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  1. I kept falling asleep all night so I'll fo back and watch the main event and 3 way. From what I saw of the main event it was a straight slugfest , which is what you want from Seamus and Drew and all the Bloodline can bring it. The finish played in to the story they were trying to tell and it wasn't melodramatic which WWE is so egregious with. I'm excited to see where they go which WWE hasn't been able to get me excited about what's happening next in years atleast with the Bloodline thing. They've done a good job at making Owens seem like the biggest threat to Roman's title in the past few years too. I know he’s good lose again but they've managed to make him the clear number 2 guy in a matter of a week.
  2. I think Swerve has really helped AEW with that considerably. I believe he has actually really networked with people in hip-hop as his has made a serious attempt to pursue his own ventures as an artist outside of wrestling. WWE has really missed the boat with tapping in with that market because most mainstream artists they work with are past their social relevancy or when they get someone that is. They are put in a role that the non wrestling fan can't take seriously. You got people like Wale and to a lesser extent Peter Rosenberg try to bridge that gap by having guts on his platform. AEW does a much better job featuring people like Ross and Trina and people like that who are actual wrestling fans. It was cool seeing Fabolous come out with Swerve and Keith Lee to the ring. Outside of thar one time with Snoop AEW doesn't have those forced "SportsCenter" "Extra" type moments WWE likes to have to get some outside attention.
  3. RAW magazine had some dope covers that year mostly involved Bret
  4. That's an interesting take. I've heard someone say that they feel he wouldn't been more effective if he never won the world title like his hero Roddy Piper . I don't know about that but he was the most over guy which if why that finish was so decisive as far as him being a Heel. With the last few title Reigns being cut short I expect atleast 2 PPV he'll walk in as Champ though. People say that when he wins the title it's not much further he can go. So I guess we will see because the fans really wanted it for him
  5. I very rarely watch any weekly TVs from either but I very rarely have missed or not watched a WWE PPV since I got the WWE network in April 2014. I even still watch the NXT TakeOvers. The wrestling is always solid for the most part for the PPVs so I don't really complain. AEWs booking is alot more long term and that is refreshing compared to Vince and him Changing directions at a moments notice or giving up on people easily or 50/50 booking for the past 15 - 20 years. On top of the fact that Vince is got very stubborn in the fact and he was going to force the people to like his one top guy the he actually wasn't fickle on booking. Tony has done well booking wise , but the downside of long-term booking is you can't control injuries or people fighting to the point where they can't do business. I know people don't like the interim concept but that was his idea of having to keep his championship history strong without having to take the title off the person before he actually had to. Didnt Hunter talk about his long-term booking approach on the last investor call recently? Based on what I what I see on social media and being on this board , I'm in tuned with what's going on and I do notice some good changes under this new regime. Their is still alot of Vinces booking patterns that harder critics still find difficult to get past. I like how he's handed Austin Theory in the past too week or getting rid of the 24/7 title. I think both companies need more time to let this develop in AEWs case with Punk effected what should been for Full Gear and WWE I felt like people won't really get to fully assess Hunter as the Booker until after Mania.
  6. I like Tony's booking. He likes longterm booking. He likes to give things time to build unlike what we were getting from Vince from years and years. Tony likes longterm build and storytelling. The downside of that is Injuries and other factors that may cause you for change things up. It's unfortunate Punk got injured twice and the other drama that forced him to have to switch the title several times more than he expected to this year.
  7. I don't believe Bischoff had no intentions in Utilizing Bret to his full potential. I'm sure it was Hogan and maybe even Nash that got into Bischoff not using him correctly coming in. Out of all the top WWF guys it seems Bischoff wanted Bret the most. I don't understand why Bret wouldn't have just insisted on having a match at Starcade. He was an enforcer in the Main Event of WCWs Wrestlemania. Did he actually believe he was going to be the most over person in that match. Even as a 10 year old, I was wondering why is Bret is always in his street closes the first few weeks on TV. He was slotted right in the NWO not long after coming in. I could see him not wanting to get a reputation for saying no to everything but he would have been better off requesting to work with Benoit and the other work rate guys coming in. He came in with the belief that Bischoff wouldn't know what to do with him like Vince did but even if he did believe that, it's surprising he didnt come in wanting to do good in WCW to prove Vince wrong
  8. Stings WWE run was as bad as Brets WCW run I'd say it's the closest comparisons for the level of stars. Both ended each person's career and both a political hit.
  9. Flair in WWF by miles and miles. The first 6 months trumps Brets whole WCW run. Flairs WWF run didn't meet our expectations and he didn't get to be the Nature Boy but at least he came in as a big deal and he had the greatest Rumble performance and even though he didn't Main Event with Hulk, his Match with Savage was memorable and the Angle was okay too, good enough to continue it years later in 95 in WCW where the did good business
  10. As self conscious as Austin is , I could see Austin thinking he and Rock wouldn't be able to keep up with the pace of the Usos because they go 1000 miles an hour and he probably thinks he needs another person like Sami that can work at their pace.
  11. I had no clue Akiyama wasn't apart a NOAH, as closely as I've followed New Japan off and on the past decade I didn't know he was a DDT guy. I just found out Timothy Thatcher was in NOAH. Anyways I'll try to tune into Rampage to see him in AEW since I haven't seen Akiyama wrestle in years. Do TK have a working relationship with New Japan, NOAH and DDT?
  12. Zayn , Owen's and Austin vs Solo and the Usos in a 6 man Survivor tag. Or Do an 8 man with Roman and the Bloodline and Rock on the other side.
  13. I haven't seen much of him outside of MLW but he's just as good as the others. I was surprised he wasn't picked up when they picked up Solo. I'm shocked AEW hasn't gotten him yet , but I'd rather see him in the Bloodline.
  14. I watched the last week of episodes of NWA Powerr and NWA USA for the first time since the pandemic. Listening to Aldis bury NWA on Sam Roberts podcast made me decide to check it out again and I really enjoyed it as much as I did since last time. They always do a good job building towards a PPV.
  15. He used the term "Banana Nose " on a National wrestling broadcast in 2022 lol. As long as he isn't trading the AEW title all year then I could care less how much he's on TV. He probably could work circles around the guys his age that's been collecting Saudi money for years and he still has the best working punches in the game
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