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  1. Supercard of Honor was. They just started doing tandem offense.
  2. Billie is obviously a natural face but maybe I wouldn't run this match in Texas just to be safe.
  3. Lexie may have gotten a diploma but she deserved a medal for not losing her shit during this:
  4. I like the House Rules thing. I just don't think anyone's put the right amount of thought into it yet. It seemed to come and go with HoB on Collision. The "No Witches" one from the Best Friends was the best. It creates an element of ultimate creativity and a lot of times people don't want to think outside of the box like that. For instance, this shouldn't have been "No Submissions to end the match" but that the Heartless was Banned. There has to be some sort of pro wrestling logic to build to it. Rules create narrative opportunities. I still have to get through the main but I liked Dynamite overall. Obviously a "Mox's leg gets worked over" match is going to go pretty well for me and Rush, with an obviously hurt leg, just powering through and throwing hands and Briscoe meeting him and creating all sorts of insane motion on barely plausible but entirely awesome throws was far better than the sum of its parts. It's so nice to see Dante back. He was moving with such grace and confidence. And yeah, for the most part the Emi/Julia match worked. Emi doing her thing during the commercial break is always a joy. I just have to actually get through the main now. It's been a busy day. EDIT: Doubled back. Swerve vs White wasn't really for me. Some really fluid and impressive sequences but way too much of it was just move>counter>move>counter. There were some bits that showed you who these guys were early and obviously the blocked low blow was exactly that, but it needed more of leaning into who they were instead of what their movesets happened to be, because there's a lot of interesting stuff there. Just ended up like noise to me. Impressive, well-executed noise, but I wanted music.
  5. Hotshot her vs Athena for the ROH PPV.
  6. You understand that the point of my post was to say how much I've been enjoying the product and that it's pretty much exactly what I want the company (and in fact just about any wrestling company) to be right now, right? I know I use a lot of commas sometimes.
  7. I've watched 8 or 9 hours of AEW/ROH TV over the last few days as I caught up on last week and it's been pretty much the AEW that I want, let me tell you. I could have used one of those crazy collision multi-man tags that go forever and a squash match or two on ROH that no one else would have wanted but me.
  8. That's what we're here for Curt. Board's here. We're here. This thread is here.
  9. The sentiment might be because I was specifically away from the internet from Thursday to Monday, so it was a bizarre trip, and I will stress that I don't necessarily mean here. DVDVR is a bastion of reason in a sea of quick takes and people trying to get themselves over whether they realize it or not just due to the inherent nature of social media.
  10. Let's sum up the last week, because it's just insane how these news cycles go.. On Sunday they signed Ospreay. Also, everyone was grumpy about the MJF match. Then... Last Tuesday: People are frustrated about the tournament since no brackets were announced. Wednesday: They do the tournament show and people get really excited. Dynamite happens with some fun tournament matches and more announced for Collision Saturday: Punk comes back. Everyone says the sky is falling. Monday: Punk cuts his milquetoast promo and everyone says things are probably fine; Dynamite beat Smackdown in the ratings. QT posts that he's leaving as everyone else is posting rah rah AEW posts. MJF reveals he's more injured than we knew. People freak out. Tuesday: Danielson news comes out. QT thinking AEW is becoming like NJPW actually makes everyone feel better. Initial All In tickets are pretty good too. Today: Collision rating is going to be very very bad. People will freak out. Dynamite will probably be very good leaning on the tournament matches. Tomorrow: Who the hell knows? It's just exhausting, right?
  11. QT could have contributed a lot more as a Bobby Heenan type manager who can wrestle and he decided that he wanted to be a wrestler who can manage instead. There were a number of things I thought he did well, like getting clowned by -1 in Dark Order vs Factory 8-mans. There were other times where he didn't maximize an opportunity, like the Orange Cassidy match that should have been a lot better. He never figured out how to transfer his go away heat into actual drawing heat, but being one of the few guys in the company that fans actually disliked instead of just ironically disliked, he at least had the opportunity to do so. It sounds like in some ways, he couldn't get out of his own way. He was able to leverage his work ethic and connections into a mid-30s gig that probably should have been beyond him relative to the career he had so far and then leveraged that into something bigger and more corporate. I guess it's good for the guy to bet on himself at 38. He obviously was able to position himself as a slightly bigger deal in Mexico. He could be a top guy in a TNA/NWA/MLW level promotion probably or he could be an agent in WWE which seems to defeat a lot of the purpose. So long as he stays classy, he can probably come back, if not at his previous level, then with some meaningful gig in AEW.
  12. The most Davies thing to ever Davies. At one point we thought that Who could be better, outright demanded it to be, but after years of Chibnell, this dumb shlock works fine. Tennant was lovely and older, more subdued Donna was at least a temporary improvement.
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