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  1. First bread and fish, now cake? What a miracle worker
  2. Just because that exact scenario didn't work for the mens division doesn't necessarily mean it couldn't work in the women's.
  3. She cut the same promo that every person to ever leave WWE has cut for the past 20 years, and it was easily both the worst delivered version of it, and also the least valid version given her circumstances with her neck injury. "Your name rhymes with shit" also reminded there's several segments where Jericho tried to spam failed catchphrases into getting over - there's a few GFY segments that I'd like back.
  4. Yeah, Dark Order debut probably wins because they canned the angle of them destroying all the top babyfaces in one night and never mentioned it again. This could at least potentially go somewhere. I remember the weigh-in being awful and it going forever. Recency bias winning out on that one.
  5. I'm trying to rack my brain for what was the worst segment in AEW history prior to the Saraya promo. The Brandi/Dan Lambert confrontation was at least trainwreck entertaining.
  6. I like that Diesel won it at the MSG house show - it meant a lot more at the time than it does now and was consistent with the story being told. On the other hand, it would have made more sense to run that same story at the Rumble rather than give him Bret and 70% of the crowd favouring Bret over him. Rewatching that entire year - it bothered me that Backlund went from the most bullet proof guy in the company from his initial match with Bret, going over pretty much the entire babyface roster up until Survivor Series, and then treated like a joke from the Diesel match afterwards. The loss of faith in Savage seemed to be around that time Vince stopped a match with Flair at a taping mid-way through, and insisted they restart it. I always thought it was around the time of the Zahorian trial, and him wearing the full body suit that I thought made him look teeny tiny and aged him by about 10 years, but at the same time - they really pivoted out of nowhere to Savage/Flair for Mania 8, when they didn't really have to - as that old vignette to determine the number 1 contender showed - they had Hogan, Piper, Taker, Sid all there. They could have ran Hogan/Flair, or Hogan/Sid for the title, and instead brought Savage back from the commentary booth to be the top guy again. Was that related to Savage being offered money to jump around this time maybe?
  7. I'm interested as to what Vince got spooked on the overall concept. Was it that the concept relied on keeping around so many guys in one place for months at a time to build to a successful card, or was it that too many guys were taking too many pins on TV, when that rarely happened? It seems like he cooled on the concept in '89. Tried to revive it with the stupid Wild Card match in 1990. 1991 either had fuck finishes or clean sweeps, 92 had the one tag team match. Had a good run in the New Generation era. The Russo era not so much.
  8. Agreed - strange card. Michaels/Diesel/friends vs. Razor/Perfect/Kid/Janetty was looking really good. Lawler gets arrested for touching underage girls, they shoehorn Shawn into that instead, Perfect gets injured, it turns into a mismatch of random guys without any real back story. Then again, I really don't know who else you put in that position that makes sense? Funk would have been pretty cool, but would have been a big ask to make it work from a storyline perspective. Harts vs Terry, Dory, Jimmy Jack and.......Jeff Gaylord-Funk would have been awesome. Steiners were treading water and I believe were already on the way out - having them in there against the Quebecers seemed odd as it never went anywhere after (a good 10 minute draw match on Superstars followed, with the commentators strongly hinting that the Steiners would never get another shot). The booking for the main was all over the place. Two PPVs running, Luger celebrates in the ring over a consolation prize. I think they should have reversed the eliminations, and had Luger/Borga be the double countout spot, and then have Taker beat Yokozuna to build to the Rumble, or have Luger pin Yokozuna because he was afraid of Taker. Too many guys look irrelevant here - Luger gets his consolation prize beating Borga, Tatanka is an afterthought after Borga beats him. Borga shatters his ankle not long after, so it goes nowhere. Then Hennig bails on the company in the midst of that feud. So yes, they did everything possible to make Luger look like a total loser, but his two feuds lined up in 1994 got wiped after they barely got started, and then the Tatanka feud at the end of the year ended off camera on top of it. It did a great job of putting the Savage/Crush feud on the map as a big deal.
  9. Does David Schwimmer still share a bank account with his mother?
  10. I haven't watched the videos - is he seriously saying that's all he's relying on? I've been using dry needling for the past 18 months after I hurt my achilles/plantar fascia. It's a decent preventative measure to ensure that you're not overcompensating on other load bearing parts of the body and making things progressively worse, but that's all it is - a band-aid stop gap. Hopefully not a case of getting a bad diagnosis, and deciding it's just easier to push through and deal with it later. That always works well in wrestling.
  11. I wasn't exactly clambering to see Singh in-ring by any stretch. It just took away from the importance of the match, the stipulation at stake, when you've got these two huge guys who could credibly win the thing, just lumbering around ringside - Morrissey in particular wasn't even interested, at least Satnam was seen to be actively trying to help Lethal win the thing. We've gone from the first two where they at least tried to make credible storyline explanations for why the top 10 contenders weren't in the thing, to having them walk out down the ramp and be "ehh" about it. Can you imagine the Rumble escaping criticism when you've got the majority of your top guys avoiding a loss? In most cases - 1993/1995, that's been rightfully panned for what it is. I agree with what you said about the little seeds planted to further everything else, which I think is going to be a positive in most cases. The bigger picture of the title continuing to be devalued by the constant vacancies/guys finding other things more important to look after is an issue.
  12. I hated the last two battle royals they did for a title shot, as most of the top guys opted out of it for no reason, and kills your vibe about how what a huge opportunity for a title shot this would be, when it's just also-rans, mid card guys and an obvious winner. This one was worse, as you literally had guys at ringside in Satnam and W Morrissey that would be credible contenders to win instead just standing around not doing much.
  13. Far out. Mark Calloway was never in Star Wars. That's bullshit.
  14. JR coming back to RAW and cutting a shoot promo "bringing back your favourites" only to bring back Bray Wyatt doing stupid spooky shit would be both things coming full circle, and hopefully proving devil-adjacent JR is the best use of him at this point.
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