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  1. That makes me hope that one of The Labor of Jericho is a series of backstage segments where he tries to best Tully in an old man card game like Cribbage or Canasta
  2. The Mister Brody Lee Memorial Big Tourney. 250lbs minimum , make a big deal out of 8 big ole sides of beef weighing in. even better if most of them played college ball
  3. I like them using the IWGP US title as sort of a second secondary title. I don't know what the behind the scenes relationship between the two companies but I'd be cool with letting guys who arn't in the World/TNT title mix fight over it and even appear on Strong or in Japan
  4. I've always felt that wrestling is at its best when its like the circus/buffet analogy where you get a bit of everything. I feel like even if its not the main attraction a BBB or OMG type showing at BOLA would at least stand out
  5. This picture makes me wonder Where did the big men in wrestling go? No merely getting off the gas but just your one man gang and Bam bam types of height and mass seem rarer. Do men of size just no persue pro-wrestling (perhaps due to Pro football having expanded rosters and more money?) or do we just not have as many large humans walking around? I remember someone once saying the poor american diet lead to shorter kids meaning no more 7 footers in the NBA anymore
  6. I seem to recall according to the REO behind the music episode they could really tie one on. Regarding that Maki gif. I really love much Japanese wrestling is based around nonverbal stuff, like the Naito/Yano G1 match from a couple of years ago Much preferable to the twenty minute raw opening diatribes
  7. Lance comments on Paul Orndorff at the beginning of this
  8. Lance talking about Darby and Eddie Kingston similar to things we've talked about that we've had
  9. I felt this made WWF look dated, especially when Shawn would come out wearing feathered earrings felt like posion video in 95. I hope AEW does a Saturday show and brings back the hydraulic doors
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