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  1. Let's be brutally honest, if you need a QB with 2 concussions (one seeming to be major) in a span of a week to beat the Jets then your team kind of sucks to begin with and shouldn't be thinking playoffs. Bridgewater might be an average QB at best but come on it's the Jets I am not going to play the "everyone should be fired" card until I see what happens in the next 3 weeks. If Tua hits the field in the next 2 weeks then different story. I would say 3 because I don't know if I want to see Tua dealing with a Steelers defense.
  2. I don't care if Tua skips out of the hospital room and does backflips he should be out for at least 2 weeks. He apparently has feelings in his arm and legs so that is great news
  3. Tua hasn't been that good tonight against Bengals and now it looks like his back is badly hurt again. Or another concussion. I would like to think they will actually have him sit down in 2nd half. Edit: Damn didn't know that fingers kind of go that way when they suffer head trauma.
  4. Not the best 2nd day for Saraya. She was never great in promos to begin with. Now rusty and against Britt is a mismatch
  5. It also can't help that from most accounts the Bills game was played in Dante's Inferno it was so hot in Miami.
  6. I know there was talks about the Bucs game being in Miami. I would think that has been cancelled because even though Miami is going to be relatively okay (and it still will be bad) how the fuck are you going to get there. I know the Buccaneers are there but have the Chiefs gotten there?
  7. It has now been upgraded to Cat 5 in some places. This has the makings of being a whole lot worse than Katrina. I would say leave but if you haven't already you aren't going to. And unfortunately it is painfully clear this is going to be a political football that both sides are going to love to play with
  8. I mean his knee went out after the play was over just slowing down. He wasn't even touched. At least OBJ was making a football move in the Super Bowl. Just shows you how fragile the leg and how unsure NFL fields are regardless of turf or fake grass
  9. Lost in the chaos was Mac Jones possibly suffering a bad leg injury on one of the final plays of the game
  10. Not sure if he would have made it out of bounds but dont turn downfield The Bills coach having a fit in the press box
  11. Lions choking to Kirk Cousins of all people
  12. The Dolphins just did a Butt Punt
  13. The Colts are going to beat the Chiefs? Meanwhile Davis Mills is who we thought he was
  14. Well that changed quickly because now Shefter is reporting that Hebert is active and starting. Guess that shot for the Chargers doctor did the trick Have no idea why Tua is playing now after how he left at the end of the half except it is the Bills game
  15. I know that most of the people at the game are Eagles but at least the clock operator at Fed Ex Field shouldn't be one. Granted I figure they would have gotten the play off with 18 seconds but come on.
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