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  1. Because I've got this big red warning sign in my browser window saying hackers are trying to get my bank details from here.
  2. Mark Andrews, Morgan Webster and Dani Luna are now in a stable called Subculture. Hopefully someone responds by forming a rival stable called Domculture. Why you would have Heritage Rules matches, that were supposed to be inspired by classic World of Sport style, and then run shitty Sports Entertainment ref distraction finishes during them, I don't know. That's like serving Bangers and Mash, and then putting a load of bloody sprinkles and raspberry sauce all over it. In other news, Meiko Satomura is good at having Wrestling matches.
  3. What ever happened to that Vince Jones kid?
  4. Or like Piper vs Goldust, or the Mankind Boiler Room matches.
  5. America First = The match with the guy doing the AMERICA gimmick goes on FIRST. Opening match. Before the PPV starts, on the pre-show.
  6. Allegedly he was supposed to be a surprise guest on a show last year, only he broke his ankle and was out for months. Perhaps he'll be a surprise entrant in the Battle Royal.
  7. If you take Joel Gertner's old "Slim, trim, buff, cut, lean, ripped, chiselled and jeeeeeyacked" deal, and replace it with "Girthy, Beefy, Greasy, Sleazy-looking, Mustachioed Mullet Heeeaaaad", that would be a really good introduction.
  8. Easy solution: Get out of the mainstream. Plenty of Girthy, Beefy, Sleazy looking mustachioed mulletheads on the indies right now.
  9. Nick Gage? Nicest guy in the world, according to everyone who's met him.
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