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  1. A look back. Promo from 2008, match from 2018. JD rules.
  2. Waltman tore his bicep when he worked GCW with Janela back in Feb/March. He said at the time he was going to have surgery and then wanted to do a few more matches.
  3. Adrianna and Gigi are great together, fun tag with the Bully Busters. GI Jane looked good, unique, and pretty much killed BK Glitch vs. Tiki was super fast paced, loved it. Everything this week was pretty short but this was still awesome. Good big time main event tag. I like Leia & Aussie as the top babyfaces, they both looked like stars here.
  4. Amazing night of fights! Absolutely wild night of knockout after knockout on the main card. Awesome main event. Sad to see Emily Ducote's hot streak come to an end, she looked killer last time out against Penne but not here. Pavlovich is a monster, I hope he gets his bonus!
  5. Fun show that set up a lot of pretty cool things upcoming. I popped for Shane Taylor showing up and acknowledging the history with Keith. A nice little addition to Final Battle and I dig JD Griffey getting a spot as well. Really like how the Swerve/Keith story keeps having twists and turns preventing it from being a regular old tag team break up angle. Glad FTR are getting their shot. They were talking up Jarrett & Lethal as potential title contenders, but we're long overdue for a Darby/Sting title shot! Juice/Joe seemed rather random as I figured Wardlow would be first up. Orange/QT was enjoyable as expected. Great near fall off the Sabian interference, was not expecting Kip to be Orange's next potential feud. And Kevin Thorne appears, make him All Elite!
  6. EVENT #206 ONE on Prime Video 5: De Ridder vs. Malykhin (12/02/2022) - Manila, Philippines (Mall of Asia Arena) Reinier de Ridder vs. Anatoly Malykhin - de Ridder, DEC Roberto Soldić vs. Murad Ramazanov - Soldic, DEC ONE Muay Thai Rules: Amber Kitchen vs. Jackie Buntan - Buntan, DEC Dae Sung Park vs. Lowen Tynanes - Tynanes, TKO, R2 Eduard Folayang vs. Edson Marques - Marques, DEC Oumar Kane vs. Zhasur Mirzamukhamedov - Mirzamukhamedov, DEC Heqin Lin vs. Denice Zamboanga - Zamboanga, DEC EVENT #207 Unified MMA 47 (12/02/2022) - Calgary Alberta, Canada (Genesis Centre) Maged Hammo vs. Justin Basra - Basra, SUB, R2 Tom O’Connor vs. Devon Brock - O'Connor, TKO, R3 Sean Michael vs. Ramil Kamilov - Michael, SUB, R3 John Nguyen vs. Diego Santos - Santos, TKO, R2 Tim Smith vs. Matt Krayco - Krayco, TKO, R1 Ali Charkie vs. Fay Bursell - Bursell, DEC Usman Khattak vs. Steven Thomas - Khattak, DEC EVENT #208 iKON FC 6: Orlando (12/02/2022) - Kissimmee, FL (Silver Spurs Arena) Adriano Rodrigues vs. Jared Gooden - Rodrigues, DEC Christian Lohsen vs. Nathan Williams - Lohsen, DEC Micah Miller vs. Steven Siler - Miller, DEC Sedric Louissaint vs. Musa Alsulaimani - Louissant, DEC Reggie Northrup vs. Michael Johnson - Northrup, TKO, R1 Idrees Wasi vs. Anthony Cassar - Cassar, DEC Shimon Smotritsky vs. Charlie Decca - Smotritsky, DEC Timothy Cuamba vs. Alexander Schenk - Cuamba, DEC Joe Penafiel vs. Denis Palancica - Palancica, DEC Anvar Boynazarov vs. Bekhzod Usmonov - Boynazarov, TKO, R2 EVENT #209 ONE Championship 164: Pacio vs. Brooks (12/03/2022) - Kallang, Singapore (Singapore Indoor Stadium) Joshua Pacio vs. Jarred Brooks - Brooks, DEC ONE Muay Thai Rules: Superlek Kiatmoo vs. Panpayak Jitmuangnon - Kiatmoo, DEC Brandon Vera vs. Amir Aliakbari - Aliakbari, TKO, R2 Geje Eustaquio vs. Hu Yong - Eustaquio, DEC Jeremy Pacatiw vs. Tial Thang - Pacatiw, DEC Jhanio Mark Sangiao vs. Matias Farinelli - Farinelli, SUB, R3 ONE Muay Thai Rules: Tagir Khalilov vs. Chorfah Tor Sangtiannoi - Khalilov, DEC Adonis Sevilleno vs. Drex Zamboanga - Zamboanga, DEC ONE Muay Thai Rules: Lara Fernandez vs. Daokongfah Banchamek - Fernandez, DEC Jenelyn Olsim vs. Bo Meng - Meng, DEC EVENT #210 Fury vs. Chisora III (12/03/2022) - London, England, United Kingdom (Tottenham Hotspur Stadium) WBC Heavyweight Championship: Tyson Fury vs. Dereck Chisora - Fury, TKO, R7 WBA World Heavyweight Championship: Daniel Dubois vs. Kevin Lerena - Dubois, DEC Yvan Mendy vs. Denis Berinchyk - Berinchyk, DEC Karol Itauma vs. Vladimir Belujsky - Itauma, DEC Isaac Lowe vs. Sandeep Singh Bhatti - Lowe, DEC Royston Barney Smith vs. Cruz Perez - Smith, DEC EVENT #211 BKFC 34: Palomino vs. Shoaff (12/03/2022) - Hollywood, FL (Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino) Luis Palomino vs. Tom Shoaff - Palomino, DEC Francesco Ricchi vs. David Mundell - Ricchi, DEC Howard Davis vs. Louie Lopez - Davis, TKO, R3 Blake Davis vs. William Dunkle - Davis, TKO, R1 Chris Sarro vs. Stephen Townsel - Townsel, TKO, R2 Freddy Masabo vs. Shawn Moffett - Masabo, TKO, R2 Bryan Duran vs. Kobe Bowen - Duran, TKO, R1 Jake Young vs. Rene Rodriguez - Rodriguez, TKO, R1 Jeremy Smith vs. Leo Valdivia - Smith, DEC Christine Vicens vs. Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger - Vicens, TKO, R3 BONUS EVENT #1 Teiken Boxing on DAZN: Estrada vs. Gonzalez III (12/03/2022) - Glendale, AZ (Desert Diamond Arena) WBC & Ring Magazine Junior Bantamweight Championship: Juan Francisco Estrada vs. Roman Gonzalez - Estrada, DEC WBC Flyweight Championship: Julio Cesar Martinez vs. Samuel Carmona - Martinez, DEC Joselito Velazquez vs. Cristofer Rosales - Velasquez, DEC Diego Pacheco vs. Ricardo Adrian Luna - Pacheco, TKO, R5 Austin Williams vs. Simon Madsen - Williams, DEC Beatriz Ferreira vs. Carisse Brown - Ferreria, DEC Marc Castro vs. Maikol Lopez - Castro, TKO, R6 Anthony Herrera vs. Christian Sullivan - Herrera, DEC EVENT #212 UFC Fight Night on ESPN 42: Thompson vs. Holland (12/03/2022) - Orlando, FL (Amway Center) Stephen Thompson vs. Kevin Holland - Thompson, DEC Bryan Barberena vs. Rafael dos Anjos - Barberena, DEC Matheus Nicolau vs. Matt Schnell - Nicolau, SUB, R3 Tai Tuivasa vs. Sergei Pavlovich - Pavlovich, TKO, R2 Jack Hermansson vs. Roman Dolidze - Dolidze, TKO, R1 Eryk Anders vs. Kyle Daukaus - Daukaus,SUB, R2 Niko Price vs. Philip Rowe - Rowe, TKO, R3 Angela Hill vs. Emily Ducote - Ducote, DEC Clay Guida vs. Scott Holtzman - Guida, DEC Michael Johnson vs. Marc Diakiese - Diakiese, DEC Darren Elkins vs. Jonathan Pearce - Pearce, DEC Natan Levy vs. Genaro Valdez - Levy, DEC Marcelo Rojo vs. Francis Marshall - Marshall, SUB, R1 Yazmin Jauregui vs. Isleta Nunes - Jauregui, DEC
  7. Awesome main event. Can't go wrong with a long Deonna Purrazzo match, her and Mickie are always great together. I've enjoyed the Last Rodeo being like Mickie going through career mode until she's now reached the champ final boss. Did not expect to see Deaner murder Eric Young to end the show. That was something. Kazarian/Maclin was good while it lasted, as was Moose/Gujjar. Loved Hendry and Moose back and forth. The opening segment was hilarious with Badass Scott D'Amore ready to whoop Bully if need be.
  8. Excited seeing this! She'd been out for over a year now, but I loved her NXT UK run, most especially her match with Meiko. I'll definitely watch more for this. Dug the rest of what I caught. Roxanne/Indi are both great. Zoey's always a fav. Trios main event was pretty good. I can get behind an Alba vs. Isla feud. Seemed that the Iron Survivors are both like all heels and 1 face. McKenzie Mitchell was always my favorite interviewer since Impact, her reactions to Javi here are hilarious.
  9. So Regal's made to look a complete idiot for what he did now, and that's why I hated the turn in the first place. Screwed over Moxley for nothing. The promo itself felt like it went on forever without actually explaining why the whole thing happened and more just going over what had happened. The one thing I did like about the segment is that they made a point to explain all the BCC guys not being there (Moxley ejected from the building, Claudio & Yuta in Nashville, Bryan in the trainers room after his match) If nothing else, I can at least dig it as a reason behind MJF vs. Bryan Bryan/Dax ruled as expected. Joe/Fox was fun. Loved the Hangman/Moxley brawl, that felt big time. BIG pop for the return of Ruby Soho! Destination Unnnnnnknown! Perfect time to bring her back in her home state. Welcome back Ruby & Hangman Final Battle feeling a bit rematch heavy with Jericho/Claudio, Yuta/Garcia again, and even Joe/Wardlow though that was a 3 way last time. The Best of 7 is the best. Love all of this. Also loving Carry on My Wayward Son as the entrance theme, just adds an extra bit of epic to it all. Nice for Kenny to get to do his old Goodbye & Goodnight again.
  10. BTI was fun but with main Impact off this week, I'm giving my vote to this! May be a blowout but it deserves a little more love Honestly think it was the match I enjoyed the most of the week, thought it was totally awesome with nonstop action throughout. An absolute blast. Might've preferred it to the first one as well. It happening in the middle of a Dynamite I really liked with other great segments before it helped too. He's got a hammer in his trunks!!
  11. I only recently realized that "Psycho" was from Mad One/Filtered Souls and not done by Konnan himself
  12. The video package on the history of the tag titles was amazing and actually did help make them feel extra important. Bring back Caged Heat! I would love to see the bracket on how this tournament has gone. Agreed on it being bizarre to throw Holidead/Chainsaw back in there just to delay the original final another two weeks. Short match too, but the Kandi Krush drama saga was epic all throughout. BK & Glitch are definitely great together. Sahara/Disciplinarian was another solid short match.
  13. RIP Irene. loved What a Feeling as Serena Deeb's epic theme music in her SHIMMER days
  14. I popped when Jarrett appeared because of this post!
  15. Exciting show. I hated the Regal turn, but was captivated by the opening segment and wanted to see Moxley kick everybody's ass over what happened. Orange/Hager was a great opener. Nice win for Starks, dug the superplex and three spears. RED VELVET is back! Stir it up! One of the highlights of the night for me. On the other hand, very sad to see Kiera fired from the Baddies, though I did pop for Smart Mark working for/with Jade again! Trios match 2 was amazing. Absolutely loved it, super hot crowd, fantastic work. Kenny hitting the GTS was the first time I felt like Punk will come back after all. "He's got a hammer in his trunks!!" The Termination of Interim felt like a big deal and great for Jamie, but I was extra thrilled by the retroactive addition for Toni so her reign no longer gets erased into nothing. 3 way tag was fun. I had forgotten how incredibly badass the TayJay tag team theme is, I love it. The Killer & The Pillar = awesome. Glad to see some Dark clips used as reference for setting this up. Skye's executing the Code Blue to perfection. Another super fun Acclaimed segment. "BILLY CAN SCISSOR!" Taz getting confused by Daddy Ass saying "Scissor me, Daddy Ass" was hilarious. Absolutely epic main event. Ishii chopping Jericho's chest open was a real holy shit moment. Didn't expect a tapout finish, but good stuff. Was hoping for something different for Final Battle rather than just Jericho/Claudio again, but I've been loving the Ring of Jericho and don't wanna see it end.
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