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  1. Those are pretty easy and consistant rules to go by. Thanks everyone for clearing that up for me. @Infinitlol means lots of love, right?
  2. So Rivers is no fraud because he has a ring or is he half a fraud because he has A ring but not rings? Those rules are complicated...
  3. As a former GK myself, I feel really bad for the Russian goalie. The third goal in particular, where he made three brilliant saves within 30 seconds only to get beaten after that Danish player went Captain Tsubasa style on that shot. The second goal was more of an error, but that one had to sting. Feel kind of sorry for the Finns, but I guess Belgium was on another level in that group.
  4. Despite liking this board in general, outside of a few very specific threads I don't post much. That being said, I loved reading OSJ's posts, he always came across as a very knowledgeable guy and knew how to put his thoughts into words. Even without having an established connection it seemed as if he was just really likeable. Sorry for the loss to everyone who was close to him and condolences and best wishes to his widow.
  5. Sorry for being late to answer, lots of stress at work. Other than the rest of the banzuke (which is already made but kept secret), the Juryo promotees are already announced shortly after the Basho. Four promotions: Abi, Yago and Kaisho all return, Kotokuzan gets promoted for the first time to salaried ranks. They probably demoted Jokoryu.
  6. I went back and checked. Both teams, Denmark and Turkey, can still clutch a finish that sees them advance as one of the top four third place teams. Denmark can eve get 2nd place.
  7. @odessastepshas @The Naturalon ignore...I wouldn't have thought Spain would get any troubles in the group, but I'm happy Sweden has a shot at making it out of the group. Edit: I take it back, I just can't read. I think Italy might be the strongest squad in the tournament right now, but it is still five games for everyone still in contention to win the whole thing. Is Northern Macedonia the only team eliminated for sure or is Denmark out aswell?
  8. Weird to get the jitterbug when turning and 0-1 into 4-1 and looking like world beaters. Good match though, lots of created chances, six goals. Hopefully we won't throw it all away against the Magyar. Defense is worrying at times for some reason.
  9. The stage is set for Scotland to FINALLY get that place in the last 16 only to be stopped last second because of something stupid like less goals scored than four other teams in third place. Or concede in the dying minutes of the game to go 1-1 instead of the needed win or something.
  10. Well, a few months back we lost 0-6 to Spain, a few months back to Northern Macedonia... I guess this can be interpreted as step up?
  11. Good lord, we are so mediocre. Good conversion by Hummels, wrong net unfortunately.
  12. It's a 0-0 win for blå-gul, but damn... Only watched the last 30 minutes, they couldn't keep the ball for more than 10 seconds.
  13. I didn't catch the first half, but horrible throwback to the situation where a Cameroon player died on the pitch at a Confed Cup. That debute on a major stage for Finland is quite dramatic even without the horrible Eriksen incident, but it is tough to talk about the football part of the match.
  14. Let's see, he went 7-8 because of the forced kyujo, next tournament he will loose Ozeki. He will be Sekiwake in September (second tournament ban). Probably Maegashira 9 or 10 in November (third). Somewhere Mid Juryo in January (fourth). All this at half the pay for the respective rank. Then Upper Makushita (fifth) and lower Makushita (sixth) in March and May, around Ms #60 is not totally implausible. Considering there's a good chance that Asanoyama could have held the rank for a year, the financial loss is quite severe. Half pay at the two months he will nominally be an Ozeki means the loss of 22 000 $ in salary, for his two months at Sekiwake he will loose another 28 000, for his two months on the sidelines as Maegashira it will be 31 500 $. With that, the Half-salary will end, keeping the Juryo loss at about "just" 25 000 $. Then will be at least 8 months (sitting out two tournaments, getting back into Juryo with at least two more) without any salary (there is a bit of pocket change for the guys outside Sekitori levels, let's be generous and go with a thousand dollars), so there's another 168,000 $ of loss in salary. With the climb back up taking considerably longer than the fall, this could be quite a big financial hit for Asanoyama and his Heya.
  15. The fact that he was at Ozeki was what made the punishment even worse. Apparently he was talked into this by his coach, who already retired.
  16. Lots of intentional shitstorming going on as always and with everything. People find their things to pick apart. WWE is crap, but there is no need for any outrage in any of those "semi-quotes" unless you want to be outraged at them.
  17. It actually starts tomorrow and I'm amazed just how secondary it feels to everything that went on. With the form they were in, I can't really see our team Germaning their way through. The mode might allow for us to get out of the group, though. Not sure how many of the matches I will be able to catch.
  18. I had to look this up, apparently Jake got into WWEs Hall of Fame in 2014 where he was cleaned up somewhat after working with DDP. Assuming he was somewhat ok for an extended period before that and a quick look around suggesting the process taking 1.5 to 2 years, ten years isn't that far off. He probably ignored relapses and such...
  19. A friend pointed me to the fact what a wasted opportunity the following was... Nobody ever went on to cut a promo where they said "You may think you are perfect, but in the end, you are just an average Joe!" Honestly, nothing but good things for him, but the only thing he got me hooked with was that Genesis of McGuillicutty promo...
  20. I at some point saw old tales of Robin and really liked her work. In this episode she came across like a great person. Still a haunting episode. As for the debate...it's hard to know what the wrestlers actually knew. Maybe they saw what they mistook for young adults and just made a joke out of it because of the obvious age difference. Joke in bad taste, I should add. I always have the feeling with child abuse it's always the case of "How could we NOT know in hindsight?"
  21. I love Charles Barkley. That being said, he should always shut up because he is a jinx machine.
  22. Not a fan of the Tag Belts and the TNT Belt. The World Titles (men's and women's) both look good imo.
  23. D'lo held both titles and I would say it was Summerslam 99.
  24. Cologne stays in Bundesliga after winning 5-1 in my selected home city of Kiel. Tough break for our club, they were 4 points ahead in the race for direct promotion with two match days left, lost both games 2-3 after being up 1-0 at half-time. In the first leg of the playoffs, Kiel won 1-0 at Cologne, then yesterday's game came and it was 1-3 after 13 minutes (1-2 after 5 minutes). Stings (and stinks), but maybe the club would overextend itself in Bundesliga.
  25. If there is any truth to this, it is really scummy indeed. Yeah, he basically got the same suspension as Abi. Maybe there was no actual evidence for the circumstances...
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