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  1. John Fisher's skinflint ass was such a crybaby about how unfair it is that you have to pay out more money when you have the #1 pick so they came up with a way he'll never have to deal with that burden even when intentionally fielding the shittiest team possible.
  2. this matchup is best chance we've ever had for my dream result of a 2-0 OT game that ends on Holding In The Endzone for a Safety. And there'd be no better timeslot for that to happen in than the Thursday Night game the league's desperately trying to trick people into paying for access to.
  3. well we got pretty close to it this time. maybe next time
  4. c'mon first tie on MNF since 1983 let's go
  5. Commitment to the Hot Take industry ultimately demands that you argue the sky is green, 2+2=5, and Janetty Tried To Dive Through The Window To Escape. He could turn into Dan Marino Mark II overnight and someone would still be out there with a paycheck that depends on insisting he Sucks, Actually. Same with Brock Purdy. Same with Dak Prescott. Same with fucking everybody.
  6. Deebo is taking every bicycle in Philadelphia home with him
  7. Jennings threw that DB aside like a styrofoam cup. Pants are starting to get loose
  8. that "security guard" had no business being on the sideline in the first place. like those tripping goons the Jets had a few years back but he did his job well.
  9. Kyle Shanahan: Offensive Genius needed a full quarter to remember having the best running back in the league run behind the best left tackle in the league is a good idea that makes your whole offense better.
  10. perhaps an overdue and justified Labor Action in protest of their unsafe working conditions
  11. surely a 25-25 Tie would be a scorigami if it stands?
  12. well, from the neutral observer perspective (as the broadcasters are supposed to be) he's absolutely right.
  13. I've seen it happen exactly once, Packers did it against the Bears about 10-12 years ago, the clip was a sensation on Vine (remember that? lol) I did not expect to ever happen again, though.
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