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  1. Yeah, my big take from this thing was "youthful exhilaration." Force Awakens was "let's do A New Hope again almost beat by beat and remind you why you loved it," while this comes off more like "Here's a movie about metatextually loving Ghostbusters."
  2. I have a lot of thoughts just in general. First and foremost, Gordi, I'm glad you liked the match. I'm doubly glad that I gave you a Porky match this week, even if it's bittersweet. I feel good that i was able to pick a match, completely independent of what I couldn't have known that would happen, of all the matches in history, that I thought my friend would enjoy, and that he was in it. And that it was enjoyed. That's the best sort of tribute I can think of. As for Hector Garza, I agree with you but most of his 2010 work isn't online anymore, or if it is, it's more broken up. I think he, at his best as a craven heel, was just as good as Eddy at his best. And I love almost all of his matches against Strongman after he turns on him. What an amazing foil for people! Now then, on to Fujiwara and Syuri vs Kana and Suzuki. I did know this match existed but I think I thought it was more of a Hustlesque comedy affair. It is not! I'm not actually sure I can do it justice but let me say this: There are only so many stories to tell in pro wrestling. A lot of what we do as fans or critics or whatever is to examine the variations in how these stories are told. This, however, was a completely novel story. Or at least, it was a canvass where they were painting a number of different and novel stories. There was something almost fatherly or grandfatherly in the way Fujiwara interacted with Syuri, supporting her at times, showing disappointment or violent tough love encouragement to get her going later, letting her get beat on early and saving her later on. Suzuki, on the other hand, came off as a sort of bastard brother, just unforgiving and unrelenting and unfeeling. While there is a lot of Kana vs Syuri, Kana vs Fujiwara, and Syuri vs Suzuki, there's almost no Fujiwara vs Suzuki, which had to be intentional. It makes sure that the women are the stars and the men are there to act as supporting players and to drive them forward. They're supporting characters in Kana and Syuri's story and that story continues on even after the match with the mist. I didn't have a problem with the violence, not any more than I would have in watching Black Widow. I tend to see wrestling as spectacle and storytelling as opposed to sport, but I could have done without Fujiwara's kiss on Kana. It spoke to the complexity of him. He wasn't any sort of babyface. He was an entity, a grumpy old man, irascible and dangerous, one that would take liberties that society would just tsk and shake their heads at and laugh off, noble and nurturing and damaging and toxic, even when he had the best of intentions, able to bestow great wisdom and experience and technique, but at a price, and one that would likely be paid differently by a young man than a young woman. It was The Next Karate Kid if Miyagi slapped Hillary Swank to inspire her and Suzuki would sweep your face repeatedly with his open hand instead of sweeping your leg. Maybe evil clown make-up instead of skeletons? I don't know. I came out of it feeling like there were so many untapped stories that they still had to tell. Gordi, thanks for this. I know you're taking a hiatus but I think we'll roll next Saturday and the one after before calling it til December. Are you out of the rotations for those two weeks as well?
  3. Distance makes this one easier, to be honest. If it had happened around ten years ago (and it certainly seemed like it was possible at any point in the last ten years), when he was a regular figure and about to roll into the Rey Escorpion feud, for instance, it would have been crushing. Now, especially after the year we had, it's just sad. This was one that I was ready for at any moment, sort of. There are a few wrestlers like that. Matt Borne was like that. I'm ready for the Warlord to go at any moment, really. I've got nothing more to add. He was amazing and it's very likely there's still a lot of new footage of him pre-2000 to pop up and amaze us so in one sense, he'll continue to be amazing for decades to come.
  4. More from the Dan Aubriot & Remy Bayle vs Blousons Noirs tag: The tapitia is cool but the handspring to get the other wrestler off the apron is amazing: I love the inversion here. There'd been a few years of these tied-up-in-ropes comeuppance spots and here the heel got the better of it.
  5. @The Natural and @D.Zare already doing more than we can ask of any human.
  6. That was my biggest issue with the Voltron remake.
  7. One real challenge, especially during the pandemic, is balancing the needs, interests, and activities of the 3 year old and the (recently turned) 9 year old, both daughters. It means some of the things I'd do for the 9 year old if the 3 year old wasn't there and some I'd do for the 3 year old if the 9 year old wasn't there go by the wayside. For instance, the bedtime reading has shifted from the 9 year old (on the verge of YA stuff as she can tackle just about up to that on her own) to the 3 year old. And even when I was doing it at the end, the page counts per night were going down because it's hard to keep the 3 year old amused during that. BUT I did press forward over the last week and we're now halfway through The Princess Bride. I'm good parts version-ing it, mainly sticking to the main narrative with a few asides and explanations. It was bumpy to start ("Ew kissing" was a thing) and amazingly there was another break in during the sharks bit but not because she thought Buttercup would be eaten but because she just couldn't believe Vizzini was cutting himself to get blood in the water, but it worked out pretty well. We just got to the fall down the ravine and "As you wish," and I'm making the call to give her the movie now. There's a lot of benefit in reading/hearing the book first because it's easier to hide to someone that age that the Man In Black is Westley and you get the additional backstory to a bunch of things, but I think I'd rather her experience the back half more viscerally first and then double back to the book, especially because the ending of the book is so much bleaker than that of the movie and I feel like you can go from movie to book but not from book to movie in that regard. So we'll see how that goes.
  8. I'm three episodes in twice. Why? I was sneaking it in early in the morning as I knew the wife was annoyed about everything about this. She's anti-Kevin Smith in part because she has an older cousin (and we're about 40 here) who is way too into him and a general waste of space and is against MOTU because of the fanbase in general, which, who can blame her? So I watched the first three episodes yesterday with the 9 year old, who previously showed no interest, waking up at the end of the third one. I tried to get the fourth one in today and she demanded we restart. Then the 19 year old (who probably never went to sleep last night anyway) came out. So now they're watching it again from the start and I got through the first three again before the wife woke up. So maybe we finish it next weekend. When the show doesn't try too hard with the in-jokes, it's fine. The first few minutes of the first episode was the worst with the "you look like a warrior goddess" or "i have the power" bits. When they just let the puns sit there instead of trying to make them easter eggs, it's better. They give us Mark Hamill Skeletor and you want more of that throughout and that's a tease. Some of the character beats don't quite work and some things don't make sense at all (I won't go into details because i don't feel like spoiling this stuff), but it's generally competent and done with a lot of love. They sacrifice characters mid-level characters (like the TrapJaws of the world) too easily, but I was expecting a much higher gratuitous death count actually.
  9. Do not make me reason this specific one out and show my work, pal.
  10. She won the belt. Why is she still almost a superhero?
  11. Les Blousons Noirs (Claude Gessat/Marcel "THE MONGOL" Manneveau) vs Remy Bayle/Dan Aubriot: They wrestled to start and I loved how tricked out this exchange was. Here's Bayle's karate chop and how Manneveau deals with it.
  12. I'll admit I watched Larry Zbyszko vs Barry Windham and Michael Hayes vs Lex Luger last night BUT I also watched some other things recently. 1/28/90: Kobashi vs Abdullah. I think this is match 7 of the series and it's sub-ten minutes but a valiant effort. Abby was hugely protected in AJPW at this point. I think we saw signs of that as he crushed Tenta in the run up to the Baba match in 89, for instance, but also in the RWTL and how he kept rolling over Taue and Takano on those house shows we have HHs of. He was a big deal and treated as such and there's a 3-4 minute span where Kobashi just dominates him, including a slam and belly to back. And it almost works. Once Abby gets back to his feet, though, and once Kobashi runs into him, it's all but over. Remember, not only is Abby a massive piece of humanity, a brick wall, but he's also got some of the best timing in history and one of the best two or three cut off moves ever with his shot to the throat. All Kobashi can really do is run at him with offense and he runs into it and gets crushed by the elbow. But Kobashi came out of the match stronger than he came in. 1/28/90: Baba/Tiger Mask II/Takagi vs Tenryu/Footloose: Hey, here's the Baba match! And it was fun. Takagi and Tenryu went at it a good chunk and it's always a joy whenever Tenryu and Baba go at it. There was a fun Kawada vs Tiger Mask exchange right in the center of this too, with good kicks, the tiger feint/flip dive off the apron, a great rolling Kawada kick in the corner and a flip dive off the top by him for renvege; that was followed by Tenryu just hefting Tiger Mask over his head in a very satisfying way and Takagi coming in and getting crushed with forearms, so, you know, it was that sort of match. Every match is that sort of match in the main event scene of January 1990. What's amazing about Tenryu at this point is that he does the Chop and lift up better than Kobashi and the short Kawada held hold kicks better than Kawada. Anyway, a lot happens (almost too much) before it ends up as Tenryu vs Baba; Tenryu gets a belly to back but when he goes up, Takagi knocks him down and Baba suplexes him from the top and hits the neckbreaker drop to get his pin from RWTL back. The crowd goes nuts. Good stuff. This is the last time Tenryu and Baba faced off unless I'm mistaken. Let me give people the match since I think it's fairly rare:
  13. Ok @Gordberg This probably hits a lot of marks for you. I think you'll like how Jon Anderson is used here for instance, and how thoroughly he gets into the act. It's just a random match but the comedy hits and it's full of absolute masters. It's just so fun to watch these guys interact with one another. And hey, it's less than 17 minutes!
  14. Week 4! Also known as the last week I check for dupes heavily. @Spontaneous @Super Ape @Morganti @Curt McGirt @twiztor @Casey @moribund @Zimbra @Gordberg Matt D @SirSmellingtonofCascadia @Jimbo_Tsuruta Gordi, I always look forward to when I'm paired with you. I had a match in mind for you (The Chad Collyer/Brian Danielson under hoods in France working 80s stooging heels) but Collyer made it private so that's out. Let me think about this a bit and get back to you.
  15. 9 year old was very into women's soccer for a bit there this morning. Now I figured out that everything's on the NBC Sports app and not Peacock so I'm watching the women's judo replay.
  16. I think there should be more wrestlers recruited out of Rubix Cube competitions. It’s a game of human chess, Larry always told us.
  17. Harley Race's biggest problem is that he's Harley Race. If he was Bob Orton or even Dick Slater, no one would complain about his matches.
  18. Also, if you play the Captain America inspirational video from Spider-Man: Homecoming backwards, you get a secret message about his life with Peggy... Come on guys. This is just coincidence.
  19. I feel like if you’re not going to just use Osborn, then Ghost should be the Iron Man character.
  20. Like... I feel way worse and freaked out about watching the crowd in super close proximity to one another screaming and chanting with maybe only 10% of people masked (and most of those people with the masks worn wrong) on hard camera at Hell in a Cell in fucking Texas than I do about this where they're going out of their way to limit spectators, test frequently, and overreact.
  21. Now they need to work Sean Waltman and Scott Hall into this somehow.
  22. I'm still kind of all in on the Olympics. Sorry guys. I mean, if they end up cancelling it in a few hours, I will deem this a wise decision and support it but if it's going to happen, it's going to happen, and me watching a bunch of Water Polo, Judo, and Racewalking isn't really going to move a needle one way or another.
  23. Obviously the way to do it is to have Cult of Personality play and then to have Bryan come out instead. I can make a flow chart. It works better the other way around but you maniacs want heel Danielson.
  24. On the assumption that Kevin Smith is really a no-talent hack, hell, self admittedly, I am actively annoyed about the really good (from people who care about this stuff) reviews on the stupid new He-Man show. It was, unquestionably, the most important thing in my life when I was 4-6 or whatever. There's no way I can convince the 9 year old to watch this no matter how much she loved the She-Ra remake and I'm not enthused about the idea of watching frigging He-Man on my own in 2021 as I push 40.
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