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  1. It's yesterday's GLEAT pro wrestling card from yesterday. It's very Strong Hearts intensive but no T-Hawk. Ryiuchi Kawakami makes up for it. =============================== Yuu beats the hell out of a mother of two. ================================ Hey! We get a Bengalee tope AND a Bengalee plancha in this. Satania is dressed even more evil in this.
  2. I watched this the other day and there is no cagematch.net profile for Nakamura. What's his story?
  3. Check out this Brooke Valentine gal. She lays it in. ================================ Megan Bayne and Ashley D'Ambroise are good. ============================= This is awesome. The Hale sisters (prolly) are filled with sisterly hate. You can tell the evil one was making out with the good one's hick boyfriend or something.
  4. Fuck the USA, Kilynn King and La Rosa Negra need to endlessly tour Japan. This is fucking STIFF. ============================= I'm not sure why this works, but it does. ================================= This match is odd. Yurika Oka is 17 years old but she is the wily old veteran as she wrestles with three rookies who vary from ages 24 to 27. The 5'7" gal is Ami Miuri, the 24 year old rookie from ActWres girl'Z. Her partner is 27 year old, PURE-J rookie, Chie Ozora. Oka's partner is 26 year old WAVE Pro rookie, Shizuki Tsukasa. It's pretty good because Oka is already pretty good.
  5. YAY! Toni Storm on Smackdown! I didn't quite comprehend her finisher but.... YAY! Toni Storm on Smackdown!
  6. Katsuhiko Nakajima is sooo awesome. You sometimes forget. Manabu Soya is your surprise of this match. STIFF! ====================== Rok-C takes on her Partner In Evil, Black Widow. Rok-C is dynamic and shit. ========================= Yu Iizuka is the FUTURE OF WRESTLING! Here, he takes an assbeating from Big Japan's Takuya Nomura. STIFF!
  7. Oh man, I watched an hour and FOUR minutes. Jay White was awesome. He almost as tall as Luke Gallows which I never noticed before. I think the match you want is Omega versus White, not White/Finlay. I'll prolly watch even more next week because I love all of these storylnes based solely on things that happened in Japan, so what the hell, add in Chris Bey. Hogan and Steelz need the belts back and need to turn face because they are tiny and it's weird for large ladies like Rosemary to sell in the Ricky Morton position for ladies half their size. Plus Hogan and Steelz are adorable and would be over as faces. BRAVO IMPACT! I TRULY GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT AGAIN!
  8. Even against two veterans, they wrestle like weirdos.
  9. It's Mr Iguana! The pinnacle of fucking crazy dives is by Vikingo at 15:45. ================================== This starts off as Psycho Clown versus Brandon Kirk THEN at 3:32, it becomes GOD VERSUS WRESTLING! ==================================== It's the overly acrobatic Ninja Mack wrestles in the greater Chicago area.
  10. I might be spamming the thread but I have to watch this stuff first, so anyway.... Where has Miedo Extremo been my whole life? This match is an awesome ass stomping brawl with the Stevie Ray of the Traumas. ========================== Jody Threat has a real Ryo Mizunami energy. I dig her. This is the first Kenndi Copeland match i've seen and she seems to be good. ======================== Hey! It's Faby Apache! She and Lady Shani wrestle two mean, evil ladies.
  11. I loved Archer/Moxley. l loved Moxley taking his gig out in the middle of the ring. Fuck it, it's hardcore.
  12. There is an onslaught of watchable free internet wrestling so bear with me as I spam the thread. This is good. Hijo de Alebrije is spectacular yet indie. ============================== Katalina Perez brings out the STIFF from Skye Blue- as this is the best Skye Blue match I've seen. Katalina Perez should go wrestle in SEAdLINNNG or something. =============================== Aero Boy and some guy named Jimmy have a quality, high impact singles match. =========================== Who is pumping out more good wrestlers- Houston or Australia? This is one for the Australia argument.
  13. Saya Kamitani is fucking awesome. She carries Maika to the best match i've ever seen her in. To hell with Tam Nakano. PUT THE BELT ON HER! The Sayaka/Maika and the Himeka/Kamitani matches are good. ========================== Hey! it's Maki Ito! Eventhough Miya Yamashita and Rika Tatsumi are in this match, Miu Watanabe is the one that stands out the most. What an odd wrestler. Finish is fucking awesome. ====================== Match number seven in the Masha Slamovich Good Match Run and this might be the best. Dasha should wrestle more. Hottest crowd in the history of taco festivals.
  14. Allright! More Fire Festival! Ayato Yoshida is more than just an Active Advance pretty boy who somehow beat Yuji Okabayashi that one time, he can actually go. Here, he wrestles Wrestle-One survivor, Takafumi, who is the most W-1 wrestler to ever have wrestled in W-1. Frickin Yoshiki Inamura is in the festival this year on loan from NOAH and he wrestles 41 year old Australian, Hartley Jackson- who I had never heard of before last week, but I have know seen three matches in 7 days. Masato Tanaka and Shinjiro Ohtani beat the living dogshit out of each other. ========================= Freelance is in this, so that's good, but dig the fauncy moves of this Pantera Primero Jr. He's slick! ================================ This has Black Shadow II so that's good, but Hell Boy does a move off the ropes I've never seen before. Clipped to just the good stuff.
  15. Dulce Tormenta looked great on Elevation.
  16. The MITB concept is amazingly stupid but HURRAY FOR NIKKI!
  17. Bengalee doesn't grace us with a tope, but Reina Dorada is so good that you don't really notice. This is fun. ========================== Leila Gray and Missa Kate of Dark/Elevation reknown have an actual wrestling match in Tampa. Missa Kate is pretty good. The finish is all jacked up. ========================= Yurika Oka, the second best 17 year old in Sendai Girls (Manami), wrestles 27 year old rookie from Pure-J, Chie Ozora. For the Sendai Girls Junior Championship Belt!
  18. Cross-posted because this match is insane but it also has blood.
  19. This match is COMPLETELY FUCKING INSANE. JILLION STARS. ========================== Baby Camaleon is the least of the babies I follow, but he is good in this and, being a baby, is adorable. ================================ Some perfectly fine lucha ladies wrestling.
  20. It's Fire Festival time in ZERO-1! This has Masato Tanaka and Shigehiro Irie in singles matches against Wrestle-1 and IGF refugees- who are good. The best match is Chris Vice against Ayato Yoshida- the Active Advance guy who had that match against Yuji Okabayashi for the A2W title. ========================== AEW needs to sign Queen Aminata already. =========================== Matt Hayter and Nick Armstrong are two good, slick Australian guys battling for the BELT!
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