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  1. Tasha/Jordynne was good stuff on BTI. Havok/Rosemary was short but enjoyable. Fun X Division 6 way. FinJuice theme is greatness. Under Siege looks like a pretty good stacked card. Dug the main event, great finishing stretch. Results:
  2. This week was mostly setting up future stuff and some fun story development segments, so not much to it this week. Main event was fun while it lasted with a ridiculous ending. week6 results:
  3. Can't have that, Jericho said last week was the beginning of the Summer of VIOLENCE~! so we go 3 months the opposite way I think Jericho said that on his podcast leading up to it, that Blood & Guts was just a chapter in the story but wouldn't be the ending or something along those lines. 2 agreed, I actually thought Darby rolled back to pin him like that and clearly got the 3 count!
  4. Thought the show was a blast. Moxley/Nagata was awesome. Marked out for Wild Thing, loved showing both making their way to the entry pre-entrance. Great match and I hope we see more Nagata in AEW, a perfect legend from the WCW years to have. Bucks/SCU was really good. Outcome never in doubt but still lots of great moments and had me wishing for SCU to pull it off. Daniels covered in blood still fighting back to the end. I was hoping Kazarian was gonna make that run the ramp dive in for one last save at the end. Always love Cody's epic promos. Surprised Christian is just gonna be in t
  5. Really loved the Satomura/Valkyrie match from 2 weeks back. Valkyrie looked her absolute best yet and came off like a legit title contender while Meiko delivers the greatness every time out. Liked the build up last week to the women's contenders match coming up this week. Nice video packages on the participants. I like them all but nobody I think should end the reign of KLR. I'm assuming Mckenzie wins. Looking forward to that. Amir/Williams seemed to escalate rather quickly from tag team break up to loser leaves town.
  6. Solid show here with lots of in ring action. Some good matches but the backstage bits may have been my favorite parts of the show. Swinger's Palace was hilarious as usual and the bits with Deonna trying to avoid her challengers was fun. Real good main event with Moose and Storm. Cool note that Rhino's TNA debut was against Sabin back in 2005 and now 16 years later, they meet again and this was just their 2nd singles match. Results:
  7. EVENT #54 PFL 2021 #3: Werdum vs. Ferreira (5/6/2021) - Atlantic City, NJ (Ocean Casino Resort) Fabrício Werdum vs. Renan Ferreira - Ferreira, TKO, R2 Kayla Harrison vs. Mariana Morais - Harrison, SUB, R1 Mohammad Usman vs. Brandon Sayles - Usman, DEC Larissa Pacheco vs. Julija Pajić - Pacheco, DEC Ante Delija vs. Bruno Cappelozza - Delija, TKO, R1 Cindy Dandois vs. Kaitlin Young - Young, DEC Genah Fabian vs. Laura Sanchez - Fabian, DEC Denis Goltsov vs. Muhammad DeReese - Goltsov, TKO, R1 EVENT #55 Lux Fight League 13: Martin vs. Costa (5/7/2021) - San Pedro Garza Ga
  8. And now that's over, as SWE abruptly fired Hannibal after someone in management (falsely) accused him of trying to secretly create his own Texas indy behind their back. Completely bizarre.
  9. Amazing spectacle, thought Blood & Guts absolutely delivered. Best match of it's kind in years. Didn't love the finish but didn't hate it, and thought the Inner Circle should've been climbing the cage to get to Jericho as soon as surrendering rather than allowing MJF to still push him off which was obviously something MJF would do. Didn't mind the Jericho bump at all and thought it looked fine for what they were going for. Nice triumphant victory for Cody and 4 way tag was fun. I was thinking Christian/Brian Cage would determine Kenny's next challenger so I was surprised when they a
  10. Damn I missed it! Wasn't Combate supposed to be on AXS? I feel like everything fell off after the huge push of Tito/Alberto.
  11. Agreed, huge potential. On the subject of Tessa, her run there was really great. Perfectly executed story arc over two seasons with some really great matches and overall work. Her matches with Reyes and Thunder Rosa there were my two favorites.
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