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  1. CM Punk Scott Hall Bret Hart Roddy Piper Tully Blanchard Sid Owen Hart Randy Savage Curt Hennig Paul London Bull Nakano Bam Bam Bigelow Steve Corino Yoshihiro Tajiri Eddie Kingston
  2. Mirrored WCW in a lot of ways. Great in-ring product that focused on the younger talent with some decent storytelling that all went to shit once Hogan arrived and put his friends on top. Daniels going from headlining a PPV for the title to getting squashed by Sean Morley in the opener a month later was a thing.
  3. 3 months here today. I know how much work you must have put in. Glad to see good shit happening your way.
  4. When JR kicks the bucket, the funeral instructions regarding which young studs are going to be the pallbearers are going to be something.
  5. Easily one of the worst characters on the show. The ridiculously absurd ways they'd really force in every scene that she's such a bad ass with the lamest forced dialogue possible....tiring. Now, I'm off to go win a drinking fighting tournament against a shark because its that sort of a day.
  6. I love the dynamic that MJF has with his parents. I look forward to the day it plays out in an angle. Presumably they ape the Survivor Series 94 finish, but instead they're all "ehh, fuck him" when asked to throw in the towel for him.
  7. Things I didn't like: - Putting over Bret's turnbuckle bump on commentary like its an offensive maneuver and Dax aping it is the pinnacle of Bret Hart masturbatory tributes - The BCC/Kingston return didn't sit well with me. Kingston returns after 2 weeks from a fireball, and is immediately maybe the 4th most important guy on his team after the focus is now on Regal punching Jericho/announcers hyping the Regal Jericho showdown next week. - Just because she's changed it slightly, the lowering sunglasses and peering out into the crowd taunt being spammed by Toni is reaching Penta-esque levels. Also kinda wanted Hayter to go over. - Darby getting rolled up after hitting the Coffin Drop is becoming a pretty tired finish. Everything else was fantastic. the Punk/Silver match was excellent - gave Silver the right amount, loved the rare time where using the other guys finish leads to a pin. The Wardlow/MJF segment was fantastic and sets things up very nicely from here. BARRY HORROWITZ. Great Jungle Boy/Starks match that again sets the table for endless possibilities with a heap of other guys involved. Some insane bumps in that main event. Glad they're putting some time into the AEW Womens' Title match as a big deal.
  8. From an in-ring perspective - I completely agree, and any real attempt to change that formula has largely resulted in....Russo consequences. Outside the ring though, rarely is there much effort into looking at the storylines/drama/the individual personalities involved in that storyline for a tag team. Page/Omega is the absolute exception to the rule, but otherwise, you can probably struggle to find double figures of tag team programs that weren't largely dictated by what happened in the ring, let alone had a storyline that wasn't one partner turning on the other. That's where I believe it can improve, rather than treating it as its own universe, and the wrestling equivalent of tennis doubles, where you appreciate the teams for their contextual talents, but the real important stuff is the singles.
  9. Are we fantasy-casting this? Torn between Ivory and character actress Margo Martindale.
  10. I'll double down on the unpopular opinion. Being a fan of tag team wrestling is an IWC trope that probably should have died once it became a Jim Cornette talking point. It's just a platform to show that you appreciate the art of wrestling more, because tag ropes, teams cheating behind the refs back, double team moves, blind tags, complaining about lucha rules vs traditional rules, and a unit being stronger than two individual guys are all pathos that make you seem more of a student of the art form. The format hasn't really evolved beyond small flippy good guys and good technical guys vs monster tag team and evil technical but cheating guys. Occasional exception for brawler tag teams of various alignments, and the wacky tag partners who don't get along. Since 1990, for every good year of tag wrestling in North America, there's arguably been as many as 10 bad ones. Yes, AEW have done it as well as anyone since Crockett, but I feel like it's a part of wrestling that has evolved to its ceiling - its ability to tell a story outside the ring without the dreaded tag team split up, its ability to tell a story in the ring as far as false finishes go without requiring ridiculous hat-on-a-hat-on-a-hat type spots. I think I'm just ready to see something new and different on screen - the six man titles would be embracing a level of chaos that no other promotion has been prepared to do - and rightly so to a degree, because guys get hurt, leave the promotion, want to be a singles guy. I feel as though that history has shown that those sort of ad-hoc booking steps required to accommodate that, has often produced good results. As AK pointed out - there's more than enough factions to justify it.
  11. You can still do that just without an extra title. Agree moving away from them without reason doesn't make any sense, but nor does adding yet another title into the mix when there's already way too many across the numerous promotions' being defended?
  12. I think by AEW getting rid of their titles (which are already treated as an after thought to FTR's titles). You force WWE to do something they don't want to do with their programming and simultaneously provide a point of difference for the casual viewer (in the same way TNA had the six sided ring). If they want to still use tag titles for an angle, they can use the ROH/TNA ones, but I think there's more value in switching to a 6 man title, rather than trying to have the six man titles, the AEW tag and whatever promotions titles all on the one show. Seems overkill. Or as is with wrestling, they could always just bring the tag titles back months later
  13. Watching a couple of King Kong Bundy squashes. Did anyone ever use the 5 count effectively beyond jobber squashes? Always thought it'd be a good way of getting an underdog to score an upset pin (ref counting to 3, giving the monster heel the visual pin, ref hesitating/forgetting to get to 5, and the monster heel getting rolled up when he remonstrates). Bundy's squash matches are the fucking worst BTW. I forgot how he just had no idea how to work effectively as someone that size. So much punch/kick, so little stuff that looked impressive, intimidating or hurty.
  14. I'd like to see AEW abandon the tag titles all together (use the ROH/AAA ones where needed), and separate themselves as a point of difference from WWE, knowing that they've spent the last twenty years trying to get rid of it, and would never fully commit to promoting it as their point of difference. Jurassic Express get told to hand over the tag titles, but get first shot as trios champions. Christian expects that he'll be added to the team, but Jungle Boy tells him they're going with Hangman Page, as a callback to the earlier 6 man he picked them over Dark Order. Christian piledrives Jungle Boy on the outside ala DiBiase/Murdoch and costs them the titles during their first defence.
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