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  1. You think germaphobe Vince would hire sex workers? I don't. Unless Dr. Zahorian would emerge from the closet like JJ Dillon to administer blood and urine tests.
  2. Well, Meltzer said exactly that on Jericho's podcast last week.
  3. I loved that SD. It was super fun. Unchained Cole and Pat are in my top five favorite announce teams. They make everything better.
  4. I'm old, so I saw Larry a lot in the AWA, and read all about him in the mags. Also, the first Best of the WWF videotapes had the turn on Bruno and the Shea cage match. Larry being called the "Living Legend" was at first a heel thing to mock Bruno. By the time Nitro came around the moniker became "official ", which always bumped me.
  5. That show fucking ruled. Unchained Cole is going to be such a pleasure. I can't recall the last time I loved a WWE PPV from beginning to end. Even the vignettes ruled.
  6. And this time he was doing his Jim Barnett impression . I gotta say, I enjoy old JR in that train wreck way I love awkward announcing.
  7. They had to turn her heel. The crowds didn't care about her story and didn't care about her.
  8. It totally feels to me that Khan is trying to lean into a little ROH nostalgia for the glory days. Claudio as champ, Briscoes in the Main Event, Nana not only debuting but in charge of an Embassy that comes off as a real threat, and even putting the six man belts on Castle and The Boys who now have names. And I get it. All of those choices popped me, because I'm one of those old school ROH fans. I do want to see more of The Rightous. I love their take on this Southern Hippie Jesus Freak Cult gimmick. At least that's what I took from it. That one dude does a hell of a Ray Traylor act.
  9. Jimmy Jacobs was behind the Jericho/ Owens angle with the Festival Of Friendship, is one thing.
  10. It wasn't. They just got burnt out and had to re-energize. Like an ROH show circa 2005 which was what they were going for . And succeeded.
  11. Maybe I'm just high, but that crowd was pretty hot and just had low points. They were quiet during the beginning of the main event cause they knew they had to save it based on the stip.
  12. Ah, Caprice said that during the main event towards the beginning cause the crowd was tired. That show was hot from the pre show on. Eventually any crowd is going to get burnt out for a bit. It was a shame that it was the Women's title match where they had to work their assess off to get ALL THOSE DUDES in the crowd back alive, was put in the death slot. But who cares? That show fucking ruled!
  13. That show fucking ruled. The EMBASSY IS BACK, motherfuckers!
  14. Shit, gimmick an actual baseball to be crushed by a claw and we have Veer's finish that'll make him. He's pretty good so far, and I really like him a lot. And that would work perfectly with his character.
  15. Right? It's all based on, "Well I wouldn't pay that, so why would someone else?", when that is irrelevant. Get that money while you can.
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