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  1. Owen Wilson is my new comic book show All Star. He's absolutely great as Pat Dugan on Stargirl, playing it as simple and appropriate for the tone of what's a kid's show that's wonderful. In Loki he's taking a totally different stab, and he's just as great.
  2. Cool. I'm taking my nephew and two of his friends to the one in Denver the day after Summerslam. That's a lot of their favorites.
  3. I don't watch RAW anymore, but if the payoff is Alexa trying her voodoo bullshit and Shayna no selling it and destroying her ? I'd watch that.
  4. Awesome. When I first started coaching four years ago all my friends started calling me Buttermaker.
  5. They had a great time. We lost 6-4, but they were cheering each other on, paying attention, and hitting the ball. We also had the play of the game when George, a kid who's never played before and is a natural catcher, ran after a wild pitch, got it and dove to tag out a kid who was stealing home. The rest of the team mobbed him in a dog pile at the plate.
  6. The Little League team I coach has their first game of the season tonight. It's 10 year olds recreational. We've got a great little squad this year. We'll see if they remember anything from practices from the last two weeks.
  7. That was the glaring problem with the tag title match. The Bucks double teaming Mox while the ref is sorta doing the five count and not enforcing it, with Kingston just standing on the apron? Yuck. The kids watching with us were confused about the rules .
  8. No one is excited for The Eternals because the Eternals were Jack Kirby ripping himself at Marcek after New Gods shit the bed at DC when they " stole him". I'm confident that the movie will be fun, and it looks like a lot of fun, but nobody has ever cared about The Eternals. This will be the first time ANYONE has cared about them. And I hope Kirby's fam is getting some dollars out of this.
  9. One of the kids said " This would be ok if it was the Fiend" while we shit on it. He gets it.
  10. We made chicken salad out of that lumberjack match. My nephew and his pals sat and made fun of it with us. I had hyped them up about what a lumberjack match is and then that happened. The boys laughed and MST3K'd it with me and my pal Chris.
  11. Flash has been a mess this season thus far, to be honest.
  12. Legends of Tomorrow just cemented itself as one of the best shows on TV, and clearly the best of the DCW shows. Wow, what a wonderful premiere.
  13. The difference in quality between SD and RAW now is bonkers. I can't even get through the hour and a half Hulu RAW , but I actually try to watch SD in real time. It really is the "A-show" now. Which was inevitable. This is Big Four network. That still means a lot, despite being in the age of streaming.
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