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  1. Guys like Kenny Khaos missed out on being either in ECW of the WCW cruiserweight division and missed out on WWE being open to smaller talents.
  2. this all reminds me of this article from The HardTimes https://thehardtimes.net/culture/heavily-tattooed-band-tired-of-being-asked-if-they-are-chefs/
  3. A while back there was a board discussion of wrestlers who where better versions of previous wrestlers (I.E. Flair over Buddy Rogers, Benoit over Dynamite Kid) I'm not sure who was better Cage or Kanyon. But Kanyon was kinda the original Mr. GMSI As for 2nd gen wrestlers its probably a damned if you do damned if you don't thing. David Sammintino probably would have had a better chance if he wasn't constantly in his dad's shadow
  4. I wonder how much they (all parties involved) care about the live number. Due to OnDemand viewing and DVR people watch when it convenient for them. Its not like you have to set the VCR anymore
  5. I think its a valid point that AEW could do a better job introducing people whether its a new character or someone coming in from NJPW for a night. You don't need extensive video packages because thats what you have announcers for. How ever announcing has kinda been AEW weakest point, even the usually solid Excalibur somewhat botched Malakai Blacks intro. Malakai Black, Tommy End! as a fan who are either of those people and why in particular should I care? Too often we get the TNA Special "OH WE KNOW WHO THAT IS!"
  6. That studio set up looks pretty cool. I'm fan of a dark set up visually, I liked when in the 90's ECW,WCW and even WWF darkened the color and used grey canvases and black ring ropes. I feel it puts the attention on the wrestlers like going to a theatre where the stage is black. By contrast the Thunderdome is an eyesore
  7. Does the fact that Apollo Crews carries a spear to the ring mean Vince has finally seen M.A.S.H.?
  8. The thing is most of these people primarily exist on the youtube shows, show it wouldn't make to much of a difference. Plus you need some people to be jobbers One person I'd like to see AEW try to bring in is Malcom Bivens seeing as AEW actually uses managers and Vince has little to no interest
  9. I think Matt brings A lot more to the table both in and out of the ring. I agree that Cage has probably hit his ceiling in AEW and would probably be well served heading back to Impact where he'd be a bigger fish in a smaller pond. Or go to Japan or Mexico in a talent exchange. As for Hook I find him massively entertaining mean mugging in his dads promos or just being a general stooge or flunkey. He's been great in his role
  10. I was thinking move the TNT title onto Kingston then start re-heating Miro to be Hangman's first challenger when he takes the big belt
  11. yes and no. He's a tad over 6 feet tall but he's probably legit 260 to 270. He massive in person. good luck passing a wellness test though. He was actually in FCW back in 2004 so I've always wondered if he had an opportunity to go back but was making ore money doing indies, LU and Impact over the years
  12. Seems like with all the extra eyeballs they've been trying to feature all the Attitude ear guys on the show, JR, Christian, Big Show, Hardy Anyway I hope after this God's Favorite Champion runs it course They bring CJ in and Her and Miro cut promos in a hot tub as The Lovers
  13. I don't think its capp space as much as TV time and finding something for everyone to do. WCW got by with a huge roster because they had 3 hours of nitro, 2 hours of thunder, 2 hours of saturday night. plus all the syndicated shows. I mean unless Tony K wants to keeps expanding the youtube shows things feel pretty packed
  14. This honestly looks like it could be fun. I also wonder if this is the direction for the company in the future since we've been hearing how they want to be MCU
  15. I had the pleasure of seeing her manage in the before times at a small indy show, she was great doing a lot of small interference things just out of the eye of the ref. It doesn't seem to be online beyond this small clip on click wrestle https://www.clickwrestle.com/pro/92037/heather-monroe-vs-vipress
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