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  1. It looks like a no brainer week and everyone will see next week. I mean the Jets could still wi... Who am I kidding?
  2. These would be a good place to start: AWA Super Sunday (vs. Velvet McIntyre and Judy Martin) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcpUMXVru9k From Portland Wrestling (vs. Princess Victoria and Sabrina) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6baYi_6tCM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Tm9-jnaovM From Wrestling from the Chase (vs. Carol Sommers and Jill Fontaine) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-SWZLlmYcg
  3. There is no question now that Canelo Alvarez is the best junior middleweight in the world!...Wait, this wasn't at 154?! Ok, that said, was it the best Canelo performance? Probably not. Charlo seemed very tenative from the outset. It started to get interesting for maybe a few rounds. Then, Charlo took a knee for a knockdown and that was it. I don't think Jermell fully packed it in, but I think at some point, he realized Canelo's work was way more effective and he himself wasn't landing anything of consequence. Even with jabs, Canelo was landing what seemed to be 2 to 1. Same with the body work. Turns out Canelo more than doubled Jermell in terms of landed punches even though Jermell threw about fifty more. Instead of letting Canelo play aggressive counter puncher, he chose to instead just linger on the ropes and just move away with no real purpose. Charlo would fight in spurts and then Canelo would land a few good shots to force more inactivity from Charlo. Canelo took his foot off the gas a little in the final third of the fight, but still easily won most if not all of those rounds. It went all twelve rounds, but I don't think Jermell looked all that satisfied by just giving a good account of himself and surviving. He did his best work against Canelo in the middle of the ring for the handful of notable punches he did land, but Canelo wasn't going to let that happen. He probably would have been better served trying to go out on his shield cause Canelo came out from the beginning give him no quarter. If you're not going to land anything to make Canelo back off, then it's going to be a long fight. I think Canelo, save for the Bivol fight and maybe bits and pieces of other fights, has figured out people trying to be cute and just try to box him to steal rounds in the recent last few years of his career. I mean look at the Plant fight. It's not a strategy that's going to work unless you're a master boxer. Better yet, a master boxer who can stand up to some strong artillery that Canelo brings. Now all that said, hilariously enough, the post fight interviews teased two fights we probably should have been seeing instead of this one: Canelo vs. Benavidez and (Jermell) Charlo vs. Crawford at 154.
  4. The ONE FC was bittersweet for a variety of reasons. First, Angela Lee retired after the main event (although she informed people before the main event). It seems like that might the right thing to do based on her mental health even if she is still physically able to do it. Second, Stamp Fairtex basically stamped (pun intended) her place as Angela Lee's successor with a wicked body shot finish over one of my favorites Seo Hee Ham. Sucks it had to be her it was against, but ONE is investing a lot in the ascension of Stamp Fairtex especially in light of the Angela Lee news.
  5. Based on how the people in the finals have been pushed even prior to the injuries and the connection between the two, they at least had a contingency plan in place. At this point, who was originally booked to win is pretty much irrelevant. This goes especially since the final sounds like a pretty great match.
  6. Here is this week's template: EVENT #167 POINT TOTAL: 2675 ONE Fight Night 14: Stamp vs. Ham (09/29/2023) - Kallang, Singapore (Singapore Indoor Stadium) Stamp Fairtex vs. Seo Hee Ham - Ham, DEC ONE Flyweight Muay Thai Championship: Smilla Sundell vs. Allycia Rodrigues - Sundell, DEC ONE Custom Striking Rules: Jingnan Xiong vs. Nat Jaroonsak - Xiong, DEC Stephen Loman vs. John Lineker - Lineker, TKO, R3 ONE Muay Thai Rules: Dmitry Menshikov vs. Rungrawee Sitsongpeenong - Menishikov, TKO, R2 Eduard Folayang vs. Amir Khan - Folayang, TKO, R2 Mauro Cerilli vs. Paul Elliott - Cerilli, TKO, R2 ONE Muay Thai Rules: Asa Ten Pow vs. Rambolek Tor Yotha - Pow, TKO, R3 Blake Cooper vs. Maurice Abévi - Abevi, TKO, R2 EVENT #168 POINT TOTAL: 2675 UWC 48: Gordillo vs. de Paula (09/29/2023) - Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico (Entram Gym) Antonio Gordillo vs. Victor de Paula - De Paula, TKO, R2 Braian González vs. Matias Vasquez Jimenez - González, DEC Luis Elias vs. Yahir Ramírez - Elias, SUB, R2 Hugo Torres vs. Sergio Quintero - Torres, TKO, R2 Victor Kuiks vs. Fausto Gomez - Kuiks, TKO, R3 Steven Almeida vs. Abraham Ayala - Ayala, DEC Melany Gomez vs. Jessica Solis - Gomez, DEC Zhora Sahakyan vs. Salvador Ledesma - Sahakyan, TKO, R1 EVENT #169 POINT TOTAL: 2675 PFL Europe 3: 2023 Playoffs (09/30/2023) - Paris, France (Zenith Paris La Villette) Cédric Doumbé vs. Jordan Zébo - Doumbé, TKO, R1 Abdoul Abdouraguimov vs. Brad Wheeler - Abdouraguimov, SUB, R2 Anthony Salamone vs. Jakob Nedoh - Nedoh, TKO, R2 Simeon Powell vs. Daniel Ladero - Powell, TKO, R1 Dakota Ditcheva vs. Cornelia Holm - Ditcheva, TKO, R1 Yazid Chouchane vs. Henrique Madureira - Chouchane, DEC Laureano Staropoli vs. Baba Boundjou Nadjombe - Staropoli, DEC Ali Taleb vs. Khurshed Kakhorov - Taleb, TKO, R2 Frans Mlambo vs. Moktar Benkaci - Mlambo, DEC Dylan Tuke vs. Jakub Kaszuba - Kaszuba, TKO, R2 John Mitchell vs. Geysim Derouiche - Mitchell, DEC Shanelle Dyer vs. Luisa Fernanda Cifuentes - Dyer, TKO, R2 BONUS EVENT #1 POINT TOTAL: 2675 Matchroom Boxing on DAZN: Opetaia vs. Thompson (09/30/2023) - Wembley, London, England, United Kingdom (OVO Wembley Arena) IBF & Ring Magazine Cruiserweight Championship: Jai Opetaia vs. Jordan Thompson - Opetaia, TKO, R7 IBF Female Super Bantamweight Championship: Ellie Scotney vs. Laura Soledad Griffa - Scotney, DEC Cheavon Clarke vs. Vasil Ducár - Clarke, TKO, R2 Rhiannon Dixon vs. Katharina Thanderz - Dixon, DEC Shannon Ryan vs. Xenia Jorneac - Ryan, DEC George Liddard vs. Peter Kramer - Liddard, TKO, R1 Maisey Rose Courtney vs. Martina Bernile - Courtney, DEC Ibraheem Sulaimaan vs. Joshua Ocampo - Sulaimaan, DEC Jimmy Sains vs. Bartlomiej Stryczek - Sains, DEC EVENT #170 Canelo vs. Charlo (09/30/2023) - Las Vegas, NV (T-Mobile Arena) WBA Super World/WBC/IBF/WBO Super Middleweight Championship: Saúl Álvarez vs. Jermell Charlo - Álvarez, DEC Erickson Lubin vs. Jesus Ramos - Ramos, DEC Elijah Garcia vs. Armando Resendiz - Garcia, DEC Interim WBC Welterweight Championship: Yordenis Ugas vs. Mario Barrios - Ugas, DEC Frank Sanchez vs. Scott Alexander - Sanchez, TKO, R5 Oleksandr Gvozdyk vs. Isaac Rodrigues - Gvozdyk, TKO, R4 Terrell Gausha vs. KeAndrae Leatherwood - Gausha, DEC Gabriel Valenzuela vs. Yeis Solano - Valenzuela, DEC Bek Nurmaganbet vs. Abimbola Osundairo - Nurmaganbet, TKO, R3 Abilkhan Amankul vs. Joeshon James - James, DEC Curmel Moton vs. Ezequiel Flores - Moton, DEC Justin Viloria vs. Angel Barrera - Viloria, TKO, R2 The Friday events deadline is September 29, 10:45 p.m. CDT The early Saturday events deadline is September 30, 11:00 a.m. CDT The Event #170 deadline is Saturday, September 30, 5:30 p.m. CDT
  7. THREAD UPDATED! CURRENT 2023 POINT TOTAL (09/29/2023) 1. DreamBroken: 2684 2. Elsalvajeloco: 2675 3. Hail Sabin: 2465 4. waffle: 186 EVENT TALLY: Elsalvajeloco 1st (74 events) DreamBroken 2nd (64 events) Hail Sabin 3rd (45 events) waffle 4th (2 events)
  8. SLK is out of her match with Mayu due to her ankle injury. I am guessing that's the same one from the Dream Tag Festival.
  9. Man, I suggest folks go back and watch Joyce Grable and Wendi Richter tag together. I believe they were later known as the "Texas Cowgirls", which is hilarious cause I don't know anyone who had a more backwoods of Georgia accent than Joyce Grable. They were very much ahead of their time. Also, some of the best heel work you will ever see. RIP Joyce
  10. Canelo vs. Charlo September 30, 2023 Las Vegas, NV (T-Mobile Arena) WBA Super World/WBC/IBF/WBO Super Middleweight Championship: Saúl Álvarez © (167.4) vs. Jermell Charlo (167.4) - - WBA Super World (sixth defense) - WBC (sixth defense) - IBF (third defense) - WBO (fifth defense) Erickson Lubin (153.4) vs. Jesus Ramos (153.4) - Lubin, DEC (unanimous) Interim WBC Welterweight Championship: Yordenis Ugas (147) vs. Mario Barrios (146.8) - Barrios, DEC (unanimous) Elijah Garcia (159.6) vs. Armando Resendiz (159.6) - Garcia, TKO (referee stoppage), R8 (1:23) Youtube Preliminary Card: Frank Sanchez (241.6) vs. Scott Alexander (217.8) - Sanchez, TKO (corner retirement), R4 (3:00) Terrell Gausha (162.4) vs. KeAndrae Leatherwood (162) - Gausha, DEC (majority) Oleksandr Gvozdyk (174.3) vs. Isaac Rodrigues (183.2) - Gvozdyk, KO (straight right), R2 (0:54) Untelevised Preliminary Card: Justin Viloria (129.6) vs. Angel Barrera (132) - Curmel Moton (127.6) vs. Ezequiel Flores (127.2) - Bek Nurmaganbet (169.8) vs. Abimbola Osundairo (169.6) - Nurmaganbet, TKO (referee stoppage), R3 Abilkhan Amankul (162.4) vs. Joeshon James (162.2) - DRAW (majority) Gabriel Valenzuela (141.6) vs. Yeis Solano (142) - Valenzuela, KO (three knockdowns), R6 (2:33) Attendance: Gate:
  11. I get the sentiment cause that was a time where you had like reunions of Cream, Led Zeppelin (w/ John Paul Jones), and Pink Floyd (w/ Roger Waters) all within a four or five year span. It seem like that was the right time to do it if we had to do our blast from the past British rock halftime show. But hey, at least, Roger Daltrey can say his voice held up longer than Robert Plant who sounds like he was gargling hot rocks once you get past 1980.
  12. So yeah, I feel like I only knew bits and pieces about the Sam Cooke and Bobby Womack/Valentinos/Peace connection. I just knew that Bobby married Sam's widow and shit went south. Once I delved a bit further, that Shaq meme about "I owe you an apology. I wasn't really familiar with your game..." instantly came to mind. The Womacks definitely rival the DeBarges (although the DeBarge story is probably defacto #1 just in overall sadness), the Pointers, the Troutmans, and the Jacksons in terms of overall toxicity. I mean for example, Linda Womack is technically her own auntie. That's really up there in terms of "yeah, what the hell?" levels.
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