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  1. More California Championship Wrestling! The Samoans! The Medics! I really couldn't get past the ring intros of the first match. ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH TO TRY?!? James
  2. Every fight scene in Drunken Master II is a banger! Hell even the short Anita Mui v. Liu Chia Lang fight is a dope little tease of what could've been. BUT... can we not undersell the insanity of the end fight of Police Story/Police Force? James
  3. John was one of the guys on that who would open his mouth about stuff to read and I'd start looking for copies of at the library or on Amazon. I think the majority that read BleakWarrior on this board did so at John's recommendation. He is going to be missed because his was a voice that it seemd we all respected and took heed of. James
  4. This list starts and ends with Tam Nakano, whose joy and love of pro-wrestling shines through in her every match! (Okay I love Natsupoi too in all her Yagi-esque awesomeness) James
  5. Because if anyone should challenge for the NWA World Heavyweight Cha mpionship, should it not be Assassin #1? James
  6. The best New 52 books were the fringe books like I, Vampire James
  7. I didn't know Kurtwood Smith was a ref James
  8. Joel mentioned that maybe he'd be interested in doing Infra-Man and part of me hopes he doesn't. Some things shouldn't be touched. James
  9. If you think Bill Watts wouldn't have been all over Mongo for pre-UWF Mid-South, you're nuts! Hell, the thought of Mongo, DiBiase and Williams feuding with the Freebirds or being in the Rat Pack? Damn it... now I'm wanting like a wild Mongo/Terry Gordy brawl James
  10. Thank God someone besides me remembers that team! James
  11. I always forget about Kelly Kiniski, as Nick barely stuck out more of Gene's progeny James
  12. Fer Chrissake... I just figured that Leduc wasn't so much birthed but rather sprung from anold batch of clay and poutine to wreak havoc as a heel James
  13. Who the hell is the babyface in the Leduc/Slater TV title match for chrissake? James
  14. This isTHAT episode of Continental (the Tom Prichard/DWB domestic abuse angle) that asa teenager made sit and shock at first before realizing I got played as the mark I was! James
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