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  1. He's been on the East Coast for decades. Used to be a Mad Russian. Just another fake Anderson like CW. I think that he replaced Metal Maniac as Snuka's driver. He is a "star" of the Hollywood hit movie The Wrestler.
  2. Fred Blassie was better than Lou Thesz and The Destroyer. I came to this opinion from a DVD put out of Rikidozan against the three of them by NTV. Blassie had heel heat and the highest workrate. Destroyer was comedic and Thesz was way more boring than Fred.
  3. My Mom (in her 80's) liked Ice-T from the TV cop shows. I happened to find the Ice-T Sex Money Gunz concert on TV. Mom had no idea of his rapping. We watched it together and she was just laughing and gasping at all of the cursing and vulgarity. Mom actually got a kick out of it.
  4. Jimmy Garvin morphing into Pampero Firpo.
  5. Speculation is that Japan has been stalling while waiting for a Japanese manufacturer of vaccine to be approved to keep the vaccine money in Japan.
  6. I wholeheartedly co-sign this My street people and my old lady agree!
  7. Fight Network is showing them in order on the cable channel. The VOD is probably doing the same. I agree, good stuff.
  8. Aja Kong Fever pachinko machine. 1999 vintage. I have one in my basement. It also features Takako, Hotta, Hokuto, and Toyota. I found it from a supplier on ebay 20 years ago. It is my favorite piece of merch that I own.
  9. My mind keeps reading that as DC Drake. Strange what things are remembered and what things are forgotten.
  10. 2 to 4 pages of TV ratings and Raw and Smackdown descriptions are what I skip. Although I agree that write ups on every NJ match on every show is more than we need.
  11. Battle royals got over so much in the 70's because they were promoted as the most dangerous match of the year. Over the top rope was a DQ in all other matches then. My hot take is that I would have been happier if wrestling shut down in 1973, but the International Roller Derby League never folded.
  12. You beat me to it. Argentine Backbreaker came from Argentina Rocca.
  13. Strong Zero is the best name. I thought that Die Hard was Splash Mountain from the corner and Kansai used both? Razor's Edge is the lame name.
  14. Ozaki uses the red mist instead of blood now. Same as Onita. It looks the same in the photos in Shukan Pro and the clips on Samurai.
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