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  1. You mean like Tamina and Nia. The biggest difference between Nia and Charlotte is most of Charlotte's botched a close calls seem to be involving a risk of injuring herself rather than her Opponent like Nia and Tamina, I guess in reality one is no better than the other as it relates to injuring yourself or your opponent. Nia is terrible in the ring but see seems so good with like backstage segments and talking segments in general. It sucks that she so terrible in the ring. Same with Tamina
  2. I think Rock would've still eventually got in to the business once his career in NFL slowed down. Even his college teammates talked about how much of a fan of Wrestling he was. It might've been about a decade later but he'd still be in Wrestling. If he gotten to a big enough level he'd at least gotten a LT type deal but he's to associated with Wrestling on both sides not to be involved. As far as Austin I could see Foley in Rock's spot. I could see Shamrock in that spot too
  3. JR on his Podcast pre Conrad would always talk about stupid the 10 punches in the corner was, it's probably because him Dad would bring it up as a way to shit on Wrestling. I always liked it mainly because of Babyface Crowd participation it's easy to lose yourself when watching. It's kinda like Cornette joking about how bad the Austin kicking in the corner looked to him. I've always liked the corner stomping a mud hole thing. It always seemed very snug to me. Not a pretty spot but it always got over
  4. I was thinking about Kenny vs Moose since Omega started showing up at IMPACT. Swann seems like a better match on paper though. Alot of people complained about the way Omega won and others just felt like they didn't click. I think most people wanted the New Japan main event Omega match here. I think that would benefit IMPACT. Omega is great as a heel, he reminds me of mid 90s heel Shawn Michaels where he is just a prick but he knows he's the best. He can make people hate him so much but the can't deny how good he is. Kinda reminds me of Roman Reigns too. I'd hear him doing podcast a
  5. Wow, I never heard that about Punk. He's seems like a "do it now ask for forgiveness later" type guy. It's hard to picture Vince tearing Punk down verbally especially knowing how Punk is. I know about Mick and I know they've had a toxic relationship over the years and I see Vince going off on him. Foley has no problem standing up for himself but I can't picture going off on Vince every week.
  6. Mine too Book reminds me of Don West with his level of enthusiasm which overrides bad commentary to me. I said before I don't really see Vince being as hard on the Wrestlers doing commentary like he would the straight commentators. As a Wrestler I would think you'd want a little of the over the top personality to come out
  7. Over the past maybe decade with all these retrospective podcasts and the Network , The Internet wrestling community has really gone back and look on him more fondly. He certainly wasn't the best commentator but I think his enthusiasm made alot of people look past that. He was horrible I'm the ring but I think being apart of the Horsemen was the best possible position for him. Character wise it was a perfect fit and too it made sense to put him in a group with Arn and Ric to help him as much as he possibly could. He's a legit wrestling fan and he probably could have gotten away with doing alot
  8. Good for MLW on the Vice tv deal. I heard Vice wanted NJPW after the AXiS deal happened. Vice getting great response from the Dark side of the Ring series have them wanting to have fresh wrestling content, it's good MLW got to benefit from that. I havent been watching so closely since the pandemic but I think Court is a great booker and a very nice group of talent
  9. Not to condone what he's said in the past but alot of his comments come from what he knows Vince and Kevin Dunn in particular believes a woman should look like in WWE. He knows the pressure Even the Men had to look a certain way. It's wrestling, Entertainment an even if your a higher level Social media influencer. Women feel pressured to look a certain way. I'm a Red Blooded straight American Man, I can appreciate a nice looking female as much as anyone else but I don't want a whole division of women that look like a '00s Maxim model. The Division is diverse and I like the fact that alot of t
  10. I've probably always have had a bias towards multi generational wrestlers. It's easier to have a common ground with a lapsed fan or someone who grew up as fan and not watching anymore ,you could point out how this guy/girl is so and so's Son, Daughter , Niece , Nephew etc and it might make the person show more interest because of that. All those Legacy members came off bland except for Orton. That was at a time when everyone coming out of Developmental looked like a generic Randy Orton. I was rooting for them all to do well. I remember everyone was impressed by Batista going out his way
  11. Don't get me wrong, Im a big fan of Joe's work in the ring and I thought Joe was going to eventually get back in the ring. He even put it out there himself a while ago that he'd be back in the ring again. But I started to think that Joe would be this Generations Gorilla Monsoon as far as Wrestler transitioning to a really good Commentator. He's close with MVP who's close to Bruce Prichard so I figured he'd be in good company. I'm sure Prichard knew him well enough from TNA. Alot of guys here and on Twitter felt like he was phoning it in when he came in to NXT and even earlier in his mai
  12. Its eye rolling how fans get so disgusted and use the social justice part of their brain to tare WWE apart like WWE is gonna all of a sudden factor in morality to their hiring and firing process. Wrestling Twitter isn't as loud of a voice as people want to make it seem. We've seen that with Bow Wow, definitely not at socially relevant as he one was 20 to 15 years ago but still was able to boast that he has more Twitter followers than all of the current full-time roster. On top of that managed to start training with Rikishi and still brag on Twitter wow easy this is to him.
  13. Yes, it's funny looking back because by the time the they were on HDNet it wasn't the same Ring of Honor as the Gabe era of ROH. It was more structured for the TV show and alot of Cornettes influence and Pearce being the Booker but it was still a really good show every week
  14. Is there a reason he's not wrestling? I'm surprised HHH didn't do him like Undisputed era and keep him in NXT.
  15. That's been an excuse for almost 20 years with them. A company that has a creative team of 30 people on top of that. Whether or not 30 people in creative is needed is a different story. It's just a lame excuse to give reasoning to cut people. That's just like when Vince went on Austin's Podcast and said none of the talent would go out their way to try to get over or pitch him ideas. Then afterwards talent would go on Austin's Podcast or Jericho's Podcast and talk about how they'd got to creative or even Vince directly and their ideas would get shutdown. I'm sure there is probably mo
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