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  1. Man, I was so hoping Calgary would come in and just obliterate stupid Edmonton and their stupid ceremony and their stupid new arena and their stupid McDavid. Didn't quite work out that way, obviously. But yeah, I totally agree with where you're coming from. It's looking like we might have a real, meaningful Battle of Alberta this season, and certainly for many years moving forward. As much as I enjoy seeing Edmonton getting kicked when they're down, a strong rivalry is way preferable to watching a mediocre team beating up on a stupendously bad one, as Calgary/Edmonton games have been for most of the last decade. You can't read too much into one game, obviously, but I was impressed with the Oilers last night. I'm pretty sure that, as recently as last year, they would have folded like a cheap tent after those two short-handed goals, and the game would have ended in a blow-out. But last night they hung in there and pushed right back. I'm already sick of hearing about McDavid this season, but that guy's the real deal (not that that's news to anyone).
  2. Even if you were an obnoxious Canucks or Oilers fan, I don't think you'd have that hard of a time. There always seems to be plenty of them there, anyway (the Nucks fans, especially). As a Canes fan, I wouldn't worry about it at all. For tickets, you could also check out this app: https://www.tiktiks.com/ I've never used it myself, and I don't know how prices compare to what you'd find on StubHub. But it's another option to look into.
  3. Should I be happy that the Flames signed Brouwer for 4 years at 4.5 million? Seems a bit rich (and long) to me. I'd almost prefer they kept Colborne at 2.5 million and used the extra money to fill another hole.
  4. All good points. If it is possible to change, I think it would take years, probably decades, of slowly rolling things back by tightening regulations and taking guns out of circulation, plus limiting the number (and type) of guns going into circulation. More importantly, I think it would require addressing the strange cultural notions that more guns = more freedom, that more guns is the solution to every problem, and that any attempt to have a rational discussion about guns is an evil government plot. And I don't know how you would even go about doing that, really.
  5. I agree it's by no means an easy problem to solve. But I suppose the counter argument to what you said would be that there are tons of examples of countries where buying a gun is more difficult and where gun control is stricter, and these countries tend to have a lot less gun violence and mass shootings. Whereas drug prohibition seems to fail wherever it is tried. So I don't know if that analogy is totally apt. There are obviously cultural factors relating to views on guns that make America a special case, but in principal it's hard to see why America shouldn't be able to get to where almost every other country is, if the political will was there. It wouldn't happen over night though, that's for sure.
  6. Partly true, but I also think that Flames management wants to push the team into playing more of a possession game, and Hartley doesn't really coach that way. Hartley was Feaster's pick to coach this team through a rebuild, so I've always thought he'd be on thin ice once Treliving arrived. Most GMs like to pick their own coach. Hartley is a good work-ethic coach, so I think he was a good fit for a team that wasn't very good and had a lot of young players. But I never saw him as a guy who, moving forward, would take the Flames deep into the playoffs. I think that's what the Flames should be targeting now, because that's where they want to be in a couple seasons.
  7. I wasn't really expecting it, but I don't mind them letting go of Hartley. Besides his Jack Adams miracle season, he has underwhelmed. And let's face it, that one good season was pretty flukey. But they better not bring in any former Brian Burke associates (Crawford, Carlyle). Treliving has done a pretty good job so far, so I have faith he'll make a good choice. But I am a bit worried...
  8. Well, the Flames got stiffed, but at the least the Oilers and Canucks fell too. I guess I can live with it. One of those top three picks would have been so sweet, though...
  9. What say you, DVDVR folk? After a disappointing season, should the Flames consider dumping Hartley and hiring Boudreau? I don't think it's likely to happen (unless the team starts really poorly next season and Boudreau is still available), but should they consider it?
  10. jumbojustice

    RIP, Prince

    I love that video. You have the band playing, and they're all very talented of course, and it's a beautiful song, but they're playing a pretty safe, pedestrian version of it, with the guitarist pretty much just copying Clapton's fills note-for-note. Then all of a sudden you're like "wait, what? where did Prince come from?!" And then he proceeds to just take over and, as you said, totally slays it. All while George Harrison's son looks on, grinning like an idiot (as I would be).
  11. After enduring abysmal goaltending all year, I'd actually really rather not see the Flames upgrade to merely mediocre goaltending in Pavelec or Miller and risk ruining another season. I'd only consider either as last-resort options to serve as a single season stop-gap, and only if they could be had for cheap. With an expansion draft looming, I'm pretty convinced that Treliving will be able to pull off something much better.
  12. I'd be good with MAF or Bishop! I'd rather not gamble on Howard. Just no to Miller. I could probably live with Pavelec, actually, but that would be pretty far down the list of options.
  13. Calgary is in the same boat. Goaltending is by far their biggest need moving forward – I think it's likely they would have made the playoffs had they received even just average goaltending instead of league-worst. And there's no way Mr. Worst-Save-Percentage-In-A-Decade (Hiller) is coming back.
  14. Hudler is exactly the kind of two-way grinder the Panthers need for depth if they're going to make a run. Not to mention he's been there before. I love this move. I don't know if I'd classify Hudler as a two-way grinder (unless you were being sarcastic and I missed it). He's not bad defensively and not a push-over, but he's not really gritty and definitely more of an offensive player than a defensive one. It's a bit of a gamble for Florida, in my opinion. If you get the Hudler from last season and parts of this year, then he'll definitely be a useful addition. If you get the Hudler from last year's playoffs and most of this season, then it will have been a waste of assets for Florida. On the positive side, he's been playing well lately, so at least the current trend is in the right direction.
  15. Glad the Flames dodged the bullet on Reimer. Looks like the Flames have moved Hudler to Florida for a 2nd and 4th round pick. Not a bad return, for a guy it was obvious the Flames wanted to move. If he had kept up his level of play from last season, he would easily have been worth a 1st. But after his really weak start to this season, I thought the Flames might be lucky to get a 3rd for him. Fortunately he's elevated his play over the last 20 games or so, and I'm glad they could get a 2nd+ for him.
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