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  1. that just means 7 hours of them being able to charge the premium Live Sports rate for ad time.
  2. I mean, I am the "Football is a Work" guy so you don't exactly need copious footnotes to sway me here...
  3. it's almost as impossible to keep a football team from crossing midfield in that game situation as it is to keep a basketball team from crossing half court (a sport wherein calling a time out can literally teleport you to the forecourt) Trusting your defense is a sucker bet in the NFL
  4. who needs the Young Bucks when you've got an indie spotfest every Sunday Night, guaranteed?
  5. there has been a consistent pattern going back years and years of the refs being deliberately slow to call delay of game, almost as if by internal directive to give teams an extra grace second. I've been Cranky Old Man On The Couch about it for most of that time. I've never seen this much slack, though. This was ridiculous and the entirely forseeable result of the above policy standing so long. and of course once again it's the Lions. Now that the Raiders have finally behaved a good little corporate citizen and abandoned Oakland, the Lions are the undisputed champion of Being Hated By The League
  6. a day for breaking records, as we now also have a new Dumbest Safety in NFL History
  7. The Lions were on the wrong end of Tom Dempsey's 63 yarder way back in the day too. so "New NFL Record for Longest Field Goal" isn't even a new way for the Lions to lose. [that one was 19-17 too]
  8. well, we're all a little excited that a punter recovered their own kick so it's understandable people are getting a little carried away
  9. gotta retain the audience thru halftime
  10. if you like seeing both QBs get sacked every time they drop back, this Browns vs Bears game is the game for you
  11. trying to throw for it sure isn't working, anyway
  12. it's probably a phantom proposal they're hoping the MLBPA is dumb enough ("we don't want all that extra travel!") to make a concession in exchange for the league taking it off the table.
  13. and if it helps lead to the emergence of a women's tag division all the better
  14. I am eagerly awaiting OC's lazy take on a Charlie Brown From Outta Town alias where he dresses exactly the same and just like, has a mask on underneath the sunglasses, or whatever.
  15. Scotty Riggs came up in passing in the discord and I wasn't around for that bit of discussion. So, it's time to give everyone The Clap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehHRK-Z4kVA
  16. it's spelled Doudrop but it's pronounced "Buyer's Remorse"
  17. when I am commissioner all these cash grab alternate jerseys will be banned. I will deputize Chris Sale with a ceremonial pair of scissors to cut up and/or cough on them all
  18. fuck Toxic Attraction, give her the WARRIOR gimmick.
  19. Bron as the best possible fusion of Steiner Brothers Traits is a win for the NXT project unto itself
  20. Not only should she act like nothing happened herself, she should also completely no-sell Nikki’s gimmick change and/or Ripley’s presence on the team. Alternately, insist she’s now trying to rescue her friend from whatever bizarre power has taken hold and made her think she’s a superhero. Just lean all in on projection while I die of ironic laughter
  21. Handsome Jimmy out there using Tom Brady's finishing move with great success.
  22. it's only a matter of time before they start referring to pancake blocks as Cucking the defense
  23. after last year I just assume it's this trash turf almost every stadium seemingly has now.
  24. I was thinking AEW's a bit short on Enhancement Talent but I guess he's addressing the need after all
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