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  1. Apparently Mads Mikkelsen's Kaecilius is coming back for Multiverse of Madness, according to Indiewire.
  2. But Wreddit is telling me this isn’t actually trending on Twitter, and it’s just the algorithm! But if it is trending, it’s just in the United States, so who cares! All I’ll say is… based Sami.
  3. Really should have switched that around, with the last promotion being the free copy of Horizon. Because that in-game stuff is a suuuuuper dud.
  4. I'm really into hip-hop so I'll listen to it later today. In other news - the same website that said Brodie Lee died of COVID and Amanda and AEW are covering it up is now saying that some of the EVPs aren't and haven't been talking to each other and as a result of that, someone who could be a difference maker for the company is avoiding going there because they've heard about the fighting and it makes them hesitant. I'm assuming that the "difference maker" is Daniel Bryan, since I can't see Andrade or Samoa Joe or whoever being a game changer for them. But either way, I call
  5. Stadium Stampede is going to close the show. The Casey knows?
  6. The whole angle just feels weird. Why did Ogogo need to cover him with the Union Jack, and not, say, a flag with the Factory’s new logo on it or something? Seems like the perfect way to stealthily introduce AEW flags onto their shop website, too. As it is, I don’t think this match is going to be one of the main matches promoted for the show. Quite the opposite, I think it’s going to definitely be the opener of the PPV. You’re telling me that Cody isn’t going to be the first man out on their big comeback full capacity card? C’mon. Of course he is.
  7. If AEW (or any promotion) wants to bring politics into their storylines, then we have every right to vehemently disagree and/or bash them for said angle/promo. Especially in 2021. It's fair game after that since they've opened themselves up to it. Just a hard disagree there, my man.
  8. I love CrossCode, I'm slowly making my way through it on PS5. I have to level up quite a bit before I hit the first main dungeon on the mountain, though. The collector's edition from Strictly Limited is beautiful and I rock a Lea keychain now.
  9. Good lord man that was almost three weeks ago
  10. Because they’ve won more matches than any of the other tag teams in the rankings currently.
  11. As a dirty filthy commie leftist, I especially hated Cody’s promo. And I’m only at the very beginning of it, talking about England dream or whatever. Jesus fucking christ.
  12. I suspect it'll be just like the Fresh Prince reunion - that one was set at the mansion, this one is set at Central Perk. No idea why Lady Gaga and BTS are in it, though. That points to it being an episode somehow, but everything I've read about it indicates it's just a "sit and talk" thing.
  13. They’ll probably watch it on the big screen like last week - everything before Blood and Guts was taped and shown to the audience on the screen, but the crowd noise was live as it happened.
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