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  1. I don't get how this 1 time payment is going to help all those bartenders and waiters that are fucking broke and pissed right now. They should just come out and do that Miracleman "Come summer, money won't exist... But then, it never did" thing.
  2. At least they don't play the jingle in the store. That would be cruel.
  3. Ha! Joke's on them. You have to be alive to pay a fine.
  4. Dudes on second shift start doin' a bogus "oh I don't feel good" thing thinking they'd get free money and now they're stuck at home until they get tested. Since they were bullshitting they probably can't get tested. Supervisors are looking bedraggled and get hinky if you ask about if people are sick why are we still in this building. I'm still going to have to work on monday. best case scenario is I can beat new doom and die in my sleep at 4:59 am monday morning.
  5. First of all, are those Preacher and American Gods shows any good? Is it just retelling the books? I've just never heard anything about either of them positive or negative. Second, there's a fucking Bloodshot movie? What the fuck. I even liked both the old and new Bloodshot series. Matter o' fact I love most of that old Valiant shit. Now more than then. Geomancer sucks tho'.
  6. It has the best representation of tag team wrestling I've ever played. You can go over an hour and it doesn't require you to pinch th' tip. Use Joe Higuchi for an extra slow count.
  7. That's pretty freaky Inoki. Isn't it cold out in space Inoki?
  8. Doomsday Clock was so far up it's own ass and the art stunk.
  9. assfax

    Metal Vocal Moments

    Dio's opening scream on Mob Rules from Heaven & Hell at Radio City Music Hall.
  10. Been loving this new 5.1 Dukes of Stratosphear blu ray!
  11. I was playing this yesterday and got a pistol with timed payload powers and now bad guys are flying in the air like chairs in the Ghostbusters 2 courtroom scene.
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