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  1. After watching Bryan Danielson's first match for AEW it's really got me thinking about what a vast and varied body of work he's had going back over 20 years now. I used to have all the ROH DVD's including his stuff right from the beginning of the promotion, matches against Chad Collyer and Donovan Morgan as well as the more highlighted stuff like the first main event with Daniels and Low-KI the 2005-2006 title run which included loads of fun stuff we don't see talked about too much any more - like the match vs Rocky Romero from Steel Cage Warfare or vs SUWA from Anarchy in the UK (which I was at), and right up until he left in 2009 with matches against Morishima, KENTA and new talent like Tyler Black, and I'm gutted a lot of that no longer seems to be readily available. And there's tons of other material as well including his early Japan stuff, visits to England wearing a mask as American Dragon, NOAH, DG-USA, PWG, WXW, Chikara, FIP and Evolve. And that's not even taking into account his WWE stuff. While I don't think they are really the thing now, I would love to see an excellent, in-depth compilation of his career so far, like the sort of dozens of DVD sets we used to get from Goodhelmet for Regal/Finlay etc - I would certainly buy it!
  2. I would really appreciate a copy of the Gary Hart book should one become available!
  3. Not sure if this is the best place to post this so please move if it isn't. I have got out of the habit of watching RAW and Smackdown this year and haven't watched. Any of them. I want to catch up on the Network over Christmas and was wondering if some could provide me with recommendations or a list of good matches worth finding from RAW and Smackdown only from the last year. I am up to date with NXT stuff so don't need those. Thanks in advance!
  4. The KOW match is on the NXT blu Ray along with Regal/Cesaro from 2012. Ambrose/Regal is on the Shield blu Ray.
  5. Some good stuff with Finlay and a really good Cena match once. I liked his match with JBL at No Way Out 2006, also vs Benoit on the draft 2007 RAW. Really loved the Finlay series, Finlay's comeback and run in 2006 was amazing, he was the best thing on WWE TV that year.
  6. It is a pity that TNA don't seem to want to release 3 disc compilations for some of their people. I loved the Styles/Angle/Joe sets they put out in 2008ish and the big Jarrett one also, but don't watch their stuff normally as I don't have the time. Would certainly buy big sets on Sting/Angle/Styles if released as they must have had a few good matches since then...
  7. From the WWE website:HOW TO WATCH ON SONY INTERNET-CONNECTED TVS AND STREAMING BLU-RAY PLAYERS In order to experience WWE Network on Sony Internet-connected TVs and Streaming Blu-ray players, you must be a WWE Network subscriber. To use your Sony Internet-connected TVs and Streaming Blu-ray player with your WWE Network subscription: Scroll to the Applications row a. Note: On Sony Blu-ray players the WWE Network app will appear under the Video category Find and select the WWE Network App Select Member Sign In Sign in using your WWE account email and password Once your account has been verified, you will be taken to the home screen and can select programming from WWE Network that you want to watch. Click here for a list of supported Sony Internet connected TVs and Streaming Blu-ray players. Hope this helps! Thanks, have seen this, the problem seems to be that wwe network does not come up under the video category, there are 31 various icons on there including YouTube, dailymotion, Amazon, Netflix, BBC iPlayer but there does not seem to be a way to search for or to add new icons. The player is a bdp s1200 which is compatible according to the wwe website...
  8. I'm looking at subscribing to the network in the UK, trying to access via my Sony smart blu ray player but can't find the app anywhere. I am a bit of a novice as far as these things go, any guidance would be most appreciated.
  9. I think the whole of the Generico/Steen feud from 2010 should be up for inclusion, one of the best long term storylines ROH has done encompassing a range of matches and also including Cabana and Corino.
  10. I was lucky enough to see GO tag with Kenta Kobashi against Jun Akiyamna and Doug Williams in 2005 and again in 2008 tagging against Marifuiji and Misawa. He was a heck of a talent from what I saw. Great dropkick!
  11. The only Ki/Aries match in ROH that I recall was at The Future is Now in 2005 where Ki beat Aries with a top rope Ki-Krusher in a non-title match - giving Aries a story line neck injury going into his match against Punk. Ki left ROH for the last time in early 2006 - I think his last match was against Jack Evans, which is a shame as they were building to a Ki/Daniels/Danielson rematch at the Anniversary Show...
  12. I loved KENTA's various runs in ROH, particularly his 2 matches with Danielson from GBH 2006 and the second PPV in 2007, and the match against Hero on Hdnet in 2009. Special mention also to his threeway vs Joe and Danielson from 2006 where they all seemed like they were trying to legitimately hurt each other, is there a reason Joe vs Kenya never took place one on one?
  13. I have loads of ROH DVDs from the beginning to the present day and reading this thread has made me want to go back and watch them all again: Off the top of my head as far as memorable matches/cards go, the first ones I remember watching and being absolutely blown away by were the three way main event from the first ever ROH show - Low Ki vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Bryan Danielson, and then from the second show, Ki vs Danielson with Ken Shamrock as the guest referee. Both of these matches seemed state of the art to me at the time, and really turned me on to watching things away from the WWE, which is pretty much all I was watching at the time. I recently rewatched the Ki vs Danielson match and it still holds up (commentary trumpeting it MOTY aside) and this is certainly a match I would recommend as a top tier ROH match, both by itself and also in the greater context of what it meant for ROH in establishing the tone and style of the promotion going forward. Other matches that spring to mind are pretty much the whole of the original Manhattan Mayhem card from 2005, which has both the Aries/Shelley match and a fine example of a Whitmer/Jacobs vs Strong/Evans match which have been discussed earlier in this thread, as well as Joe vs Lethal, Gibson vs Black Tiger (Rocky Romero), Rave vs Punk (Dog Collar!), McGuinness vs Cabana, and the impromptu Homicide/Low Ki vs Lethal/Joe main event (Cop-Killer/Doublestomp!) with an incredible crowd and atmosphere. Speaking of Gibson, his 2005 run was incredible, and I think the matches where he won and lost the title should also be in the discussion. I will have another look at my collection and put some more up later, excellent idea for a topic!
  14. We're being pretty lenient on the definition of "film" now... And 'women'.
  15. This gets extra points from me for the bit where Legolas gave Bolg a running hurricanrana off the side of a collapsing tower as it was falling down the side of a mountain. Agreed about the missing subplots although hopefully they will release an extended cut next year with extra footage. Fwiw this film was 'only' 2.5 hours long which is pretty short for a Jackson Tolkein film...
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