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  1. There was fifteen minutes of actual bell to bell wrestling on this show. Twenty Five, if you count match time during commercial breaks that we can't see (although why would you?). 15 minutes, across like 4 matches.
  2. 100%. I watched Beyond live, and then the second half of TimeBomb Pro, and I didn't expect anything on Timebomb to be as good as O'Neal vs Adora. But Ku vs Keith was just two guys hammering on each other.
  3. Leyla Hirsch vs Kamille (c) - NWA Women's World Title. From NWA Empowerrr.
  4. Apparently there were quite a lot of unsold cabins for the Jericho Cruise. But looking at tomorrow's Dynamite line-up, you wouldn't automatically think it was a "Half the roster is booked elsewhere" situation. You'd just think Dustin Rhodes vs Bryan Danielson would probably be a good match.
  5. Yes. Cody vs Malakai Black 3, Kingston vs Archer in the tournament and so on, are live tomorrow. Here is the Road To... for this weekend's shows.
  6. Is Riho still in Japan? Because if she has a tournament bye, that might give her time to get back to the USA.
  7. The tbs Title tournament is going to be a 12-woman field. 4 first-round byes.
  8. Negative One is training at flatbacks, and he's 9. Although I'm pretty sure they only let him do technical stuff and lucha rolls.
  9. I think the fact that spoilers (for everything) are so widespread and easily available now, has lead quite a lot of people to start thinking that choosing to go unspoilered actually increases your enjoyment. I mean, let's face it, they're called Spoilers for a reason. Nobody ever tried to call them Boosters, did they?
  10. See if you take the act that 2.0 are doing in AEW, with the stooging and the bug eyes and the 80s undercard wise guy heel-isms? If they'd been doing that in NXT for two years, they'd have had a main roster run by now. If they were doing it in NXT 2.0 right now, they'd be the most over tag team on the roster. So why were they so bland and meandering as Ever-Rise? Apparently, the reason why the NXT fans hate MSK (the former Rascalz) is because a year ago, when they were in TNA, one of them said that you shouldn't start training for Pro-Wrestling as a young teenager, you should wait until you're at least 16-ish. And Izzy Bayleyfan's parents took that as a personal attack (because Izzy started training at 13) and persuaded all the Full Sail regulars to boo them.
  11. Enjoy Wrestling! Night Moves! Season 3 episode 1! David Lawless, Mr Grim & The Runway vs Veda Scott, Erica Leigh, PB Smooth & Rob Killjoy Derek Dillinger vs Willow Nightingale But the really interesting matches are in the upcoming weeks.
  12. This was taped six days ago, and I've not seen even a hint of spoilers. It's bizarre. Are AEW fans so invested, that they keep their mouths shut rather than spilling for internet points?
  13. BCRF. Because everyone hates Susan G Komen.
  14. Beyond Wrestling Uncharted Territory s3e3 - the main event, Matt Makowski vs Davey Richards, that was a good match. But the opener, Trish Adora vs Eel O'Neal, that was INCREDIBLE~!
  15. Woods has been talking about wanting to win KotR for like seven years. It matters to him.
  16. Would The Genesis of McGillicutty have gotten over, if he'd been allowed to get on the gas?
  17. Dynamite was already established over there, and then suddenly Sayama was wearing a mask. So they bought Davey Boy in under a mask while Dynamite wasn't there, and all the fans assumed that it was just Dyno with a new gimmick. Then Davey took the mask off and everyone freaked out because "Oh my god, there's TWO of them"!
  18. Well, during the non-picture in picture breaks, you'll be hearing a lot mote of it. If you're lucky, they'll play the instrumental version. Although Rampage's theme is much worse. The Dynamite one is on a sixty second loop, that's fine. Rampage's theme song is an eight second loop. "This is Rampage, baby. It's the show that you been waiting on. Dim dum, dumDumDumDum. Dim dum, dumdumdumdum. This is Rampage baby..." Et cetera. For five minutes. Great fun.
  19. And so, the number of people on the board who know the lyrics to the verses of the Dynamite theme song will rise. Most people don't even realise there are verses, let alone know the words to them.
  20. When Charlie Dempsey did a backslide with a flipover bridge in NXT UK, I said it was a Jack Evans spot and someone (not on this board) said Johnny Saint did it first.
  21. I read The Traveller and the Gate Checkers by Ted Lerner, which is a travel book about an American guy (who lives in the Philippines) visiting various countries in Asia in the mid to late 90s. He goes to India, Vietnam, Laos, Hong Kong (before and after the handover), and at the end there's a bit about seeing Frank Sinatra perform live. But the meat of it is where he goes to Japan and watches loads of wrestling. He's at the FMW show where Onita loses to Tenryu, doesn't get that Onita said he'd retire if he lost and finds it all a bit overwrought. Watches Deathmatches and laughs hysterically during them for no apparent reason. Blags his way into a sold out AJPW show by claiming to be a journalist, despite not having a Japanese press pass. Befriends Gentleman Chris Adams from Texas (sic) and Masanori Horie. He also meets FMW gaijin Big Titan (who says his real name is Rick Titan) and AJPW foreigners Johnny Ace, Danny Crawford (presumably Kroffat), and Zinc. I have no idea who Zinc is, so I'm assuming the name was a rib or something. It's an interesting book, but he comes across as a really annoying guy. Kind of a snob. Looks down on people. Castigates other tourists for their entitlement and habit of playing the Ugly American stereotype, and then does something even more entitled and ugly American-ish half a page later. Really wants everyone to know what an intelligent, impressive, hilarious cool guy he is. And keeps randomly praising Filipinos, only as it turns out he's journo with a column in a Filipino newspaper, so that's who he was originally writing for. It's an OK book. Worth reading if it's free, but i wouldn't recommend paying for it.
  22. What if, when Chris Jericho put the first Jericho Cruise together, Vince did allow him to use NXT as the partner promotion, so he never contacted ROH?
  23. The weird thing is, Johnny Ace eventually did learn to Skateboard down to the ring. But it was well after the gimmick had already died, and right before it was dropped altogether.
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