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  1. I think this is probably pretty true. Last week when Jade Cargill won the title they put over what a big moment it was for her, for the company, for her daughter then within a short time of winning it, it was "Yeah but someone else is wrestling/talking tonight and we have to cut away really fast" and it kind of cheapens the moment. You spend weeks hyping this tournament as being so important, the title being important, the win being important, Cargill being important and you cut away quickly to something much less important (in kayfabe terms). You gotta let it breathe a bit. Take the time to bask in what you've done well. I don't want it to become 'Raw is Recaps' but I think there's a middle ground in putting over the importance of what's just happened and talking about it all night/replaying it into the ground.
  2. There was that story that they had Elias drop the musician gimmick by filming vignettes of him burning his guitar in a graveyard but had absolutely no follow-up planned and that when he did return Vince felt he looked too much like Randy Savage so they just stopped writing for him altogether.
  3. I think it's pretty clearly going to be Ruby in a "Can she win the big one?" storyline. They already had Britt and company mock Ruby after losing the TNT finals and Ruby has now lost her two big opportunities (vs Britt after winning the battle royal and against Jade in the finals). So I kinda think they'll have Ruby go for Britt and maybe have Britt/Hayter dissension lead to Ruby getting the win. Personally, i think it'd be more entertaining to use her in a semi-face role for a bit and try to fend off Allie and Penelope after that bloodbath kinda elevated them.
  4. Saying he came back as Bennett's "muscle" was inaccurate...I was watching Impact at the time and he was in REMARKABLY bad shape when he came into Impact. It was fascinating, here he was in ROH looking big and cut, and a week later he was in Impact looking like a human lava lamp..
  5. I'm actually surprised WWE hasn't split the Royal Rumble into a 2-NIGHT EXTRAVAGANZA! Night 1 you run the Raw World Title, SD Women's World Title and Women's Royal Rumble, and Night 2 you do the SD World Title, Raw Women's Title and Men's Royal Rumble. I think the attendance would be pretty decent as no matter how bad the booking, people always get excited for the Rumble, itself and putting each one on a separate night gives each night a drawing match and reduces the repetitiveness.
  6. I loved Bam Bam's late WCW run going after Goldberg with no entrance music and jumping him randomly with the announcers playing off as him not being under contract, I thought it was one of the more believable "He doesn't work here!" runs. There was the one where the car came squealing in and Bam Bam came out of the car and attacked Goldberg and it was so chaotic and well-done that it was probably the most realistic fight WCW had done since the early NWO demolishes WCW angles. If there was anyone planning things in WCW, you could have built this up bigger (especially since Wikipedia said he'd signed a lucrative 2-year deal so might as well get something for the money) and instead of had BBB just fed to Goldberg either done a "Who hired Bam Bam to take out Goldberg?" story or launched the Jersey Triad stable earlier and had DDP using Bam Bam to wear down Goldberg so he could finally beat him. I know it's hindsight and it's WCW, but still!
  7. Flyin' Brian-era Pillman heads up this hall for me.
  8. So it seemed like Barrett was trying to push a different narrative around Stratton than WWE/Stratton herself. Barrett was talking about her rich dad hiring the best coaches and facilities to train his daughter (sort of a Williams' sisters kind of story) which made me think "Hey maybe this gimmick isn't as bad as previously advertised! There's room to bring in someone as a domineering father who pushes his daughter to hard, then have her stand up to her dad and turn face then the dad could bring in another wrestler to teach her a lesson, this could have legs!" then Stratton would dance around blowing kisses and clapping for herself which was clearly something else. Her handspring/flips into the corner was worse than Snooki's where she seemed to almost injure herself on the last flip, pause, then turn around to throw herself into the corner to audible groans and boos.
  9. My three favourite terrible matches I've seen live: WCW: Lance Storm vs Mike Awesome. Easy thing to book, have Awesome beat up Storm then Team Canada cheat to win, Storm would get cheered regardless as it was in Canada. Instead it was some mess with Ernest Miller refereeing even though he was the face commissioner trying to mess with the de-facto face Storm. The main even was Godlberg giving Midajah a Jackhammer backstage through a table that we couldn't even see from our seats. WWE: Vince McMahon vs Brock Lesnar (Steel Cage Match) This was absolutely hilarious in person as the audience was sure they were going to get Lesnar demolishing Vince, only for it to be an angle for Lesnar to turn on Angle. People were FURIOUS. Indy: Probably the one ECCW battle royal where someone got hurt the night before and someone else didn't make it. So the card was shortened to 6 matches, with wrestlers obviously pulling double-duty under masks without even trying to hide it and someone forgot to bring the music so nearly everyone came out to "Rock n Roll All Night" by Kiss which was really funny when the music would stop, then start from the beginning again for the opponent. Main Event was a battle royal with all the same wrestlers who had previously wrestled (I think it was a 7 man battle royal). I think they continued to play "Rock n Roll All Night" through the match, too. Local favourite Juggernaut who was a big 400 lb hardcore guy, stood in the corner chatting to one of his opponents instead of doing something, another wrestler came up behind him and hit him in the back with a double-axehandle type-of strike and instead of selling it, he turned around and yelled at the guy for disrupting his conversation, he then walked over to the ropes, stepped over and eliminated himself and just left. It was honestly one of the funniest things I've seen, but did feel like a waste of $20
  10. I saw a bit of "This Week in WWE" (Pretty much the only way to make the shows palatable...and even these are tiresome after the endless "I NEED YOU TO STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING RIGHT NOW...this business, I love it so much" commercials) and remembered the time when Miz would announce and talk about the birth of his daughter, to fairly huge amounts of heat...so you may be right. Okay since I didn't know his first name or the name of his partner...I clearly did NOT know about this nasty part of his past either! So substitute country guys with Von Wagner and someone else, and my point stands!
  11. There's a big difference between Owens and the GB, though. Owens is a guy Vince clearly likes (Gave him a big debut win over Cena, gave him lengthy title run, worked a program with himself (How many wrestlers still in the company have "Gotten one over" the way Owens did on Vince?!), even gave him a (ultimately aborted) run as the top face on SD working a pseudo Austin gimmick before WWE forgot how those works properly) while Vince never, on the other you have the GB (a guy Vince fired a couple times and another guy whose entire value seemed to be tied to AJ Styles, had limited tag title runs, couldn't really be split up, and one of them is a bit of a concern over social media/family concerns). Owens has been a guy who has been at or near the top of the card his entire WWE run, the Good Brothers were re-signed to be kept away from AEW but never really got any sort of high level run, even with Styles. I think Vince sees a lot of value in Owens in that wherever he wrestles, he gets good reactions and makes guys look good. I don't think he ever saw any value in the GB other than as it relates to keeping them away from others/linking them to Styles. And to be perfectly honest, Owens fits WWE's style better than the Good Brothers ever did, got himself and others over more than the Good Brothers and does things in the ring and on the mic not easily replaceable by someone in NXT than the GBs. If you wanted to start a new AJ Styles group, you could just as easily bring up those two corny country bar guys in NXT (One is named Briggs...I can't remember or bother to look up the other) as AJ's lackeys and they would be, at minimum, about as good as the Good Brothers were at much less money, at a much younger age, with less baggage. I was pretty excited for Gallows/Anderson in WWE, but they were never given much to do, and never really did enough to force WWE's hand into giving them any more than they got, quite frankly. tl;dr Vince clearly likes Owens, but never really cared for Gallows/Anderson
  12. Yeah that argument seems pretty damn disingenuous when you see Charlotte moonsaulting off the top of the turnbuckle to the floor on an almost monthly basis, or even something so simple and common yet easy to hurt/get hurt on like Big E's splash on the edge of the ring. You can fault WWE for a lot of things, but suggesting the wrestlers who are still getting badly injured and going full-on in the ring are "coasting" is a bad look
  13. You know a couple weeks back when Punk's music hit and he came out in Chicago I thought to myself "You know if this was WWE they would have played his music, then bought out MJF to SWERVE the audience and build up heat...and it always backfires because aside from the initial cheers turned to boos, all it really does is undercut the actual pop when said face comes out and isn't it refreshing that AEW doesn't do that!" and then last night they did it. They hyped that MJF Long Island return all week and then did the "heel" (in this case face, but they knew he was going to get a heel reaction) walking out to the wrong music, never had MJF come back on him, or even speak in front of the audience and it really played like WWE when they would try to control reactions in Canada and was super disappointing. Was it me? Or was that battle royal really heel heavy? Like, they kind foreshadowed the Martin turn because I figured there was no way they were going to set up MJF against another heel for next week and the faces were just turfed out of the ring in a real hurry. Hayter-Riho was awesome. There were a couple times I genuinely thought Hayter had murdered Riho (And once when I thought Riho had murdered Hayter). How impressive was that when Riho came up short and Hayter basically dropped her but still kind of lifted her up from the ground and slammed her into the post?!
  14. I know he wrestled for years and that, but the first thing that comes to mind when I hear his name is Jericho talking about Mick Foley doing a promo where he said he was applying sunscreen to a fan who slipped on the sunscreen, fell down and got injured and as they loaded him into the ambulance, said fan looked at Foley and said "Win one for the slipper!" And Jericho was backstage and watched Lanza throw down his cigarette in disgust while yelling "Goddamit, what is he doing?!" before storming off and how when Foley came through the curtain, he asked what Lanza's reaction had been, then celebrated and the entire promo had been done just to mess with him.
  15. I like to imagine Beth Phoenix watching the monitors on Sunday, knowing it's her last night, and seeing the vignette of Jiro taking a shit and going "Yeah, I made the right choice." What a wonderful feeling that must have been!
  16. Everyone I expected to win this (Shida (thought they'd give her a run as a partial reward for carrying the belt with no fans); Hayter (have the DDS Family carry all the belts); and Statlander (Thought they had her aimed for a women's title run before her injury)) have all lost out, but I still feel confident with the way things have been going that Ruby gets the title with a roll-up or flash pin over Cargill.
  17. And it was an easy gimmick to swing back and forth from heel to face. Short a face? Have Elias lead crowds in singalongs mocking the heels. Too many faces? Have Elias go back to singing songs in the ring or get interrupted mid-song by a face. It's easy shit that's never going to main event, but always gets the crowd into it one way or the another in the middle of the show when people are starting to sag. Taking away the music gimmick, without a suitable replacement gimmick, just leaves Elias one among many jacked-up, bearded guys with middling ring skills.
  18. I looked at this for about 30 seconds at the various wrestlers before spotting Costanza...that's amazing! Scott has this look on his face like he is JUST about to murder the guy then relents and just goes "easy" on him. Even after the match while he's holding his neck, you can see in his face that he's contemplating if he can beat the crap out of him after the bell and get away with it. Reminds me of Bret Hart, in his book, talking about how Scott would sprawl out on the locker-room floor and reach out and catch people walking by and try to take them down, or that he threatened to shove one guy's thumb up said guy's own ass and Bret said the scary thing about Scott was that he was strong enough that he could do it. Actually, with how strong he appeared to be and how crazy he appears to be, it's amazing that there aren't more "Scott Steiner arrested" stories (The only one I can recall is him hitting a construction worker with his truck for not getting out of the way).
  19. Now people are (rightfully) singling out the "Macho Man" section of this tweet, but I think the first part is funnier and even more damning of WWE Creative. "Let's shoot some promos in a graveyard to kill off the music part of this gimmick, you know the part that got you more over than anything else, got you an actual charting EP, took you from being a bit player in NXT to an actual upper-card wrestler on the main shows." "Am I going to be some sort of supernatural character, hence the graveyard?" "No...but we'll figure it out from there. Or not..." Seriously, how do you "script" vignettes in a graveyard without having any sort of endgame to them? Utterly fascinating.
  20. Did Gacy turn sort of face of did they just forget he was a heel?
  21. What's crazy is the bald guy looked like Brock Lesnar, so they shaved his head and made him look like Kane. The University thing is the worst and the clearest sense that most of creative is old men. I'm surprised he hasn't tried cramming other wrestlers into a phonebooth...
  22. I think it depends what time frame you were in school. When I was in high school, the nerdiest things you could be into was basically comic books, video games and pro wrestling. I had a friend who I'd just sort of met because we were the only guys who didn't write serious stories in creative writing and each of us would casually, subtly drop wrestling references into our conversations before we both kind of realized the other was into wrestling, but kept it between ourselves (And then I just stopped caring whether anyone knew, which is why there's a photo of me in my high school yearbook kissing my copy of the Pro Wrestling Almanac...no there is no more explanation to that photo). All of a sudden, a year later, the basketball team all wore NWO shirts, and the various jocks would be quoting Stone Cold and The Rock at each other. It was totally weird.
  23. The last time I saw a movie with him, I Googled "Is Gerard Butler okay?" because his face was perpetually red and he looked constantly winded and in pain.
  24. i 01. Bret Hart: The first time I saw Bret Hart, I thought he looked really cool and I liked his nickname and then as I started to watch, he became a singles wrestler so his whole ascent up the card came at the same time as my fandom began so it was almost like he was MY pro wrestler. 02. Rey Mysterio Jr.: His early stuff is incredible. You go back and watch that WCW match with Psychosis and they're doing stuff that is still mind-blowing. The other thing about Rey is that he has no real BAD period (His late WCW/Filthy Animals stuff was kind of a dud but he was still delivering in the ring), even recently he's still incredible of some great stuff (The matches against Andrade, for example). 03. Tajiri: I mean, this might not really count because I saw almost none of his pre-ECW stuff and haven't really bothered to watch anything since he left WWE, but that stretch from ECW to WWE is full of some of my favourite moments: his Death Match against Super Crazy is my favourite ECW match period, his team with Mikey Whipwreck delivered more goodness, and his debut match in WWE with Regal in his corner is one of my favourite underrated WWE moments ever (The crowd who didn't know him losing their shit over every kick while Regal reacts with great facial expressions really selling the idea that Regal had no idea who he was or that he was capable of THAT). 04. Dick Togo: Man, when I started checking out puro, Togo was the guy who blew me away. He wasn't THE most acrobatic (though amazing for his size) but he had such incredible charisma. I remember showing my Michinoku Pro tape to a friend of mine who'd only see WWF/WCW and he had a similar body type to Togo and was absolutely in love with him (wrestling-wise), he'd sign for things as Dick Togo, do the same pose as him everywhere he went and once tried to do his senton bomb into a dumpster full of cardboard at work that went about as poorly as it could (He came down too close to the edge and hit the back of his head off the steel dumpster AND failed to crush most of the cardboard) so that also keeps him up high on my list. 05. Mick Foley: I don't think this needs to be explained. He's great. 06. Eddie Guerrero: And again... 07. Sid: When I was young, Sid seemed so amazing and scary and charismatic and fun, and then he would just disappear. A friend of mine taped Superbrawl and even losing to El Gigante, I was awestruck by Sid, and then once I tracked down WCW on TV, Sid was gone. Then he came to WWF a year later and I was so excited. And then he was gone. And then we got a free preview of TBS and there was Sid again and then he was gone and I wouldn't see him again until he came back as Shawn Michaels' manager. So, growing up, he had that mystery factor to him in that he would just appear somewhere and disappear again so I never got as bored of him as I would of other guys of that era. 08. Vader: Man, Vader was great. 09. The Ultimate Warrior: I liked him way better than Hogan from the start. That music still gets me jacked. 10. Lance Storm: This is kind of a weird choice, I'll admit. But when I started watching ECW, Storm was there as one half of the Impact Players and he just seemed sooo cool. The Calgary...Alberta, Canad catch-phrase. And then he had that fun run in WCW as leader of Team Canada and while it was basically a weak imitation of the Hart Foundation (Which is probably my favourite stable ever!), I loved every minute of it. His WWE run was pretty mediocre but this is my list so I'm not holding it against him. HM: Bunkhouse Buck (It felt wrong to include him since I was only basing it on his WCW run and never watched anything of his outside of that); Dustin Rhodes (I loved his early WCW run and some of the Goldust stuff and his recent run in AEW but there are a lot of BAD years in there, too); Mike Awesome (His ECW run was one of my favourite things ever but those matches are a little hard to watch now, knowing Awesome's fat); Chris Jericho (I was the biggest Jericho fan through WCW and most of his WWE tenure, but his AEW stuff has become such fast-forward-fodder that I could no longer in good conscience put him on this list); Scott Hall (Hall is one of those guys who always seemed soooo cool even though the matches might not be there and he phoned it in a lot); Steve Austin (Should be on the list, but his late WWE non-wrestler role REALLY annoyed me with the ATV and the "Boring" chants and the "What" chants (even though that was actually late in his in-ring career)) and TAKA Michinoku (As stated above, I LOVED Kaientai and TAKA was a big part of that but I never really saw enough of him to make a full judgement).
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