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  1. Rodney Mack, Charlie Haas, & Max Castellanos Big Cass w/ Melina Ivelisse Velez as SHINE Champ, Ladies Night Out Champ, and SWE Womens Champ
  2. I wish Cena was full time for good again, he's made everything more exciting already. I've thought SD has largely sucked for the past 2 years, this may have been the most I've enjoyed an episode since from what I saw. Watched Bianca/Carmella, always dig the unique atmosphere type venues that differ from the normal every other event look. Toni Storm debut was cool, poor Zelina. Finn's done nothing for me since last main roster run. the Corbin backstage bit was genuinely hilarious. The way he sold the nutshot was classic. The first time I've enjoyed anything Kevin Owens related in years. I could maybe get behind them as a unit with Corbin turning unlikely face.
  3. fuck ass decision. Nothing wrong with multiple blatant cage grabbing. Disappointed for Sandhagen, who I had pegged to be champ by the end of the year, to not be able to put that shit away.
  4. EVENT #97 BKFC 19: VanZant vs. Ostovich (7/23/2021) - Tampa, FL (Florida State Fairgrounds) Paige VanZant vs. Rachael Ostovich - VanZant, DEC Britain Hart vs. Jenny Clausius - Hart, DEC Arnold Adams vs. Mick Terrill - Adams, TKO, R1 Taylor Jenkins vs. Cassie Robb - Jenkins, DEC Jared Warren vs. Zion Tomlinson - Tomlinson, TKO, R1 Geane Herrera vs. Abdiel Velazquez - Herrera, TKO, R2 Jonathan Michael Porter vs. Austin Sprinz - Porter, DEC BONUS EVENT #1 ShoBox: Henderson vs. Steen (7/23/2021) - Grand Island, NE (Heartland Events Center) Kalvin Henderson vs. Isaiah Steen - Henderson, DEC Janelson Bocachica vs. Shinard Bunch - Bocachica, DEC Martino Jules vs. Aram Avagyan - Jules, DEC Jose Jacobo vs. Gilbert Venegas - Jacobo, DEC David Navarro vs. Jayron Santiago Lopez - Navarro, TKO, R1 Julian Gonzalez vs. Miguel Martinez - Gonzalez, TKO, R1 Justin Oregon vs. John Hunt - Oregon, DEC BONUS EVENT #2 Queensberry Promotions Presents: Joyce vs. Takam (7/24/2021) - Wembley, England, United Kingdom (Wembley Arena) Joe Joyce vs. Carlos Takam - Joyce, TKO, R8 Chris Jenkins vs. Ekow Essuman - Essuman, DEC Hamzah Sheeraz vs. Ezequiel Gurria - Sheeraz, TKO, R5 Chris Bourke vs. James Beech Jr. - Bourke, DEC David Adeleye vs. Mladen Manev - Adeleye, TKO, R4 Micky Burke vs. Paul Cummings - Burke, DEC EVENT #98 UFC Fight Night on ESPN 27: Sandhagen vs. Dillashaw (07/24/2021) - Las Vegas, NV (UFC APEX) Cory Sandhagen vs. T.J. Dillashaw - Sandhagen, KO, R1 Kyler Phillips vs. Raulian Paiva - Phillips, DEC Darren Elkins vs. Darrick Minner - Elkins, SUB, R2 Miranda Maverick vs. Maycee Barber - Maverick, DEC Randy Costa vs. Adrian Yanez - Costa, TKO, R3 Punahele Soriano vs. Brendan Allen - Soriano, TKO ,R2 Nassourdine Imavov vs. Ian Heinisch - Imavov, DEC Mickey Gall vs. Jordan Williams - Gall, SUB, R3 Julio Arce vs. Andre Ewell - Arce, DEC Sijara Eubanks vs. Elise Reed - Eubanks, DEC Diana Belbiţă vs. Hannah Goldy - Goldy, DEC
  5. Co-signing everyone else on our hopes for the main event. Macy Chiasson has pulled out due to injury. Damn, was looking forward to Aspen Ladd's return, one of my top favorites.
  6. Fun show with excitement coming off Slammiversary. Six person tag was short but Tenille and Chelsea looked good. Enjoyed the Mickie/Deonna/Gail seg, Deonna continues to kill it always on the mic and in the ring. Jay White came off great in his segment, star quality. Dug the slight tease of Omega/Josh Alexander, could definitely see that happening down the line. Good to have FinJuice and their awesome theme back. Solid main event, Fire N Flava always great to watch.
  7. Kiera Hogan has confirmed the recent Impact tapings were her last and she is done with the company as her contract as expired. Sad to see her go, as Fire N Flava were a huge highlight of Impact for the past year+
  8. Awesome crowd, awesome show. Jericho/Spears was a fun opener and Gage was one hell of an insane surprise, never saw that coming. I thought this trials thing was going to be strictly Jericho against Pinnacle guys, so cool to see something completely unexpected brought in to the mix. Darby/Yuta was quick but fun and the Sting/Orange bit was gold, Gallows/Kazarian felt surprisingly short. Blade/Orange was pretty solid. Nyla/Britt was sloppy but I enjoyed the match, even with the result never in doubt. Loved Vickie being able to counter Britt's attempted Eddie spot. Also love the addition of Chavo with Andrade. Everything about Moxley/Archer ruled. I dig the AEW x Street Fighter shirts. Stoked and surprised to finally see Archer get a real big win for a change. Great finish and the count was done in a way where it really felt like "oh shit he's really not going to make it" instead of drawing it out with pause. Amazing violence and blood throughout. Curious what comes next for both guys. Post-match faceoff with Hikuleo was great and felt big time. So much more greatness coming up with a stacked next week and already stuff built for the following week. Surprised no Cody tonight (or next week in Charlotte since his match is set for the next week). AEW is on fire, loving it.
  9. Nyla/Britt from February was one of my favorite matches of the year. Though I did like in that match more that Britt was the clearcut heel and Nyla was more of a tweener somewhat while this time around feels the roles have been reversed and the feud hasn't been very good. Nyla felt like the underdog there pulling off a major upset in eliminating the favorite. Hoping for the best though.
  10. The NWA Champions Series~! begins. 4 NWA Champions (Nick Aldis, Pope, Kamille, and Aron Stevens) are paired with 4 "Legends" (Austin Idol, Velvet Sky, Melina, and Taryn Terrell) to form teams of 4. Each member of the winning team will receive a title shot to be redeemed at any time while the captain receives a years protection from those under them or a shot at another title. Team Aron Stevens paired with Taryn Terrell, picked #2 Tyrus, #7 Lady Frost, #10 JTG, & #15 Marshe Rockett with alternate Jordan Clearwater Team Pope paired with Velvet Sky, picked #4 Trevor Murdoch, #5 Jennacide, #12 Jax Dane, & #13 The Masked Man with alternate Colby Corino Team Kamille paired with Austin Idol, picked #1 Thom Latimer, #8 Kenzie Paige, #9 Kratos, & #16 Mims with alternate Sal Rinauro Team Aldis paired with Melina, picked #3 Crimson, #6 Skye Blue, #11 Fred Rosser, & #14 Slice Boogie with alternate Jeremiah Plunkett Team Aron/Taryn and Team/Kamille/Idol paired off setting up Block A to be Latimer vs. Marshe Rockett, Mims vs JTG, Kenzie vs Frost, and Kratos vs Tyrus Team Aldis/Melina and Team Pope/Velvet matched up for Block B setting up Skye Blue vs Jennacide, Murdoch vs. Rosser, Crimson vs. The Masked Man, and Jax Dane vs. Slice Boogie this is certainly an idea.
  11. I would guess he loses to Hangman first, then drops the Impact title at BFG. My top guess for that would be Eddie Edwards at the moment.
  12. Best RAW in awhile. Cena opening was great. Six man was fun. Enjoyed the Symphony of Destruction match, which Elias is now 0-3 in. Surprised Ryker seems to be somewhat over but I've been digging his work since the face turn. Live crowd definitely adds a ton to RAW. I watched last week's Smackdown in hopes of anything big happening, which started hot, but very quickly devolved in to just another episode of any other week. I'll probably check out this week again for Cena. Keith Lee was a cool home state surprise. Only to lose in 5 minutes was rather strange. But I am hyped for Lashley/Goldberg. Tonight and last night, Lashley has been looking more killer than ever. I don't see how Goldberg is still a threat after his last two matches getting completely squashed, but I'm still going to love this regardless. No More Words is BACK! and with that, No More Jobbing Jeff Hardy! Been waiting forever for this and I couldn't believe he actually beat Kross (in under 2 minutes at that). Awful for Kross, but as a huge Hardy fan, I absolutely love it no matter. 2008-2009 Jeff is one of my favorite runs of all time. Push him back to the top. Rhea/Charlotte was fun again while it lasted. I knew something had to happen and was expecting either a Becky return or the cash in. Charlotte's last 3 reigns = 1 day, 5 days, 5 minutes. While I get the whole pushing her to 16 thing, I am somewhat surprised that they are now ignoring both of Charlotte's NXT title reigns and calling her an 11 time champ when it would otherwise already be at 13. Overall with last night and tonight, things seem somewhat encouraging to get better for the WWE product compared to the past year+
  13. Fun show. Both MITBs were good. Figured Nikki was winning as she had the most momentum going in. Was pulling for Riddle in the men's MITB. Tag titles match was solid. Lashley was put over excellently and is looking better than ever lately. Charlotte/Rhea was great, didn't expect the title change but loved the match. Awesome main event. Result never in doubt but I still bought Edge's last Spear near fall. And agreed 100% with @SirFozziethat the Seth backstage promo prior to completely ruined any speculation to the eventual outcome of the match. Cena's pop was an all time great, best/biggest pop in years, loved it and put the event over the top.
  14. Surreal to see Miesha back after 5 years and a solid comeback win. Sad to see Marion go, always a big fan of hers ever since she got robbed against Ashlee Evans Smith and then went on a nice win streak after that for a little bit. Now she ends her career getting stopped for the very first time. Lemos 30 second knockout of Montserrat was wild, as was Gamrot's submission of Jeremy Stephens.
  15. the first one to come to mind for me. Loved when they included that in one of the video games. Agreed, Revenge is also my first thought seeing the awesome Starrcade set there Also co-signed on WM33, loved the Ultimate Thrill Ride~!
  16. Catching up on everything, echoing the love for the show. Moxley's Wild Thing entrance is the best, looking forward to him and Archer next. Starks/Cage was awesome. Love the massive pop for Starks win, hell of a 'wrestling homecoming' for him to where he spent a large part of his earlier career. I came to love Cage's face run in Impact so I have high hopes that he can reach a similar level here. Also love the Cody/Black and Hangman/Omega segments, great build ups for both. Matt/Christian was fun, though the finish seemed to come pretty suddenly. Enjoyed Yuta's recent outings on Dark/Elevation, so it was cool to see him get a few minutes on Dynamite. Fantastic to have The Magical Girl back, always a favorite in her previous appearances. Awesome main event, great stuff from both and a very memorable finish.
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