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  1. You know who else looks like Ken Shamrock? Ray Jaz looks like Ken Shamrock:
  2. Isn't that Paul Roma? So, the artist who did that CM Punk piece I posted earlier, she also has an MJF one:
  3. This feels like it should have an Over 18s only tag.
  4. They Slash Them is a pretty good "Synopsis is in the title" title for a Horror movie.
  5. MERCEDES vs TRISH ADORA! Also, Bryce Donovan is part of Max Caster's Shook Crew stable, so it's odd that they're on opposite sides. He just came back from a punctured (or collapsed, don't remember) lung last month. Got a big scar on his ribs where they put the hose in.
  6. I thought Dynamite established that Jon Moxley was Eddie Kingston's wife?
  7. I think the casting choice that was alluded to earlier, was there was a rumour that the leader of the Illuminati was going to be Ultimate Iron Man, as played by Tom Cruise. The evidence for this was, there was a shot in the trailer of the edge of Xavier's chair moving into frame, which was metallic yellow. So this was obviously Iron Man's gold armour, and Ultimate Iron Man had gold armour with a transparent mask, and when they were negotiating with Tom Cruise to play Iron Man (before they cast RDJ), he wanted the mask to be see through, so people could see his face.
  8. Shida has had 4 matches in Japan, and apparently one of them went the full sixty minutes. Plus another 45 minutes after that. I think the Ruby vs Riho match might have been Ruby's best match ever. Although when they came back from the mini-break after the PinP they did a "here's what you missed" and it didn't seem like those two moves would have been hit in that break without any connective tissue, say perhaps there's a Kingston cut of it which is longer and even better.
  9. WWE and TNA have both failed to sell out the Motorpoint Arena in the past. And the TNA show had Hulk Hogan in a match, and tickets on sale for like 11 months before it happened. So not sure that you'll do well booking it with three weeks notice, and only three names announced (one of whom is a manager). Like, hopefully for the AoP's sake they've found a money mark, and they aren't using their own money. Unless they're actually arseholes, in which case that would be funny.
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