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  1. It was funny hearing Froch defend BJS from the DAZN commentary team after trying his best to be bipartisan the whole night. That said, I figured the fight was going get called in between rounds 8 and 9. Saunders' body language pretty much told the story at the end of the round and walking back to his corner. He was either going to look for a way out or come out for round 9 and get absolutely shellacked. I would have sympathy, but then again, Saunders spent years (and I mean YEARS) angling to get this fight. You CANNOT quit in the corner. ....Well, you can but my point remains.
  2. That was a good showing for Rodriguez, but she has a style that can be exploited. She kinda rock'em, sock'ems her way through fights. I don't see that working on a Rose Namajunas, who would have the ability to get inside on her. Waterson also landed a ton of a kicks on her as well including a some nasty ones to the body and legs. I think Marina Rodriguez can overwhelm most of her opponents with volume, but at the tippity top of the division, that's going to be much harder to do.
  3. I'm catching up on the prelims. DC has already got in a Kerry Von Erich and Mid South Wrestling reference in. He's trying to do this for Meltzer.
  4. Here is the template for this week: EVENT #54 PFL 2021 #3: Werdum vs. Ferreira (5/6/2021) - Atlantic City, NJ (Ocean Casino Resort) Fabrício Werdum vs. Renan Ferreira - Werdum, SUB, R1 Kayla Harrison vs. Mariana Morais - Harrison, SUB, R1 Mohammad Usman vs. Brandon Sayles - Usman, TKO, R1 Larissa Pacheco vs. Julija Pajić - Pacheco, DEC Ante Delija vs. Bruno Cappelozza - Delija, TKO, R1 Cindy Dandois vs. Kaitlin Young - Young, DEC Genah Fabian vs. Laura Sanchez - Fabian, DEC Denis Goltsov vs. Muhammad DeReese - Goltsov, SUB, R1 EVENT #55 Lux Fight League 13: Martin
  5. UFC Fight Night on ESPN 24: Rodriguez vs. Waterson May 8, 2021 Las Vegas, NV (UFC APEX) Marina Rodriguez (125.5) vs. Michelle Waterson (125) - Rodriguez, DEC (unanimous) Donald Cerrone (170) vs. Alex Morono (170.5) - Morono, TKO (strikes), R1 (4:40) Neil Magny (170.5) vs. Geoff Neal (171) - Magny, DEC (unanimous) Marcos Rogério de Lima (264.5) vs. Maurice Greene (237) - Lima, DEC (unanimous) Carlos Diego Ferreira (160.5)* vs. Gregor Gillespie (156) - Gillespie, TKO (punches), R2 (4:51) Phil Hawes (186) vs. Kyle Daukaus (186) - Hawes, DEC (unanimous) ESPN+ Preliminary C
  6. I believe that was a one shot thing or a bridge to a more permanent TV deal, and also it was around the time AXS got rid of MMA completely (Combate temporarily replaced LFA and then moved to another channel altogether). IIRC it's been on Univision for awhile now which makes sense given the audience. Thunder Rosa was on the first or second Univision card if you'll remember. Also, apparently, it went from Combate Americas to Combate Global post pandemic.
  7. Between that and Lawlor getting humiliated by good ole Shoeface last week too, I don't understand the whole fighting while wrestling when you're of a certain age. Very few good things could happen.
  8. For context: He's pretty much facing life in prison.
  9. It wasn't wrestling, but Dulce Sexy (or Sexy Dulce or w/e she is calling herself this week) was on Univision/TUDN having an MMA fight last Friday (in a losing effort). She doesn't need wrestling anymore because she's taking the MMA world by storm one fight every 365 days or so at a time.
  10. His daughter would disagree. He also spent several years burning independent promoters who were relying on him in addition to other wrestlers (judging by the usual financial state of wrestlers from his own era, likely couldn't afford to lend in the first place) who he borrowed money from and didn't repay the favor. I'm glad he got his shit together, but it did take him 25 years to do it. Here's the thing though: On top of not being able to blackball people (cause it's not like it's Bob Geigel running the NWA), the average promoter is going look at taking a year off as basically so
  11. I'm more worried about Reyes' face somehow....he was a bloody mess like 90 seconds into the fight. Jiri was trying to give him a facelift manually. It's scary watching a guy who doesn't give a flying fuck about getting hit. And it's not like Reyes has pillows for fists (he was also landing some strong kicks to the body). He was trying his very best and only one strike really affected Jiri. Many times that's all you need, but his glimmer of hope faded away quickly once he didn't get that guillotine. I don't see many people stepping up to fight this guy. And after beating Reyes this d
  12. Man, the clip of Jotko absolutely murdering Tamdan McCrory is a reminder that fighting is hard living.
  13. Hopefully, this is sort of a graduation fight for Dvalishvili. It's clear he's gonna win fights on this level. Now what can he do when he's truly tested?
  14. Just on her muay thai ability alone, if there was an atomweight division, I'm pretty sure Loma Lookboonmee would be a perennial title contender. Very few fighters I've seen (male or female) look that comfortable in the clinch.
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