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  1. L/R platoon with Muncy keep anyone else from getting him LA loves a celebrity sighting who knows
  2. Hans Christian Anderson, master of the Spine Mythbuster
  3. Special guest timekeeper James Iha, special guest ring announcer D’arcy Wretzky
  4. Shades of Al Bundy threatening Bud and Kelly with being put in the Will
  5. You had to know the weights as part of your Fink impression
  6. Part of why height and weight used to be memorable/significant was because it was Howard Finkel’s Voice Of God saying it.
  7. how it started: how it's going:
  8. as I've said several times I really do think this was the key to ECW Justin Credible. Any attempt to make him hipper or cooler would have ensured he was a cool heel and thus doomed to eventually become a face (especially with the ECW crowd). But cheesy shit like "That's Incredible" the "that's not just the coolest..." catchphrase being forced and contrived, even the Justin Credible name itself, kept that from ever happening. There was an element of meta-heat. "This Guy is the one who departing favorites like The Sandman job out to? A cooler badguy should've gotten to do that! FUUUUUUUU
  9. or if he'd done an eye gouge. i'm still waiting for the handspring/tumbling eye gouge
  10. Bret losing to Backlund is fine: Bret never taps and is protected as having lost in fluke/unrepeatable circumstances due to the stipulation, the Crossface Chickenwing is still protected as a Death Move, and Owen has his ascendant moment of having finally masterminded the downfall of his champion brother (great opportunity to rekindle that feud and get some more classic matches). the bullshit is Nash beating Backlund A] instantly, B] three days later, and C] in a non-televised match. The last of those three ensuring that even Nash wasn't really helped by this. His ascendant moment happe
  11. I mean, if they unretired 12 for Trent Dilfer, you’d think they could unretire it for Rodgers too
  12. 16 years late, Rodgers finally gets to be a 49er? a pipe dream, but an amusing one
  13. remember that Evil Mr. McMahon was a late pivot and that he thought "Bret Screwed Bret" and kvetching about Bret not doing "the time honored tradition" would make him a babyface post-Montreal some of it's not age, it's echo chamber
  14. I love to smash 'em, I love to stack 'em, I love to pin 'em... I'm a... Ro' Man?
  15. the Sting/HHH match is better received if: A) Sting wins B) that's it
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