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  1. They've been doing Dark tapings on and off for over a year in Orlando. They aren't "moving back", what are you talking about?
  2. It's amazing to me how that promo is now justified cause Punk turned out to be a prick like we all knew already. Page shit himself on live TV multiple times in the build up to that match and people just give him a pass for it still. I remember Punk's reaction to it when he returned from injury was brought up and most fans and people in the media were like "I didn't even remember that promo". It was one of the weirdest most rambling nonsensical promos in years and it didn't register with you afterwards? I guess people rather their favourites be passive-aggressive types instead of someone who'll just say fuck you. Each to own I guess.
  3. Page was the one who went into business for himself on live TV first, how on earth was he the only one who was professional?
  4. Irie and Ishii used to be tag partners in DDT
  5. Things are pretty much normal in New Zealand. They were very strict on who they allowed in and out of their country and pretty much eradicated community transmission.
  6. Nah I've plenty of wrestling with heart and soul and invested crowds to watch instead.
  7. I can't understand that for a second. I've seen people lose their minds for this match and the reaction is bewildering to me to be honest. The two of them are great but thinking any match could be out of this world great like I've seen many say without a crowd is so alien to me. I was lucky to be at the 2017 version and it's still the best match I've seen in person and I can't imagine even watching this version no matter how much hype it gets. Covid era wrestling is the worst.
  8. I'd rather a molten crowd like that than a soulless studio
  9. Roy Lucier managed to find some early 90s never before seen Monterrey footage that he's starting to upload
  10. Muhammad Yone's 25th anniversary match. Ikeda and Ishikawa hit each other very, very hard.
  11. Rudge is great. Here he is against another machine in Marty Jones.
  12. I'm surprised that Matt D hasn't posted this here himself but good lord this match is as good as it looks on paper. Murdoch and Kurisu is a dream match I didn't know I needed till I saw this. The match would probably qualify for the blood and clubbering threads too.
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