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  1. I think that was the plan, but the crowd really wants to go back to cheering Kai and did so when she bilindsided Raquel. I wouldn't be shocked if the heat ends up 50/50 or worse when they wrestle. Kai has that likable babyface aura about her (Even when she's a heel) while Raquel has a bit of a "WWE project" aura about her. They might have been better off doing this turn before they got back in front of live audiences...
  2. He was part of a heel team in ROH with Shane Taylor, IIRC. They didn't last long but they were awesome but they were "technically" heels (Because you tend to get as much cheers in modern-ish ROH as a heel as you do as a face, unless you're particularly at odds with the crowd (see Hardy, Matt and/or Taven, Matt)
  3. I dunno, I think this ties into regular sports pretty well. Watch a ton of hockey and it's a semi-regular occurrence where a player will dispute a call with the ref which will never get reverssed or rectified and lose track of his check/get behind the play and get scored on. I'd say that's a pretty realistic element of wrestling as a real sport.
  4. It goes really well with the washed-out color of his tights in the photo blending with his skin making it look like he's wrestling naked
  5. It boggles the mind that they don't. You could even do a female NWO with Nash a godfather-esque role (Note: Not like the wrestler The Godfather...that would be unfortunate...but funny). Same thing with a few of their other WWE/WCW stables: Nexus, DX, heck you could even bring Flair back to manage a new Horsemen (REALLY tick off AEW who want to use it soooo badly). Doesn't have to be a real long-term thing just an excuse to sell the t-shirts.
  6. And that is apparently exactly what is happening as she debuted in a team with Shotzi on Smackdown tonight!
  7. That would make sense. I saw 'Kids in the Hall Brain Candy' in theaters and my friends and I were laughing non-stop while everyone walked out of the theater going "That was terrible." In retrospect those people were more right than we were, but I still get a chuckled out of it. I felt like it was trying to top itself with the gross-out gags/subject matter than in the last third it kinda fizzles out. I guess I was expecting more, either positively or negatively but it just kind of meh
  8. Man, my movie-watching has been really weird as of late. 'Jesse Stone: Stone Cold': The biggest flaw with this one is casting Tom Selleck in the lead. Selleck's a bit questionable in his real life at times, but onscreen he always comes off likable. And in this made-for-TV movie about an alcoholic police chief, it would actually have fit the movie better if the actor wasn't nearly so likable as the alcoholic thing never really comes across with Selleck: he just seems like a solid dude who drinks a bit. The most notable thing about this movie is that somehow Viola Davis is in it with a very small role just before people figured out how good she is. Anyway Selleck investigates a series of murders in his hometown before the killers target him. It's pretty paint-by-numbers. 'Freddy Got Fingered': Saw a review of this the other day that suggested it was some sort of brilliant satire of movies so I saw it on Prime Video and gave it a shot. Nah. 'A Family Affair': So charmingly old-fashioned and saccharine-sweet, yet weird in that it handles a couple issues one wouldn't expect in 1937: infidelity and blackmail. Judge Hardy (Lionel Barrymore, not being evil!) blocks a local construction project and the entire town turns on him while he tries to ignore it and help his family with their problems, chiefly his daughter whose husband has left him after she was caught at a seedy hangout kissing another man (Which is pretty racy for 37!). This is somehow the first of a series of 16 (!) films but the only one with Barrymore. I still think Andy Hardy (Mickey Rooney) is kind of an asshole but this was still charming. 'The Stratton Story': Jimmy Stewart plays Monty Stratton, the MLB pitcher who lost his leg in a hunting accident, in a biopic based on true events. But what's weird is the way this film ends kind of underplays Stratton's accomplishments. It's actually the rare biopic where they choose a lesser event to end the film instead of what really happened. 'Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter': This was weird-as-shit, a satire of advertising that is mainly a thinly-veiled attack on 20th Century Fox's own star: Marilyn Monroe. I didn't much care for this, I mean it actually had the line "I used to look up to you, but you're just a poop of a man. And that's the way the poop, poops!" 'Eddie Macon's Run': I loved this silly little flick. John Schneider (The Dukes of Hazzard guy, not Roy Scheider whom I somehow mistakenly thought was in this) plays an escaped convict on the run after being wrongfully jailed (Kind of). Kirk Douglas plays a cop determined to show he still has it and bring him to justice. There's lots of semi-notable people in here: John Goodman (in his second role!), Tom Noonan, JT Walsh, etc. Even though it's from 1983, it feels REALLY older. Like there's guys getting shot, an attempted hanging, an attemped rape etc. etc. but the second someone's about to used an f-word, they abruptly cut to the next scene. Fun car chase in it, too. 'Trouble With the Curve': As soon as this started, I thought "This is totally some old guy who saw/read 'Moneyball' and went: "The scouts deserve better!" and, looking it up, the timeline seems to add up. Clint Eastwood is a gruff old baseball scout being pushed out by the young, computer-assisted stats-obssessed scout. Seeing as his vision is failing, his daughter shows up (Amy Adams) to help him scout an important prospect and save his job. Justin Timberlake also turns up as failed prospect doing some scouting and adding a love story to the arc (With Adams...not Clint). You can probably tell exactly what the movie is like from this description: Eastwood and his crusty old buddies drink a lot and trade barbs, Adams fights with her dad while showing the men that women can know baseball too, her and Timberlake flirt and you know exactly how it ends...but in the last act there is a REAL abrupt tonal shift when Eastwood [spoiler]tells a story about him sending his daughter away because some groundskeeper tried to ASSAULT her when she was around 7 and how he showed up, sent her away and MURDERED the guy. And it's this silly breezy little little comedy/love story and then there's a big "WHOA was not expecting things to get that dark" moment there.[/spoiler] 'Bad Trip': This was sooo stupid. I'm a big fan of Eric Andre's show but this can barely be called a movie. Just a series of hidden camera stunts barely strung together to make some semblance of a plot. The funniest part is watching them talking to the dupes during the credits, really. Though I did get a good laugh out of the zoo sequence, I'll admit
  9. I just read this part of Bret Hart's book where he talks about them '"Jake [Roberts] finally decided to come back to work in May, on the Kiwis' last day. They rode in his car with him and when they passed us in the car us in the van both Crazy Nick and Sweet William had their butt cheeks pressed to the side windows: a full moon in broad daylight. Not to be outdone, we passed them a few minutes later with a wide assortment of big hairy asses stuck to the van windows. Several miles later, Jake overtook us again. This time the trunk popped open and there was Crazy Nick bent over on his knees, with Sweet William pretending to shag him from behind. The crazy Kiwis made wrestling fun, and I was sorry to see them go."
  10. I actually really like Gargano/The Way as tweeners, where the crowd is cheering him over Kross while booing the women's team. It's a weird dynamic with the crowd cheering Gargano (and a lot of it is possibly that the crowd really just wants anyone but Kross as champ) but booing him at any other chance but I think he could have a really fun feud with Kross. And I love Samoa Joe as Gargano's bemused babysitter, pulling him out of the way of Kross' car and suggesting maybe he pushed it a little far. I think it would actually be a fun dynamic to put the WC on Gargano and have him as a tweener champ who cheats to win to beat faces (KOR etc.) but channels is Johnny Wrestling persona when facing other heels Loved the main event. How is B-Fab as a wrestler? Because as a valet, she's pretty great, reacting to everything in the ring like Zelina Vega used to. Also she is REALLY...settle down Caleynetico.
  11. The Bodydonnas got robbed! Also, I preferred Owen Hart's team with Yokozuna to his team with the Bulldog, but I'm probably in the minority there.
  12. Wasn't there some story where Vince basically used him because "Everyone should have a good match with Dolph" so he's sort of the Vince litmus test to whether or not a wrestler is any good?
  13. NXTers whom I think could jump to the main roster: -Shotzi: The tank, the look, and all the other stuff I think would translate. I don't know how high up she'd get, but she would fit. -Kross (with Scarlett): I think his size and his look (and his wrestling) actually fit better on the main roster. I'd probably "magic" him up a bit and make him more Undertaker-y. Also, I'd change his finishers. -LA Knight: He can talk better than a good portion of the roster, and I think, if given the chance to talk, in front of an audience, he'll get over, even as a Mr. Kennedy-esque heel. -Kyle O'Reilly: I never would have thought this before, but I think his offence is different enough and he's shown a bit more personality, he could get over on the main roster. NXTers whom I think might not work: -Cameron Grimes: He gets whatever he does over, but I think his look and size on the main roster would see him as a silly heel who gets steamrolls by the big guys all the time. I think his current gimmick/run is over big time with the NXT audience and he actually has a chance to go far with it. -MSK: With their size and goofy personas, they'd be on Main Event before you know it. -Hit Row, Fantasma's group: WWE hates factions for some reaason.
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