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  1. Yea Heather Monroe moved earlier this year. CWF Memphis is trying to bring in more of the CWFH talent.
  2. Got in this barely 100 page book Monday and read it in a bit over an hour. Lots of info about XPW I had never heard. But also nothing MUST READ about it. I think up next is Lance By Chance the Lance Von Erich book.
  3. Glad to see Oshay is getting a chance to be seen by more people. Years back saw him often in a hot gym with a crowd of 50 tops there.
  4. Having just won the title about 40 minutes before this match Gio Savage defends it against Walker Hayes. This was the main event of Battlezone Lights Out 7.
  5. Jeremiah just beat Jaxon Slade. Gio Savage cashes in his title shot. So we get a second main event at Battlezone vs EGO 3
  6. Nightmare Known as Jeremiah is the Capital City Champ. Jaxon Slade is the son of gulf coast vet Adrian Whisper. And this is the main event of Battlezone vs EGO 3
  7. Battlezone Championship Wrestling Presents Lights Out 7 Eddie Martinez defends his newly won BZ Jr Heavyweight title against Sammy Riot,Eric Black and Charlie Ace(with manager The Balding...Brilliant One Brandon Turner)
  8. Battlezone Championship Wrestling Battlezone vs EGO 3 event July 17th 2021 Raleigh MS Battlezone Brass Knucks Champion Vladimir Koloff vs Walker Hayes in a Tables match. Vlad got his start a few years ago working for Alabama Doink in the AWF. Walker Hayes is a modern Memphis guy. This was a fun match and had a few I AM THE TABLE spots.
  9. I agree. Hell for the last 4 years of the show I only listened cause of Blade.
  10. I figured with Blade passing RD would use this to stop the podcast. RD's heart hasn't been in the show or the website for close to 10 years now.
  11. Ok so I know I'm what getting close to 20 years late reading this... What I gave up on Marvel in the mid 90s and didn't bother catching up until a few years ago... Punisher Born-TPB Found this cheap on Amazon. ALways loved Frank Castle as a kid. But while I have enjoyed what I have read I haven't read but a tiny bit of Ennis' run on the character. Got this in 2 days ago. DAMN the art was gorgeous,well as gorgeous as a bloody brutal war story can be. Ennis for me captures the mindset of Castle perfectly. And those last few pages with Frank coming home and seeing his family and realizing what he had to sacrifice to get what he has always wanted.... That was chilling. I know about the Platoon mini,and looking for a cheap copy right now. But yea I need to just start buying the omnibus or hardcovers of Ennis longish run on Punisher.
  12. So couldn't sleep last night,Tuesday,at 6am after cooking breakfast for everybody I sat out on the porch and read some TPBs. Negative Burn Summer Special 2005-Image I loved Negative Burn when Calibur was putting it out. But forgot Image published it after Calibur went under. Got this couple hundred page tpb for 3 bucks. Has a Brian Bolland Mister Moullensan,I doubt I spelled that right,one page strip. And the rest was all people I hadn't heard of ,or ones I knew the name but not well. Good stuff. Worth the cheap price. And kinda wanna go see how many issues of the original run I need to have them all.
  13. Damn sorry for your loss Natural. I think once Maggot Ass dies that is it for me and pets.
  14. Hyan is another great TX talent. Met her years ago when she was a rookie. Booker T had sent her and Ivory Robin Reid to work at an Elev8 Pro show. As soon as both ladies entered the building you could tell they had that IT factor. Plus they went around shaking hands and introducing themselves to everyone.
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