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  1. So everyone just purged the existence of 3 big budget Fantastic Four movies from their minds, did they? Michael Chiklis spent all that time in make-up for nothing?
  2. Some Wrestlers can really connect with the fans. Like Hammerstone!
  3. No, we'd be posting about it on the internet. Also, Charlotte said something about Simone Biles on Raw apparently. Didn't watch, but some people on twitter were apparently upset.
  4. Jokes on you, Sammy's nickname is 'The Best Ever' Sammy Guevara. Implying that there are other, less good Sammy Guevaras out there, somewhere in space and time, envying him.
  5. Griff Garrison (with short hair) vs Alan Angels (with long hair), 2018.
  6. Eddie Kingston was marking out like anything to be sat next to David Crockett.
  7. I don't see WWE bringing in Necro Butcher any time soon.
  8. He just really misses his best friend Arn. Arn gets to hang out with Tully every week, and all Ric has is H and Shaun, who are no fun at all.
  9. Just a cinematic release, as far as I can tell. If SKY were putting it on Movies (or Box Office) they'd be making sure we knew about it.
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