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  1. Apparently Austin Theory turns into Randy Savage after his ribs are crushed.
  2. Vintage Rockers t-shirt from UO. On sale for $149. Seriously.
  3. I was hoping for only pre-roll commercials for archived PPVs but no luck there apparently.
  4. Sleepwalker had a limited series during the Infinity War crossover a few years ago but I imagine he's a bit of a tough sell since he's kind of an obscure character with a complicated backstory. I was always a big Speedball fan and I was always disappointed that they never really did a whole lot with the character after his time in Thunderbolts as Penance. They left him as potentially Hulk-level powerful in Thunderbolts and ultimately just worked him back to the old status quo in a bunch of failing New Warriors restarts.
  5. They're going get a large amount from Microsoft for it being on Game Pass, in addition to actual Microsoft sales, in a year when they can't expect it to push a lot of PS5 console sales since they're still dealing with the console shortages.
  6. Fun fact since I have 205 Live on the mind, the last time the Cruiserweight Title changed hands on 205 Live was 11/29/16, aka the first episode of 205 Live.
  7. Saw this on Reddit first, gotta say it's a really weird exception. I can only assume that it's a similar situation to Main Event.
  8. Kinda figured that Raquel and Dakota would hold the tag titles till they were ready for Io/Raquel. Guess I was right, though still bummed that they didn't get to hold the tag titles longer. Kinda can't see them not putting the belt on Raquel though now.
  9. My biggest takeaway from playoff football? That I don't know anything about network programming.
  10. If you have a Hulu subscription episodes are posted on Hulu.
  11. I know tonight was against the Kings but the Warriors have looked like a completely different team the last two games. Offensively they're moving the ball and actually hitting 3's, defensively they're pressuring the other team and not fouling nearly as much. That said our next seven games: Clippers, Clippers, Raptors, Pacers, @Nuggets, @Suns, and @Lakers. Firmly trying to not get ahead of myself.
  12. Cobra Kai does such a great job of showing that every dramatic show doesn't have to have hour long episodes, especially in the days of streaming.
  13. I appreciate Warner Bros. efforts to make the DC Cinematic Universe just as convoluted as the actual DC Comic universe.
  14. So Curry had a bit of a game.
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