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  1. In another nail in the coffin of TOPPS I was kind of enjoying not having to deal with the 20 - 30 different parallels in wrestling cards. Oh well.
  2. So wait they aren't using Ticketmaster anymore? Also it seems like WM is a two day event THANK GOD
  3. And I bet you they told anyone that would listen that they would never watch an NBA game again last year because it was too black or too woke or too pro-women or too whatever the fuck.
  4. Not sure I would have willing to give up that Brady 600 TD football that the fan did so easy. Probably would have run out the stadium
  5. Detroit playing like they will get kicked out of the league if they lose
  6. It seemed that Taylor could have easily sprinted for that first TD run and got too cute. He loves diving for no damn reason
  7. I think I would rather watch Virginia political ads then this Giants vs Panthers game. Okay maybe it isn't that bad but yeesh thank god for Redzone Channel
  8. What the hell is going on with the Chiefs and Mahomes? The Titans are just crushing them and doing it easily
  9. I do like the Packers throwback uniform today As much as I like George Kittle as a player and personality, I am really tired of this "National Tight Ends Day" gimmick. It is just going way overboard.
  10. Oh for fuck sakes can we both give Penn State and Illinois a loss in this game. Seriously 16-16 in a 6 overtime game? Correction 8 overtime game. At this point the entire Big 10 should be destroyed after this game And mercifully it is over.
  11. Kansas is up 3 in the 4th quarter to Oklahoma. Although it looks like the Sooners are about to explode. But to tell you how bad things are for the Kansas team, they opened the gates at the 2nd quarter for anyone to just show up for free. And the crowd is still at about 50% full
  12. Know things are bad when Charlotte thinks Bianca is jobbing too much
  13. As someone who felt like he went through the entire Philly indie wars of 2002-2003, it seemed like there was some huge holes in the XPW stories. But when you only have an hour that happens. You can see the dumb shit though and why XPW had the reputation it did. I mean faking the insurance papers on the night of the scaffold when most people except Vic Grimes knew New Jack was going to try to kill him is pretty stunning even for them. Also the Altar Boy Luke chair shot story was uncomfortable as fuck
  14. I stopped reading it when he mentioned that most of the Cinderella teams in the tournament can barely getting 200 fans in the crowd. I mean I bet even the worse #16 seed averages about 2000 a game. Also isn't helping his argument when the conference he is in is becoming less and less like a major conference. Although the Big 12 without Texas or Oklahoma in basketball should be fine.
  15. I mean Dustin Hopkins was having a bad year but picking up Chris Blewitt is a better option? I guess they are just desperate
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