKO, R2 KB Bhullar vs. Curtis Millender - Millender, DEC Jett Grande vs. Alex O'Neill - Grande, DEC Tyrell Giselbrecht vs. Sean Michael - Michael, TKO, R2 Tom O’Connor vs. Tim Smith - O'Connor, SUB, R2 Stephen Beaumont vs. Mike Hill - Beaumont, DEC BONUS EVENT #1 Top Rank Boxing on ESPN: Stevenson vs. Conceição (09/23/2022) - Newark, NJ (Prudential Center) WBC & WBO Super Featherweight Championship*: Shakur Stevenson vs. Robson Conceição - Stevenson, DEC Keyshawn Davis vs. Omar Tienda - Davis, TKO, R3 Bruce Carrington vs. Jose Argel - Carrington, TKO, R2 Andy Vences vs. Henry Lebron - Lebron, DEC Jahi Tucker vs. Jose Sanchez - Tucker, DEC Antoine Cobb vs. Jaylan Phillips - Cobb, DEC Pablo Valdez vs. Noe Alejandro Lopez - Valdez, TKO, R1 Orlando Gonzalez vs. Misael Lopez - Gonzalez, DEC Floyd Diaz vs. Juan Hernandez Martinez - Diaz, DEC *Titles vacated and only on the line for Conceição due to Stevenson missing weight EVENT #155 Cage Warriors 143: San Diego (09/23/2022) - San Diego, CA (Humphrey's by The Bay) Erick Sánchez vs. James Lynch - Lynch, DEC Elijah Harris vs. Trey Williams - Harris, SUB, R2 Jeffrey Craig vs. Chasen Blair - Blair, TKO, R1 Jordan Bailey vs. JJ Ambrose - Ambrose, SUB, R2 John De Jesus vs. Brandon Laroco - De Jesus, DEC Damon Wilson vs. James Settle - Wilson, TKO, R1 BONUS EVENT #2 Queensberry Promotions Presents: Joyce vs. Parker (09/24/2022) - Manchester, England, United Kingdom (AO Arena) Interim WBO Heavyweight Championship: Joe Joyce vs. Joseph Parker - Joyce, DEC WBC/IBF/WBO Female Featherweight Championship: Amanda Serrano vs. Sarah Mahfoud - Serrano, TKO, R7 Nathan Heaney vs. Jack Flatley - Heaney, DEC Raven Chapman vs. Jorgelina Guanini - Chapman, DEC Michael Magnesi vs. Anthony Cacace - Cacace, DEC Ekow Essuman vs. Samuel Antwi - Essuman, TKO, R6 Mark Heffron vs. Martin Bulacio - Heffron, TKO, R5 James Heneghan vs. Rod Douglas Jr. - Heneghan, DEC Amaar Akbar vs. Karlo Wallace - Akbar, DEC EVENT #156 RIZIN 38: Super RIZIN (9/25/2022) - Saitama, Japan (Saitama Super Arena) Kyoji Horiguchi vs. Yuto Hokamura - Horiguchi, TKO, R1 Seika Izawa vs. Anastasiya Svetkivska - Izawa, SUB, R1 Ayaka Hamasaki vs. Si Woo Park - Hamasaki, DEC Soo Chul Kim vs. Hiromasa Ougikubo - Ougikubo, DEC Shoma Shibisai vs. Cally Gibrainn de Oliveira - Oliveira, TKO, R3 Kyohei Hagiwara vs. Chihiro Suzuki - Suzuki, DEC Juri Ohara vs. Luiz Gustavo - Gustavo, TKO, R2 RIZIN Boxing Exhibition Rules: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Mikuru Asakura - Mayweather Jr., TKO, R2 RIZIN Kickboxing Rules: Nadaka Yoshinari vs. Bandasak So Trakunpet - Yoshinari, DEC Kota Miura vs. Bunchuai Phonsungnoen - Miura, TKO, R1 The Friday events deadline is September 23, 5:00 p.m. CT The Bonus Event #2 deadline is Saturday, September 24, 1:30 p.m. CT The Event #156 deadline is Sunday, September 25, 2:15 a.m. CT
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