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  1. There I was last night, lying on the sofa minding my own business when suddenly Sandra Violet jumps of the armrest and lannds on me with a frickin Superfly Splash. I'm lying there gasping for air and I hear a tiny voice count out "ONE! TWO! TWEEE!!! I WIN!" Thus did begin Sandra Violet's 312th reign as Harris Family World Champion (formerly the Baby Wrestling world Championship) James
  2. The thing's I find at Ollie's... James
  3. Glad to see Dream H having a 2nd go round this year but I'm pulling for HimePoi'21. I keep forgetting Saki is Odeo Tai for some reason, like I thought she was QQ but that was never the case. I think I kept getting her and Saya mixed up even though they are nothing alike. With Giulia till out Ialos like the idea of Maik and Syuri going far James
  4. I just ran through the whole thread. It's 4 years later and there are so many movies I've seen since that would be on my list now, deposing others. My #1 would be unchanged however. The top 10 would be drastically different James
  5. I stopped initially at Fall of The Mutants but later came back adter X-Tinction Agenda and through the first 7 issues of adjectiveless X-Men. I went back in the last ten years and read everything from Claremont and was in awe of it being just one giant narrative that still held my attention and imagination, like the Lee/Kirby FF did. James
  6. Claremont really hits hisstride tarting with the introducction of Phoniex in Uncanny X-Men #101 and pretty much hits his peak from 168-200. It remains high quality afterwards but man it takes a deep and dark turn with Magneto as headmaster of Xavier's as Michael Xavier (which dovetails into Mutant Massacre). Really, you can drop off Claremont after X-Tinction Agenda. I pretty much hated every run after Claremont until Morrison came along (the exceptiomn re original satelite books like New Mutants and X-Factor, which even though written by Noncenti and Louise Simonson, still had Claremont's fingerprints on them since they were part of his writing circle/circle of friends. In fact, New Mutants is amazing right up until Leifeld came along)). James
  7. Soclips of the Macross DoYou Remeber Love? 4k Ultra Remaster have been cropping up and man is it GORGEOUS! James
  8. Is it at least as good as the first Turnner & Hooch TV pilot? James
  9. I think my overall issue with Mephisto going after Spider-Man in general is that what I want from Spidey is a more grounded story (at least as far as a super-hero book goes). Spidey is a street level guy who, from time to time, finds himself in over his head. So when you start having him being fucked with by Mephisto for over 2 decades I kind of say "why?". Before OMD, I don't even think Spidey or Mephisto ever actually knew who each other were simply because it made 0 sense they interact outside of a Marvel Team-Up story. It's like the the old WHAT THE?!? story where Daredevil laments how miserable he is always written only to have Ghost Rider (as the Ghost XMas) show him life under different creators only for DD to realize how better off he is being a street level Marvel hero (DD under Byrne "Oh no its back to basics!" James
  10. Its Claremont so it is always building toward something but when Lee takes over art you already sense that editorial sided with the art teams over Claremont's idea of the team in UXM always evolving. Lee wanted to draw classic X stuff storywise and Claremont always saw the characters as more complex than silver age superhero fights. Hell, the whole "Logan's healing factor isn't working" storyline was all but dropped because of editorial James
  11. The Jimmy Palmiotti Jonah Hex was pretty great and I miss there being a monthly Jonah Hex book in DCs regular line-up James
  12. Yeah, maybe its the Hulu version looking grainy as fuck but its definitely TV movie dialogue at points. I mean they'd been working Trek Phase 2 for, what? 7 years by that point? Still, its the little things I love (Swingin Disco McCoy with his beard, everyone's reaction to Spock returning and the end conversation feeling like the end of an old Trek episode) shine. I remember loving 3 as a kid but recents rewatches don't hold up. I can live without 5, am indifferent to 6 and haven't watched 4 since the 90s Janes
  13. It is my 2nd fave Star Trek movie, WoK is the best overall but I thoroughly enjoy TMP, the characters are there and it is a hard sci-fi film, what with who wrote it you shouldn't go in expecting Die Hard in spce or anythign like that. James
  14. Here I was all set to sit down and watch Star Trek The Motion Picture on Hulu and what do they give me? The edited for TV version? Are you fuckin kidding me? James
  15. Tazz on commentary for Smackdown begs for "WELP... here comes the Nacht!" James
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