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  1. Got a little bit of time with RetroMania and it's while it's fun, there are some things are a bit off. I don't remember who in this thread mentioned the movement speed being too fast but they are 100% correct. You shouldn't be able to move faster than you can run but you somehow can. A profile option (showing who the playable characters are) and move list would be nice to include (I see that the story mode is also a tutorial mode and I'll check that out soon). The grappling is simple and is fine but I don't understand the counter system. I fired up Wrestlefest just to compare and the spee
  2. Vann/Matters was ok until it got to the point of advancing the further CeCe storyline. Wasted Youth is back? Man that tag match was oddly disjointed. Ah, more storyline! Honest John being a klepto is funny though. And street clothes Dan Joseph looks like the crazy gym/health teacher from high school. A mustache would complete the look. Piranacanrana got crushed by Sweet Robin Shaw. Cruz/Watson was a match. Cruz doesn't express with his face so he always looks like he's constipated or something. So this episode was just to get everything set up for the next two weeks? Cool.
  3. I never knew I'd be into Grizzled Vet Fred Rosser but here we are! That tag match was great and having an explicit stratification of your roster makes everything fall into place compared to your traditionally designed US promotion. And that main event was great. Again with the levels between guys, Karl has graduated so he's just a bit better than Connors and was able to pull it out in the end. But Connors is right there and you know it's going to turn around for him soon. I don't know what the future holds for Connors (I'd guess some Jrs work in NJPW and Indy work) but dude is nice with i
  4. The transition of a Heather focused womens division to their new vision keeps going on with Cece becoming a face again versus a conflicted heel. Did not expect that piranha guy to get that much offense in. At least the post match beat down was cool. Levi makes me want to fire up Fire Pro World again just to make an edit of him. Still working out that Honest John character I see. That springboard looked dicey by Watson, I assume those ropes aren't designed for all at that. Midnight Heat can stooge very well, but I'm not sure they should be for these guys. That was a dope finisher
  5. Yeah, that tournament final/championship match was great. Another match that would have been way better with fans.
  6. I kinda watched this show after the fact since I was watching the NCAA volleyball tournament since I have pool going on with some friends. I could have skipped it. Not to be a creep (yeah calm down Ramo-netico) but did Charlotte have a wardrobe malfunction when she was in the Auska lock?
  7. The finish in the Lawlor/Hikuelo was kinda creative, but kinda silly. Opening tag was dope. Brody/Rush was good and the size disparity actually works since Brody works like a monster but he's not actually that big. Lawlor vs. Brody in the finals should be good.
  8. I played a ton of SD vs. Raw 2011 and 2K15. I think 13 came out during the period where I checked out a bit. 2k15 took me a while to get used to the counter system but I liked. I remember some of the challenges in the NXT mode were insane to try to pull off. The Sami/Cesaro match had some challenges that were almost impossible to get.
  9. Does anyone use the ESPN app on the PS5? I tried watching volleyball games yesterday and every time it went to commercial the video would freeze when it was time to come back to live action and then crash after a minute.
  10. This kind of reminds me of a few years ago a local radio station had a ticket giveaway and the DJ said he had tickets for Wrestlemania. 2 segments later he had to correct himself by saying he had tickets to the "Road to" Wrestlemania house show that was happening in town.
  11. I'm pretty sure the audio for Ash was off, like they didn't have enough time for a proper sound check or something. Also I'm not sure if her band was using a backing track or is they were playing instruments since it sounded so off. Getting the audio right for a live performance in a stadium always sounds like a nightmare. It makes sense why Wale would just lip sync to avoid any issues.
  12. Count me in as liking night 1 more than night 2 but both were solid. We would have hated this show if it were one night. Did not expect that to be the finish in the main event. Who goes after Roman after Backlash? Cesaro? Big E? There's also the return of Jimmy Uso at some point.
  13. I thought we were going to get more with Levi and Cartwright but I guess Idol is the next challenger again. Cruz and Murry did get a lot so I'm not sure what's going on there. Where are the Wolf Zaddies? I'm all for Jervis getting crushed anytime. Main event was good but did start off wacky, but that's the nature of triple threats. Guess Heather is really gone now. Also they couldn't tell the lady who was the special ref to bring a pair of slacks? She looked so odd in the yoga pants.
  14. I really dug the show. No match went too long. Lashley winning was a shocker to me. I thought the main event was great once it got going.
  15. Fun episode this week. Dug all the matches and nothing seemed too long. Still not sure who is going to win this tourney. Will we get Mox/Nagata and the cup finals together? That would be a fire episode.
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