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  1. I'd love to see Punk do an apathy storyline and refuse to challenge Roman because "there's no point - someone will just interfere to help him win. Why bother?"
  2. He also had the rare achievement of being a player-owner! Played for the Phillies, owned the Mets. /rimshot
  3. I don’t think that Chase Utley gets voted in immediately, but I think he will get there within a few years.
  4. The Sicilians vs. Sweet Daddy Siki and Art Thomas, Chicago, 1961.
  5. Demon no-sold Laverne's finisher, the Vo-Dee-Oh-Doh.
  6. I'll always have a soft spot for Ross doing this ad for All-Star Game voting in 2016 where he uses a rotary phone: https://mediadownloads.mlb.com/mlbam/mp4/2016/06/09/791336283/1465444256242/asset_1800K.mp4
  7. In the Vlad doc, do they show the clip of him in the audience at the Flair/Sting title change at the Meadowlands in 1991?
  8. Or the heel could go in the other direction and just go for endless pin attempts after each move, while shouting that analytics tells him that forcing his opponent to kick out reduces their stamina by .75% each time.
  9. I'm rooting for the D-backs as well, even though they just dispatched the Phillies. I also hold the Rangers organization in personal and professional contempt and disdain.
  10. and three days later, he and Windham debuted in the WWF.
  11. This, too, shall eventually be a thing of the past.
  12. We went very quickly from both LCS looking like sweeps to both needing seven games. Baseball is funny like that. NLCS Game 7 tonight is a coin toss - there's no picking a sure winner. You hit or you don't; you throw strikes or you don't; your bullpen collapse is simultaneously the other team's "these guys never quit" heartwarming comeback. It's all random and all relative. I've seen the Phillies hit 11 dingers this postseason in person, and felt the stadium shake. I adore my ragtag millionaires Philadelphian ball club, and I have my World Series tickets for Game 3; the only question left is whether I'll be using them on Monday, or if I'll be receiving a refund of said purchase instead.
  13. I have a soft spot for Moyer; it’s impressive to pitch that well across four different decades. I wish there was a Curiosities wing at the Hall of Fame for outliers like him and John.
  14. There's tattoos, and then there's that one guy:
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