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  1. The story is listed on the MLB.com homepage as "Bumgarner throws 7-inning no-hitter", there's inclusion in the "no-hitters that went fewer than 9 innings" evergreen article on same, the video is listed as "Bumgarner finishes 7 no-hit frames", etc...
  2. They are, yes.
  3. For what it’s worth, Cobra stuck around through mid-1985 for tv tapings and a house show loop. He wrestles at MSG against Barry O in April, and then his last WWF match is in Dallas against Steamboat in May 1985.
  4. Foley wrestled Davey Boy in a tag match (as part of the Bulldogs) in his WWF jobber debut in 1986, then defeated him/Owen for the tag titles with Austin in 1997.
  5. I have to admit I’m more intrigued by the idea of the Mongo-sized final boss Villano - a Villano Gigante, if you will - coming down to ringside wearing a jacket that says OSOS on the front, his forearms and fingers all taped up, clubbering his opponent before throwing him out of the ring and delivering the jumping tombstone on the floor.
  6. Would you rather: - fight five Villano-sized Mongos, or - fight one Mongo-sized Villano
  7. A fine day! Stimulus money came in and went right back out, paying off a credit card. an hour later, the wife and I both received the first COVID vaccine round.
  8. Experimental rules being tested in the minor leagues this season. To sum up: Triple-A gets larger bases (18-inches vs. 15-inches traditional) Double-A gets defensive positioning restrictions; the four infielders have to be on the dirt; they may also restrict two-to-each-side of second base but aren't yet High-A gets a "step off" rule; the pitcher has to come off the rubber prior to throwing to a base. Low-A gets a limit of two "step-offs" or "pickoffs" per plate appearance, if a pitcher tries a third time and fails to pick off a runner, it's a balk Low-A Southea
  9. Now I want a match with piped-in sound effects for submissions, like the ones in Fire Pro Wrestling where it’s a winching sound and the ref just asking “Give up? Give up? Give up?” on a loop.
  10. That actually would be hilarious, if there was one old-school nut high up in the NBC decision-making chain that drives WWE crazy. "Why aren't Georgia Championship Wrestling Omni house shows on Peacock yet? Start with the annual tag tournaments, asap!"
  11. Aaron Boone will be taking an immediate medical leave of absence to have a pacemaker installed via surgery later today.
  12. He'd need two seasons to reach it at his current skill level; not sure who'd offer a post-2021 one-year deal after 14 WAR over 9 seasons for $210 million thus far.
  13. AAA season will begin on April 6 (142 games) AA/A seasons begin on May 4 (120 games)
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