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  1. Well it's through Nozomi, who do a decent job so I'm happy for that. I remember those old ADV Macross DVDs with Zentradi subtrack James
  2. Well there goes my "Eddie Kingston is secretly Sinbad" theory! James
  3. More stan Hansen (wish I could find te video with the punk song dedicated to stan) James
  4. "Cena needs to turn heel!" See what happens when Cena turns Heel?
  5. Nothing quite like 3-wayy coffin match! James
  6. More Texas 5 Star Wrestling, a few bigger names. I totally forgot about "The New Fantastics"... I'd like to forget the "The New Fantastics" James
  7. I should've caught on to that just due to the fact Al Perez was on it and Gary hart does an ad for a local chiropractor More Weird Texas indies with a plethora territory talent including a post-Continental Wendell Cooley and a super young Brian Lee! James
  8. This is so Texas wrestling it hurts, right down to the Simpson Brother and Bill FREAKIN Mercer on commentary! The Main Event might the best Al Perez match I remember watching. I base that on the fact it didn't put me to sleep (also, Matt Bourne is always good) This isn't the Crockett run Texas fed was it? James
  9. OK... I do not hate that design, which in this day and age, is something! James
  10. Been rewatching The West Wing again and my brain is trying to recall, was the gunman who shot and killed Secret Service Agent Martin Donovan ever caught? I know he cuffed one of the robbers so I don't even know if that dude got away James
  11. BOP'N'WRESTLE! Had that on my Apple IIC! It was terrible but it since my copy of Karateka didn't play on a IIC I played what I could James
  12. If this is how they are retconning the Gorn i.e. 1 part Predato/2 parts Alien then I have zero problem as the Gorn had the least developed background of racoes from TOS - DS9. I was really starting to like Hemmer. I swear if they used this just to get us another actor to be Scotty I'm gonna be pissed. James
  13. All I can say about this week's Strange New Worlds is... dammit... just God Dammit James
  14. OK...They can reboot Superman how ever many times as they want. I don't care if Superman is white, black or midget from Macchu Picchu. All I want is Oliver Platt as Perry White James
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