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  1. Saw a guy on Twitter post that he'd heard two names in the Rangers orbit for new coach were John Tortorella and Mike Babcock. For reasons of pure chaos, I hope they are somehow both true and it culminates with a behind-the-bench brawl between co-coacehes Torts and Babcock.
  2. I thought nothing would top "Emo Facepaint Daddy" then we had that incredible JR/Tazz exchange: "That Arn Anderson-like...power...bomb." "It's a Spinebuster" "Yeah...it's a lot of things, Tazz." "Yeah but it was a spinebuster." then about half a minute later after Tazz had changed the topic JR goes "Spinebustah" ==== Loved Tay-Shida. They really beat the tar out of each other. Much nastier than I was expecting. Conti's repeated judo throws really popped the crowd and I was wondering if she shouldn't turn that into a repeating spot (a la the Cesaro swing or repeating Germ
  3. For a brief, shining moment, I forgot about the Sin Cara shirt and reading it in quotation marks made me think he had a shirt that had his photo and the caption "My body is a giant cock" and I was trying to figure what had happened there and then it all clicked. But it gave me a good chuckle thinking about this poorly-executed mythical catchphrase
  4. "Look, first of all, I'm not your brother. Second of all, I saw the sex tape, it's not that big."
  5. I would suspect he's on most of our lists...
  6. It feels like Vince just watched Matt Striker commentary and kept adding to the list "I'm marking out?! Add it to the list."
  7. This reminds me of that story of when Stephanie saw Ultimo Dragon with his mask off and wondered why such a good-looking guy would wear a mask and called him "Ultimo Hottie". I never want to know if that that isn't true. It always makes me laugh, thinking about her going "Ultimo Hottie!"
  8. I still think the best use of 'Where Is My Mind' (even if it was a lesser cover of the song) was over the climax of 'Observe and Report' Spoilered for the fact it's the end of the movie and copious male nudity!
  9. I always liked the story on Foley’s book where Nash was watching Jake the Snake no-sell someone’s offence and Nash said something like “if Jake can get away with that with his skinny legs and potbelly than I’m gonna start doing it” and Foley said Nash’s performance improved markedly almost immediately.
  10. In a town called Hope! How do you not rework the screenplay when a story about a disillusioned veteran happens to be filmed in a town called Hope!? When I was younger, I wanted to move there, just so I could make puns based off the name. Anyways, they've very proud of their Rambo heritage
  11. It's probably better than the previous remake being set in Washington State. I just watched it for the first time, actually both Walking Talls, for the first time last year. There's something so wrong about moving the setting out of the South; it just doesn't fit at all. Also, I love The Rock but he's too likable for the role. Joe Don Baker was perfect for the bad-ass sheriff who is simultaneously cleaning up his town/turning it into a police state.
  12. I actually understand the thinking behind this. It's kind of old school wrestling in that you slow down the uptick and speed up the impact so people don't notice that it's not actually hitting. It probably goes back to stuff like superkicks and the like where they look good at high speed, but when you slow them down they're actually not connecting as close as they look and it makes it look worse. BUT the big problem is that they decided to employ this strategy for EVERYTHING including stuff that actually looks good in slow motion (RKOs out of nowhere, double stomps...really any top rope
  13. I must be the odd man out here because I liked the rest of the show but disliked the main event. Liked the new feuds introduced (Penta-Cody, Darby-Sky, Sting-Archer?) but I thought the main event turn/reveal didn't really make any sense. Why would FTR who have been all about bringing back tag team wrestling and tradition align with a guy like MJF who is everything but?! What do they care about him or the Inner Circle? Why did they lose the tag belts and just never really bother to try to get them back? They were ruthlessly trying to destroy the Bucks, lost the titles and just were like "Eh, le
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