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  1. Danhausen could very well be a Rockstar in A&W. Kids and adults will love his schtick. His merchandising is going to be through the roof.. and even not wrestling he could be a mainstay as a Bobby Heenan type manager/commentator... just very evil. could also see him leading The Dark Order... or at least Evil Uno.
  2. Tough guys don't do math... tough guys fry chicken for a living
  3. I thought Alex Windsor was the dude trained by Harley in the late 90s that he hyped to no end.
  4. Holy hell... Bill Watts is booking this? No over the top rope?!
  5. I now that once they went live on the west coast I barely watched Dynamite. I get home from work around the time the show ends on a live feed. It absolutely sucked.
  6. so everything WCW did with Hogan, Macho, Piper, Warrior crossed the line? AEW referenced it to make sense why KOR even helped Adam Cole. Because it made zero sense for KOR to help Cole to begin with.
  7. KOR/Fish... however you pronounce ReDragon... just remind me as a unit of Ohtani/Kanemoto. They're just viciously dickish. I love them. Hell I want Adam Cole to snub them and they end up hooking up with Danielson to take out The Elite.
  8. The bucket head spot was also a rib as apparently that is a nickname for Arn from Tony... so he got to call AA "Bucket Head" on live TV.
  9. I thought I saw a photo of Acey Baby in the gym this year or last looking rather svelte? Is this an old match?
  10. Man thats going to pre-empt the Action Zone
  11. Splitting groups up for no reason is very WWE. They can be an affiliation, do their own thing, and have each other's vack when needed. That is how I view the Inner Circle and I think it's such a refreshing take on running through group ideas. There's no reason to tear it apart.
  12. you sayin Britt Baker is the Honky Tonk Man?
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