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  1. Wait. Are you suggesting that that is NOT the man who Excalibur wrestled in Essen, Germany? That's crazy, man.
  2. Because she's German and Chinese? Or because she's LGTBQ?
  3. Random YouTube recommendation: A very young, very drunk Orange Cassidy goes shirtless nightclubbing, with a fish.
  4. Zelina Vega wrestling in Saudi Arabia. Where the people who killed her father came from. Hope she wins.
  5. WCW tried that, didn't they? How'd it work out for them? Alternatively: I'm sure Vince likes the idea of booking John Gruden, but surely now is not the time?
  6. So if Crown Jewel is on Thursday, why were the women wearing full bodysuits tonight? Are they usually cut out of the Saudi editions of the shows altogether or something?
  7. Kota Ibushi kicked out of the One Winged Angel.
  8. That was a very short Elevation, 28 minutes. And there were some very strange edits during Santana & Ortiz's match (in which they did NOT eat their opponents alive for a change).
  9. GCW with the non-copyright breaking design there.
  10. Cody Rhodes and Malakai Black will have a Professional Wrestling match, that will end by Pinfall, Submission, Referee Stoppage, Countout, Disqualification, or Time Limit Draw. - Marcus Allen, CBS Sports.
  11. Kenny Omega vs Hijo del Vikingo for the AAA Mega Championship, Dec 4th Triplemania. In Mexico.
  12. He shouldn't do the Painmaker gimmick in America because it's a pun on Rainmaker, which is an NJPW specific reference. It'd be like going to WWE with a Claire Lynch gimmick (referencing a TNA storyline). A few fans there would get it, but not most of them
  13. Santana and Ortiz aren't Mexican. They're Puerto Ricans from New York.
  14. nb: There is no proof Tony Khan ever actually said this. In a Wrestling war, people make things up for a laugh. EDIT: So on Elevation tonight, Santana and Ortiz are facing Jaka and Sean Maluta. So possibly, this might be the one squash match where they don't just eat their opponents alive (Jaka was one of their mentors, early in their career). The six woman tag looks interesting. Nyla, Emi and Diamante vs Red Velvet, Kilynn King and Ryo Misunami.
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