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  1. Plays out? Long term? The whole point of the angle is so he can call himself The American Dream once, and so the crowd pops hard when he's announced. He's probably going to beat Ogogo with a Cross Rhodes, and that'll be that. Maybe he'll lose to set up him leaving when the baby comes, but either way, I don't expect the angle to last past Double or Nothing. I think people are making far too much out of this angle and the promo. It's just a little program to give Ogogo some shine and Cody something to do. The promo was cringey, as is the angle, but ultimately meaningless.
  2. Regarding Cody, that promo is a promo Dusty would've definitely cut. He would've cut it in 1987, mind you, so it wouldn't have the same baggage it does today. But it sounded like a Dusty promo to me. I don't understand why people are comparing it to a Hogan or Hacksaw promo. It wasn't like he was waving a flag or a 2x4 around, ranting like a coked up moron.
  3. I'm not touching that with a ten foot pole.
  4. They look like they're about to have some wacky adventures and meet some bodacious babes.
  5. Great, now I want to read a Ms. Marvel/ Cable crossover.
  6. As much as I enjoy Kingston and Moxley together, that segment was hot garbage imo. I think the whole thing of five guys running (teleporting?) away from two is ridiculous. If they're not going to have Moxley either go away for a while or win back the title, then he should go on to something else. And if they're going to have him and Kingston go after the Bucks, then let them have them get a few tag matches to earn a shot.
  7. Hate to be "that guy", but this smells like a work.
  8. This conversation begins and ends with Sliced Bread #2
  9. I believe she claims to have a plate that was surgically implanted in her head.
  10. I think the sixth entrant will be Guevara.
  11. My out of left field guess is Ken Shamrock.
  12. I don't know why it isn't. R-Truth had an absolute banger of a match against Peter Rosenberg.
  13. Regarding the Rumble, I don't really think that the rules for getting in are all that illogical. There are some superstars who can simply say they're in, and others who can't. The idea that AJ Styles can declare, and the officials go "Absolutely, AJ!" But Drew Gulak can't might be inconsistent and unfair, but it makes sense.
  14. I'm under the impression that he's going after people who wronged him in his past incarnation. Cena, DB, Strowman, and now Orton.
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