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  1. I was waaaaaaaay more excited about a Malakai Black vs PAC fued.
  2. I'm trying to remember any other streak of great matches free to the public by a promotion bigger than the streak AEW is on. I can't really think of one.
  3. Man, that PAC/Andrade is fucking great. The Britt Baker/Anna J was way better than I thought it would be- though Anna J's kicks suck. Why didn't Powerhouse Hobbs go over? That made no sense.
  4. Watching the Timebomb Pro show from yesterday, Gottdam, Bryan Keith/Kevin Ku is the tits. So stiff!
  5. Ryo Mizunami is number 41 on the PWI Women's Top 150. I notice that PWI watched a lot of Stardom.
  6. It's a batch of DDT guys you wanna see wrestle. Yuji Hino is the main one for me, but you also got Tetsuo Endo, Yuki Ueno, Chris Brookes and Kazusada Higuchi, who uses a BRAIN CLAW! And MOA who is perfectly fine. ============================ GLEAT brings the UWF shootstyle! This is the whole card and most of it neat but not BattlARTS level, except for the Daichi Hashimoto versus Yu Iizuka, which is fucking fabulous. Tatsuo Nakano is on this and he is one year older than ME, at 56. But what we overlook is that he is wrestling Kaz Hayashi who is 48. Nakano looks pretty old in this but for about two minutes he looked like he looked in 1995, so let's hear for my elder! The tag match with Minoru Tanaka is pretty good because Tanaka used to be in BattlARTS and he isn't afraid of hard way. But yeah, the main event you want to see. Daichi Hashimoto is a plodding dirtbag up against the future of shootstyle and it's good. ============================ Whoever is running Sendai Girls now that Meiko Satomura is in Great Britain- Shinzaki or DASH, I'm guessing, send folks to wrestle on Niigata Pro, to supplement the matches with DDT and Big Japan guys. Here, the secret Joshi wrestling machine, Mika Iwata, takes on sudden Actual Wrestler, teen sensation, Minami. Iwata will beat the hell out of you so you might as well lay it in, and Manami does, so this is good.
  7. 54 minutes out of 3 hours. Man, W Morrissey isn't very good. Jake Something couldn't save that match. Chris Bey is so awesome. The finish of that match was preposterously dopey. James/Evans was fine. Savannah Evans needed to beat on her more. The Trey Miguel/Alex Zayne match was a fun attempt to match the pure wrestling that AEW has been showboating lately. I LOVED that front flip into a rana by Alex Zayne. I have never seen that before. Every thing else- meh.
  8. HOLY FUCK! Syuri versus Takumi Iroha is the modern version of Lioness Asuka versus Yumiko Hotta. It's not like it's hate-filled, just reallly, really intense. Syuri is in two of the top five matches I've seen this year. Iroha is the best, most versatile wrestler on earth. Oh yeah, Mayu Iwatani versus Starlight Kid is really fucking awesome too. Stardom dominates Japanese wrestling. ========================= Two days, two Alex Windsor matches. This one is against IMPACT! knockout, Jordynn Grace. Grace is an interesting wrestler- legit power lifter who is agile, married to Jonathon Gresham, but not quite as good on the mat- sorta like a gender swap of Akira Hokuto and Kensuke Sasaki. Alex Windsor is like fellow British ladies in the Toni Storm and Jamie Hayter ilk, physical, nasty offense, well trained. This is good. =========================== I'm guessing Davienne and Ava Everett are close friends because they fucking beat the hell out of each other. The best seven minute indie match of 2021.
  9. Hey! Almost as good as French Doing MidSouth is this- French Doing BattlARTS. Jacky Corn in Takeshi Uno, Ted LaMare is Katsumi Usuda. The finish is like that match where Alexander Otsuka won by giving Mohammed Yone four dragon suplexes, but it's ninety punches to the face. Intense!
  10. God, remember Yoshiko Tamura. Here is she and Meiko Satomura beating the hell out of each other.
  11. Alec Price has the most punchable face in wrestling and Kevin Ku punches it early and often. Price can actually go. He's the actual character MJF is playing. ============================== So when Masha Slamovitch got good, she got really good. Megan Bayne is usually okay with an offbeat gimmick. Here, Masha brings out the ass stomper in Bayne and this match is the best match Bayne has done that I've seen so far, like how Masha makes Willow Nightengale a fun wrestler. ============================== Bunny Mallow is cute and adorable. Kira Chimura is an angry goth French woman. Chimura beats Bunny Mallow to death. Chimura is awesome.
  12. Oh man, KiLynn King goes to Florida to wrestle in the best indie in the state and she and Sofia Castillo have a really good, stiff match. King is so good. I dig this Sofia Castillo woman. She'll fucking lay it in. ====================== Okay, so Manami is going from good wrestler to REALLY good wrestling, as she takes perfectly fine Pure-J undercard (PURE-J UNDERCARD!) Chie Ozora and drags a good match out of her. So Manami is going to be a superstar someday- maybe sooner than later. ================= Oh man, this match is a hoot. Bengalee and Satania take on each by taking on the crowd and crushing the crowd. A real manic energy at work here. So fun!
  13. I dug the main event. Made El Hijo de Steiner look really strong and made Ciampa look vulnerable- which is good way to set up the title match.
  14. Jesus Christ, Allysin Kay is sometimes so fucking awesome. This is one of those times. Joseline Navarro takes an assbeating and does a fun comeback. ============================== Hyan is so fucking awesome. This is the first time I've seen Alex Windsor and she is STIFF! Hyan versus Allysin Kay and Allysin Kay vs Alex Windsor are new match-ups I'm looking forward to - hopefully on IMPACT! Alex Windsor does the greatest postmatch hug of the year. FUCK YEAH! ================================ Dreamgirl Ellie is an up and comer on the indie scene. Here she is in a cool women's tournament somehwere in Mississippi or Louisiana. Katelyn Black is good.
  15. Yeah, they've never cared if I watched.:(
  16. Bryan Keith is awesome. Here he is in Booker T's ROW, laying it in like Booker T will teach you. ================================== Toxin is generally the peak of indie lucha, but specifically he does the Super Calo tope to the floor and we party and freak out. Aramis is showing up in my wrestling life a lot lately. ===================================== Hey! She's back! It's big mean lady, Regina Rosendahl! She fucking kills Maria Del La Rosa. Gnarly!
  17. I think they were taken by surprise that Max Caster and Zoey Stark used them as a springboard to bigger things. I think they were like, "OH! So people actually watch us!" They overtook MLW as the weird ass proving ground of indie folks.
  18. That was good. They sure kicked out of a lot of stuff though.
  19. I probably fast forwarded over all the Buddy Matthews matches in WWE. I notice now that I shouldn't have because he fucking RULES. Here, he makes KC Navarro look like fout million bucks. AEW needs to sign this guy and make him the third member of FTR. ====================== It's the British Rock N Roll Express against a different British Rock N Roll Express. This match is good, but they both need a British Midnight Express. And the best announcer in the game today. ======================== It's KiLynn King (who I am suspecting is secretly signed to AEW) against Katalina Perez, who is ranking up there with La Rosa Negra in the Why Aren't These Ladies Signed By Anyone Yet sweepstakes. This is good.
  20. (This goes here) YAY! Ryo Mizunami is back! So that's how you pronounce SEAdLINNNG.
  21. YAY! Ryo Mizunami is back! So that's how you pronounce SEAdLINNNG.
  22. Z Living tried to show this week's CFWATL but it wouldn't load or something. Anyway, they put it on YouTube and it's got the Mike Bennett/Chris Dickenson tournament final, which rules. Levi Shapiro also gives a punching clinic. I love the build up to the title match. I guess next week's CWFATL will actually be from Atlanta.
  23. ROH has these two guys on the roster but they can't draw enough to allow crowds, which is pathetic, because ROH has a bunch of folks who can go and Mike Bennett and Chris Dickinson can REALLY go. For the awesome underground CFWFPLACES belt! I assume the winner will be the Harley Race of UWN and will be required to defend the title in Hollywood, Memphis and Atlanta. I assume Atlanta will be the St Louis territory of this scenario. ============================= I love Ganbare because they got Yanu Manase and started a women's division, and they wrestle in what looks like a parking deck, but is actually adjacent to a food court of a shopping mall. HARUKAZE is Manase's Ganbare rival! ================================ Australia is full wildly athletic wrestlers and Royce Chambers is reglar gymnast. Rocky Menro is a wily veteran and is awesome in this.
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