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  1. God of War: Ragnarok is releasing on November 9th according to Sony’s blog
  2. I think it’s pretty obvious that Phase 4 is just Phase 1 basically, but with a twist. It’s introducing all of these new characters (and expanding on the existing characters that are left) before assembling them for a team-up. Phase 4 and onwards will follow the blueprint set by 1-3. The real Marvel fatigue is people bringing up Marvel fatigue every few cycles of movies/shows. (Also, nobody is saying anyone needs to follow every show as it airs or go watch every movie. The shows exist on a streaming platform so it’s ripe for binging eventually if one wishes, and I personally haven’t seen an MCU movie in theaters since the original Iron Man ffs)
  3. This time next week stuff like Mass Effect Legendary Edition, GRID Legends, Need For Speed: Heat, Jedi Academy, Jedi Outcast, Republic Commando and "other unannounced games" will be free through Amazon Prime too. In case anyone forgot.
  4. If it's compromised of people who haven't won a World title in AEW, then that's like 99% of their roster. If it's outside of AEW as well, then that number maybe goes down to like 90% or some shit.
  5. Variety is reporting that Lena Headey was cut from the movie. And apparently the following two people were cut from the movie too. Lena was rumored to be cast as a former Valkyrie.
  6. It's rumored online that this thing is only being pushed out because Ubisoft could get into trouble with the government of Singapore if they don't release it within a certain time frame.
  7. Yeah, after discovering Fite has seemingly eased up on VPN usage - watching Dynamite this way is really a no brainer, even if it is $7 a month. But it's worth it, and the PPVs are cheaper too. That first hour FLEW by too, holy shit.
  8. Glorious pro wrestling fucking violence. Kingston/Claudio is going to be a HOT feud.
  9. Taylor Rotunda lives on a farm with Liv Morgan, and apparently the both of them are studying real estate and all of that stuff to prepare for life after wrestling. That being said, yeah, he said like two months ago he wasn’t done with wrestling, but I highly doubt either he or his brother get involved with AEW.
  10. Has anyone tried out Naraka: Bladepoint? It’s an interesting twist on your typical battle royale, since you do melee/swords/nunchucks/etc in addition to things like a hand-held cannon, musket, etc. I like the art style and the sword combat, but man oh man there are a TON of micro transactions and shit.
  11. Howard Stern was caught on a hot mic talking about doing a Doctor Doom project “this summer”. And his show just went on a 2 month hiatus, I believe.
  12. Evil Uno runs their Twitch channel and most recently got invited to Obsidian along with Brandon Cutler. I don't think he's going anywhere. Colt Cabana is absolutely not going to be a lackey for CM Punk. Where have you been since 2014, sir?
  13. “If you have lived like I have, lost what I have.. you learn to find beauty in the pieces”. Nani a fuckin’ real one, move over Vision - she might have just taken your spot for most beautiful line in a MCU Disney+ show. I’m so glad I was wrong about Red Dagger and it’s another character. I hope there’s a season 2 and we get more of Kareem. I’m loving how her MCU suit is slowly coming together over the course of the show, it just doesn’t happen all at once. A piece from Bruno, a piece from Waleed and the Red Daggers, a piece from Nani… good shit. If Thor landed in the Himalayan Mountains, he’d be called a Djinn too. That’s an interesting thing to say. The constant Ant-Man references in this show is really making me think she’s going to Embiggen by the time it’s over with. That’ll give Giant Man and Goliath a run for their money! But I need to know the connections to the Kree and the Ten Rings. There’s no way those are just Easter eggs, goddamnit! Last thing: did Kamala time travel, or is she inside of a vision/memory/whatever? And if she did time travel: she’s going to be the one to help her Nani get back to the train with a trail of stars, isn’t she? TIME PARADOX!
  14. Ethan Page mentioned on Twitter that he wants his daughter to see him wrestle since they live in Michigan now (and they’re in Detroit tomorrow). So that’s cool he got the match. That’s gonna be hard to do when they’ve already started to build to Gresham/Moriarty seemingly.
  15. This was definitely worth every penny of the $15 I spent on Fite through a VPN connection. The build-up could have been better, but with it being a month after Double Or Nothing, it is what it is. Hopefully the next one isn't immediately after a big AEW show, and isn't right before or after New Japan's biggest tournament. As a casual fan of stuff like NJPW, NOAH, Stardom, TJPW, etc. I hope one day we can get a massive supershow with all companies involved, but I realize how unrealistic that is. But a boy can dream, can't he? But, this show. Holy smokes. If Shota isn't returning to New Japan immediately, I think having his excursion move to America and AEW would be a fantastic thing. Not every crowd they have is quite as molten as Chicago always is, but there have been only a handful of lacklusters crowds over the years, and I think Shota would remain just as over in, say, Pittsburgh, as he was last night at the United Center. Everyone did really well in that six man tag, that was a great opener. FTR winning the IWGP tag titles is great, hopefully they get to go over there and defend them. I think it's more likely they do a show or two over there but mainly defend them in AEW, though (and eventually drop them in Japan, I'd imagine?). O-Khan is a big ol' meh, Jeff Cobb is fantastic as usual, but I honestly prefer Chuck & Trent to Trent & Rocky. But it's whatever, I get why they did it (and I guess Chuck Taylor might be on a per appearance deal now, if the rumors are to be believed). One thing of note: Dax doing a worked injury made the monkey's paw curl last night, since Adam Cole and supposedly Jon Moxley have concussions now. Color me fuckin' shocked that PAC won the All-Atlantic title. I thought for sure it would be MIro (or Ishii if he was actually in the match). It was a fun four way match, though. All I can really remember from it is, in the hours before the match, Wreddit had posted a clip of his Twitch shortly after Miro debuted in AEW and he was silent when a fan brought up the idea of working against PAC (because of an injury in a match with him previously). I like that they incorporated that into the match - or, alternatively, Miro was actually upset about the entire thing and wanted to work a little snug against him. One complaint: Clark Connors ain't for me, dawg. Holy shit Sting, you're a few years away from drawing Social Security, why you doin' this shit?! But it was awesome, for sure. I haven't read the thread, so I don't know, but I can only imagine how little people liked the Young Bucks and El Phantasmo shenanigans. I loved it, though. Especially Phantasmo, wow. What a sleazy prick. Sting moved better than Shingo at times, but then Shingo would turn it on and just look like a fucking beast. I don't even want to talk about Thunder Rosa versus Toni Storm. Shortest match on the main card, and it honestly felt like a 10 minute squash with a little offense from Toni. This is when I was starting to fall asleep, mainly because I was watching in bed, but also because I had only gotten like 4 hours sleep that day. I don't remember anything from Ospreay/Cassidy, except Shibata after the match because of how fuckin' weird (in a good way) all of that was. This is one of three matches I'll need to rewatch (IWGP title match and Mox/Tanahashi being the other ones), and I don't have anything to say about those because I legit did fall asleep after this next match. Claudio! Great seeing him, for sure. Him & Eddie in Blood & Guts is going to be magnificent stuff, I'm sure. ZSJ is a wunderkind and I'm kind of sad he won't get to mix it up with others on the AEW roster most likely, besides Danielson eventually. I need to watch Claudio's entrance again, because I remember the pop being MASSIVE. I said I won't comment on the last two matches, but one thing I do want to point out about the IWGP title match is that the Young Bucks were going to check on Hangman when they (and Kyle O'Reilly) came to the ring after the match. But Kyle pulled them away and over to Adam Cole. Looooong storyline fans are going to hate this, because it's barely gotten started and might be put on ice for even longer since Cole was already injured and now he has a concussion. I read some complaints on the NJPW subreddit that this felt more like an AEW show but with some New Japan guys on it, and I mean, yeah, it did. But if it had taken place in Japan, it would have felt like an NJPW show with AEW guys, so I'm not sure what the complaint is there.
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