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  1. Here is this week's template: EVENT #99 FAC 9: Martinez vs. Lindsay (7/30/2021) - Independence, MO (Cable Dahmer Arena) Fernando Martinez vs. Jake Lindsey - Lindsey, DEC Nyle Bartling vs. Max McNeely - Bartling, TKO, R1 Marshal Kemp vs. Oscar Ahuatzi - Kemp, DEC Alexa Culp vs. Diamond Long - Culp, SUB, R1 Isaac Dulgarian vs. Jessy Ebrecht - Dulgarian, TKO, R1 EVENT #100 LFA 113: Lewis vs. Peterson (7/30/2021) - Belton, TX (Bell County Expo Center) Vernon Lewis vs. Thomas Petersen - Petersen, TKO, R3 Ricky Camp vs. Greg Fischer - Camp, TKO, R3 Chris Brown vs. Gláucio Eliziário - Brown, TKO, R2 Alden Coria vs. Donnie Ballou - Coria, SUB, R2 Giovanna Canuto vs. Kathy Solorzano - Canuto, SUB, R1 Patrick Ferguson vs. Cezly Collard - Collard, DEC BONUS EVENT #1 Matchroom Boxing on DAZN: Xu vs. Wood (7/31/2021) - Brentwood, Essex, England, United Kingdom (Matchroom Fight Camp) WBA World Featherweight Championship: Can Xu vs. Leigh Wood - Xu, DEC Tommy McCarthy vs. Chris Billam-Smith - Billam-Smith, DEC Anthony Fowler vs. Rico Mueller - Fowler, TKO, R6 Anvi Yildirim vs. Jack Cullen - Yildirim, TKO, R3 Sandy Ryan vs. Kirstie Bavington - Ryan, DEC Campbell Hatton vs. Jakub Laskowski - Hatton, TKO, R3 BONUS EVENT #2 Premier Boxing Champions: Coffie vs. Rice (7/31/2021) - Newark, NJ (Prudential Center) Michael Polite Coffie vs. Jonathan Rice - Coffie, TKO, R5 Andre Dirrell vs. Christopher Brooker - Dirrell, DEC Vito Mielnicki Jr. vs. Noah Kidd - Mielnicki Jr., TKO, R3 Joey Spencer vs. James Martin - Spencer, DEC Karl Dargan vs. Ivan Delgado - Dargan, DEC Norman Neely vs. Juan Torres - Neely, TKO, R3 Michael Anderson vs. DeMarcus Rogers - Anderson, DEC Quadir Albright vs. Jared Tallent - Albright, TKO, R1 Nicky Vitone vs. Jordan Rosario - Vitone, TKO, R3 Malik Nelson vs. Alejandro Ramirez - Nelson, TKO, R2 EVENT #101 UFC Fight Night on ESPN 28: Hall vs. Strickland (07/31/2021) - Las Vegas, NV (UFC APEX) Uriah Hall vs. Sean Strickland - Hall, TKO, R2 Cheyanne Buys vs. Gloria de Paula - Buys, DEC Jared Gooden vs. Niklas Stolze - Stolze, DEC Zarrukh Adashev vs. Ryan Benoit - Adashev, DEC Bryan Barberena vs. Jason Witt - Barberena, TKO, R2 Melsik Baghdasaryan vs. Collin Anglin - Anglin, DEC Chris Gruetzemacher vs. Rafa Garcia - Garcia, TKO, R2 Danny Chavez vs. Kai Kamaka III - Chavez, DEC Jinh Yu Frey vs. Ashley Yoder - Frey, DEC Philip Rowe vs. Orion Cosce - Rowe, DEC EVENT #102 Bellator 263: Pitbull vs. McKee (7/31/2021) - Inglewood, CA (The Forum) Patricio Freire vs. AJ McKee - McKee, TKO, R3 Mads Burnell vs. Emmanuel Sanchez - Burnell, DEC Usman Nurmagomedov vs. Manny Muro - Nurmagomedov, TKO, R2 Islam Mamedov vs. Brent Primus - Mamedov, DEC Chris Gonzalez vs. Goiti Yamauchi - Yamauchi, SUB, R2 Vanessa Porto vs. Ilara Joanne - Porto, DEC Gadzi Rabadanov vs. Daniel Carey - Rabadanov, DEC Khasan Magomedsharipov vs. Jonathan Quiroz - Magomedsharipov, TKO, R2 Johnny Cisneros vs. Joshua Jones - Jones, TKO, R2 Georgi Karakhanyan vs. Kiefer Crosbie - Karakhanyan, DEC Brian Moore vs. Jordan Winski - Winski, DEC The Friday events deadline is July 30, 9:00 p.m. CT. The Bonus Event #1 deadline is Saturday, July 31, 12:30 p.m. CT. The Saturday events deadline is July 31, 5:15 p.m. CT.
  2. The brother of Pitbull (*at least MMA folks will get it).
  3. I said it four years ago when he had both Alien: Covenant and All the Money in the World in the same year that he's somehow more active in as he advances in age. He's already working on his next one after these two.
  4. I doubt it would be Bellator, but if Bellator somehow pulled off Fedor vs. Brock in Fedor's last ever MMA fight, that would be hilarious. There are like 3-5 MMA insiders. Half of them are kinda shaky when it comes to breaking news.
  5. I was gonna say the same exact same thing. This triggered some PTSD type shit.
  6. UFC Fight Night on ESPN 28: Hall vs. Strickland July 31, 2021 Las Vegas, NV (UFC APEX) Uriah Hall (185.5) vs. Sean Strickland (185) - Strickland, DEC (unanimous) Cheyanne Buys (116) vs. Gloria de Paula (115.5) - Buys, TKO (head kick and elbows), R1 (1:00) Niklas Stolze (170.5) vs. Jared Gooden (171) - Gooden, TKO (punches), R1 (1:08) Melsik Baghdasaryan (145.5)vs. Collin Anglin (146) - Baghdasaryan, TKO (head kick and punches), R2 (1:50) Bryan Barberena (170.5) vs. Jason Witt (170.5) - Witt, DEC (split) ESPN / ESPN+ Preliminary Card: Chris Gruetzemacher (156) vs. Rafa García (154) - Gruetzemacher, DEC (unanimous) Danny Chavez (145.5) vs. Kai Kamaka III (144.5) - DRAW (majority) Jinh Yu Frey (115.5) vs. Ashley Yoder (116) - Frey, DEC (unanimous) Zarrukh Adashev (125.5) vs. Ryan Benoit (126) - Adashev, DEC (unanimous) Philip Rowe (173.5)* vs. Orion Cosce (170.5) - Rowe, TKO (strikes), R2 (4:21) *Forfeits 20% of purse for missing weight Event Bonuses ($50,000) Performance of the Night: Melsik Baghdasaryan Performance of the Night: Cheyanne Buys Fight of the Night: Bryan Barberena vs. Jason Witt Rating:
  7. Unless it was Jeff Hardy taking some insane bump, the Pounce didn't look that painful. Guys were basically flying in the air as soon as he made contact. Goldberg use to grab rolling leglocks like he was in a real fight. He would get full extension on kicks like he was really trying to drive through the target. He would throw people around kinda carelessly and just trying to muscle them up. It's not like they were sandbagging him. It makes it seem like Goldberg didn't know (or simply didn't believe) the other guy is in on it being a work.
  8. Add in the fact, Bill being green and getting himself hyped before matches like he was about to hit the gridiron was a recipe for him not protecting people in ring. If he wasn't a Power Plant product and had seasoning before WCW, I think that would change the trajectory of his career. 90% of his shit looked dangerous and like it hurt because it probably did. That helped get him over. WWE being WWE won't produce a new Goldberg clearly, but at the same time, a guy coming up through the ranks now doing what he did would get a nice talking to from the agents. And maybe for good reason.
  9. Richard was pretty damn prominent early on in their careers and very vocal. Tiger's father wasn't in the limelight like that IIRC. And to me, a film specifically centered around Venus and Serena right now would be strange even though Serena appears to be very, very close to the end of her career. A big part of the film would have to be devoted to their dad either way.
  10. Who is gonna have to tell Vince you can't use spade in that connotation anymore? I feel someone will need to gently break that news to him.
  11. I wouldn't doubt it, but I doubt it's on the level of what she could paid as an athlete or TV star. The one thing that is probably (I would even lean towards likely) hurting her supplemental income is the fact she's no longer a UFC poster girl and BKFC isn't that visible out of niche fight fans. UFC got her on Dancing with the Stars. BKFC at best will probably get her in a C & D level celebrity softball game or something. She's doing way more for them (even if her PPVs aren't doing anything) than the promotion is doing for her. At least if she was with AEW, she could host or co-host some game show on TBS or do something else inside the extended WarnerMedia family. I would assume that same would go if she was with WWE and NBCUniversal and/or Fox. Hell, some of her fights years ago were on FS1 and Fox (one of the highest rated UFC on Fox shows was PVZ vs. Michelle Waterson). She couldn't land a gig there?
  12. Based on what's she making in BKFC, she's going to come for a hefty price tag ($1 million but I'm definitely assuming it's not a million guaranteed). And based on the lack of draw she's been since she left UFC, I doubt she would be worth it. That said, I think she would be more worthwhile in pro wrestling than MMA or boxing. She's just average at best at fighting. As a fighter, she peaked five or six years ago. She's still young enough to where if she wanted learn how to wrestle, she could do that awhile and then have more than enough time to raise a family afterwards. Moreover, I think what she is probably making now has probably priced her out of Bellator if and when BKFC cuts bait (she's 0-2 on a four fight deal so it could be sooner rather than later). Her only options in a year or two will probably be WWE or AEW.
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