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  1. This reads like one of those Facebook posts designed to steal your password information: "Your NXT name is your first car with your mother's maiden name and your billed weight is the last four digits on the back of your credit card".
  2. One thing AEW does that drives me nuts, that is also something I HATE that WWE does, is have wrestlers hit these amazing crazy moves out of nowhere that haven't been done before, has the crowd whipped into a frenzy and then it's a two-count because the matches almost always have to end on a finishing move. Example being the Spears-Sammy match with the double-springboard into the top-rope stunner: the crowd pops for the dual-springboard, then for the middle finger, then even bigger for the move itself. The match should end there, but instead they meander around for a while, the crowd cools off, then Sammy hits his finisher for the win. That's exactly how I feel about Britt-Soho, there's some stuff, there's the big top rope spot, they meander around in the distraction finish after the crowd has died. Man, that Cody-Black match was a mess. Crowd turns on Cody from the get-go (Big pop for the lights going out, thinking they're getting some kind of debut, only for it to be the Cody entrance which seemed to tick everyone off). Then the crowd boos Cody mercilessly, including every time it looks like he's going to win, and Cody is noticeably affected by it. Then the announcers hype up about how intimidating Black is, only for Brandi to no-sell said intimidation, roll into the ring and flip off Black. Then you have Arn getting on the wrong side of the ring, trying to manuever around the post and fall off the apron, awkwardly get back up and bump into Cody, the weird spat with Cody and Arn, Cody intentionally/accidentally hitting the ref, and a mist spot (which Black has never used before, right?) to get the win. I assume some of this will make sense as we move into a Cody heel turn (I have to think with the crowd turning on him, that's where this is headed) but it was just dreadful. And, look, I love Arn Anderson but he has been an absolute disaster as a manager/coach. He just seems to be in the way or distracting or confused by what is going on most of the time. When he came in as Cody's manager, it was one of those things where you go "Arn as a manager makes so much sense, why didn't someone do this beforehand?" and then you watch him as a manager and go "Oh that's why!" Same thing with Arn as a commentator for WWEWCW: "Why didn't someone do this sooner?!" Then you hear him tell quiet, almost inaudible stories and struggle to keep up with the action and go "Oh that's why!" I think Miro's line about his God and his wife being the the ones who control his body "One demands pain, the other pleasure" was the line of the night. Also, was I hearing things or did Tony say Omega was about to hit the "One-Legged Angel" in that first match? I hope it's a tease for the debut of Zack Gowen!
  3. If only Foley hadn't objected to "Mason the Mutilator"! I can just hear Vince's pronounciation in my head: "MEWWWWWW-tee-lay-TORRRRRRRRR"
  4. I always thought the Apollo Crews name was the laziest. It always felt like "He's kinda got an Apollo Creed feel or maybe Terry Crews...Terry Creed!" "Wait, hear me out, Apollo Crews!" "Brilliant!"
  5. That wedding (and last week's bachelor/bachelorette parties) is probably the best bits of WWE comedy written in years. So stupid, but silly enough that it was highly entertaining. I think my favourite part was when they said cut to the chase and Andre Chase said "Did someone say Andre Chase" and Gargano loudly said "No one said that!" I would like to see Gargano re-sign in NXT, because I think he and Ciampa could basically be the vets who mentor and feud with the younger talent. I do like the shocking Mandy Rose return was that she no longer has blonde hair.
  6. Did not realize that Von Wagner was Wayne Bloom's kid but now I can't unsee it.
  7. I do NOT like the look on that chicken's face!
  8. Interesting choice, as Tony DeAngelo (as he goes by now) is a racist shit-stirring hockey player so disliked by his last team that he got into a fistfight with the goalie and was sat out for the rest of the season so the Rangers could pay him to go away. He's the only player I've seen in my lifetime who was suspended by the league (in juniors) for verbal abuse of a TEAMMATE!
  9. NXT/NWO/DX/Nexus invasion angle that wraps up in 2-3 weeks without them winning any matches
  10. This was a weird show in that the moments delivered but the wrestling was off. Soho-Hayter was dreadful and even dangerous at times, listening to the announcers go into overdrive trying to explain botched moves was painful ("I think that was a flatliner...maybe...what do you think?"). At times it almost looked like Nia-Charlotte from a couple weeks back with a couple wrestlers who maybe weren't cooperating, maybe that's a little too harsh but what I saw looked bad. Mox-Suzuki was clearly short on time but it also looked off. There were a couple times where they clearly hit each other with something and then no-sold it not in a Strong-style way but in a "Wait, was that supposed to be a hit or a miss way?" like when Suzuki kicked Moxley clearly connected on the kick but Moxley held onto it as the announcers tried to sell a block or when Moxley hit a clothesline and Suzuki just kind of stood there and put him in a waistlock. But the Danielson debut was good. The Cole debut was very good (Such a good way of turning the crowd who had popped for his return against him: go after beloved Tony Schiavone!). The Punk segment was good (I'm a little meh on him feuding with Team Taz). Even the Top Team stuff seemed to hit pretty well. But I actually really loved the announcing tonight. Taz planting seeds for his outburst against Punk with his questioning of Schiavone about Punk earlier in the show. Schiavone delivering maybe the line of the night when Taz asked how he could hate MJF ("Because he suuucks") only for Taz to maybe outdo him by telling JR that he was his grandma's favourite referee (Did he also ask afterwards if the refs wore shirts back in those days? I rewound it twice but couldn't quite hear). Even JR was super into everything and even if his references are super dated ("He's moving kinda slow...at the junction!") a more dialed-in JR is way more fun. Also, super bummed The Butcher wasn't on tonight!
  11. One of the announcers used to talk about how the stairs weighed anywhere from 150-250 lbs and I used to laugh because of how easily some guys carried them around...but maybe it wasn’t hyperbole?
  12. The closest might be Dalton Castle who was never presented out and out as "gay" but came to the ring with two scantily-clad men whom he referred to as his "boys", often used them as furniture to sit on when doing interviews. IIRC, he was briefly a heel, but the crowd quickly turned him face, he feuded with Silas Young over his "lifestyle" but ended up defeating him and eventually becoming World Champion (Unfortunately, he was so physically decimated by this point that his reign was rather short and lackluster). Now I don't know if Castle is LGBT himself or just playing it up, and the character wasn't out and out LGBT but I'd say he's the LGBT-ish wrestling character that was handled the best.
  13. Wait...I'm not the only one who thought that?! https://frinkiac.com/meme/S06E24/1011660/m/IFNPLCBUSElTIElTIFdIQVQgSVQgRkVFTFMKIExJS0UgV0hFTiBET1ZFUyBDUlku
  14. For GiGi (Gigi?), I'm not sure what was worse: her blatant Marilyn Manson rip-off riff theme that never gets going, or her doing the Bronco Buster. It's the latter, no one needs to see that move come back. Then again, that theme is TERRIBLE. Like I thought it was bad when Impact lost the Marilyn Manson Decay theme and replaced it with something vaguely simliar. But this is just blatant.
  15. Wait, he did that in MLW, too?! I remember him doing it in TNA. Did not know that this was his third company! I actually thought she looked genuinely dangerous tonight...but not in a good way. That standing moonsault where she landed on her own head and they seemed to rush the ending out of it was scary. Then when Hayter lariated her, I honestly thought she was unconscious from the aforementioned moonsault...
  16. I always remember in his book, Chris Kanyon pitched the idea of coming back as a normal wrestler who just happened to be gay and between that pitch and his eventual return, it was rewritten to him coming out wearing makeup and singing Boy George. So, no, WWE probably should leave the LGBT characters alone, since many of the same people are still somehow involved in creative all these years later.
  17. Don’t tease me with a Billy Jack gimmick and not deliver: “I just go berserk!”
  18. She probably saw the way they script promos for faces vs heels and figured she’d be more likely to get cheered coming back as a heel anyways
  19. Was the crowd supposed to hate Logan Paul? Because they really hated him. Then Miz told them not to boo him, which would make him a heel. Then, he got in Miz's face, which would make him a face. Then he shook hands with Xavier, which would seem to indicate he was a face. But the crowd continued to boo him.
  20. Was re-reading Jericho's second book and just got to the part where Vince completely DESTROYS Jericho ("You're green as grass, man...the drizzling shits") and I'd forgotten that Jericho tried to get Vince to hire Luther (To which Vince replied "Is he a good person?" which...LOL) and now I wonder if that's what soured Vince on Y2J in the first place: "He wanted me to hire this guy?! He must be terrible, too."
  21. I was just thinking the same thing, but as Ace said, it was only Dave. Before seeing Ace's response, I checked out the Crist Brothers wiki and found this nugget "After being forced out of professional wrestling Dave Crist became a dishwasher in a cafeteria on an Ohio campus."
  22. So, I finally caught part of the show WITHOUT Orton and I have many questions about Mahal's goons. First, what kind of name is Shanky (A quick Google search says it is used in 1 of 13M+ times)? His real name is Gurvinder Singh Malhotra...how is any one of those not better than Shanky?! Secondly, why is billed as being 7 feet tall...he's...uh...not close? Third, what kind of name is Veer? His name is Rinku Singh, that is much better. Fourth, wait...Veer is the 'Million Dollar Arm' guy? Like, the guy who won a reality competition and signed an MLB contract, played years of minor league baseball, had a movie made about him and...they rename him? Isn't that the kind of mainstream attention you would want to promote? WWE constantly wants their guys to get into movies and other shows, then they sign a guy who had a movie made about HIM and they change his name?!!? Also, Moist TV? That's it...I'm tapping out.
  23. How much time did the Orton/Riddle-AJ/Omos stuff take up? Every single time I turned over to Raw, it was always on. I had no interest in it, so I finally gave up on the show.
  24. Rewatched [b]Commando[/b] which is still top-tier Schwarzenegger. The best one-liners, the best action sequences, the best villains, some of the silliest action sequences (when he sets off the explosives and the soldiers are CLEARLY cardboard/wooden cut-outs. Alas, I missed the goofy opening with Schwarzenegger and his daughter feedin the baby deer. Rewatched [b]Kindergarten Cop[/b] (It was Schwarzenegger morning!) which is so great and completely flummoxing now. Like, it's a silly family comedy with a cop having to look after mischievous kindergartners. Also, it has gunplay, criminals, drug overdoses, child abuse, Munchausen by proxy and a genuinely violent climax. It's quite fascinating to look back at with a modern eye. Watched [b]Dude, Where's My Car[/b] (I wanted something I hadn't seen but wouldn't have to pay close attention to!). Somehow I'd never seen it. I should have left it that way. I felt bad for Jennifer Garner watching this. Watched [b]Black Friday[/b] which was an insane B&W Bela Lugosi/Boris Karloff vehicle in which a doctor transplants part of a mobster's brain into a dying man's brain in order to hypnotize him and awakening the mobster's brain to try to track down a hidden fortune. I was only half-paying attention, but it was quite funny that Boris Karloff pulled rank and demanded Lugosi's role which meant that neither of them became the star but rather Stanley Ridges (Who does a pretty admittedly good job in the lead dual role). Rewatched [b]Eagle vs Shark[/b] which is just the best, insane Taika Waititi interpretation of a romantic comedy. This wasn't intended to be his feature film debut but ended up being and it's one of the most bizarre ones for an eventual box-office/Oscar-nominated director. Like, he's so certain of what he wants it to be: the weird soundtrack which seems to be mainly demo songs off of 90s keyboards; the stop-motion animated sequence with the discarded apples; and the fantasy-ish sequences that you're never quite sure are or aren't happening. I love it a lot. Watched [b]Cabin in the Woods[/b] and was not really a fan. I know a lot of people here like it, but I thought they gave the whole conceit away way too early and the ending was kinda stupid. Watched [b]Delirious[/b] which is one of the bigger John Candy films I had never seen. It was not a very good one. He plays a soap opera writer who gets knocked out and wakes up inside his own soap opera. It's weird, because it's a parody of soap operas but despite coming out in 1991, it seems to be parodying soap operas of the 50s/60 mixed with the more modern ones. It also makes no real sense as actions that happen inside his own head are somehow representational of what happens in the real world. I did not care for this. Watched [b]I Saw What You Did[/b] which was good, weird Willam Castle nonsense. Two teenage girls make crank calls saying "I saw what you did, I know who you are" and end up pranking a guy who had just killed and buried his girlfriend. The teenage girls are, of course, intensely stupid but it was really enjoyable in a campy Castle way.
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