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  1. If they held it at this time of year, and then someone was scornful of it, they could refer to it as “this folderol of a Sprawl for All in the Fall”.
  2. A borderline with the same perimeter of a dirt infield:
  3. With any luck, it’ll be a situation resulting in a lengthy replay decision (line drive hits the top of a wall and is initially ruled in play; fan interference) that takes all the momentum out of the call. Can’t you just imagine ”Line drive to left-center… did it…off the…did it go out? Judge stops at second and the Yankees are going to take a look at it before challenging.” in all the tribute videos and highlights?
  4. This is sort of a half truth going off of wiki. The NBC president at the time had a bit of an axe to grind with him And that NBC President’s name? You guessed it - Frank Stallone.
  5. Now I really wish Ray Traylor was still alive; imagine Dynamite opening with all involved parties being called to the ring, and then Tony K. announces to them all that "starting now, there's going to be some Law and Order around AEW!", whereupon "Hard Times" (which has amazingly somehow been licensed to AEW) begins playing on the PA, and Old Man Traylor comes out in the original Big Bossman outfit and begins clubbering everyone in the ring into unconsciousness with his nightstick. Cutler tries macing him with his cold air cannister, but Bossman does that crescent/wheel-kick thingie move and knocks it out of his hand.
  6. At this point, they should start Dynamite with an homage to the opening of Rashomon and have some random-selected wrestlers telling each other overlapping/conflicting stories of the chain of events that led to Nick Jackson getting KTFO'd.
  7. I’ve run low on my Dall-E tokens, and like most things this has run its natural course, so I will bow out with one final absurdity: “1850s Currier & Ives lithograph depicting The Undertaker throwing Mick Foley off the top of Hell in the Cell.”
  8. Prompt: Norman Rockwell illustration of a saint statue of Bobby The Brain Heenan being carried by parade marchers at the San Gennaro Festival in 1930s Little Italy.
  9. Prompt: Photo of a 1920s pro wrestler delivering a suplex to his opponent. The wrestling match is taking place outside in front of 100,000 people.
  10. Prompt: Pro wrestler The Undertaker dressed as Captain Lou Albano, appearing on an episode of The Dating Game.
  11. Prompt: The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts) appearing on Sesame Street in a skit.
  12. Prompt: Old Dutch Master oil painting of Ted DiBiase laughing.
  13. Prompt: Hulk Hogan bodyslams the 800-pound Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania III, brother. Andre passed away a few days later, bless his heart.
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