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  1. I literally sat and listened to like 10 different Sesame Street versions of "Sing" ladt night just to hear Bob's voice stand out. I was a blubbering mess after each version. I get the feeling I will not be listening to that song for a very long time James
  2. I think why Bob resonated so much with me was because he always came across as genuine (not that the rest of the cast didn't). Apparently, he was a big crossover act in Japan before Sesame Street. The fact he was regular cast until 2017 is incredible. I remember there was a small media stink when CTW/HBO didn't renew his contract James
  3. Original Sesame Street cast member Bob McGrath has passed away. He was a regular cast member from the first episode until... geez sometime in the early 2010s I think He sang almost every well known song on the show that didn't require a Muppet in the lead voice position. Bob was an institution as much as the show itself was! James
  4. On the Marika Kobashi front... her new ring gear is black with orange highlights. Looks badass (if I could just ind the shot she posted of it on the twitter) James
  5. Not sure where talk about Willow is going but I will say that I don't hate it so far. I mean, it could be worse right? James
  6. Word is coming from his rep the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers alum Jason David Frank has passed. Easily the most popular Ranger of all time, this is most unexpected James
  7. The longer I look at the promo poster for Full Gear, the more convinced I am MJF is wrestling comedian Bert Kreischer James
  8. This movie caused me to tear up from the Marvel logo and then again at the end This is easily top 3 Marvel Movie. Possibly knocking Winter Soldier off the pedestal I've had it on for so long James
  9. Who can play Harley? Who is that rugged not named Sam Elliott? James
  10. Discotek strike again with a Blu-Ray re-release of GaoGaiGar in January with talk of FINAL getting a US release at long last! James
  11. Ok... I made the post in jest but I'd watch that James
  12. Because the first Bad News Bears tv show was such a wild success along with the tv series version of House Calls? Why not make tv shows of everything Walter Matthau has ever made? Hopscotch Mondays at 9 followed by Charlie Varrick at 10 Tuesdays stay tuned for Pelham123 THE SERIES! James
  13. Discotek just stunned me witheir announcement of acquiring Kamen Rider BLACK!! BLACK is my favoritecRider sobI couldn't be happier but I'm surprised SHOUT Factory got beat out for this! James
  14. The "Loyalty or Dragon Lunch" was amazing. Seeing a Baratgein siding with any Targaryen is so weird to me Janes
  15. "Okay, I could eat" Damn I love East New York James
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