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  1. If you are wondering why #WeSupportSamiZayn is trending Maybe this isn't actually happening and this is click bait but if there is some smoke to this can you imagine doing shit about this when you got a ref at NXT losing his damn mind in Florida council meeting on company time
  2. By the way I wasn't really interested in the Collision in Korea episode next week but having Scott Norton and 2 Cold Scorpio talk about it peaked my interest a good deal
  3. Moxley mentioning that he always came to the ring with a mask or handchief and he doesn't even think about at the time. By the way I completely agree with Mox in his assessment that Vince would kill to have someone who has the relationship Gage and his fans do. I mean who is close to that now in WWE? maybe Bryan?
  4. In the "This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" category I kind of knew we would fuck up this sports card boom but didn't think it would be this way
  5. If you want to be completely pissed off watching a documentary then the HBO new docu series "The Crime of the Century" will do that for you. It basically shows the history of Oxycontin and Fentanyl which is responsible for most of the opioid crisis we are dealing with now, the people who made millions off of it, and the people who did everything possible to make sure they would get away with it. The story of Gary Blinn was basically used as a test dummy to see how much you can take before it really messes you up is stunning.
  6. I am still amused that they keep pushing the Jaguars as "England's team". I can't think of a team who has been over there more. And probably have lost every one there.
  7. Hope Moxley using the original version of Wild Thing was just because of his match with Ngata because as great as Mox is he is not Onita
  8. That is kind of the only thing to come up with. I mean it is certainly not a standards thing because they didn't have any problem implying that Randy savage was in a 3 some with an underage teen while with Gorgeous George
  9. wasn't that the angle that set up the WrestleMania match against Edge?
  10. Kenny Johnson who has created some really good wrestling mini documentaries in the past did an hour long one on the career and retirement of Matt Tremont that is really worth watching. It is full of death match stuff so if you are into that then this isn't for you. But if so then you should definitely check out. The stuff on Danny Havoc and Matt is trying to honor him as much as possible was great.
  11. Have to say that listening to Twitter complain about even the concept of doing a show on Nick Gage is creepy. Basically it is the following excuses: 1. Never worked a national promotion so he isn't relevant 2. Does death matches so isn't really a "wrestler" . Which is funny since they had no issue with New Jack using this argument. Most of them sound like they tag Cornette as much as humanly possible. hence the excessive use of "mud shows" Nobody thinks that this show is going to better than Pillman or Benoit or Brody shows but this will be far from boring
  12. If you are a Jaguars fans and NOT some blind homer for Ohio State, Florida, or Clemson, you have to be freaking out over the last 6 months. He really doesn't seem to get this whole NFL thing Unless you are still in "Hey at least he isn't Doug Marrone" mode
  13. I mean if Andy Kaufman is still waiting then they should just take their time.
  14. He is absolutely right about the Thunder Rosa thing. It is almost like she got punished for winning one of the talked about matches until Blood and Guts by only working on AEW version of Superstars . The only thing from a non storyline way that you can justify it is they are worried she is still more of an NWA Power person instead of AEW
  15. For the last 2 weeks or so, Nationals fans have been trying to figure out why FP Santagelo has been off and on in the broadcast booth. Well we are starting to see why. He has pulled from today's game against the Yankees. I have already considered him the Larry Michael of the Nationals because of his homerism. Well apparently maybe more like than we thought.
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