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  1. Is Lio actually still working? I know the Stong stuff is taped a decent bit in advance. Tag tourney broke down in a logical way, I'd assume Anderson and Gallows go over Brody and Dickinson next week. Cool that Natira got to kick out of the Gun Stun though. I wonder what his gimmick will look like whenever he graduates. Who's the last guy to come back with a mellow gimmick, Sho and Yoh I guess? But even their initial return was pretty showy. Lol @ Lawlor offering bread to Kojima before the match.
  2. Really? Do you know where she's going? She really someone that grew over time in Impact so it'll be interesting to see how she fares in another promotion.
  3. LOL at ya'll thinking Mox might or should lose tonight. Like NJPW doesn't have a show coming up in the US in 3 weeks.
  4. Huh. TJP took the pinfall in the match with Anderson and Gallows instead of Connors. There are plans for Clark! Holy shit Ren got the pin on Wheeler Yuta! Also those scars from the chops on Ren's chest are nasty. Danny Limlight's trash talk is great. And Kratos and Brody start the match slapping meat. Limelight knowing he was toast after the failed low blow, doing the hip swivel and giving Dickinson the finger was hilarious. Lawlor/Kojima next week!
  5. Interesting that they're filming out of Long Beach since I assumed they would keep using the CWFH set in Port Hueneme. Speaking of Strong: Couglin/PJ Black was stiff! What was up with Koslov referring to Davey Richards as a nobody when talking about Rocky Romero's tag partners? He didn't even mention Richard's name at all (or Trent's, but he did refer to Trent as a supernova).
  6. Eh. It happens. I don't remember all of the details but in the NBA in the early 2000s there was a guy on the Miami Heat that had a 5 or 8 million dollar opt in clause and his agent didn't fax the paperwork in on time so the Heat were off the hook for the salary.
  7. Is there any reason why people don't use that elevated DDT that Paige used to hit? It looked good. Andrade should just that instead of the hammerlock flatliner.
  8. Dug the 6 man tag and the Mixed tag. Main event was a huge shmozz like an old Raw or Nitro which was a surprise. The ATT guy did good heel work in Impact during Lashley's last run so I'm not shocked he was good here. He must be a huge wrestling fan. The Black segment would have came off better if he dropped Arn, picked up a mic and said his new name. Also the purple makeup on the cheek is silly and will look silly when it wears off during a match. Live crowd helped make the show seem a little more wild than the limited/no crowd shows. The way the arena is set up it seemed like the crowd is right on top of the ring so it seems crazy. You know WWE won't look anything like that when they go back on the road.
  9. Nah, WWE is a legit juggernaut with their resources, funds, roster, etc. Even with all of their cuts, they still have a giant roster not counting the NXT trainees and they keep signing more people. I enjoy AEW but they still do silly stuff that comes off as bush league at times and they have in theory, tons of money to use towards making the product look better and avoiding those things. WWE is still viewed as wrestling by a large majority of people. And anything else is seen as "bootleg" even AEW which in general is a good looking product.
  10. Dug the tag title match, The Bodega have their schtick down pat now. Clearwater has been jobbing a decent bit since going over Banning, wonder if he's on his way out. Well the Heat Street video was everything I thought it would be and more. Gotta give some love to Blake Troop announcing too the little things he points out about why a guy would do a certain thing and how it might effect things later is great. Michaels is still a stiff but Levi is good at controlling so the match is good. Howdy Price with the shenanigans and Levi with the loaded punch to bring it home.
  11. Dan Joseph was fed up with Lazarus from the jump. Midnight Heat with a Johnny Sinz reference right away. Kevin Martinsen vs. Darwin Finch was fun. Wasted Youth actually talking about their issues!? Nah, now they're broken up! Jack Cartwright telling Beef Candy to chew on his Twizzler? This is a spicy episode. That Stomp/Unprettier combo did not look good. The way Jack Farmer said "Mi Gente" and "B" when interviewing The Bodega was hilarious. Danny Limelight making quick work of Honest John.
  12. Yehi/Yuta vs. DKC/Knight was pretty good. Yehi looked really good and I want to see more of him. The progression of Clark Connors continues with a win over Rocky Romero. It he going to be the guy to dethrone Lawlor eventually? Fredricks/Lawlor was good and a crowd would have bit on that nearfall after Fredricks hit that DDT. Wonder if Kojima's title challenge will be before the show in August?
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