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  1. the Apple Cup is going balls-out, for those of you who like seeing both teams tell Defense to Take A Hike
  2. the short-lived AAFC certainly thought so, anyway.
  3. MJF's too much of a lovable bastard in spite of his bastardry for these, his true comp in the BBC canon has to be Red Dwarf's Arnold Judas Rimmer, B.S.C.
  4. i would imagine the shield's eventual plan is for this 17th game to become an international "neutral" site game that every team is obliged have, similar to how everybody has to do a Thursday game and honestly I think it'd be the fairest thing to do with this 17th game, if they're going to keep it.
  5. because Ciudad De Mexico is clearly Niners Country apparently
  6. as soon as i think "oh, a goal kick, good time to take a piss"...
  7. or since they realized there's literally no value in telling the truth and considerable value in lying (either highball or lowball)
  8. Lions gained a game on everyone in their division this week, there's something you don't see every day
  9. Washington Gut-Wrenchers, in honor of that Suplex
  10. not since Tungsten-Arm O'Doyle signed with the St. Louis Browns, etc.
  11. Washington directing a Time Of Possession Snuff Film tonight. Over 30:00 t.o.p. halfway through the 3rd Quarter. but still only up 9 because they decided to throw twice in a row from the 2 yard line instead of giving the ball to the running back who hasn't been stopped all night.
  12. Savage vs Steamboat just blew Hulk vs Andre off the card
  13. shoulda taken the field goal
  14. 0-4 in teh super bowl Bills vs 0-4 in the super bowl vikings, who played to a tie in November. SOMEONE MUST FINALLY WIN~!
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