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  1. Man, I really liked the new Masters of the Universe. I was a big fan of He Man as a kid. I realized that I had the figure of pretty much every character we see on this series. I don't however, have much of a recollection of any storylines from the original show. I remember the overall story, but no specific storylines. I thought this new series was really well-done. It did some new things while peppering in the old characters here and there. My four-year-old son watched it with me and was totally into it. He's dying to see what happens next after that cliffhanger ending. Subject change...I also finished my rewatch of The Venture Bros today. I couldn't remember if the series wrapped up or not. Googling around a little tells me that the series was actually cancelled, but there's a movie in the works to wrap things up. I can't wait for that. This is really one of my favorite series (animated or otherwise), so I'd love to see it's attention to detail rewarded by being able to tie things up nicely.
  2. It’s cool how they’re splitting into a more spy/Earth-bound section of the MCU (F&WS, Black Widow) and a more cosmic/magical section (WandaVision, Loki, probably Dr Strange 2). I guess Spiderman may have a bit of both.
  3. Yeah, I don’t mind Spears, he just needs to pick a lane. And he’s good in the Pinnacle. A group like that needs a guy that can take a fall and it not be a big deal. The rest of them need to be protected.
  4. I kind of skimmed this thread, but has no one mentioned the power bomb Cassidy took on the turnbuckle? Yikes! Shawn Spears reminds me of the kid in school who had rich parents but no talent at sports. He’d have all the highest-priced gear and he’d still suck at the sport. Spears has like a million gimmicks and no one gives a shit.
  5. I’m on vacation this week and, oh boy, am I not working out or eating a bit healthy!
  6. So, Aiden English is now going by Matt? He’s now used my shoot first and last names in his gimmicks.
  7. I'll echo everyone else's enjoyment of the show. That main event...damn. One thing I'm really liking in AEW is that babyfaces look out for each other. Hardy's group barely got close to Christian and his friends came running. As soon as Scorpio showed up, Sting came out to help Darby. Now, I will say that I'll be happy when Darby gets to have a featured match that doesn't involve cutting away to Sting fighting someone for five minutes, but it's cool that they work together. The only times we've seen really big heel beatdowns on a face, they've either been jumped backstage when they're buddies weren't around or it's been a numbers thing on guys like Moxley and Kingston who are more loners.
  8. I think, at this point, if you're interested in following the MCU at all, you should probably watch everything.
  9. Bryan is a great choice. He's very similar to Eddie to me. Started out as "just" a great worker, not really known for showing all that much personality. Then they both gradually show that they can be VERY compelling characters as either a face or a heel, while still being all-time-great wrestlers. Both also were able to adapt to any style or situation.
  10. I'm not good at ranking stuff, so I can't say where BW falls in the MCU for me, but I'd say that Florence Pugh and David Harbor put in two of the best performances of anyone in the MCU.
  11. To be fair, Oklahoma drills fucking suck. When I was a sophomore in high school, I was like 130 lbs soaking wet. I was also a mouthy little shit. So, one day in football practice, I'm doing what I do and being a mouthy little shit. My coach puts me as the ball carrier in an Oklahoma drill. Oh, I'm also very slow. Basically, no athletic ability at all. He has the tackler and blocker be my two cousins. They are both all-conference players. One of them played college football. They line up, and my cousin that is the blocker just lays down and lets my other cousin destroy me. Then coach switches them up and same thing happens. I didn't talk much in practice the rest of that day.
  12. Log


    He'll just fall back on his second career as a Star Wars bounty hunter.
  13. My first live wrestling show was main evented by Hogan/Orndorff. The ring was pelted with trash the whole time. It was so chaotic and it hooked me on wrestling. RIP Mr. Wonderful.
  14. I think there’s a pretty short list of people who were successful in every role they attempted in wrestling. Funk and Eddie are two of them. I’d add Heenan and Lawler (I don’t care for Lawler as an announcer, but he’s definitely been successful in that role).
  15. I enjoyed Marvel’s The Americans. I absolutely hated that Smells Like Teen Spirit cover. I hate this trend of breathy, slowed-down covers.
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