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  1. For me, the Gage appearance (and Juvi, too) make me sit up and take notice that, "Oh shit! They really might bring in anyone!" It's been a while since pro wrestling had any intrigue in the week to week happenings. Now, I tune in to AEW with the thought that someone cool showing up is definitely not outside the realm of possibilities.
  2. Yeah, I mean, it’s Batman. There’s been sooooo much media with that character, it’s tough to not repeat some things. It just seemed particularly glaring in that trailer.
  3. Oh, right! Duh. Forgot about Spidey.
  4. I grew up near Fosse's hometown (Marion, IL). So, I'm guessing everyone here knows that Fosse's career was ostensibly ended when Pete Rose ran over him at the plate in an all-star game. Cut to years later, Rose ends up going to prison. Where does he do his time? The federal penitentiary Marion, IL.
  5. We had a small gathering in our neighborhood this past weekend. Every time I turned around, my four-year-old had one of the older boys (8-10 range) on the ground and was not letting them up. He told me today that he was giving them "big splashes".
  6. What's the next Marvel thing we're getting? Eternals and then the Hawkeye series? Anything else between them and the Dr. Strange movie?
  7. So, in the Black/Martin match, it seemed to me that Martin, after his leg was injured, was a little apprehensive about going up top. Specifically, right before he did the one-legged springboard. It looked to me like Rush was telling him to get up there anyway. The commentators sold it was Rush telling him not to and Martin doing it anyway and losing. What happened there?
  8. Taz really selling them on commentary is great, too. He and Jericho went on about how it's viewed as a simple move but can really mess you up last week. Taz is just really good at getting moves over in general. I like when a commentator is a former wrestler and can explain exactly how something hurts.
  9. I happened to be in Chicago shooting some news stories the night of that game. I called some college friends to meet up and watch the game at a bar. I had an early-morning shoot, so I didn't want to stay too long. The damn game ended up being so exciting that I stayed out way too late and drank way too much along the way. My shoot the next morning was at the International Polka Hall of Fame. You know what's not awesome when you're hungover? Polka music. The bright side of this is that my picture ended up being in the International Polka Hall of Fame newsletter. I have to imagine that's an honor that very few non-Polka musicians have had.
  10. I'll no doubt see this new Batman, but that second trailer left me cold. It just seems like they're re-hashing a bunch of stuff from the Nolan movies.
  11. My feelings on Cody are weird. On the one hand, I haven't actually enjoyed anything he's done in quite a while. On the other, I actually really appreciate that he seems to really want to do something different. It's cool that he thinks like that, but he just hasn't pulled it off yet.
  12. Haven't seen Venom, but totally agree that run times are out of control. I've been watching some older movies lately, and it's refreshing how tight a lot of them are.
  13. He reminds me a lot of Paul E with ECW. They've both positioned themselves as an alternative to what many perceive to be a "stale" wrestling landscape. Except with Paul, he portrayed himself and ECW as underdogs. Coach Tony doesn't really have to do that. His way of being the alternative is just giving fans exactly what they want.
  14. It's Wednesday! You know what that... Oh. Dammit.
  15. He's gonna barf green shit on Brock when he tries to suplex him.
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