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  1. The best part of the intro is the apprehension on the word "Now". Like there should be a question mark on it They are now putting the Cole announcement on their Youtube channel. So someone thought it was a great idea. Hopefully they crop our Pat's reaction for their sakes
  2. The reaction by McAfee during Cole prepared statement was fascinating. Like he realizes this is kind of bullshit but also knows his place in the company and is confused Also interesting that Sasha and Naomi are still in the company but ALL of their merchandise was taken down. Hell even during the Austin took his ball and left phase they sold his shit
  3. Well looking at the prices that are being asked for this show, if you are going to this show you are the easiest of marks.
  4. To be fair No Way Jose on the pre-show is the perfect placement for him given that probably 90% of his WWE matches were on the pre-show/Main Event/Superstars
  5. I feel like this entire show except the main event could be found on Main Event or Superstars on Peacock
  6. Takeshita performance was so great against Page that I don't think it would have been a problem if he actually won the match. As long as he can come back regularly. If this is just an excursion and he won't be back to the US soon then never mind I would like to put over Serena Deeb promo except for the fact that nobody born in Fairfax VA has whatever accent that was and she is talking about women treated in the business while dating Marty Scurill.
  7. I mean he isn't wrong but it is kind of rich as I am pretty sure you can build a bank with the money thrown around for get players under the table.
  8. As Meltzer mentions, it really depends on whether Roman Reigns sees this. If Jimmy Uso stands by his wife which I figure he will and Roman stands behind the Usos then it gets really interesting. For Naomi. Eventually I think they have to cut with Sasha if gets too deep
  9. I really hope this "Cody countdown" thing was just for one week because unless they are trying to turn him heel quickly this is a terrible idea to make people sick of him
  10. Well except that Demolition wasn't planning on breaking up. If the ultimate goal of having Sasha lose to Naomi was to break up the team then that is probably what bothers her.
  11. Also the fact that it was Corey Graves who has despised Sasha Banks for reasons nobody really knows for years used the word "unprofessional" makes you think there could be an angle behind this.
  12. I know that in the Attitude Era there were plenty times the WWE basically "exposed the business" for lack of a better term. But can anyone remember an official statement recently that went this far using terms like "scripted show" and "8 hours to rehearse and construct the match". I admire Naomi being the ride or die for Sasha but given how shaky they have used her in the past I don't know if that is a hill she wants to die on. I mean as much as Sasha complains about how she was used, Naomi has gotten it a lot worse
  13. So apparently Ric Flair wants to die in the ring. And pro wrestling is more than willing to let it happen
  14. No real love for the Rangers but DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD. Hopefully for good this time
  15. Yeah Chris Paul might as well just hang it up because this Game 7 is going to be impossible for him to recover from.
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