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  1. 1/3/90: Tenryu vs Ivan Koloff: I have no real sense of anything. I know Tenryu leaves mid-year and takes half the roster. I know Misawa and Jumbo have a big match. I know Andre show up eventually. That's pretty much what I know about 90 AJPW. So I'm watching Tenryu come down and BOOM, Takagi just totally blindsides him and nails him with a chair out of nowhere. What a baffling feud. Anyway, obviously Koloff takes advantage with his super credible stuff. Tenryu eventually fires back but keeps getting cut off, eventually with eyerakes. But he's one of the toughest guys ever, so he eventually get
  2. Just in general, I'd feel more confident taking my kids places if mask mandates were still in place until they approve things for 2-11 year olds.
  3. 3. Eternals: It's so out there and weird and different. It could be anything. 2: Dr. Strange: Raimi has his limitations as a director but again, I think the ideas will be big and interesting. 3. Thor: Who the hell knows, right? I feel like Black Widow and Blade will be the most mundane. If they had gone with the Blade And Daughter idea that was proposed at some point, that would interest me more.
  4. 1/3/90: Kobashi vs Kabuki: As best as I can tell, there was some sort of 7 match singles series for Kobashi, which seems like a pretty good way to continue his evolution. All of these have been JIP so far, so maybe we get these in full with the new classics eventually? I liked this a lot. When we come in, Kobashi's hitting a couple of dives and he holds the offense a bit until Kabuki totally flattens him with a clothesline. The Kabuki control bit that follows is really good but Kobashi's selling is maybe a bit too over the top; delay flying into the corner off a throat shot, that kind of thing
  5. The only weight that matters is "303 pounds."
  6. 1/2/90: Bulldogs vs Nakano/Tiger Mask: Breaking my Bulldogs rule (which I'll be more lax on in 90, probably) because this is my first chance to see Misawa since he went down in March. He was ok. Still lacking some presence. The kicks looked fine with some looking pretty snazzy actually. His first move was a big sweeping twisting headscissors takeover and it didn't quite work so that was a shame. Match was a little bit of a blur and ended abruptly with Davey taking over on Nakano with a headbutt and pulling him to the corner for a superplex. Dynamite was harmless, though he amusingly took some
  7. This will probably just be ok, but I swear Pepe is dressed like turtleneck Rock here:
  8. 1/2/90: Jumbo/Kabuki/ISAO TAKAGI vs Tenryu/Fuyuki/Kawada: New plan. I'm going to use the AJPW Classics archive on FB to figure out my way through things. So, I guess 1/90 is the month where they tried to push Takagi. This is 100% his match. He has an early moment against Tenryu (who then beats him up), gets to win strike exchanges from a disadvantage against both members of Footloose, has a long, long time in the ring during the middle which goes pretty well for him until Tenryu takes him out and bloodies him up. Kabuki has some really great moments here including one awesome stand up strike e
  9. JJ with the assist: And the aftermath:
  10. Wherein Ole asks us "What do we got Christmas for?!!!"
  11. Ok, team, show of hands. Who else wants to peer pressure DEAN into compiling a unilateral PANDEMIC~~!!! 200 of 100 men and 100 women interspersed and ranked?
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