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  1. That's the one. In one night I got to see Rey Mysterio Jr, Juventud Guerrera, Lance Storm, The Great Muta, Mike Awesome, Booker T, Norman Smiley, PCO, Sting & Vampiro and I literally can't remember a single moment of in-ring action because the show was such a mess.
  2. You're lucky, I got the night after the above PPV which began with a lengthy Vince Russo promo where he repeatedly "shot" and talked about "your hero Goldberg" and my friend and I (Who watched literally all the WCW that was on TV) went "Wait, are we supposed to like Goldberg again" and ended with Goldberg putting Midajah through a table backstage on the screen (which we couldn't even see from where we were seated!).
  3. You're probably not going to be happy about Joe Gacy's new NXT character...
  4. That's true! It had such a 'Street Prophets talk about what's coming up on Raw for eons before actually wrestling a match' vibe to it.
  5. Hit Row could be big big stars if they don't mess around with the formula. So they won't. I'm pretty sure Swerve will be turning on Top Dolla for the latter's monster push within a year.
  6. I wish there was somebody honest enough and senior enough to write a history of how WCW conceived a big debut named the Yeti and ended up with a guy in a mummy costume doing THAT. Like how many committees or writers or focus groups or whatever did it go through where the Yeti (Presumably at SOME point, a big furry monster-type character) ended up being a bandage-wrapped mummy?! And presumably SOMEONE told him to do the double-bearhug and presumably SOMEONE told him to shake as he applied it because I can't believe these were the actual wrestler's decisions. I would watch an entire documentary about what happened that night. And just when I think we've seen the most bizarre wrestling clip ever...a new contender emerges. Why did Piper go THERE?! He could have bitten him on the upper outside thigh, or even more on the cheek but he's...right in there.
  7. I now have visions of Punk living out his "boyhood dream" and dancing down to the ring to the strains of (his re-recorded with his own vocals) "Sexy Boy"
  8. This reads like one of those Facebook posts designed to steal your password information: "Your NXT name is your first car with your mother's maiden name and your billed weight is the last four digits on the back of your credit card".
  9. One thing AEW does that drives me nuts, that is also something I HATE that WWE does, is have wrestlers hit these amazing crazy moves out of nowhere that haven't been done before, has the crowd whipped into a frenzy and then it's a two-count because the matches almost always have to end on a finishing move. Example being the Spears-Sammy match with the double-springboard into the top-rope stunner: the crowd pops for the dual-springboard, then for the middle finger, then even bigger for the move itself. The match should end there, but instead they meander around for a while, the crowd cools off, then Sammy hits his finisher for the win. That's exactly how I feel about Britt-Soho, there's some stuff, there's the big top rope spot, they meander around in the distraction finish after the crowd has died. Man, that Cody-Black match was a mess. Crowd turns on Cody from the get-go (Big pop for the lights going out, thinking they're getting some kind of debut, only for it to be the Cody entrance which seemed to tick everyone off). Then the crowd boos Cody mercilessly, including every time it looks like he's going to win, and Cody is noticeably affected by it. Then the announcers hype up about how intimidating Black is, only for Brandi to no-sell said intimidation, roll into the ring and flip off Black. Then you have Arn getting on the wrong side of the ring, trying to manuever around the post and fall off the apron, awkwardly get back up and bump into Cody, the weird spat with Cody and Arn, Cody intentionally/accidentally hitting the ref, and a mist spot (which Black has never used before, right?) to get the win. I assume some of this will make sense as we move into a Cody heel turn (I have to think with the crowd turning on him, that's where this is headed) but it was just dreadful. And, look, I love Arn Anderson but he has been an absolute disaster as a manager/coach. He just seems to be in the way or distracting or confused by what is going on most of the time. When he came in as Cody's manager, it was one of those things where you go "Arn as a manager makes so much sense, why didn't someone do this beforehand?" and then you watch him as a manager and go "Oh that's why!" Same thing with Arn as a commentator for WWEWCW: "Why didn't someone do this sooner?!" Then you hear him tell quiet, almost inaudible stories and struggle to keep up with the action and go "Oh that's why!" I think Miro's line about his God and his wife being the the ones who control his body "One demands pain, the other pleasure" was the line of the night. Also, was I hearing things or did Tony say Omega was about to hit the "One-Legged Angel" in that first match? I hope it's a tease for the debut of Zack Gowen!
  10. If only Foley hadn't objected to "Mason the Mutilator"! I can just hear Vince's pronounciation in my head: "MEWWWWWW-tee-lay-TORRRRRRRRR"
  11. I always thought the Apollo Crews name was the laziest. It always felt like "He's kinda got an Apollo Creed feel or maybe Terry Crews...Terry Creed!" "Wait, hear me out, Apollo Crews!" "Brilliant!"
  12. That wedding (and last week's bachelor/bachelorette parties) is probably the best bits of WWE comedy written in years. So stupid, but silly enough that it was highly entertaining. I think my favourite part was when they said cut to the chase and Andre Chase said "Did someone say Andre Chase" and Gargano loudly said "No one said that!" I would like to see Gargano re-sign in NXT, because I think he and Ciampa could basically be the vets who mentor and feud with the younger talent. I do like the shocking Mandy Rose return was that she no longer has blonde hair.
  13. Did not realize that Von Wagner was Wayne Bloom's kid but now I can't unsee it.
  14. I do NOT like the look on that chicken's face!
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