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  1. I do not think two, three 150 (at most) pound women not confronting 250-300 pound jacked up, aggressive dudes has something to do with moral relativism. I'm a fairly bulky dude who works out and has some basic fighting down, but even Flair is taller and heavier than me. Jackie and Jazz are tough and Molly is by all accounts a nice person, but this isn't a Marvel or DC movie and it probably would have gotten worse if any off would have tried to intervene. Plus there is a chaotic scene and a probability of them not registering a situation like that. I think it's weird to expect them to step up. I expected this to be a kooky, crazy but light hearted episode. The indecent exposure by Flair on the flight is something I never found all that funny, but I thought off it more as a "He went out and forgot about the non wrestling flight attendends". Still not good, but this shit is so much worse. Dreamer came across like a major idiot and showed no empathy whatsoever. Attempting to downplay some of the actions, the dumb line regarding the settlement, getting cute with the hairstyle thing...not sure what was asked, but yeesh. Chioda, to me, came across more like a clueless sidekick than anything, still missing the point by a country mile, yet not as bad as Dreamer.
  2. Yeah, pretty much spot on on both accounts. I will add that Takakeisho looks to be in worrying condition so far and would probably be better off dropping down to Sekiwake or maybe even further before attempting a comeback. It was a neck injury after all.
  3. Basho is under way, despite being a week off it kinda felt like it snuck up this time around. On the first day, both Ozeki lost while Terunofuji seemed comfortable in his new position. He should by all accounts be considered a heavy favourite. We will see what the weeks will bring. I hope I can be here and talk sumo from time to time, life is busy though...
  4. Amazing feat for Raducanu winning 20-0 sets as a qualifier to win the whole thing. I really hope that Piers Morgan dude has some form of angry diarrhea after trying to bully this particular teenager during Wimbledon.
  5. I agree that it's not a good development long-term. At this point, I am old enough not to care as much as I used to. Enough good, old wrestling around. Occasionally, there is good stuff, but feels fewer and farer between. I'm happy for people who enjoy AEW, but I really can't get into it. Too many of the bad aspects of modern wrestling, too much Jericho, too much bad booking from my pov. For me it's almost the same as WWE, albeit up until recently with less good talent, but more effort. And while I don't get the reference, I sure as hell don't want to be in Berlin.
  6. It depends on who you mean by people in WWE. The actions they took over the last few years clearly were exercises in optimising shareholder value in my opinion.
  7. Both Fernandez as an unseeded player and Raducanu as qualifier and both being teenagers made the finals. That's really something!
  8. Well, cue the softball season jokes. @The Z, but I don't think AEW is more wrestling than WWE in execution when it comes to a wrestling VS sports entertainment comparison. Maybe the concepts are different in that regard, but I think that is more through corporate structures. Both shows have lots of sports entertainment aspects to them.
  9. Miyagino-beya had two cases of Covid and will sit out Aki. This means no Hakuho, no Ishiura, no Enho, no Hokuseiho... too bad, really. Ichinojo, who had tested positive a few days ago, will probably take another test and if he is virus-free, he will probably enter.
  10. Deffo, Fernandez with a breakout tournament. Kerber has nothing to be ashamed off, though. Zverev made the quarterfinals. German tennis is better than it has been in a while atm.
  11. I'm 100% positive Stevenson is just going to be the Pug.
  12. Yeah, only one promotion, that's quite rare. Also, Juryo will have one empty spot at Juryo 9 West because Takaganja, pardon, - genji. Of all the things he supposedly did, THIS is the one that gets him kicked out off Sumo... Amazing. Much movement on the banzuke, they went with a third Sekiwake (maybe since Asanoyama won't be active?), so we have 9 sanyaku on paper. I don't believe Hakuho will fight the full 15 days. Maybe he wins one, which would be his 900th victory as a Yokozuna, then retires. Or he now wins the next 6 Yushos. What the heck do I know about Sumo, other than that I love it?
  13. Fernandez will face Kerber in the Octofinals. Interesting bracket, with three former US Open Champions (Kerber, Osaka, Stephens) and a finalist (Keyes) of the last five years poised to meet before the QF. I'm rooting for my (kinda) hometown girl, but it would be an amazing story for Fernandez.
  14. Liked Daffney although I never liked WCW in that time frame very much and her gimmick should have been exhausting, plus David Flair was painfully awful. I'm just really sad about this, there is no other way to put it. Poor parents aswell!
  15. I just shared this with a friend. I will just quote him: "Oh God, oh fuck. I hope this means Vince Russo and Bruce Pobanz!"
  16. Gigante was in WCW. Khali, Heidenreich and Jones all had prior wrestling experience in Japan. They just didn't improve. Ryback was around for ages before NXT, might be a good pick for an underwhelming WWE-System-Product.
  17. Wasn't the Galaxy Express the NWA Champion's Theme? Always thought Harley used it aswell...
  18. Riddle is such an idiot it's not even funny anymore.
  19. Troublemaker Punk already stirring shit at the new company, why not Fullham?!
  20. He's also Viking and a 16th century bum. Damn, I guess he was actually the top vampire, not Gangrel...
  21. Haven't gotten Bianca Belair and haven't been a fan so far, totally fine with Becky beating her. Quick win leaves the option for a rematch, which I don't need but should make Belair fans happier actually.
  22. I'm not a fan of today's wrestling, but that entrance was scorching. I'm really missed there was announcing a minute in or so. Just let the audio and visual speak for itself, this isn't radio!
  23. I have no idea about Lucha, which is why I thought it was Flair with Jericho.
  24. R. I. P. Gerd Mueller, legendary striker of the late 60ies and the 70ies, who had battled Alzheimer's disease during the last few years. Mueller was a long time record holder for most goals in a single Bundesliga season (40 goals in 1971/72, broken by Lewandowski's 41 goals last season) as well as most goals as a German National (68 goals, broken by Miroslav Klose in 2014 after 40 years). He was also the record holder for most World Cup goals scored at 14 from 1974 to 2006. He is still the most successful overall goalscorer in the Bundesliga with 365 goals scored (in 427 appearances). He was the attacker for the German World Cup squads 1970 and 1974 (3rd place & Champions) aswell as 1972's European championship winners. Probably the greatest goal poacher of all time.
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