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  1. Yeah, there is a really interesting dynamic to it. In the end, the overall strongest team should win, but psychology is a thing and if you are far in the lead, you may be better or maybe more complacent. If you are far back, it might demotivate you. Interesting concept for sure!
  2. The name "Blessing" is just fantastic. I love whacky first names, Blessing might overtake Knowledge as my favorite whacky first name. This is the first time I've got some time to watch live and there's only trampoline I find interesting to stick to right now. I apparently missed a pretty good Judo Team Match between Japan and Germany. Damn!
  3. Hope Simone Biles will recover. Happy she decided to do what's best for her. If you think that Toukon slap is a bad motivational tactic on Team Germanies behalf, apparently a coach today yelled at a cyclist to "Get the camel herder!" while said cyclist was in pursuit of various cyclists from Algeria and Eretria. He apologized using the "I have a lot of acquaintances from Northern Africa." I fucking hate this country sometimes.
  4. Fair point. I think social media is a thin line, people should still work to a degree. That being said, if like you said, he pulled that stunt before, it's weird.
  5. I actually think working the marks is what wrestling is about, I have to say. That being said, I have no dog in this fight since I'm one of two or three wrestling fans in the world who doesn't like Keith Lee.
  6. Water Polo is also allegedly some dirty, rowdy sport. The US winning Gold in Basketball not being a foregone conclusion is quite interesting and rarely occurs since the NBA pros are in the mix.
  7. Handball is a very big sport in Northern and Central Europe aswell as Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, Brazil and Northern African states. It's more a thing of some quite popular things getting more of an absolute mainstream spotlight.
  8. While I don't agree, it was to be expected. Hakuho acted out of the ordinary, certainly not like your usual Yokozuna.
  9. Terunofuji got the Yokozuna promotion as a reward for the broken jaw. The promotion is all but a formality (and well deserved). He is the first new Yokozuna in 4 years, and the 73rd since 1600.
  10. That main event was something, especially the amazing outburst. Hakuho knew full well that his chances at the belt were slim. That Elbow would have made Misawa proud.
  11. Oh, I'm gonna shut my mouth then, trying to not spoil anymore. I'm live, last two bouts coming up.
  12. Hakuho seemed really angry with Shodai. Those were palm strikes. Showdown today, both big Mongols are at 14-0, either we get Terunofuji's first or Hakuho's 16th Zensho. Fantastic tournament on top. Takayasu and Shodai square off for kachi koshi. Ura finished up at 10-5, and the people rejoiced! Hoshoryu 10-5 and looking impressive as hell near the top of the banzuke.
  13. Ura has toned down considerably, probably for the best, but he is still oh so exciting. Apropos exciting: Terunofuji and Hakuho both move into senshuraku with 14-0, which means de facto playoff between both for the Yusho. I think we will get a new Yokozuna, no matter what. A 14-1 Jun Yusho should be enough. That being said: Terunofuji can be considered the favourite here, his form is amazing. Shodai and Takayasu meet for a last shot at kachi koshi today. One will take the fall, though.
  14. Ura kachi koshi. This is a great day, just talking sumo. Terunofuji and Hakuho are the only ones in the race, both at 12 wins, both flawless.
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