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  1. He was The Lugar for the first few weeks in Florida, soon changed to Lex Luger. Someone that I traded tapes with back then used The Lugar on his match listings forever. I always got a kick out of that.
  2. I just watched the Flair match. My thoughts were what did all of these people expect? This match is enjoyable. Then Flair couldn't get up for the last five minutes. OK, now I understand what everyone was saying. Hey, I still enjoy Great Kojika matches. He does basic wrestling in slow motion and will cut his head if it is hardcore. I feel that I must add to this by letting you all know that I went to Lollapalooza to see the Butthole Surfers, Body Count, and Rollins Band.
  3. Cherry is teenager forever!
  4. Violento Jack has to be the most under appreciated wrestler out there. He has been having great main events for years.
  5. I don't like this trend of something of something names for teams.
  6. Warren Cromartie was in Hustle for one match. Babe Ruth was a ref.
  7. At the time I thought of Battlarts as a nostalgia promotion. Ishikawa would do reenactments of Inoki against Tiger Jeet Singh and the like, plus bringing in Road Warriors, Bob Backland and more.
  8. I never connected this to the tuxedo clad Kawada singing in Hustle, Hustle.
  9. Youtube might have a couple minutes extra sometimes. The stuff on TV has to fit in 1 hour.
  10. I had some tiny black box to put between the decks that would kill the copy protection. I rented Japanese TV wrestling tapes every week (or month later) and copied them since 1992, changing to DVD recorders as soon as they came out. I only switched to downloading within the last 10 years. I sent the Japanese tapes to a few different people every month that would respectively send me Mexico, Memphis, and SMW. I traded for years with some people that I came into contact with when the back page of the Observer would print trader's addresses.
  11. Korakuen Hall is my favorite venue. Every seat is good excepting Row A of the North, East, and West sections. I was once able to be a ringside photographer here which was of course memorable. It was when Manami Toyota became the 50th WWWA champion. I've been on the fourth floor press area while the post match interviews go on. I've sat on that interview bench during intermission. The drink vending machine there is cheaper than the one in the lobby for the fans. The best place for photography is on the rail in the balcony. I'm old now and no longer have the stamina to stand for the whole show. ECW Arena was great in the beginning with 200 fans and when they had bleachers. It is prettied up now, but all floor seats, which suck. I also miss being able to go out of the side door to go to Anthony's bar down the street for a quick shot and beer when Raven or Shane Douglass came to the ring with the mic. Usually that was good timing to come back in about when they finished yapping. MSG and Tokyo Sumo Hall are two of my favorites. However I've been there for way more NBA, NHL, and Sumo than wrestling. I was out of control screaming Iran number one bali bali the night that the Iron Sheik won the WWF championship. Sumo Hall, Budoukan, and Mexican bullfighting stadiums are good for wrestling because they are round/square, not rectangular/oval like hockey or basketball arenas. All of the seats in a row are equal distance from the ring. I took a picture in front of a sign for Kiel Auditorium Parking when I was there well after Kiel was torn down. I wish that I went to the Olympic Auditorium. I want to go to Arena Mexico and KBS Hall.
  12. Looking back my enjoyment of WW(W)F went downhill when Lou Albano turned babyface. The two high points after that were Hogan leaving and Foley becoming champeen.
  13. I agree. The ones that I saw were just a break in the show like "midgets" or "girls" on the poster used to be. A whole show of that wouldn't be so good.
  14. This made me look it up. Somehow the last All Pacific champion was Lioness Asuka after winning it on a self produced show and then vacating it. It would be cool to bring her in, but I'm sure that even pushing 60 years old and retired she would never do the job.
  15. Santo and Gory. Hurricane Castillo Jr. and Miguelito Perez were a good son team. Did the fathers ever team up?
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