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  1. Red Velvet is so fun to watch get rag dolled.
  2. I might be thinking crazy talk here... But Im kinda getting young Cena vibes from Statlander.
  3. I cant help but think its the okd NXT Diva's belt with Paige and her ummm... Exploits.
  4. I havent paid attention to anything WWE related in years... But Nia Jax looks like hell and looks like she is regressing from her NXT and early call up days. Charlotte is still pretty "eh, whatever" to me. To me she is as boring as Randy Orton.
  5. You have that backwards. It was Vader who knocked Shamrock back into the world of pro-wrestling. It was gloriously hilarious- and you could see in that match why Ken was paired with Vader.
  6. Tim Storm looks like your PE Teacher / High School Football coach and he's out there playing Terry Funk. Love that guy- and then he gets dressed and joins the booth! Mecha Wolf has the coolest mask since Big Van Vader. Really happy for Trevor Murdoch. That was one hell of a match.
  7. It is also just a treat to see Taryn Terrell. She is so good in her role.
  8. That was a damn good night of pro wrestling. Big props to Mickie James & crew for pulling it off. I thought everyone had a shine on the night- with Marti Belle being a highlight. Kamille just has that young Lex Luger vibe. She's a little stiff still, but my pocket dynamite of Leyla Hirsch really brought the goods to make a damn fine championship match. Melina vs Purrazzo was the best of the show... But i do have to say i found it hard to tell the two apart because their outfits and hair were so incredibly similar! I kept thinking "Vince would have a fit at this".
  9. Dragon's shirt better be made out of hemp or bamboo.
  10. Dedicating a youtube show for the womens would be seen as sexist. I would expect to see going forward an extra segment on Dynamite for the women. Rampage is still in its infancy- but i think they will move some story advancements youd see on Dynamite over to Rampage to make room for more women.
  11. Mox isn't a SCSA tribute act... he's just a dude who looks like his pants smell like pee.
  12. In other news- Kenny wore a suit! Ric Flair is on the way!
  13. I was hoping yo see Mark Henry sneak up on QT during the Paul Wight face off and just put his massive hands on his shoulders. I think a Wight/Henry tag team would be pretty fun in AEW.
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