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  1. You say C-list level actress but I'm pretty sure like 95% of black people who were watching Raw at the time were like, "Is that Thea Vidale...what the fuck is going on?" I'm STILL surprised WWE got like a real actress of instead some random lady from the indies or like a Sapphire situation where it's some superfan that's been hanging around forever. The storyline itself was pretty bizarre, but that aspect itself still blows my mind.
  2. He got cut on the same day Junior dos Santos got cut, which is funny since he actually has his first non UFC fight since 2008 tonight in Khabib's promotion. While looking it up, I actually found a quote from ole Mr. Sakakibara who runs RIZIN regarding Overeem fighting there potentially. This was right after he was cut by UFC: So yeah lol, don't expect him to be fighting in Rizin anytime soon. As for Bellator, given how much they're running shows pretty regularly in Europe now, I'm guessing they had no interest like you said or they would potentially lowball him if they haven't already. I mean if Fedor is having a retirement fight or a series of retirement fights like he's Riki Choshu, you would think Overeem would be a logical opponent.
  3. I mean they could, but to fight who exactly? I think a few years ago when they were still experimenting with bringing random foreigners and ex-sumo guys, it was definitely possible. Now it seems like they're doing stuff strictly in the lower weight classes. Of course that could change if and when Japan fully eases some covid restrictions, but even then I think Overeem is still too rich for their blood beyond one fight or two. Shit, I would think even with Glory crumbling, they would offer him good money to fight Badr Hari (or maybe Rico Verhoeven) in the Netherlands or Belgium. However, last time Badr Hari fought, they had a full scale riot with Polish soccer hooligans and the entire arena almost got torn down. Also, Badr Hari ain't won a fight in forever. So that might be off the table. I just think he's running out of options. He literally went from "fuck fake ass pro wrestling and pro wrestlers are pussies" to "yeah, I will wrestle Braun Strowman for some money mark with absolutely zero pro wrestling experience under my belt". That's full on desperation.
  4. I saw highlights of the Ruotolo twins on my timeline while I was at work. I was like..."did Shinya Aoki get outgrappled by a 13 year old?"
  5. It's funny because Overeem went on a rant either last year or the year before about wrestling being phony and whatnot. Given that K-1 is basically all Japanese natives and much lower profile than the 90s/2000s heyday and Glory is basically in shambles, he no longer can do kickboxing. No Japanese (or Asian if we're counting ONE) MMA company is gonna pay him what Dream, Strikeforce, and UFC were paying him. He's pretty much screwed in terms of places to make income. Guess wrestling was his best bet. That said, if he was still on the gimmick and still looked like "Ubereem", he would have made such money in pro wrestling.
  6. Here is the template for this week: EVENT #74 Eagle FC 47: Redemption (05/20/2022) - Miami, FL (FLXcast Arena) Junior dos Santos vs. Yorgan De Castro - Dos Santos, TKO, R2 Hector Lombard vs. Thiago Silva - Silva, DEC Maki Pitolo vs. Doug Usher - Pitolo, TKO, R2 Gabriel Checco vs. Andrew Sanchez - Sanchez, TKO, R2 Akhmed Aliev vs. Darrell Horcher - Aliev, DEC Islam Mamedov vs. Zach Zane - Mamedov, DEC Ronny Markes vs. Reggie Peña - Markes, DEC Alexandre de Almeida vs. Roosevelt Roberts - Roberts, SUB, R2 Sean Soriano vs. Paulo Silva - Soriano, TKO, R2 Adi Alić vs. Shawn Bunch - Bunch, DEC Dylan Mantello vs. Dennis Hughes - Hughes, DEC EVENT #75 FAC 14: Bush vs. Streacker (05/20/2022) - Detroit Lakes, MN (Kent Freeman Arena) Dakota Bush vs. Josh Streacker - Bush, SUB, R3 Elle Wagman vs. Kara Marie Vislosky - Wagman, SUB, R2 Jonas Flok vs. Donald Bush - Bush, TKO, R2 Omoyele Gonzalez vs. Bryan McDowell - McDowell, TKO, R2 Jesse Wannemacher vs. Sam Cleveland - Cleveland, DEC EVENT #76 Tuff-N-Uff 128: Palatnikov vs. Jones (05/20/2022) - Las Vegas, NV (Cox Pavilion) Sasha Palatnikov vs. Joshua Jones - Palatnikov, TKO, R1 Danny Davis Jr. vs. Daniel Compton - Compton, SUB, R2 Kevin Crane vs. AJ Williams - Crane, SUB, R2 Desmond Monabat vs. Victor LiPari - LiPari, DEC Alfonso Pitolo vs. Thames Wadams - Pitolo, TKO, R2 Arthur Dufloo vs. Ian Radford - Dufloo, SUB, R1 BONUS EVENT #1 Matchroom Boxing on DAZN: Buatsi vs. Richards (05/21/2022) - London, England, United Kingdom (O2 Arena) Joshua Buatsi vs. Craig Richards - Buatsi, TKO, R7 Alen Babic vs. Adam Balski - Babic, TKO, R6 Robbie Davies Jr. vs. Javier Molina - Davies Jr., DEC WBC & IBF Female Super Lightweight Championship: Chantelle Cameron vs. Victoria Noelia Bustos - Cameron, DEC Ellie Scotney vs. Maria Cecilia Roman - Scotney, DEC Cheavon Clarke vs. Pawel Martyniuk - Clarke, TKO, R2 John Hedges vs. Robert Baltaru - Hedges, TKO, R3 Shiloh Defreitas vs. Iliyan Markov - Defreitas, DEC Cyrus Pattinson vs. Dimitri Trenel - Pattinson, TKO, R3 BONUS EVENT #2 Top Rank Boxing on ESPN+: Alimkhanuly vs. Dignum (05/21/2022) - Las Vegas, NV (Resorts World Las Vegas) Interim WBO Middleweight Championship: Zhanibek Alimkhanuly vs. Danny Dignum - Alimkhanuly, TKO, R5 Jamel Herring vs. Jamaine Ortiz - Herring, DEC Edy Valencia Mercado vs. Jessie Magdaleno - Magadaleno, DEC Elias Damian Araujo vs. Giovanni Cabrera Mioletti - Mioletti, DEC Adam Lopez vs. William Encarnacion - Lopez, DEC Ruben Cervera vs. Carlos Balderas - Balderas, DEC Delante Johnson vs. Agustin Gerbaldo Kucharski - Johnson, DEC Duke Ragan vs. Victorino Gonzalez - Ragan, DEC Kasir Goldston vs. Yaniel Alvarez Telemaco - Goldston, TKO, R2 Charlie Sheehy vs. Burnell Jenkins - Sheehy, TKO, R2 EVENT #77 UFC Fight Night on ESPN+ 64: Holm vs. Vieira (05/21/2022) - Las Vegas, NV (UFC APEX) Holly Holm vs. Ketlen Vieira - Holm, DEC Santiago Ponzinibbio vs. Michel Pereira - Pereira, DEC Duško Todorović vs. Chidi Njokuani - Njokuani, TKO, R2 Eryk Anders vs. Jun Yong Park - Park, DEC Polyana Viana vs. Tabatha Ricci - Ricci, DEC Jailton Almeida vs. Parker Porter - Almeida, TKO, R1 Joseph Holmes vs. Alen Amedovski - Holmes, TKO, R2 Omar Morales vs. Uroš Medić - Medić, TKO, R2 Vince Morales vs. Jonathan Martinez - Martinez, DEC Felipe Colares vs. Chase Hooper - Hooper, SUB, R2 Sam Hughes vs. Elise Reed - Hughes, DEC BONUS EVENT #3 Showtime Championship Boxing: Benavidez vs. Lemieux (05/21/2022) - Glendale, AZ (Gila River Arena) Interim WBC Super Middleweight Championship: David Benavidez vs. David Lemieux - Benavidez, TKO, R7 Yoelvis Gomez vs. Jorge Cota - Gomez, TKO, R4 Luis Reynaldo Nunez vs. Jonathan Javier Fierro - Nunez, DEC Victor Ortiz vs. Todd Manuel - Ortiz, TKO, R6 Richardson Hitchins vs. Angel Sarinana Rodriguez - Hitchins, DEC Jesus Abel Ibarra vs. Ernesto Guerrero - Ibarra, TKO, R3 Elijah Lorenzo Garcia vs. Rowdy Legend Montgomery - Garcia, DEC Micky Scala vs. Mike Plazola - Scala, TKO, R1 Estevan Villalobos vs. Christon Edwards - Villalobos, DEC Chavon Stillwell vs. Brent Oren - Stillwell, TKO, R2 Julio Ocampo Hernandez vs. Gibran Perez - Hernandez, TKO, R1 EVENT #78 Fury FC 63: Esteves vs. Ivy (05/22/2022) - San Antonio, TX (Cowboys Dancehall) Lorram Esteves vs. Dimitre Ivy - Masio Fullen vs. Cameron Graves - Josh Rosen vs. Aric Mercado - Kody Steele vs. Kenan Jackson - Zachary Borrego vs. William Vandervier - Gilbert Tamez vs. Joseph Aguilar - Antonio Jones vs. Tommie Britton - The Friday events deadline is May 20, 6:30 p.m. CT. The Saturday events deadline is May 21, 2:00 p.m. CT. The Event #78 deadline is Sunday, May 22, 3:15 p.m. CT.
  7. UFC Fight Night on ESPN+ 64: Holm vs. Vieira May 21, 2022 Las Vegas, NV (UFC APEX) Holly Holm (135.5) vs. Ketlen Vieira (136) - Santiago Ponzinibbio (170.5) vs. Michel Pereira (170) - Duško Todorović (185.5) vs. Chidi Njokuani (185) - Polyana Viana (116) vs. Tabatha Ricci (115) - Eryk Anders (186) vs. Jun Yong Park (185.5) - ESPN+ Preliminary Card: Joseph Holmes (185) vs. Alen Amedovski (186) - Jailton Almeida (224) vs. Parker Porter (265) - Omar Morales (155.5) vs. Uroš Medić (156) - Medić, TKO (strikes), R2 (3:05) Vince Morales (136) vs. Jonathan Martinez (135.5) - Martinez, DEC (unanimous) Felipe Colares (145)vs. Chase Hooper (145) - Hooper, TKO (punches), R3 (3:00) Sam Hughes (115.5) vs. Elise Reed (115) - Hughes, TKO (punches and elbows), R3 (3:52) Event Bonuses ($50,000) Performance of the Night: Performance of the Night: Fight of the Night:
  8. I hope this ends the weird narrative started years ago that Jermall is a much better fighter than Jermell. Since Jermall stopped J-Rock (which was 5 and 1/2 years ago, mind you), Jermell has fought the much better opposition and looked better.
  9. Hell of a an ultimatum for Louis Smolka: Get his leg annihilated or get KO'd. He chose the latter.
  10. And also a challenge for Gerald Meerschaert to boot.
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