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  1. Horizon: Burning Shores made my night and was heavily rumored since the game was released so I’m a happy camper. That Judas game looks a hell of a lot like Bioshock so I’m interested immediately.
  2. but Reddit tells me every week that if Dynamite doesn't get over a million viewers that Warner Discovery will be pissed and cancel them or not give them money! #3 for the night and only the NBA beat them?! DO BETTER.
  3. Steam chat went from 500k at the beginning of the main show to less than 200k during Judge's speech.
  4. and with the way AEW is set up, this basically means Miro has no ideas for himself besides “put me on TV”.
  5. I’m not a huge Sasha Banks fan, but she’s definitely the polar opposite of a “WWE cast off”. And she’s also way above the TBS title. If they signed her, and that’s a huge if, then she automatically goes into the Women’s World title picture. Would easily be the most recognizable name/person in that division if it happens, too.
  6. No clue about Rosa, but unless Statlander has been taking tips on injury rehab from Cena I think she’s out until a little after Revolution.
  7. So did they get Sasha or are they baiting people into thinking this and tuning in January 11th for the Hayter/Baker vs Saraya & ??? match?
  8. Boo boo face for winning the World title lol yeah alright I guess.
  9. Matt really liking one of my favorite wrestlers makes me all warm inside. Punk will be missed if they can’t come to an understanding once he’s not injured. Definitely brought a different type of match layout to AEW. Gutted we’ll probably never get another Danielson match, or versus Omega, or my personal AEW dream match in CMFTR vs The Elite.
  10. This just reminds me that I need to order that comp tape of Punk’s AEW run. Some of those matches were… *chef’s kiss*
  11. Honor Club is relaunched, with apps on Roku, Android and iPhone. Pretty sure it’s the complete library, haven’t heard any different over on AEWOfficial on Reddit.
  12. My Series S is basically only a Gamepass + backward compatible machine so this doesn’t hurt me at all. But it’s still lame as fuck, that price point has kept me from buying a lot of games on launch on PS5. Also back to the BioWare thing: granted it’s been years since release, so they’re both generally “fixed” but hardly had any support, but: Anthem was better Andromeda, fight me.
  13. My experiences in online games have been positive, mainly because I keep my mic and teammates muted (unless I’m playing with friends, then I’ll unmute). People have different tolerances and tastes, I guess.
  14. TK better run Saraya & Toni Storm vs Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter in London. Do the damn thing, man.
  15. Are you playing BR or DMZ? For BR: Turn off mics, turn your party search option to ping only (communicate) and not competitive (playstyle) and your squad should get somewhat better. Or just do what I do and just turn off mics period and play, I even do that with Fortnite. DMZ is a lot more chill than battle royale in my experience. If you ever wanna play, lemme know. I’m just trying to grind for the battle pass.
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