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  1. Easy answer for me is Letterkenny since I grew up and live in the area it's set in (my fiancee is actually a distant cousin of Jared Keeso). However since it's nowhere near as fun as the show makes it seem, my actual answer is MST3K. No bills to pay and just watch bad movies with some robots? Sign me up.
  2. According to SRS, Roderick Strong has asked for his release.
  3. All of it was hilarious. "Letters cost extra and you ain't worth the money." "Do you think I'm stupid?" "...Yes!" Everything else was *snicker* the icing on the cake.
  4. As good as all of the in ring work was tonight, the MVP of the show was Nyla Rose.
  5. My action figure fed growing up had Intercontinental Tag Team titles based off of PWI championing this idea. Brian Pillman/Z-Man feuded with Doom and Demolition forever over those belts since I refused to let anyone other than The Rockers or The Steiner Bros have the main belts.
  6. Ultimo Dragon proved the more belts you have, the cooler you look.
  7. The Hurricane's original theme is also one. Heard it in the background of Drag Race.
  8. Probably the beers talking but in 32 years of being a fan and watching every televised show I could, that was a great pro wrestling show. I loved every minute of it. Everything lead to something exciting and this should be used as an amazing example of a rebuild show after a PPV. It started new feuds and stories, all that I'm interested in. Brilliant. Seriously up there as one of the best 2 hour shows I've ever seen.
  9. This was a very fun 2 hours. Tony reminds me of a guy I went to college with that we called "The Internet" because if the Internet was a person, it would look like him. Awkward but you can't help but love his enthusiasm. If Tony buying ROH leads to the 2002-2010 video library being released and means more work for more wrestlers, I'm totally on board. Danielson vs Daniels was really good and I also was amused by all the ways they moved around the fact that Low Ki won the 3 way so I guess he's not going to be in AEW anytime soon. The battle royal was fun despite the obvious outcome. At least the ppv match will be good. I knew someone was bleeding as soon as I saw all the white in the Punk-MJF segment and I was proven right in a great way. Punk and MJF killed it. I'm so excited for this match. Martinez/Rosa vs Britt/Hayter was not the best tag match to build up a ppv singles match but I was already sold on Thunder Rosa vs Britt Baker happening. The main was exactly what it needed to be. The cool cowboy defending his nerd friends against the biggest assholes on the state champion lacrosse team. Didn't understand why the other members of the Dark Order didn't make the save during the beatdown. You were in a battle royal, get it together and rescue your friends. Colt? Anna? Maybe leave Uno since he was cursed but that was my only gripe. Looks like I'll be ordering me a PPV.
  10. http://www.wrestleview.com/news2005/1118954026.shtml No he didn't but he still was not a good person.
  11. In other news, Aaron Dell is a bitch.
  12. I highly enjoyed The WRLD tonight. Didn't care for Cardona vs Janela but I understand that is for longtime GCW fans so I accept it's not for me. Loved the Trios despite the finish, Rush vs Christian, Mox vs Homicide and the main. The love the crowd has for Gage is so cool to see. The last few matches did seem rushed especially the main but I think they got the job done. I want to see their next show.
  13. "Hooray! They can go to a better company and I can actually see them wrestle!"
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