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  1. Mark Henry on Busted Open and his in ring with Tony really did make me think he doesn't understand AEW. His comments about how he's "not here to fix AEW" was a glaring red flag that he truly only knows one way of pro-wrestling.
  2. I really have zero interest with Braun in AEW... but then again Im rather old school in thinking that the giants should move around a lot and not stick to a certain promotion. I'm totally ok with Mojo in AEW... But I think he'd be better off in IMPACT and working around a bit if he wants to really take pro wrestling seriously. Even after all the years he spent with the WWE he ended up being a more agile version of Mongo but without the personality. In fact..m I think Mojo could make some money in Japan as a bulldozer type guy once he gets a bit more understanding of what he should b
  3. I think Balding Buck has been watching old Jimmy Garvin tapes because he was totally ape-ing the honorary Freebird in his entrance.
  4. Of course he did Bucks stuff better than the Bucks.
  5. ManU continues to be run by idiots by lowballing Dortmund yet again for Sancho with a £67m offer.... After Dortmund lowered their demand to £75m.
  6. Granted it's been a few years since I've seen anything WWE related... But has AOP even been around the last couple of years? The last thing I remember from them was their call-up and then quick dismissal of Ellering... And then I think they were on Main Event.
  7. Kamille vs Serena Deeb was very much a young Lex Luger match. I honestly didn't expect Kamille to pull out the victory (I bought the PPV on a whim and don't subscribe to the NWA). They started the match very well with a slow build with some wearing down spots. Deeb focused heavily on taking the legs out of Kamille with dragon screws. I did think the final third of the match relied too heavily on spots / impact moves... I would have liked to have seen better pacing at the finish, but that's just wrestling these days to go 100 mph at the end. The Lucha Rules 4-Way Tag was honestly too
  8. Well that would explain all of his decisions since this match... The tattoo and every creative idea he's had over the last year.
  9. I think it's safe to say most everyone they have released and or will release will go on to become a bigger star.
  10. We are too invested in this sport in 2021 to be playing counter against Honduras.
  11. AEW still has a long way to go to be as compelling as the WWF in the spring and summer of 1997... Bret and Austin were never any better than that year.
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