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  1. Good god man, you’ve finished Far Cry 6 already? I’ve only met the rap duo and maybe 85% of the way through their quest line, and there’s still like… what, 4 or 5 other people/groups I’m supposed to help? Granted I can’t play any Far Cry game for too long because I get bored, maybe 2 or 3 hours a day tops, but still. Damn, it was just released like two weeks ago
  2. It was finished filming in like, April or May of this year. I can’t see them holding off too much longer to release it, especially now that the Marvels is pushed into 2023. That’s a long time to sit on a finished project.
  3. nah bruh, the real head of the table is Ruby Soho.
  4. By all accounts they wrapped filming 6 months ago.
  5. No. A lot of people thought it’d come before Hawkeye since it finished at the same time, or before, that show wrapped but that didn’t happen obviously. Then they thought the end of 2021/January 2022, but that’s not looking likely either. Probably get a release date on Disney Plus Day.
  6. I've been job hunting too, but only casually, since I still like my job but 1) I've been on a different shift for almost two years now when I was originally told I was just a fill-in for a few months and 2) new hires are being brought in at a higher base pay than I am (and getting a raise when they're brought on full-time from temp status). I've already voiced how displeased I am about this, and pestering my bosses to pay me fairly - they say they've contacted HR about it and they're drafting an offer letter, but I somehow doubt it. Also on an unrelated note, and I won't go into detail - if you live in Arizona, you might want to get more involved in the Congressional race in the coming years. I'll let interested parties Google why I mention this, and that's all I'll say.
  7. I'm pretty sure Archer isn't a heel anymore... but I'm pretty sure he isn't a face, either. He's just Lance Archer, guy that loves to fuck people up.
  8. Despite Allie Katch spoiling the ending for me on Twitter (right before I got to the season finale, too!), You S3 was very enjoyable. For the first handful of episodes, they kept me thinking this person and that person was going to be the new obsession, but it never panned out that way. The ending makes me really fucking sad though, I don't like the direction they're going on. I thought the back half of S2/all of S3 except for the end was setting them up for a nice change of pace, but... nah, I guess. I'm going to start Squid Game and Midnight Mass next weekend, probably. Right now I'm switching between playing Far Cry 6, The Phantom Pain and Marvel Super Heroes 2 and re-watching Veep for the third time. Veep is still one of the best half-hour comedy shows I've ever seen, I love this fucking thing. But I'm obsessed with politics, so I might be biased.
  9. Ms. Marvel might have been pushed back to June/July 2022, if Mohan Kapur is to be believed (he plays Yusuf, Kamala's dad). Rumor is that it's to bring it closer to the release date of the Marvels in November, instead of having a huge gap inbetween interconnected series like WandaVision and Multiverse of Madness. Words cannot express how bummed out this makes me.
  10. I am immediately worried about the outcome of the Hangman/Omega match based on the Title Eliminator brackets. On the one hand, you’ve got the 2 year story with Omega and Hangman and it’s built up to this moment. On the other, you’ve got the new story of Danielson wanting to see who the best is between him and Omega. I know Danielson is the shiny new toy and a big star, but even he said the reaction last week was bigger than his pop or Punk. So, which way do you go? Or do they swerve and go with a heel Mox versus newly crowned champion Hangman?
  11. I went to work for two days in order to get enough money to buy a PS5, goddamnit.
  12. Nah, book a Airport Runway Deathmatch.
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