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  1. MAN! I'm late! The Cowboys were playing and then I was watching some other stuff. IYO SKY versus Bianca Belair! GREAT Rana Counter into a Backbreaker by Belair. These gals are laying it in! I love how the power of Belair makes her stuff look rough compared to the Joshi smoothness of IYO, so it's like Belair is Steve Williams in All Japan. Actually, Belair is Dynamite Kansai and IYO SKY is Takako Inoue. WWE needs an Aja Kong to counter the power of Belair like Aja Kong countered the power of Dynamite Kansai. This match is great. One forgets how great IYO SKY is. Belair is awesome. Rey Mysterio takes on a wildly resurgent Seth Rollins! Rollins GETS HARDWAY COLOR! WWE TAKES A STEP BACK! Rey is the definition of sympathetic babyface and Rollins beats the crud out of him to get the crowd behind Rey's STRUGGLE to escape the overpowering offense of Seth Rollins! Rey has a fun comeback that Rollins cuts off by crushing his stomach on Rollins' knee. Dominik shows up! With a chair! And sits down and watches. Rollins mocks Eddie! Rey DDTs out of the Third Amigo. Nice counter out of a Rollins Bucklebomb attempt with a Rana. This match will be the best match to get maybe one vote in my weekly poll. This is fucking great. Rey has a THIRD comeback, rana to the floor and hitting a Pete Rose Slide through the bottom rope to Rollins on the floor. Rey hits a Stuka Crossbody for two! You can't toprope Powerbomb Rey Misterio Jr! Dominik distracts Rey and Rhea Ripley mows him over! PERUVIAN NECKTIE FOR THE WIN! That was great. Alpha Academy versus Kevin Owens and Johnny Gargano! THE PANDA EXPRESS! Otis and KO is solid gold in the ring. Owens is the Jon Moxley of RAW. Gargano and Otis is solid gold too. Maybe Otis is solid gold. Owens is great on the apron as Gargano becomes a babyface in peril. It's a tiny heat segment as Owens tags in pretty quickly and Owens CRUSHES Otis with a Cannonball into the corner. Owens applies a Sharpshooter in Canada! Otis breaks it up! Owens hits a Swanton! GREAT German Suplex by Gable. Gable goes all CRAZY with Steiner Suplexes on Gargano. Alpha Academy hits a NICE Reverse Doomsday Device! Otis slaughterizes Owens with a Lariat on the floor. Owens puts Otis through the announcers table! Austin Theory distracts Gargano! Gable hits his Pendulum Thingy FOR TWO! Gargano kicks Theory in the teeth! Gargano pins Gable! Will Gable ever win again? That was great. Hey! It's Candace LaRae! She trained Britt Baker! It's Nikki ASH! I love Nikki ASH. LaRae is laying it in! GREAT Finisher by LaRae, a second rope Swinging Neckbreaker! Nikki is without her mask postmatch! Sami Zayne! AJ Styles! Will Styles wrestle heel since Sami is the favorite son in Canada? AJ Styles is top FIVE in the world and I go weeks without thinking about him. Zayne is going completely El Generico on offense. I await a Blue Thunder Bomb. AJ Styles is so fucking good. Okada, Jay White, Bryan Danielson, GUNTHER, AJ Styles. Top ten if you factor in women wrestlers. Saya Kamitani, Takumi Iroha, Chihiro Hashimoto and Mio Momono are at AJ's level. Maybe ASUKA, SLK, Giulia and Utami Hayashishita are there. Blue Thunder Bomb! Hey, that was a convoluted Falcon Arrow. Hmmmm. I wonder if El Lindaman and El Bandido are at AJ Styles' level? They are close. All of these can have epic matches. Sami Zayne is the Orange Cassidy of the WWE- a secret super worker who hides it under a really over gimmick. Zayne, like Cassidy, should put over legit straight wrestlers. UNLESS Solo Sikoa Urinagis him on the apron! That was good! Matt Riddle takes on Damien Priest! Riddle is a great tagteam wrestler. In singles matches, the psychology is wonky. Will Priest do the Elvis Sell this week? One can only hope. Priest beats the crap out of Riddle! Priest CRUSHES Riddle's back on the barricade. Edmonton is the crappiest crowd in Canada, as they don;t really get behind Riddle's STRUGGLE to escape the horrendous ass beating from Priest. They do pop for his crazy Asai Moonsault. Priest busts up Riddle's ribs. SUPERPLEX by Riddle as we return from a commercial. Fun nearfall on Riddle's Not A Tombstone. Another fun nearfall on the INVERTED Urinagi by Priest! Riddle ROLLS HIM UP FOR THE PIN! That was fun! Postmatch, they beat the crap out of Matt Riddle. Edge makes the save! At least he doesn't talk for twenty minutes! Well, that was a great episode of RAW.
  2. I saw this Tenryu Project juniors match a couple of weeks ago with Hikaru Sato and it is STIFF as FUCK.
  3. The Flamita love BEGINS! https://www.theringer.com/2022/9/26/23373415/bryan-danielson-jon-moxley-aew-world-championship-finals-best-matches
  4. COOPER! COOPER! COOPER! RUSH! Dan Quinn won that game.
  5. I'm here! I'm ready! I'm SQUEAKY CLEAN! Daddy Magic! Scumbag Ian! Captain Shawn Dean! Skye Blue! Kip Sabian! Penelope Ford! Sabian is a very charming nerd on Ethan Page's toy hunts. They refer to Ford by her SHOOT name, Vanessa! Penelope Ford is awesome being all gymnastic CRUSHING Shawn Dean this she was CHEATING! Penelope Ford is awesome in this. Skye Blue is revelling in her contract signingness. Kip Sabian is weirdly OVER in New York. I love his finisher. Penelope Ford should be ROH champion already. Shawn Dean looked good. Powerhouse Hobbs was secretly a babyface going back to giving Ethan Page a thing for his cramps a while ago on Page's defunct vlog. Ortiz! SERP! IT'S SERP'S HOUSE! Serp is a coach now? That's awesome. AWESOME! Luther CHEATS so SERP can get in some offense! SERP GETS IN A SWANTON! SERP is beating enough on Ortiz so that the crowd gets behind his STRUGGLE to escape the unlikely attack by SERP! And then Ortiz wins! That was a brief episode.
  6. Glitch the Gamer vs Leia Makoa- WOW Miami Sweet Heat vs Heavy Metal Sisters- WOW Princess Aussie vs Reina Del Rey- WOW
  7. This GLEAT is CRAZY! Takanori Ito vs El Lindaman. Yuji Okabayashi. Dan Tamura. T-Hawk. CRAZY! I am watching it all shortly. ======================= Mika Iwata and Mayuki Takase tag together! ASUKA and Yuu tag together! Yuu is fucking AWESOME in this. ========================= Amira, who posed as Amira Windsor in the greatest angle in UK indie wrestling this year, is in TEXAS wrestling Hyan. I assume Hyan brung her over after wrestling her when Hyan was in the UK earlier this year. Amira is awesome. Hyan is the best unsigned indie wrestler on earth.
  8. Kazusada Higuchi versus Konosuke Takeshita is pretty fucking awesome.
  9. Kevin Martenson vs Atticus Cogar- CWFH Candy Girl vs Savanna Stone- CWFH Ju Dizz vs Divine- CWFH
  10. WILDLY good episode this week. Kevin Martenson versus Atticus Cogar is really good. Ju Dizz versus Divine is REALLY good. Ju Dizz has the best punches in CWFH. Divine would be the third best member of the Factory. Lord Crewe versus El Primohenio is a batch of quality booking. Candy Girl versus Savanna Stone is really good. REALLY GOOD!
  11. WOW is muscling in on my non-wrestling time! Hey! It's Fury! That's Harlow O'Hara and she looks great. Miami Sweet Heat is such a David McLane concept. The Heavy Metal Sisters look like they would dig Accept. The twins seem pretty good. Oh, Razor is Christina Von Eerie according to cagematch.net. Actually, HMS would be more Vixen fans. This match is good. They edit the hell out of Miami Sweet Heat 2's hot tag. They hit the Lucha Bros move for the finish on Razor! That was good. I think. The NXT editing is confusing. I have to wait for cagematch.net to identify these gals to figure out if I have seen these gals before. WOW does their first wacky booking move! Jessie Jones takes on Ice Cold and Foxy Fierce alone to have her be in the tagteam tournament by herself? Jessie Jones is good. I love how WOW isn't afraid to have a very elaborate video build-up to a SUPERHERO to have her lose in a two on one handicap match. It's Reka Tehaka! She signed with the WWE this week. She has definitely wrestled everywhere- AEW, CWFH, WOW and soon NXT. Glitch the Gamer! Ah, David McLane. HEY! That's VertVixen! I'm glad they signed her. I notice that they aren't editing this every quarter second. This is good, but it should be. Princess Aussie! She last wrestled last year in CWFH as Cece Chanel and I vaguely remember her. I definitely remember her the last time WOW was on TV. I'm sorry I need a few weeks to adjust to new WOW. It's Reina Del Rey. She's a good heel who is good beating the babyface Princess Aussie to the point that the crowd gets behind her STRUGGLE to escape the 1970s heel beatdown of Reina Del Rey. This is really good. Reina Del Rey is my new favorite wrestler on WOW. That was good. They only had to edit the hell out of one match.
  12. HOLY FUCK! We have our MATCH OF THE YEAR. It involves Chihiro Hashimoto and Ryo Mizunami going completely MID-SOUTH. Unfuckingbelievably great.
  14. It's a BANGER! Flamita and Bandido battle it out for the strap! I think- and if I'm wrong, I'll eat a bug- Schneider is in the crowd somewhere. BIG LUCHA! =================== It's Maya Yukihi who is wrestling Jungle Kyona as we speak in Deadlock Pro! And Makoto- beautiful... mysterious.... and Chanyota! No raw eggs. And Risa Sera!
  15. Yeah, the Airplane Spin put it over the top for me in the WWE CHALLENGE Category.
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