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  1. Today I learned that MVP had a stable with Kenny King, Lashley, Samoa Joe, Low Ki, Eric Young, Homicide and Hernandez. This was not knowledge I had before.
  2. I feel pretty strongly that someone has to mercilessily bloody up Happy Uncle Punk at some point. I'm increasingly thinking that instead of putting over some young guy, you use it as the capstone for whatever the hell the Cody thing is supposed to be. How dare Punk go out there and be happy and get Cody's pops while Cody is doing everything humanly possible to be a GOOD, GOOD Guy and the fans are turning on him. How dare Punk not go for the title when Cody CAN'T go for the title. How dare Punk face all these random up and comers when that was Cody's deal with the open TNT challenge.
  3. So I still have a little congestion, but wife and 19 year old never got COVID and the girls are back to school okay. My isolation is over. It was not a fun two weeks but at least it's one that's behind us now. It opens up what we can do with the girls for the next couple of months a little. We'd been avoiding movie theaters and that seems moot now. The decision to put the 9 year old in chorus at school seems like the right one now, etc. Anyway, I watched a ton of wrestling; that's for sure.
  4. Elevation 10/18/21 Dustin vs Gustavo: Got to heat up Dustin before he wrestles Danielson. There wasn't a ton to see here unfortunately. They had a nice little rope running bit at the start where Dustin shifted around him and kept him moving. Gustavo looked fine in taking Dustin's stuff. Henry name dropping Duke Droese was a thing that happened. Dustin randomly creating a new finisher and naming it after Bob Backlund the day we get our first new Bob Backlund match in forever is another. This was good but it's always a shame when you get a Dustin match where he doesn't get to work from underneath. Wardlow vs Austin: Million billion stars for Wardlow refusing to give the crowd even a second power bomb after they went nuts for the idea they were going to get one. That's the kind of thing you can do with a molten crowd. Great instincts. They still popped for his finish. The clothesline bump should have maybe looked a little better? I don't know? But yeah, great instincts by Wardlow. Santana/Ortiz vs Jaka/Maluta: Hey! I kind of liked this actually. It was a real match with tag rules and everything. Jaka and Maluta came in looking like they knew what they were doing and had some of the spots scouted and Santana/Ortiz actually had to work at it, which made them look better in toughing it out for victory. They were still dominant. They were never really at risk. It still felt like a match. No issues with this one. Mizunami/Velvet/King vs Sakura/Nyla/Diamante: Tons to like here. This was my first look at Ryo and she just had really great reactions to everything and solid shots. You could sense the crowd was kind of for Diamante though so maybe that wasn't the best early match up. King and Velvet worked very well together. I wouldn't mind seeing more of that. I liked Velvet eating everyone's offense for the FIP and how both of her bits of hope were based on her opponents knocking her partners off the apron. That Spanish Fly looked like she almost broke herself in half though. Lulu's reactions after Emi hits the cross body in the corner are always worth looking out for, as was Nyla all but pulling her in to celebrate after the match was over. Ryo looked like a world beater vs Nyla to the point where they had to save her from a pinfall after a suplex. Very best moment of the match was Emi mugging to the camera as she was holding Velvet's leg on the outside on the finish. That was amazing. This could have used another minute or two but obviously that extra Buy-In hour wasn't part of the original plan.
  5. Bunny is the head of the burrow.
  6. There can be mitigating factors. Maybe it takes him a long time to crawl over to get the pin. Maybe he's cocky about it and takes too long. Maybe he's injured and can't get a good pinfall. Maybe he can't/doesn't hook the leg. Maybe the ref has to get into position. There's also a difference between a kick out and getting a foot on a rope. There's difference between getting a foot on the rope and grabbing the rope. Etc.
  7. It's all fascinating because at no other point in history would "Cowboy Shit" be letting the bad guys run rampant because you wanted to be with your newborn baby.
  8. We have no idea when they're going to slot She-Hulk. Anything else done filming? Secret Invasion just started. They can always slip in another animated show.
  9. At the very least, the March show has new matches: Blair vs Fulton Sheik vs Putski Soul Patrol vs Samoans Tito vs Orndorff Backlund vs Valentine April and May we most likely had but these are upgrades in quality.
  10. It's a personal thing but I'd almost always rather watch a really good wrestler in his 40s than a really good wrestler in his 20s ("really good" in this case being "A wrestler people think is very good" maybe). Less physically spectacular but generally makes up for that with experience and crowd control and all the tricks of the trade. You can find spectacular physical feats in all sorts of entertainment. Pro wrestling psychology and this sort of manipulation through a live physical simulation only exists in wrestling.
  11. We would have ended up with an interminable Austin vs Spirit Squad feud.
  12. It's sort of crazy, in 2021 watching guys extend their careers into their 50s if not their 40s, that Austin was done by 40.
  13. The issue isn't the ranking system, it's that they don't explain the thought behind the tournament. Way i see it, the ranking system is primarily for between gimmicked moments. You're in between PPVs and the person ranked #1 tends to get a shot. For bigger shows, it's decided by other means. You can say that the #s 2-4 end up in the tournament but everyone else is a random draw to keep things interesting or some such.
  14. Loved Danielson vs Fish once the leg war started. Danielson's leg trap German was something else and then Fish called it back later in the match by catching the leg for a leg trap belly to back. I like the idea of Danielson winning matches against everyone outside of the top echelon with things not his finishers too. We'll see if that happens more.
  15. The only potential upside is that AEW announcers are nerds and pay attention to detail and there’s a shot he might get another match with Mox sometime next year. There’s a built in story now.
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