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  1. This week's Legends Of Tomorrow was fantastic. But I wish it hadn't been spoiled that Matt Letscher was returning as Thawne. The reveal was so fucking great, and I wish it had been a surprise. He's the best Thawne, and what's so great is that he's the Legend's Thawne, both as an actor and as the character. This Thawne is the same time echo/ variant/ whatever that was taken by the Black Flash at the end of Season two. And he played the evil Calvary officer in "Mask Of Zorro", one of the best movie bad guys ever.
  2. I enjoyed the show. They billed it as " The biggest Indy show ever" and it felt big Indy. And JJ " The Last Outlaw" is super fun. Totally worth 25 bucks.
  3. Ok, Rocket being created by the High Evolutionary sounds like a great story and it makes sense. We better get that Cow Woman who raised Wanda and Pietro, and clearly breast fed both at the same time like lil calves.
  4. Yeah, that looks dope. Picard is making up for the generally bad TNG Movies. First Contact is the best one, but alot of it kinda stinks. Alfre Woodard did all the work and Farmer Hoggatt got all the credit? Fuck that.
  5. I agree completely. It's not perfect, but that's on some of the writing and some just not so great episodes. Y'know. Star Trek. And yeah, Discovery was a Science vessel that was plunged into adventure. Thus a crew of scientists and a bridge crew we know almost nothing about. Seriously, can we get some more about the Bridge crew and less Book and his cat?
  6. It was one of the best eps of the series. And, once again they drop an Easter Egg reference from an old episode. And once again it's the one I'm about to cover this week on the Legends podcast I do with my pal and Vancouver actor Travis Woloshyn. ( Gideon Guys, available at all the regular podcast suspects.) Same thing happened with the red button gag this season. This time it's Gary having three nipples. In the season four episode, " Terms Of Service", Gary reveals that after having his nipple bitten off twice, he had the Fairy Godmother give him three. So he has a spare if it happens again. Twice now Im gonna have to keep my mouth shut so I don't spoil it for Travis who's watching for the first time. And since we've been doing the show he's had two auditions for Legends, where he read things he couldn't tell me. Probably a total coincidence as he gets a lot of auditions it being Vancouver, but ya never know.
  7. Putting aside the WWE comments about bloody women. Blading IS fucking stupid and weird as fuck. I love it, I'm weird as fuck too. I don't care if people slice their fucking bodies with fucking razor blades cause it looks awesome and bloody wrestling is great. But it's just as fucked up as Lesner shoot splitting open Orton like Terry Funk did with eyebrow punches. Also fucked up.
  8. If you're talking about Peacemaker than I like that sort of thing. I thought the first ep was hilarious. And Cena is just great.
  9. I just finished Springfield Confidential by Mike Reiss and Mel Brooks' autobiography. Highly recommended both.
  10. Eric Roberts has been fucking incredible thus far as Junior. Eli's background as a Memphis pro rassler is perfect.
  11. Svenghoulie is nationwide now. His show is on every Saturday night on MeTV.
  12. As much as old folks love WCW Regal and those matches with Finley, Regal was at his best in WWF. His character work there was just incredible. Regal confronting HHH as Eugene's mentor is in my top three all time greatest moments in wrestling history. "It was ME, Sunshine!"
  13. I buy that. Everyone hating Charlotte Flair's level on the card and booking often act like she's booking herself. You can complain about matches, stiffness, and slaps sure. But she's not booking herself at the top. And for whatever it's worth, at the post SummerSlam Super House show we were at, Charlotte was in the top three most over performers there, despite being a heel.
  14. Thanks, man. To be honest, the fires haven't hit me personally yet. I know a lot of my customers are hurting, but that's the limit as to my personal attachments are to the fires, besides the horror of what happened. Well, maybe not totally. The initial reports of the day of the fire were that it was started by downed power lines. The lines that were down at ground zero were communication lines, and they don't spark. After a few days, it appeared that photos and videos showed that there was smoke billowing from a property in the area with old barns and sheds. Property owned by The Twelve Tribes, a Christian Cult with a compound there. I didn't recognize the name until I googled it and saw this. Holy Shit. I've known these folks and that bus since 1987. The 12 Tribes are a cult who prey upon fucked up kids at concerts, amongst many other venues. They started in the early 70's like most Jesus Freak cults did. But around 1987 they started appearing on Grateful Dead Tour, at the same time I did with my friends. They seemed like just another hard core hippie family who offered free health care, food, and a safe space for people having a bad trip, like the Hog Farmers. But their help was a cover to indoctrinate people. They also preached that Garcia was a deity, as was Dylan. And the women were second class citizens, there was a lot of crazy. They've spread out around the world with businesses and all kinds of crazy shit, but have never not been a source of embarrassment to Deadheads. They still prey on kids at Festivals, Phish shows, etc. And they run a chain of Delis called "The Yellow Deli" and own a construction company, to be "legit." In 1991 at a Dead show in Albany, a couple of us New Jerseyed our way onto the bus to get our pal Theo,( who is rich and was tripping happily with them), out of their clutches. So, if this tragedy helps to bring down a cult that abuses kids, preaches slavery, KILLING of gay people, misogyny, and has been a blight on the Deadhead community for decades? Then at least something good will have come from it. I don't care if it was an accident from their fire pit. Fuck them.
  15. TNA/ Impact becoming 2022 Smokey Mountain? Sure. Love it.
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