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  1. I have only seen a Fancam version, but I really liked the match (aside from the introduction of chairs and the Spanish Fly Spot) until Jericho got in. Then it started to really drag, be bad and make less and less sense. The finish was pretty awful and Jericho should probably stop being a keyplayer in big matches. Still liked this better than the NXT version of WarGames I saw 2019, were Ciampa beat Cole in the end. Also, from that fans' perspective, it was really hard to tell why the bell rang. It could have easily been announced that "Sami Guevara has verbally submitted, therefore, your
  2. It will be very interesting to see how much is in Terunofuji's tank. His knees are reportedly acting up again. Takakeisho seems far from 100% aswell. Shodai has his hands full avoiding demotion I'd assume. Maybe it will be Asanoyama's time?
  3. And there is an ugly sequel to this, for a couple of days later Aogo stepped down from his position as a pundit for Sky Germany. The reason? During City vs PSG he seemingly used the phrase (I can't find any exact quote) "Trainieren bis zum Vergasen" which translates roughly to "to train until gassing". The second part is a proverbial use which means doing something excessively, but the choice of words refers to the horrible actions taken by Nazis during the Holocaust, where people were killed with gas in concentration camps. As somebody who studied German (and Scandinavian) lit
  4. First... This show is just really really great and I love it. But good lord doesn't it kill me every time for at least a few episodes each season...
  5. Lehmann got quoted in the German tabloid Bild where he tried to explain himself. "Quote" also means ratings in German, he tried to explain it away as a failed attempt at a "funny" pun where he wanted to say that Aogo was so good he generated ratings (turning token black guy into ratings black guy). Sure... (there were also some weird reaction to former teammate Thomas Hitzlsperger's comingout and attempts to euphimize Covid19, so Hmmm...) For what it's worth, Aogo accepted an apology Lehmann made to him in a phone call, stating that he was really unhappy with what Lehmann texted, h
  6. I always thought that it was "Just because you can do it doesn't actually mean you should do it." and I honestly think the interpretation of "if you can do it, do it" is a big part of why I don't enjoy wrestling as much as I used to. I also would say that with the amount of aerial and athletic stuff everybody does, doing infinity flips or something doesn't really set you apart from anybody.
  7. I'm happy she got her time to shine at the end. Nobody has a bad thing to say about Molly and the way she made peace with the situation is inspiring. She just comes across as a good person.
  8. That is just plain awful. Thoughts go out to the family.
  9. That's not WALTER, that's Gacha Ping, you guys.
  10. Hoshoryu on another career highest rank. Hokutofuji is forever the king of bad banzuke luck. 9-6 in spitting distance of sanyaku, half a rank of promotion.
  11. Shit like this is the reason while I only rarely post here. Football has lost me, this is not even a nail in the coffin for me, this is someone pissing on its grave.
  12. I don't think there is much working of holds outside of submission finishers nowadays.
  13. Kotoyuki just announced intai a few days ago at age 30. He had started Sumo in 2008 and had been in salaried levels since September 2011, only dropping out of Juryo in March, with his top rank being Sekiwake. After undergoing surgery, his health didn't improve far enough, so retirement was probably the right call.
  14. Walter vs Sekimoto in Oberhausen, March 2012, wXw Unified World Title. My ex gf and I were at the show and she was pretty indifferent towards wrestling, but would tell other people that she loved that match and that she could understand my love for pro wrestling because of it.
  15. I just want to ignore wrestling today. Especially WWE. Then I see the visual of Cesaro & Reigns standing face to face (saw just the clip on YT) and for a moment these guys look like stars and I want to believe they can be portrayed as such.
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