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  1. It's a Dean Allmark move, although Dean does it into a Cutter and Toni does it into a DDT. But after Toni moved to the UK she got extra training under Deano, and she asked him if she could use the move before using it in NXT. Zoey made it look like a crazy headspike but she actually just did a handstand.
  2. I keep getting adverts for that Bare Knuckle FC show on Fite. The main is/was Paige Van Zant vs Rachael Ostovich. Not often that the fighters are better looking than the Card girls, but there you go.
  3. It's not a T-Shirt yet. But the nature of indie Wrestling & indie artists means it may well be one soon.
  4. Technically, 0-0 is a better record than 0-1 (1 NC). You might have the same number of wins, but you have fewer losses. So almost everyone in the world has a better MMA record than CM Punk, is what I'm saying.
  5. It's 2021. And Sid just found out about hair straighteners.
  6. Some people are just marks for the letters WWE, I suppose. Even having worked there.
  7. When you watch Guardians one, you can kind of see the Drax character evolving in front of your eyes. The group dynamic entirely shifts - it's set up for Star Lord to be the funny one and Drax to be the stoic. But then they realise that Dave Bautista is better at comedy than Chris Pratt, so it changes.
  8. Jason Momoa not only auditioned for Drax the Destroyer, he was offered the part. Turned it down. Too similar to what he'd already been doing. But then was willing to play Aquaman a bit later.
  9. It's already called Grand Slam.
  10. Remember when Chavito couldn't speak Spanish? He must have learned quite recently.
  11. Are they doing Dark Avengers? Are we getting Ares soon? Although, they've already done Iron Patriot and I don't see Rhodey turning heel. Or showing up again any time soon, for that matter. Plus he had all the USA stuff taken off the armour anyway... unless Iron Patriot is introduced with his helmet on, and we only find out it's not Rhodey in the suit later. Who knows?
  12. Allegedly, Kenneth Branagh always wanted Hiddy to play Loki, and having him screen test for Thor was to help him play Loki better. Because Loki is supposed to be the guy who looks at Thor and thinks "That should have been me". And after that screen test, Hiddleston could play that feeling exactly, because he'd actually been through it.
  13. Wouldn't it be funny if one of the Labours of Jericho was Fandango? Mania rematch, all these years later? Or bringing Suge D back for vengeance, either way.
  14. He started a podcast, Chris Hero, but he put it on Ad Free Shows. And the people who are subbed to that are into old school 80s/90s Wrestling, so it's not making the mark you'd think.
  15. No, he was at the ship dock. It was time to leave the Citadel for the first time (in ME1).
  16. Finally started playing. Endlessly wandering around the Citadel completing sidequests because can't find the Ambassador. He's not in the Embassy.
  17. Arguably belongs more in the Blood Sucking Freaks thread, but it's technically a music video.
  18. Casanova Valentine is over 300 lbs. Specialises in no-ring Deathmatches. Spend the early bit of Lockdown powerlifting because he has an amateur background and wanted to be able to work like Gary Albright. And then did a Deadlift German on Shlak in one of his first matches back.
  19. Punk and Cabana, Hero and Kingston, all in the same company? And everyone's been getting on so well, to this point.
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