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  1. Sorry that happened, but glad it wasn't worse.
  2. Is Swerve/Okada even for either of their belts? I've only seen it called "Champion vs. Champion", but nothing about the belts or a belt being on the line. To expand, the graphics for the Mone/Nyla match say "TBS Championship" and Osprey/MJF says "AEW International Championship". The Swerve/Okada one says "Champion vs. Champion", nothing about either championship. That's why I wonder.
  3. I saw Moriarty do some cool stuff in Paradigm Pro pre-AEW. He just seems to be still finding his footing. I think he's a guy with a ton of upside, but he just needs to figure some things out.
  4. Looks like that Pikeville show is a PPV. Looks like they're trying to tour a bit. I know in the past, it was years of Wednesday tv tapings and then fundraiser/paid shows on weekends in smaller Kentucky/Southern Indiana towns. When they were still affiliated with WWE, they'd have a big yearly show at the State Fair where they'd have some of the bigger WWE names appear. I suppose the success of the Netflix show might have them stretching out a bit.
  5. Wrestling might be down the list a bit for things that are going to break his body. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C9fURl-pMSb/?igsh=azgzdWltc3Z5NW5y
  6. My mom had the best luck when she got called to jury duty. Gets up to be questioned, and they ask if there's any reason she wouldn't be able to be impartial for this case. She tells them (truthfully) that the advocate for the victim in the case is her best friend, and that's it. One question and out.
  7. My only issue with Hayter in that role is that I feel like she's outgrown it. It'd actually be pretty cool if Mone gets past Britt at All In, and then Hayter shows up at that show to challenge her.
  8. They are doing pretty well based on things I've heard from people who work there or are close to the promotion. That said, I have no idea who the hell thought they could fill that big of a venue.
  9. He does not deserve stars! He deserves JAIL!
  10. Thanks to you all for bringing up Thief and making me finally get off my ass and watch it. Amazing flick. I'd somehow never seen it and didn't really know anything about it, so it was all fresh for me.
  11. When I have some more time, I'll write up a few celebs that I got to meet while working in news. Outside of work, my favorite celeb sighting was in Wisconsin a couple summers ago. We were visiting Door County and went on a quick drive through a nearby state park. There was an old lighthouse a little off the road that we wanted to see. It was me, the wife and kids and my in-laws. Wife, daughter and mother-in-law decide to go in for the little tour of the lighthouse. Me and my father-in-law decide to wait outside with my son. We were just hanging out by this old stone wall, and a family pulls up on bikes. It's an older couple and their late-teen/early-20s son. They park their bikes and walk up to look at the lighthouse and kind of linger by the wall where we are. I'm thinking to myself, "Man, that guy really looks like Tony Shaloub." Then it hits me, "Oh, shit! That IS Tony Shaloub!" I quietly point this out to my FIL, and he does the old, "Hey, Tony!" to see if he responds. He does, and we just say hi. The girls come down and we tell them, and they're wary it was actually him. We get in the car and pull off, and soon we pass them on bike, my wife is like, "Oh, shit! That is him!" When we went out to eat that evening, we told a couple of locals, and they were all, "Oh yeah, he lives around here. We see him all the time. Nice guy."
  12. I swear I've seen some old footage where the Guerreros had a ring in their back yard.
  13. Man, OC/ZSJ was incredible. But I haven’t heard anyone bring up the biggest news from that match. Orange has switched to the Wayfarer from his usually aviators! As a Wayfarer man myself, I support this.
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