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  1. Should only happen with the crooked/rudo ref where it illustrates that that’s the whole point
  2. Would love to see their specialty gimmick bout, the Calvinball Death Match
  3. Well, yes, but we live in a post-ECW world where chairshots are just another hold. And banning the face from using a given hold while allowing the heel to use it is among the oldest variant of the stop: taking the DDT away from Jake or not letting Lawler punch. or in the reverse, the face wants the heel so bad he agrees to let the heel have their normally barred hold be selectively unbarred, like the piledriver or the heart punch, or to be on brand with Spears, the chair.
  4. it's supposed to be "pick your gimmick" not "make up your own" which is what is supposed to preclude the "only I can win" stip. Besides, even the most delusional heel cannot claim a fair and square win in an "only I win" match; heels are vain and proud and the point of trapping faces in a deck-stacked gimmick match is being able to claim in bad faith after the fact that the win was totally fair ["both teams had to play in the sloppy conditions" "the strike zone was inconsistent for both teams" etc etc etc]. and/or torment the fans with the illusion of hope, since the heel hates the fans as much as they hate the face wrestler.
  5. that's what it is. Reba/Rebel is right in that Ralphus niche yeah, I definitely see it now
  6. also, Purge 1 was April 15th, i.e. so as to ensure the 90 days would cover this particular "return to live crowds" episode of Dynamite.
  7. somehow, it was all Stanley Blackburn's fault. "You're incompetent, gentlemen!"
  8. Chav out there blurring the line betwixt genius and insanity in 98
  9. Crazy like a fox, then. This has long been my idea for how the face outsmarts the heel’s trap of Have My Stablemate Soften Him Up For The Title Bout. Tap out/Get Dqed immediately so the henchman never gets a chance to inflict the injury. And when the mastermind cries foul you have the face pieface him in the usual manner and praise his intellect soldiering on when there’s nothing to win and everything to lose isn’t valorous, it’s dumb
  10. knowing WCW they probably did something dumb like have Eddie vs Chavo for free on Nitro the night after having Eddie vs Chavo on PPV and those two separate bouts are now forever conflated in my brain
  11. so it is. could've sworn it was shorter than that.
  12. (second half of that is a real Monsoon/Heenan exchange, actually: HBK vs Tito to open WM8) Closest I've ever seen was when WCW did a hair vs hair match with heel Eddie vs "crazy" Chavo (of eventual Pepe the Hobby Horse fame), in which Chavo gave up in the first minute to a hammerlock so he could shave his own head and deny evil Eddy the satisfaction.
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