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  1. New Way of the Blade pod, talking with Fanfyte and Segunda Caida writer JR Goldberg about Sami Callihan vs. Danny Havok in the Cage of Death https://redcircle.com/shows/way-of-the-blade
  2. New pod with our old friend Rob Naylor! Talking about Killer Khan vs. Terry Gordy https://redcircle.com/shows/way-of-the-blade
  3. Kal Jak who worked a couple of Bloodsports is huge, and is basically Gary Albright. Cornelia feds (Wildside, Anarchy) always found big guys, Tank is a real heavyweight, Logan Creed is really big and I am pretty sure Deadly Sin S7even is around still
  4. New Way of the Blade with Chris Bryan, who did the incredible art from the book, about Commando Negro vs. El Pollo mask vs. mask from IWRG https://app.redcircle.com/shows/be34c05b-8483-4797-af55-5ec4bd254611/ep/46167839-d5a6-41ca-b1da-856d63889260
  5. Uploaded a new episode of the pod with Daniel Solomon the author of an upcoming Sheik biography on Sheik/Abby vs. The Funks from 7/15/79 https://redcircle.com/shows/be34c05b-8483-4797-af55-5ec4bd254611
  6. Not as many as I hoped, we have three or four which we will print in the book, if anyone can find others we would be eternally grateful.
  7. New Way of the Blade https://redcircle.com/shows/be34c05b-8483-4797-af55-5ec4bd254611/episodes/934892a0-bb32-493a-9334-203a0bec7a10 Talking with Joshua Bishop about his killer I Quit match against Dom Garrini at AIW Mania weekend 2019. Really fun pod where Josh tells me all of the insane ideas he had which they left on the drawing board.
  8. Watch Pirata chew on Dandy's head and listen to Eduardo and I chat about the match
  9. Podcast #6 I talk with Eduardo Martinez about El Dandy vs. Pirata Morgan https://redcircle.com/shows/be34c05b-8483-4797-af55-5ec4bd254611/episodes/5c11199d-8785-437a-b1f1-c7d3f4eafbc5
  10. New York? I was born and raised in Oakland and Berkeley California I will definitely have Kris on at some point, I am thinking the Last Battle of Atlanta
  11. I had Tony Khan on the podcast today to discuss Ric Flair vs. Ted DiBiase, we talk about booking wrestling TV, his DVDVR past and much more https://redcircle.com/shows/be34c05b-8483-4797-af55-5ec4bd254611/episodes/173fa5e9-8321-4bdc-a5e7-5288fa292ba0
  12. This is the tremendous heel vs. heel Devils Rejects vs. NWA Elite Wargames from 2007. We discusses this whole feud and this match with Rev. Dan Wilson and Attorney Jeff G. Bailey on this weeks Way of the Blade podcast https://redcircle.com/shows/be34c05b-8483-4797-af55-5ec4bd254611/episodes/be2ea195-9fe4-4c0e-b68c-68795c14aa83
  13. For my podcast this week I talk about the 2006 Anarchy Wargames match with Rev. Dan Wilson https://redcircle.com/shows/be34c05b-8483-4797-af55-5ec4bd254611/episodes/f9f0410d-08a8-4d7d-aefb-3e6ead852895 Here is the match if folks haven't watched it. It is incredible stuff, right up there with the best NWA/WCW Wargames https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-G293GddS4&t=1718s
  14. Episodes 2 and 3 of Way of the Blade are in the world Episode 2 discusses Ikeda vs. Ishikawa from FU-TEN with Daniel Makabe https://redcircle.com/shows/be34c05b-8483-4797-af55-5ec4bd254611/episodes/e6893340-ca4b-4ee9-9f3b-9947e5512823 Episode 3 talks Devil's Rejects vs. Team Anarchy War Games from NWA Anarchy with Rev. Dan Wilson https://redcircle.com/shows/be34c05b-8483-4797-af55-5ec4bd254611/episodes/f9f0410d-08a8-4d7d-aefb-3e6ead852895
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