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  1. No, I'll go with "what the fuck", thanks. Yet again, you might not think her power set is something that's important, but I'm sorry, it is, and they're just making her yet another person who has energy powers. Kamala Khan is already connected at the hip to Carol, because she idolizes Carol Danvers. I don't see why Carol needs a posse consisting of Kamala and Monica who both now have similar power bases as Carol seemingly.
  2. Weirdly enough, and I'm sure it's been going on since forever, but as of late people like Charles Murphy have been finding out the names of Marvel's newest production studios for upcoming movies. It's not really super interesting but I enjoy some of the names. (Controversial opinion maybe, but I also don't care about a rich company fucking over rich people. Sorry?)
  3. Jervis Cottonbelly (the good one, not the sex pest that was a mod on SquaredCircle) and some other people are "reviving" Bar Wrestling, but not calling it Bar Wrestling (obviously). Well, kind of. The first show is called Raise the Bar. AJ Gray clarified that he was told Joey Ryan has no involvement in this, and Danny Devine specifically said "that scumbag has NOTHING to do with this show". I'll be incredibly disappointed in Jervis if it turns out Joey Ryan is involved, but for the moment it seems he isn't.
  4. guys, Darby said the "best in the world" bit during his promo last week was about Sammy Guevara so this is all for nothing!
  5. Love the costume, hate that the leak about the powers is turning out to be true. What the fuck.
  6. The general public on-sale for the Rampage show at the United Center in Chicago sold out in 5 minutes according to WrestleTix.
  7. Sapp says in the update tonight about Cole that it wasn’t the case and never was, just “internal rumors”.
  8. They accidentally gave Black a 30 day no compete, and famously let Rock’s contract expire and didn’t know about it all those years ago. Of course it’s possible. And Cole’s contract expired in early July. He’s working through SummerSlam weekend without a contract, and it was noted that WWE was grateful he told them he’d do this instead of just popping up on AEW television.
  9. He’s been working without a contract since July, told WWE he would work through SummerSlam weekend and then re-evaluate things, and apparently WWE assumed his contract was up in December but it was actually in July.
  10. Jokes on you, Bryan Danielson is gonna debut and feud with that up and comer QT Marshall.
  11. Gerard Butler filed suit the day after Scarlet over the box office income he was supposed to get from Olympus Has Fallen.
  12. I know it’s 2021 and all, but it should be Queen of Harts, no? The other possibility I’ve seen thrown around is a KotR style tournament.
  13. If I had to guess, they’re probably doing something with Martha Hart related to Owen - possibly an Owen figure as part of the Luminaries for the 2nd branded line of toys.
  14. The Ascent is a fun little cyberpunk twin stick shooter RPG type thing. It was made by, like, 11 people or something, but it still looks pretty gorgeous. The environments are really nice. Your character model is kind of limited with customization options, but that’s okay. And I downloaded the Master Chief Collection - that took forever, good lord. I do like how they have the games in timeline order, that helps. I’ve only ever played 1-3, so hitting all of the other ones will be nice.
  15. I’m pretty sure it would make Hangman the first person in AEW to hold all of the titles if he beat Miro then eventually Omega. I’m here for it.
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