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  1. The same show was on Fight Network in the US. That is very good. The Impact that shows up on Fight Network is six months behind the AXS shows. I didn't remember Josh either, although I may not have ever watched it in English. I was at the Dome for it. I might have only watched the Asahi show that night.
  2. Walter was Big Van Walter the first time that I saw him. He won some tournament at Differ Ariake in front of about a hundred people.
  3. I've never heard the Dibussy. Where was that? I remember lots of DiBias.
  4. I remember Tammy when she was Candido's cute young girlfriend sitting in the top row of the bleachers with Chuck Richards and running around taking pictures when Chris wrestled. High School gym shows in NJ a long time ago. So sad what happened to both of them.
  5. I had WWWF, Florida, and Olympic Auditorium Spanish International Network shows on UHF when I was a kid. Florida seemed special because they showed clips of the house show matches. Florida also had the NWA title and lots of magazine stars. WWWF had much more talent than The Olympic at the time. Victor Rivera was a main eventer in LA, but a semi-final or tag team champ in WWWF. WWWF prelim guys went to LA and got pushes as Pork Chop, Java Ruuk, and Butcher Brannigan. However the LA TV show was more enjoyable than WWWF. LA was really weak when young Roddy Piper came in. Some shows he had a match, multiple interviews, and would just walk out in the middle of a match and walk outside the ring playing the bagpipes. They just needed to fill in time. There were jobbers that wrestled early in the show and wrestled again with a mask later. In the 80's when Vince Jr. took over it was never the same when the promotion no longer was based around the MSG show every 4 weeks. Into the 90's, ECW was never the same when the promotion no longer was based around the ECW arena show every 3 weeks.
  6. A&W is a Dollar Tree Stewart's Root Beer.
  7. Started out in Underground Wrestling.
  8. I agree that video clips/promos are great for including people without matches that week. They should go with the old Roller Derby announcer trope of saying that they missed that dive, but the only way you can see all the action is by being here live for the AEW action.
  9. I need to keep away from here until 1/23 when the show is on Samurai. And stay away from the weekly 30 min show too.
  10. I remember talking to a couple friends in wrestling who said about another wrestler that "she's always trying to put herself over", my reply was that "she's a wrestler, that's her job".
  11. At least we were able to enjoy King Curtis screaming for the last time.
  12. Should be a 30 min main event.
  13. Regarding MSG; vaccination is required to get in. I've been to one Knicks game and one Rangers game this season. Both were only 80 to 90% full. They are both running some nice discounts. I sat in section 1 for $125 including $25 of free beer, and in section 206 for $100 including $25 of free beer. other people might have used the free vouchers for food, ha ha! BTY, everyone should go to Gosuke Restaurant on 35th street before any MSG event. JB Angel Istuki Yamazaki is the owner/president and her husband Isami makes the sushi. They are still waiting for liquor license approval. Late January?
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