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  1. Alejandro is pretty decent. Seen her locally 4 times.
  2. OSJ was the fucking best. Back years ago we had a long chat about Vancleave MS,a tiny rural town near the coast. "Yea been told that in that area the only books people have are The Bible and the phonebook. And the phonebook is not around much anymore." Told him I knew of one home down there that had a pile of books and within seconds he knew who that person was. He always reminded me of my favorite uncle. The on that was taking me to see every horror and sci fi film that hit theaters from when I was 5 until I shipped off for Army BCT. RIP OSJ you were one of a fucking kind
  3. https://locusmag.com/2021/04/john-pelan-1957-2021/ Had no clue until I saw this posted at another place earlier
  4. I'm tempted to back it. But I know I would just open the figure. Then be mad I spent 24 bucks plus shipping on a figure that I opened.
  5. It is rare but the second shot has hit a few people hard. Both my parents got theirs with just feeling a little stuffy and their arm was sore. My girlfriend got her's and felt like she had a major head cold for 2 days. Me I got it and had 48 hours where I was sweating even thought it was 40s. Hurt all over and head was stuffed up.
  6. That is the footage I gave Ted Sr a copy of .... 5 years ago. He had never seen it. Found out months later thru Brett that Ted watched it and was showing everybody in the family the footage.
  7. Haven't seen the main yet. Just finished the tag with Midnight Heat and shit I never caught the other teams name.
  8. Midnight Heat feel like a pile of the local deep south teams made up of two 10+ year vets. The kind of team you see driving around in a t-top firebird blasting some Crue or Dokken. And man Howdy Price is great. He finally joined twitter recently and is a blast to follow. Hoping we can score a interview with him soon.
  9. Not from 2021,both are from 2016. But here is two matches with Kiera Hogan va Priscilla Kelly. Both from North Alabama lucha events. Was wrong the second here happened in Dalton GA.
  10. I enjoyed it more than the first Suicide Squad movie. Seems the Asylum made a cinematic universe out of their Avengers Grimm franchise. They did 2 Avengers Grimm films and Sinister Squad.
  11. And it works. My mother in law bought me a copy of Asylum's "Sinister Squad" for Xmas. THinking it was Suicide Squad.
  12. The tag match is from January. The singles match is from last year in October.
  13. Heather Monroe had a decent match against BIllie Starkz at the Tony Deppen hosted event on IWTV yesterday. She is officially living in Orlando now.
  14. Maggot Ass looking a bit evil on the back porch the other night. She was eyeballing me cause I had a bag of chips and after getting a few the other week she now knows the sound of a chip bag and will wake up out of a dead sleep and come running if she hears a chip bag.
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