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  1. My wife and I signed the lease for our first apartment together with his then-fiancé. A bunch of OVW dudes lived in our complex. Him, Daniel Pruder and one of the Tolans, maybe a couple more. Around 4th of July, some dude was lighting off fireworks way too late. I went outside to see what was up. Fertig’s fiancé was telling the guy to pack it up and he was being an ass to her. He didn’t see that Mordecai was about to come around the corner. He shut up and went home pretty fast when he showed up
  2. People are (rightfully) excited about Bryan and Punk coming in, but I'm also loving that they're giving Yuta and Daniel Garcia some work. I haven't seen a ton of either of them, but I've liked what I have seen. Both have a ton of potential, IMO.
  3. Whoever runs his account always does that and it's infuriating!
  4. Gotta say that it's a little weird how Cena seems to be doing all of the press for Suicide Squad in his costume when no one else from the cast is doing that.
  5. The wife and I watched The Godfather again last night. Hot take: It's a really great movie. Also, she's going to attempt Clemenza's sauce recipe this week and we're going to watch part 2.
  6. I saw somewhere it was Alexa Bliss. I have no idea if that's valid or not. Oops. Just saw the "and got it" part. I just saw somewhere (here?) that Bliss asked for her release.
  7. I've always said I don't like a lot of people and this only confirms my feelings.
  8. I just found out that the daughters of a dude I work with played the creepy twins in this movie.
  9. I agree with you, but can understand if you have Punk and Danielson possibly on that show. That would push Hangman's win down on the list of "cool things that happened at All Out" list. I think Page will get the belt at some point, but it might be better after the dust settles a bit on these new signings. That way, he really gets his moment without it being too overshadowed.
  10. Friend-of-AEW, Shaq is on the board of Papa John’s. They could probably get some new shitty pizza ads.
  11. With Punk, it seems like they’re doing everything but flat-out announcing he’ll be there in Chicago. They make the Chicago announcement, and then make a point of showing close shots of fans chanting “CM Punk!” Then Darby drops the “best in the world” line. It’s possible to promote something and build buzz for it without coming out and saying it.
  12. AEW is a crazy fucking promotion. I mean, seriously, what the hell is going on?!!? Nick Gage and Chris Jericho in a full-on deathmatch, they pretty much confirm they’ve signed Punk and now Juvi! Oh, and Tanahashi!
  13. Oooh. That'd be awesome. Dude is scary as fuck on Better Call Saul.
  14. I've met Rip before. No joke, the dude has a near photographic memory. I mentioned Poffo's ICW had run a show at my high school in like 1982 and he rattled off the card. I'd think he knows that's Baba, but it's possible he brain farted on that tweet.
  15. I love that Jericho's idea of a "scary guy" involves wearing a fedora.
  16. Man, I really liked the new Masters of the Universe. I was a big fan of He Man as a kid. I realized that I had the figure of pretty much every character we see on this series. I don't however, have much of a recollection of any storylines from the original show. I remember the overall story, but no specific storylines. I thought this new series was really well-done. It did some new things while peppering in the old characters here and there. My four-year-old son watched it with me and was totally into it. He's dying to see what happens next after that cliffhanger ending. Subject change...I also finished my rewatch of The Venture Bros today. I couldn't remember if the series wrapped up or not. Googling around a little tells me that the series was actually cancelled, but there's a movie in the works to wrap things up. I can't wait for that. This is really one of my favorite series (animated or otherwise), so I'd love to see it's attention to detail rewarded by being able to tie things up nicely.
  17. It’s cool how they’re splitting into a more spy/Earth-bound section of the MCU (F&WS, Black Widow) and a more cosmic/magical section (WandaVision, Loki, probably Dr Strange 2). I guess Spiderman may have a bit of both.
  18. Yeah, I don’t mind Spears, he just needs to pick a lane. And he’s good in the Pinnacle. A group like that needs a guy that can take a fall and it not be a big deal. The rest of them need to be protected.
  19. I kind of skimmed this thread, but has no one mentioned the power bomb Cassidy took on the turnbuckle? Yikes! Shawn Spears reminds me of the kid in school who had rich parents but no talent at sports. He’d have all the highest-priced gear and he’d still suck at the sport. Spears has like a million gimmicks and no one gives a shit.
  20. I’m on vacation this week and, oh boy, am I not working out or eating a bit healthy!
  21. So, Aiden English is now going by Matt? He’s now used my shoot first and last names in his gimmicks.
  22. I'll echo everyone else's enjoyment of the show. That main event...damn. One thing I'm really liking in AEW is that babyfaces look out for each other. Hardy's group barely got close to Christian and his friends came running. As soon as Scorpio showed up, Sting came out to help Darby. Now, I will say that I'll be happy when Darby gets to have a featured match that doesn't involve cutting away to Sting fighting someone for five minutes, but it's cool that they work together. The only times we've seen really big heel beatdowns on a face, they've either been jumped backstage when they're buddies weren't around or it's been a numbers thing on guys like Moxley and Kingston who are more loners.
  23. I think, at this point, if you're interested in following the MCU at all, you should probably watch everything.
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