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  1. I’m glad you started it’s own topic. I have been enjoying the write ups so far and look forward to following along from here.
  2. Apathy and selfishness. As long as I don’t take part directly in the immoral behavior or I feel that my funds directly contribute to that behavior I am not about to give up something I enjoy just because parts of the chain that make up the product do things I find awful. Life is too short and that’s how I choose to navigate it.
  3. Having both Brock and Ronda winning their respective Rumbles this year is it for me. I was their live. I had a great seat. The people sitting around me were awesome. I still couldn’t help but be massively disappointed at the end. Why bother watching weekly when two unannounced part-timers (at least at the time) win the big ones? I still haven’t been able to enjoy the WWE as much since.
  4. I also had a letter published in The Wrestler. Called Hulk Hogan a baby for saying that Tunney’s decision to not give him a rematch against The Warrior was “Gaga”. I probably referenced Bob Backlund, too.
  5. How about Tito Santana being billed from Tocula Mexico, which is actually a mistaken pronunciation/spelling of Toluca that stuck? Are there any other similar stories?
  6. I always knew it would be something ultra serious to get me to emerge from my lurking.
  7. I attended Royal Rumble in person with a seat along the ramp. I was able to get a quick handshake with Shane as he was walking toward the back after his Rumble appearance. I can confirm the man was sweating like nobody should sweat.
  8. I don’t post here often but when I heard the news I wanted to post about all of the emotions I was feeling but just couldn’t find the words. You all did it so wonderfully for me. The only thing I know to add is one thought that kept popping into my mind all day. As a kid in the mid eighties I knew Bobby Eaton was a great worker before I knew what a “great worker” was.
  9. It was actually three (argument could be made for four). Herc debuted under Freddie Blassie before Slick bought half of his contracts. Then Slick later bought the remaining half.
  10. I know that it led to one of the most successful and arguably all time great angles, but 14-year old me still insists Don Muraco should have won the WWF Title at WrestleMania IV. 33 years later I still don’t know how to do it, but I still wish it would have happened.
  11. 1. I thought my biggest problem with current wrestling was too many matches having too many two-counts. Now I realize, my biggest problem with current wrestling is wrestlers acting surprised when someone kicks out at two. I still don't like the two-counts themselves, but wrestlers acting like they didn't expect a kick out takes me right out of a match. They should either be angry or just get right back to the business of wrestling. Nobody should be surprised. Two counts happen all the time. 2. The $175 two minute WWE Virtual Meet and Greets are totally worth it.
  12. I was 10 when he first one the belt. I know by Mania 2 I was known around the playground as the kid who hated Hogan. I just couldn’t figure out why (1) he was always yelling at me and (2) why every match was him getting beat up until suddenly he decided it wasn’t going to hurt anymore and then the bad guys just kept punching him in the head anyway. I got tired of it quickly.
  13. When it comes to emotionally disliking a wrestler, it is Hogan by far for me. Never found his act entertaining (maybe the first few times I saw him) and even as a kid actively rooted against him every time just in hopes he would lose the belts and quit wrestling. I don’t really have a wrestler I refuse to watch. Randy Orton as a face comes close. But as far as non-wrestlers go I cannot stand to watch or listen to Justin Roberts. Everything about his look and voice makes me want to fast forward.
  14. Just remember it was written for Windham and Rotundo. Hogan stole it from them. Hope that helps.
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