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  1. I changed my sig. It is now INHOUSE! EDIT: That was strange.
  2. Must be something in the blood sucking freaks thread because that's where I'm getting it.
  3. Rok-C is quasi-officially ROH now and Raychell Rose is becomng a Dark/Elevation regular. This is Mission Pro. This is Texas. Booker T. Thunder Rosa. ================================= This showed up in my YouTube feed and it's actually good. =================== This is awesome. An evil Democrat wrestles Hillbilly Joe in front a bunch of kids in Mississippi. CHEAP HEAT!
  4. I think I would have actually broken 20 minutes of viewing time if it was Black Taurus instead of Crazy Steve.
  5. Mikey Nicholls is the best heel in Australia. I vaguely remember him in New Japan but he should have been in the territories in the 1970s. I love how he is obviously technically superior to Michael Morleone but cheats because he likes it. So fucking great. This has been a good year for surprisingly good matches from Australia. =============================== This is sooooo Japanese Indielicious. This the Stronghearts versus Pro Wrestling Dove and it is awesome. YOU forget how great Lindaman is- but he is. He and T-Hawk and Shigehiro Irie bring it against the Dove Ult
  6. My new favorite game is Where Will This Indie Lady Wind Up? Alex Gracia I see in Impact. Marti Belle I see in ROH. Time will tell. This is yet still even more from Mission Pro- which is basically Shimmer but they post their matches on the internet. ==================== Phoebe should be in ROH and SJ Vega I see showing up in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. ============================ Masha Slamovitch I assume will stay in MARVELOUS. Erica Leigh I could see on Elevation for a few months and then going to MLW or something. I PREDICT THEIR CARE
  7. I'm backng up again so I may slightly spam the thread today. This match is crazy. The ring ropes break, the barricades don't actually barricade, but they don't care. The still send it. ============================ Hey! It's Sienna from impact! I haven't seen her in forever. She still will lay it in. I love Ray Lyn. She is wee and spunky. =============================== It's Miranda Alize who goes from AEW Dark to ROH Women's division. I like that they are introducing these gals with actual wrestling matches. Trish Adora doesn't actually land
  8. The Troggs were so punk rock. They ruled. and that Allin/Miro match ruled!
  9. I thought they were starting a seedy Ganbare women's division, but I'm not sure they are following through. I would be SOO into it.
  10. I forget how good Bea Priestley is. Utami Hayashishita is a method actor when selling and she is really good here. ======================== Mr Monkey has the greatest mask in the history of professional wrestling. This match is whimsical and fun. =========================== More from Mission Pro in Texas. Here, Tesha Price and Madi Wrenkowski have a match beyond their years. One should explore these wrestlers beyond their AEW squash matches.
  11. That Gonzalez/ Martinez match was pretty good.
  12. Dick the Bruiser's WWA from 1969. Bobby Heenan is all dapper and evil managing the Booker T of the Blackjacks, Blackjack Lanza. Lanza wrestles the most 70's studio match of 1969. It's great. It reminds me of watching Mid-Atlantic when I was 9. Lou Thesz wrestles and he was just then leaving the echelon of champions. He doesn't sell anything from the little Cuban man. The Mongol wrestles and I don't think he is from Mongolia. Note the mountain of bullshit the announcer doles out about the Mongol and his culture. HE BEAT A SEVEN FOOT MAN! The last match is Bruiser and Crusher beating
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