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  1. Arthur had some staying power and moreso than any other non-CTW show (come to think of it besides SS the CTW track record is meh at best as far as longevity). Hell that theme song of Arthur's gets stuck in your head James
  2. News Flash!! James Brain Is Stupid!! FILM AT 11!!! James
  3. Oh man, killing a new Doctor like 22 minutes into their first adventure and the whole rest of the episode is the companion fleeing the monster while the Doctor takes 35 minutes to full regen... god that would break the internet! James
  4. No one is going to have a Tom Baker length run. Since Baker left most Doctor's last 2-4 seasons and then jet. All in all it's a demanding roll and whoever takes over will always be highly scrutinized, now more than ever since Doctor Who is morea global thing than it was before. James
  5. Funny, you spelled "Two Cathedrals" wrong James
  6. Is my brain stupid or... is TJPW teasing Yuki Aino in the PC finals?
  7. The Long Halloween Part 2 - OK seeing Sofia animated made me wish there was a goddam Ms. Tree animated series Edit - in the end this isn't really The Long Halloween. Its fan fiction as to how the screenwriter wanted Long Halloween to play out and make it so they don't attempt Dark Victory James
  8. How can there be a guy in WWE named Veer and he isn't managed by either Peter Jurasik or at least a guy named Londo? James
  9. Why am only now finding out about THIS? https://www.amazon.com/Fist-North-Star-Vol-1/dp/1974721566/ref=sr_1_2?crid=5M3LCVVSUR79&dchild=1&keywords=fist+of+the+northstar+manga&qid=1627347747&s=books&sprefix=fist+of+%2Caps%2C215&sr=1-2 James
  10. I had so many issues with Voltron, the theme was the least of them James
  11. I do NOT like that they changed Orko's story on TRala. Hell there are no less than 2 hole episodes dealing how Orko is viewed as a hero on his homeworld! James
  12. My favorite Spider-Man as it happened in Uncanny X-Men! James
  13. Also, I won't lie, very disappointed dthat there are no musical call backs to the classic MOTU music. I always liked the He-man theme, even if it was repetitve as hell James
  14. 3 episodes in for MOTU and all this talk of the Holy Sprocket has led me to figuring out who the new Big Bad is... James
  15. Watching The Long Halloween Part 1b and... I ;like it but there are things that seem changed from the first source (namely the relationship between Alberto and his father). But I still am enjoying it a great deal. I like the art style as it seems like the perfect compromise of the DCAU style and the more recent direct to video style. James
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