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  1. I smell Wonder Woman 3 tie in. CORPORATE SYNERGY, BABY~!
  2. Idea: What if TK "unbanned" Hogan from AEW only for Hogan to be inadvertently molested by Ron Reis during his first AEW appearance?
  3. Shit, I just participated in them. I wasn't going to run shit. You may have been doing it wrong, lol. That said, if he doesn't like shit, he can real life fire people.
  4. That's like my favorite time in wrestling but boy WWF at that point was up and down. You can basically whittle down the best parts of Raw to about 17 minutes and save yourself 73 minutes of utter awfulness. Now that I think about it, you can probably do that now and add an hour on the awfulness side.
  5. The booker/promoter writes shit down in a notebook like he's running an efed in 2003. How much drama can there be?
  6. Re: Gang Wars I can't think of one long feud like Gang Wars that produced like zero good matches. The fact that the careers of The Rock, Mark Henry, and D-Lo weren't immediately destroyed is a testament to them.
  7. Maybe they plan on giving her the TBS title and doing the Shawn vs. Diesel/Sid thing you have to do with everyone now.
  8. I get it. I just think they have enough talent now to get the division jump started. Then by the time you do get someone as potentially another centerpiece, you already have things at a nice boiling point.
  9. I feel like they got something with Hayter. She has a money look, and she can talk a bit. IMO She is much better than third wheel for Britt and Rebel's act.
  10. I feel like unless Jericho is co-booking himself like he probably is with the Lambert/ATT stuff, he really isn't needed. At first (the first year and during the pandemic), they needed him to keep the ratings consistent. Now? I doubt he makes a big difference other than the crowd can sing along with his entrance. I think if he can do one final swan song and go out on a match he really feels good about, then you pretty much got everything you wanted out of him during his AEW run. I feel like he can do commentary for a few months, but then he just becomes someone on commentary.
  11. I would be more a lot more receptive if they had better ideas for everyone coming in, but it seems like besides a Punk or people they were already knew were coming, they don't really anything all that intriguing cause it's so short notice or happenstance. Keep in mind, they have someone new literally every week now.
  12. I feel like Cody and black Ann Gunkel will win it, and then everyone will bitch the AEW Mixed match challenge was ruined by Cody.
  13. It ain't exactly foolproof, but I feel like the Lions for example could end up turning it around or very well end up 1-16 somehow just purely based on Murphy's Law.
  14. And that's what I thought would happen if they (AEW) brought in Tessa. You want her to be a big babyface? Bring in the powderkeg. That'll do it.
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