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  1. It's good to see Big Cass in such good shape. It's also good to see him working on the indies and IMPACT without Enzo. It wasn’t necessarily a surprise that people would have wanted to book them Together as an act. Both Enzo and Cass didn't seem like guys that would want to work anywhere else Outside of WWE especially outside of them being a team
  2. Yes, but he was more closely compared to Graham who was basically the Dusty of the north. Ventura was very similar as well. Hogan was a Florida guy, I think WWE wanted us to forget that. I really been enjoying alot of Austin's Broken Skull Sessions with alot of his peers because he gets to talk with people like Godfather and Foley and people like that about working in Memphis or even talk about the wrestling he grew up on. It's obviously hard not to look at Austin as a southern guy that grew up southern wrestling. It's just weird to hear him spewak so fondly of southern wrestling on a WWE platform
  3. It's WWE so it would be stupid of me to ask why considering Vince and Kevin Dunns logic but wouldn't you think the crowd would be hot enough for their first hot TV taping. I spent the first hour and a half of MitB playing Broken Scull Podcast with Nash in another tab while watching MitB on mute. Coming out of the PPV it felt like the night Punk did the Pipebomb promo when everyone was talking about it and excited where it could go. WWEs attendance and Viewership was declining massively before the pandemic even happened. It's good to see a level of genuine excitement among wrestling fans.
  4. I feel like WWE has done a good in the past week or so getting fans excited about their product. When they were moving to Fox I don't think they did good at all getting people excited about the switch. They just a announced a bunch of legends and the Rock and a few celebrities. Of course they announced a draft to a trade or whatever. Even up to to that point they had already used roster shake-ups as a tool freshen things up unsuccessfully. I heard rumors of people like Cena,Goldberg and Even Rock coming in to work, I think it would obviously be good especially given the right person to work with but the Legends involvement it too much of a crutch
  5. I wasn't a "smart" fan at 10 years old but I read the magazines and I'd rent all the old tapes by then. I was definitely a work rate guy even if I didn't know what that was but for some reason I enjoyed Earnest Miller from the beginning. He certainly wasn't a workrate guy but he was good at working a martial arts style that was good enough for pro wrestling. He had a natural charisma that he really got to show later on. I was happy to see him in WWE, Velocity was probably my favorite show and he was a really good Commentator. I'm actually surprised that he got to have a run as a Wrestler before he was a Commentator. He was still very good as an inring talent and still very over but in hindsight I wish he started wrestling first in WWE then did commentary later because he probably would've lasted longer. Really I was on Instagram and I seen a clip of Teddy Long being announced as the Smackdown general manager and it was definitely cool that he got to have probably the most memorable and longer overall run as a GM because he was still very good as a manager but that GM role definitely let him so more range as a personality but honestly Earnest Miller could've worked just as well. I was actually surprised he didn't have a deep wrestling background like Glacier did and that he was just a Bischoff guy. I think he did well
  6. It might have been Austin on his Podcast that said he thought Ziggler took the art of selling way to far. Like he did way to much overselling that it sorta ruined his credibility. I thought that was an interesting take from Austin especially since Austin especially his early years as a heel really was heavy into selling for his . opponent. When Ziggler started under that gimmick it felt like he wanted to impress the agents and other people watch in charge with the Rude and Perfect like selling
  7. The funny thing is, than we don't know if Shawn Whining in the match was a work or not. I was a huge fan of Shawn growing up. But it's annoying to hear Vince just hype up Shawn so much. It's like Vince was making up for the fact that Shawn wasn't as big as alot of the other guys
  8. I remember someone here , saying that Rock and Austin brought that psychology to Mainstream American wrestling in '99. I wonder would it still be a thing if Bret never left. I see Bret wanting to protect his finish going against those guys.
  9. I was 10 years old during his WWF run, I was barely even 2 years as a die hard fan. When he came in it was probably the best time period for Raw ever. I remember JR narrated a video package to introduce him to the audience. It was probably the first time being exposed to Puroresu , All Japan in particular, it was cool to see then show clips of him in Japan. His matches with Bret was really good I remember watching both matches over and over after they happened. I would've loved to see him vs Michaels but at the same time it could've been a situation where some like Bret Hart would've been the only top guy that would have made an effort to make him look good like with Hakushi. I never was a fan of the Super Patriotic type baby face in wrestling but he played it well same Sgt Slaughter main because they could really kick ass in the ring. I've watched a couple of his All Japan work but I definitely want to go back and revisit 90s All Japan. It would've been interesting to see him around a little longer in WWF but at the same time alot of the guys he could've worked best with were leaving for WCW like Davey Boy and Bret or being phased out like Vader. I remember he was one of the people standing at the ramp the night they were looking for a partner for Austin after Shawn left. That might have been his introduction, that obviously wasn't the original idea for his introduction.
  10. I seen an post on IG of highlights or Hogan vs Undertaker in 02. I'd never seen anything like that
  11. I remember noticing it probably weeks before he turned and joined the Nation. Not sure if he had it the whole run though. I've been seeing alot of clips of Ahmed on my Instagram explorer and I wish he did get a run with the title. Vince was really high on him and I was a huge fan of him too. He had bad luck too. Especially when Faarooq debut and injured him on top of the fact that most of the Nation members bury him in interviews now. He also says that people at the top were telling Vince that the people weren't ready for a Black World champion. That obviously wasn't true especially because he was very over but guys were obviously threatened by him that they had to use that talking point in 96-97 to get a head of him politically. He could've been what Vince wanted out if Lex Luger years earlier
  12. Was it because of it being a TV taping, I wasn't a fan yet but growing up WrestleMania 8 was the only wrestling tape I saw because my older brother got it from my neighbor and we watched several times and I didn't become a diehard fan until late 95 but looking back, that post Summerslam 92 to like Survivor Series seems like such a weird time. I know Vince was basically completely soured on Flair by the time Summerslam happened. I understand he was a big part of the Warrior vs Savage fued but it's still weird that he wasn't actually wrestling. Even with Flair winning the title, I'm sure he pretty much felt he was on his way out. Winning the title on Superstars was probably a let down. Same with Brets first title win. Flair has been very open about him being very insecure about certain things wrestling wise so I'm sure that played a part to in that match. Too me , I feel like especially with Bulldog and Warrior gone that Vince would maybe appreciate Flair more just for the fact of losing those guys. What bad luck Bulldog had because looking back now, that time period would've been perfect to put the title on him moreso than any other time when Vince promised him a title program or the title itself. With business doing so bad in the states, Vince would've loved to have him be the British version of Whst they wanted out of Lex a year later. It would've been dope to.see Bulldog and Flair on Flairs way out
  13. Joe Will do well in that Role. Regal was Perfect in that role as well as he was as WWE Commissioner, possibly the best on air Authority figure they've ever had. Both Joe and Regal do very well at owning it when given a speaking role.
  14. I don't know, WWE still hires a decent amount of "Body" guys and monster that's pretty much always been apart of the roster. I don't see Hunter and the rest of the guys in charge of Developmental and NXT in particular deviating from the average modern Indie type guy. I could see that being the case for the Women mainly because they've hired a ton of great women from the indies and they most of them didn't get much of a push.Push. Maybe we will see a little more of his preference in the hiring process but I don't see it being much more of a difference than the last guy.
  15. The Kofi deal was stumbled upon based off someone else getting hurt right heck even Daniel Bryan's WM spot can out of Punk quiting damn I just realized the both involved the title lol
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