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    They made him do a shame walk while hitting him with pancakes. It wasn't THAT bad of a joke.

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  1. According to his son's Facebook page, The Assassin Jody Hamilton has passed away.
  2. Liked everything but the main but even that led to the announcement of a televised Juventud Guerrera match in 2021. AEW has a lot of irons in the fire right now and I'm very excited about the next few months. Hope Cash Wheeler is ok. And does Stu Grayson owe everyone money? No one wanted to protect him tonight.
  3. Before the Eddie match, Chavo was supposed to wrestle Stevie Ray. Eddie was all cocky that Chavo would be beaten down before their match so Chavo submitted to Stevie during a handshake after the opening bell rung so he'd be fresh for Eddie
  4. I don't know but his make up looked like he had the same type of stroke as Mother Superior did in "Silent Night Deadly Night 2"
  5. I remember Chris Masters crazy flat back bump from the apron to the floor during his great 2010-2011 Superstars run. I don't know whats crazier to me: the fact that he took that bump regularly or the fact he was doing it on Superstars that no one but 10 people from the board were watching at the time
  6. "Wind up merchant" apparently and no, I'm too lazy to post that much. I'm excited for Christian vs Angelico. I'd love for that to lead to Christian vs Jack Evans.
  7. I'll take @John from Cincinnati's "gimmick" over posters who try and tell people what they can and cannot critique and get overly snarky and defensive when someone makes a criticism that in their mind is valid based off of what they like in wrestling. It seems that some of you are competing to be the ENO90 of AEW. Ugh, I'm complaining about complaining in message board posts. I need a shower.
  8. He's dressed as every Canadian at some point in their lives.
  9. I'll sign for nothing less than 3 million a year and I'm Canadian so that's a bargain
  10. I remember a story about someone in Memphis staring at their check in disbelief because it was so small and being told "It ain't gonna get bigger just by staring at it." I forget if Jarrett said it to Austin or if Lawler said to Honky Tonk Man.
  11. Except for the one wearing his mask below his nose. He deserved everything that happened to him.
  12. From Vince himself when young Shane thought Dracula was in his closet: "I went in that closet and started growling and yelling, having a battle. I threw a little furniture. Now Shane's really scared to death, until finally his dad walks out of the closet. I said, "Son, you never have to worry about Dracula again. Dracula's dead."
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