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  1. Hopefully this means Conrad will be dropping Arezzi’s footage.
  2. Sure, but there’s no reason she can’t embiggen due to a Kree bracelet instead of the Mist.
  3. It’s funny they brought David out and immediately he had to make sense of Stratlander but at the same time, I’ve seen him call technical Lazertron title matches.
  4. I watched Dark this week which is very rare for me (David Crockett was the draw). My biggest takeaway is that no one leans into anything except for Darby. That's almost his gimmick, but he really does make most things look good and credible. I get that there are more trainees and inexperienced people on this show, but there's a lot of obvious telegraphing of spots across the board. I wouldn't say things feel choreographed so much as a lot of the wrestlers don't know how to more organically bridge the moments between spots or set up the entry point for their next spot. I noticed it the most with the women but it was there up and down the board, save for the Darby match.
  5. Power-set matters and they went with a streamlined power-set that ties to the character she's connected to and that was a big marketable success and that's probably a lot easier to film. You get why they did it. The only thing that surprises me about it is that they've already used her in so many other mediums (The Avengers game and Lego Marvel, Marvel Rising cartoons, the new Spider-Man cartoon Disney Junior cartoon, mobile games, toys, etc.) that it's sort of a brand unto itself, so I'm guessing what we're going to hear is that they really couldn't wrap their head around filming it well. But even if that's not the case and it's just a matter of streamlining, I'd buy that too. Thankfully, there's always a million interviews and behind the scenes stories and documentaries on these things so we'll get an answer at least.
  6. You get why they're doing it. Having a Robin that turns into an actual bird instead of just being a mini Batman abilities wise makes less sense. It's the path of least resistance since they're leaning into the success of Captain Marvel. "Those brand-minded cowards!" is probably a better response than "What the fuck."
  7. Speaking of 91 WCW, Sid Vicious and Stan Hansen vs Davis Isley and Keith Hart This is from the replay: This is after the match:
  8. There are definitely plot holes or things done for the sake of convenience that are probably due to him but you have to accept that, even if unintentional, as part of the charm.
  9. 2/10/90: Kido/Kimura vs Jumbo/Yatsu: I have no idea how this show came to be. @KinchStalker, do you know the quick rundown? It was a Dome show promoted by NJPW but it has three AJPW vs NJPW matches plus the Saito vs Larry Z match that I might hit just for the hell of it because everyone loves that one. Kido was a sub for Fujinami who was out with an injury, I think, and I sure liked him in there, maybe more than I would have liked Fujinami in that spot. The real story here was that NJPW contingent was happy to fight dirty, ambushing at the start, double teaming throughout. The crowd was for them, but also revered Jumbo and liked Yatsu fine, so they didn't really care. They'd keep the advantage through tags quite a bit and then get it back with blatant double-teaming or interfering. Yatsu, being Yatsu, showed a ton of hubris, first trying to lock in a Scorpion Deathlock on Kido, which is not something he usually did, only to get yanked around on it, and then later, going after both guys at once when he probably didn't have to. I'm not sure all of Kido/Kimura's offense was all that compelling at times, but not to the point I minded it. The finish was absolutely great as they built to a Jumbo Lariat and right when you think he's going to get it, Kido snaps him into a wakigatame and the crowd goes insane. Jumbo finally had to hit his ultimate cut off with the stun gun before Yatsu fought his way back in to cover the ring for a Thesz press and the inevitable win. Really fun stuff. 2/10/90: Oops. I forgot this was the match where Vader's eye fell out. That sure took me by surprise. It was shaping up to be an all time and it hangs in there as something that was good and dramatic and just remarkable in how Vader could continue. They went at it after that. Vader took a huge chunk of the rest of the match, which I imagine was Hansen protecting him to some degree, but Vader taking the match still means hitting Vader attacks into Hansen hanging on the rail and clubbering off the top. Plus the big transition was him crashing into the post. When Hansen took back over, he mainly attacked the OTHER side of Vader's head, but come on. Obviously, this was a tough one to watch. Hansen got the spiritual win with the lariat, but it just knocked Vader backwards and they finally had the double count out. I can't even imagine losing your eye like that and still going another fifteen with frigging Hansen. I think they have a match again later in the year, so we'll see how they compare. 2/21/90: Barry Windham vs Akira Taue: There's a Holy Demon Army vs New Blackjacks match from 97 I want to watch now, but not enought to see if it made tape. Anyway, I think Roy's got his tv show dates wrong because I watched this on what he called the 2/19 TV and that's just not how time works. Anyway this was just a couple of minutes and a finish and it would have been better in 92 or 93. Fans really dug the superplex though. 2/21/90: Hansen vs Kobashi: Cagematch says this was 4:08 and it feels like one and a half times that as Kobashi gives it his all and has Hansen reeling a bit. Brave battle from young Kenta, but while he's containing the monster, he's not really able to damage him too much and it's all inevitable. Hansen stomps him dismissively after the pin for his impudence. I've still got the Tenryu/Tiger Mask vs Choshu/George Takano from the 2/10 show and an Inoue/Kabuki vs Tenryu/Kawada match (that I don't think I've already seen) and Williams/Gordy vs Jumbo/Takano from that TV show. I feel like Williams was in NJPW in 90 too so I have no idea how that works.
  10. I’d probably pay to see Michael Hayes try to wrestle in 2021.
  11. I know this is a sort of terrible take and I'm a little, just a tiny bit sorry for it, but Bray should be the third man. First of all, Bryan and Punk should come in together. Second, there should be a third man. Third, it should be Bray. I think he should come in as the Creepy Windham/Rotunda Family member (like Dustin remains the eccentric Rhodes family member) sure and play up all that history and legacy. I think he has name value. I think he'll be able to tap into a chunk of the current WWE audience in a way Bryan and Punk wouldn't. I think there's a lot untapped there. I think he could round out a super indy type act with a ton of sports entertainment while still not going overboard with it. I'm all for leaning into the Kevin Sullivan side of things. You get to have merch for all of them plus some sort of central unifying piece of merch that will make a ton of money. You centralize everything so that you don't have three new acts diluting things but one central axis point/meteor strike that everything already there helps to revolve around. AEW is all about having way too many factions in a good, enjoyable way. You can run these three (plus who ever they might pick up) as the danger inherent in the Door that brings everyone together. Then after a year and some sort of war blow off split it so each one gets their own faction or something.
  12. The big mistake was not having the Wyatt Family take over WWE from the Authority somehow. I mean it probably would have been Steph possessed by Sister Abagail but …
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