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  1. He’s always spoiled taped shows, no? Twenty years ago, it was a feature, not a bug.
  2. I think you could make an argument that the territory really heated up in 85 once Flair went full heel and stopped being a tweener and feuding with guys like Landell and the Russians. I'm not 100% sure it'd be accurate but it feels right to me.
  3. Three other elements re: Spoilers: 1. AEW announces their matches in advance. This isn't like coming into a Raw or Smackdown and having no idea what the show will be and being curious along those lines. 2. AEW doesn't actually do a ton of story progression, especially on taped shows. You're not going to get a bunch of big angles/debuts/turns generally. 3. A lot of the appeal of AEW then are the actual matches and people find watching matches themselves more enjoyable if you don't know the outcome. So people dodge them more.
  4. They seem to be building to OC vs Mox based on the Yuta thing from last week so Hobbs may need to eat one more loss before they start to build him back up. Hard to say what's going on with Andrade. They seemed to be pushing him towards Flair as his manager and at the least a tweener role before the Dark Side show aired. Now it's back to scheming against the Lucha Bros and Pac. The small field of babyface challengers is just another reason that Jade shouldn't be the TBS champ right now.
  5. The other deal with Xavier is that it's obvious he cares about this. If he cares about being King of the Ring then the fans are going to care too. If the announcers tell us that he's been talking about it for years, then it's obviously something that's important not just to him but in general. It's not just Corbin wearing a dumb crown.
  6. I've seen some Zenk in 89 AJPW (and earlier; I really love the Funks vs Zenk/Martel match for instance), but I'm curious if he's more of an overt heel during 94. He's really not in 89 and I swear that Zenk was probably the most natural heel in wrestling history that never actually got to play heel.
  7. At least Doc/Gordy vs Dustin/Barry worked.
  8. That's so much more rewarding than the comments from people thanking me for posting hot hot headscissors or whatever.
  9. I've seen it speculated that WWE didn't like it because you couldn't see the faces clearly. That makes me wonder about other submissions with a face more obscured.
  10. Is the roster much bigger than at the start of the pandemic period? I think they could create an illusion of unpredictability using lower card talents without necessarily having to constantly bring guys in. If Sammy had an open challenge next Wednesday and Moriarty challenged him, it'd still feel unexpected.
  11. I mean, he put it on Miz once or twice, right?
  12. I went back and watched the first Kingston appearance the other day and found the thread and people went nuts; it might be the only time in a decade when the mods let a live show thread happen. They would do well having Sammy do open challenges.
  13. Maybe a silly question but how flexible do you have to be to take it? Could it just be the sort of thing the Ortons of the world weren't interested in being in?
  14. He joked about that on commentary a couple of weeks ago. It was something like: "No one starts by winning the world title." "Well, actually.."
  15. I am very, very exceptional, of course, but the first time I ever followed AEW results live (ever) was to see who the next labor of Jericho would be.
  16. I cannot go on this ride with you, @Goodear. I don't think 2.0 and Garcia can control their bookings. Khan wanted a eight man Dark Order tag and 2.0 and Garcia, being such dicks to everyone, have no friends. Serpentico just wanted YouTube time and is used to being abused left and right by Luther so he was just happy to be there. He also does certain things right. He caused the initial distraction that let 2.0 take over, for instance. He just doesn't do a lot well. Maybe I'll feel differently about the act after seeing it for a year but he's such a small part of the show that I'm always glad to see him. If he was on Raw, he get that terrible comedy spot every show and you'd be sick of him within a month, but he shows up once every three Darks now. Dark 10/19/21 Hayter vs Nieves: This wasn't quite there. I liked how Hayter was moving Nieves around the ring wherever she wanted her. That was effective but nothing looked super impactful. I wonder if she can do a hanging vertical? The clothesline was too abrupt. She should have found some way to telegraph it more and get the crowd primed for it maybe? Gunn Club vs Sheik/Alexander/Chamberlain: Is Colton's finisher the same as Dustin's new finisher? I'm not going to look for it but it seems iffy. It looked good here at least. Best bit of this was probably Austin pulling the legs from the outside early. It's very clear what Austin is but I don't really get what heel Colton is supposed to be, especially with Billy standing right there sort of being a better version of whatever it might be. Billy's punch on Sheik was great but I wanted to see that guy do more. Diamante/Nyla/Sakura vs Statlander/Rosa/Velvet: Things to like here but they were more specific moments than the overall match. I get a sense that people trained more recently are taught to look at dropdowns as a way to trip an opponent as opposed to just something you do as part of a routine. I see that in watching Velvet at least. There was almost a sense of hierarchy here as she lost the offense quickly against Emi but who knows since the match was so much noise by that point. My favorite thing about Statlander is how she works the boop in and she worked it in by trying it to Nyla and getting crushed with a suplex. Nyla sure isn't protected anymore, that's for sure. She tagged herself in and got clowned pretty quickly. Diamante fed well for everyone. That's her lot. I did like her little taste of tandem stuff with Nyla. Rosa understands what she has with the crowd and is able to milk it at times, so good on her. If these sentences are all random, disconnected thoughts, that's ok; so was the match. Also, unlike the match on Elevation, they didn't use this to hype the TBS tournament nearly as well. Jade promo: The "Very Funny" thing probably didn't work, but it was a good effort. The promo itself worked fine. I like managers. Jade obviously needs one. There's even benefit in her having her own since it makes her stand out more. The company just has a lot. Jade is not the person to put the TBS belt on this year. Archer vs Fernandez: Jake just seemed glad to be there. I would have liked to see his reaction to Archer dragging the guy out. Yeah, Archer is really fun to watch in squashes. He has that Sid/Steiners/Road Warriors vibe. This pretty quickly became the Taz/Kingston show, which was pretty distracting, let me tell you. Kingston's mini promo about how he could hurt Archer was good. Fernandez got to show some fire and he ate that forearm well off the top. This was a blur, but that's ok. I do like how Dark is constantly pushing towards the main shows. Solo vs Kazarian: I got kind of restless midway through this one and got looking up Solo and realized he was in a team with Starks right before Taz told us that. IT was funny because when he was out on the floor, I kind of had Starks vibes out of him, so I can see that. I think there's honestly room for just about everyone on the roster, but I can't tell you what Solo's doing there. He's competent, and you want guys like Kazarian and Sydal to put over talent on the bigger shows, but I don't think Kazarian is any stronger for beating Solo than he would have been beating some talented indy guy. So this was fine, sound, but there wasn't a lot of reason to care. 2.0/Garcia/Serpentico vs Dark Order: The entrance was pretty funny, especially because they set up the moment on the ramp and then paid it off in the ring with the streamers. How can you not enjoy watching Serpentico? The bit where he kept trying to give Parker a thumbs up was so good. The long beatdown on Angels didn't work. I don't know if the crowd was just exhausted and this was late in the taping cycle or he didn't get a hope spot or the Dark Order (including Colt) just weren't working the apron or what. The only one that was really getting reactions was Garcia with his off the charts intensity. 10 is one of the best hot tags in the company with his size and spots. Does Grayson always do that flip over senton to the guy leaning on the apron? That seems like a challenging spot to work into multiple matches but it worked here. The finishing stretch started awkward and then used that awkwardness for humor so good on them. Still, overall this could have worked better.
  17. I haven’t scrolled up so I don’t know what Craig is complaining about but I do appreciate him posting so it wasn’t right there on the unread preview whatever it was.
  18. Today I learned that MVP had a stable with Kenny King, Lashley, Samoa Joe, Low Ki, Eric Young, Homicide and Hernandez. This was not knowledge I had before.
  19. I feel pretty strongly that someone has to mercilessily bloody up Happy Uncle Punk at some point. I'm increasingly thinking that instead of putting over some young guy, you use it as the capstone for whatever the hell the Cody thing is supposed to be. How dare Punk go out there and be happy and get Cody's pops while Cody is doing everything humanly possible to be a GOOD, GOOD Guy and the fans are turning on him. How dare Punk not go for the title when Cody CAN'T go for the title. How dare Punk face all these random up and comers when that was Cody's deal with the open TNT challenge.
  20. So I still have a little congestion, but wife and 19 year old never got COVID and the girls are back to school okay. My isolation is over. It was not a fun two weeks but at least it's one that's behind us now. It opens up what we can do with the girls for the next couple of months a little. We'd been avoiding movie theaters and that seems moot now. The decision to put the 9 year old in chorus at school seems like the right one now, etc. Anyway, I watched a ton of wrestling; that's for sure.
  21. Elevation 10/18/21 Dustin vs Gustavo: Got to heat up Dustin before he wrestles Danielson. There wasn't a ton to see here unfortunately. They had a nice little rope running bit at the start where Dustin shifted around him and kept him moving. Gustavo looked fine in taking Dustin's stuff. Henry name dropping Duke Droese was a thing that happened. Dustin randomly creating a new finisher and naming it after Bob Backlund the day we get our first new Bob Backlund match in forever is another. This was good but it's always a shame when you get a Dustin match where he doesn't get to work from underneath. Wardlow vs Austin: Million billion stars for Wardlow refusing to give the crowd even a second power bomb after they went nuts for the idea they were going to get one. That's the kind of thing you can do with a molten crowd. Great instincts. They still popped for his finish. The clothesline bump should have maybe looked a little better? I don't know? But yeah, great instincts by Wardlow. Santana/Ortiz vs Jaka/Maluta: Hey! I kind of liked this actually. It was a real match with tag rules and everything. Jaka and Maluta came in looking like they knew what they were doing and had some of the spots scouted and Santana/Ortiz actually had to work at it, which made them look better in toughing it out for victory. They were still dominant. They were never really at risk. It still felt like a match. No issues with this one. Mizunami/Velvet/King vs Sakura/Nyla/Diamante: Tons to like here. This was my first look at Ryo and she just had really great reactions to everything and solid shots. You could sense the crowd was kind of for Diamante though so maybe that wasn't the best early match up. King and Velvet worked very well together. I wouldn't mind seeing more of that. I liked Velvet eating everyone's offense for the FIP and how both of her bits of hope were based on her opponents knocking her partners off the apron. That Spanish Fly looked like she almost broke herself in half though. Lulu's reactions after Emi hits the cross body in the corner are always worth looking out for, as was Nyla all but pulling her in to celebrate after the match was over. Ryo looked like a world beater vs Nyla to the point where they had to save her from a pinfall after a suplex. Very best moment of the match was Emi mugging to the camera as she was holding Velvet's leg on the outside on the finish. That was amazing. This could have used another minute or two but obviously that extra Buy-In hour wasn't part of the original plan.
  22. There can be mitigating factors. Maybe it takes him a long time to crawl over to get the pin. Maybe he's cocky about it and takes too long. Maybe he's injured and can't get a good pinfall. Maybe he can't/doesn't hook the leg. Maybe the ref has to get into position. There's also a difference between a kick out and getting a foot on a rope. There's difference between getting a foot on the rope and grabbing the rope. Etc.
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