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  1. They could’ve put on a spectacle worthy of Mania, surely. Also, I’m 100% sure that’s why HBK wasn’t purged with the rest of HHH’s crew at the PC. Podcast Prichard and Nicky Budgets don’t want to explain to Vince how HBK ended up having a Heartbreak Hotel brawl through an abandoned “no tell motel” with the Stinger.
  2. “Dresden Hatchetman” for Wolfe is like when Alex Riley got “Say it to my face” as his theme music…
  3. They pretty much ended Dean Ambrose's run as a main eventer and we got that? Sloppy shop, man.
  4. Got snowed in in Georgia so I couldn't make it to Terminus. Hopefully I'll be there next month for Terminus Harder.
  5. @Tarheel Moneghettifwiw, I've been vocal about TK shitting the bed by passing on Murphy to sign Tony Nese. He'll sign Swerve Scott. Of this I have no doubt, especially given recent events. There are going to be some spots opening up as contracts start to expire. A lot of AEW "OG's" who were signed to fill a roster are gonna fall by the wayside. Mustafa Ali makes your team better. You sign him, regardless of who's in the spot he's gonna take. Also, if AEW wants bigger guys, they should sign Keith Lee, not the fucking biggest dorks in the land. Kross is a tryhard idiot and Strowman doesn't give a shit.
  6. Uncle Tony absolutely shouldn't sign everyone WWE releases. It's terrible business practice and leads to a bloated roster. Uncle Tony absolutely should move heaven and earth to bring Mustafa Ali to his show. Dude could be an absolute star. If that means less tv time for guys like Tony Nese and Bobby Fish... so much the better.
  7. It's ok to ask women to move cross country, employ them, and then fire them three months later after enrolling their children in school, but bleeding on tv is where they draw the line?
  8. Yeah, felt like they went to the North Carolina well one too many times. One of those shows could've been in Greenville or Clemson easy. It's also bizarre to me that after that first fantastic Atlanta Dynamite in 2020, they took it forty minutes up the road to Buford. Gwinnett Co is massive, and heavily populated, but getting around on a weeknight there is a bitch. Got most of the Atlanta gridlock with none of the amenities or surrounding businesses. I wonder if State Farm in Atlanta is one of the venues WWE is trying to muscle AEW out of...
  9. The new SCREAM was an absolute delight. It felt like the freshest and most biting since the original.
  10. Andrade seems to be having a fantastic time. He almost popped Schiavone when he asked him how he knew that Darby was Sting's friend. That guy oozes star power. Y'all aren't wrong about clean finishes, but I understand the instinct to protect your top stars. DQ's and screwy finishes don't bother me as much as some others. I guess the bigger dilemma is "if I'm giving all this away on free tv, how do I keep my PPV matches fresh and exciting?" It's a good problem to have, but it is a problem.
  11. So, as a kid we had WOMETCO cable out of Fayetteville, Ga. I still remember their office on the square. Every saturday the cable access channel had a 3-5 hour block of pro wrestling. We got WCW Worldwide, WWF Wrestling Challenge, USWA, Smoky Mountain, and another WWE or something. They had the old school hosts and everything. I was enraptured by the "Dirty White Boy" Tony Anthony, Buddy Landell, PG13, and all the people I'd only heard about in the Apter mags to that point. Then WOMETCO got bought up by BellSouth after the FCC ruling stuff. All that cable access stuff became a thing of the past. Sad.
  12. Also, Jungle Boy has turned into a credible babyface promo. Night and day difference from a year or so ago. Good on ya, JB.
  13. I feel like I spend a lot of talking shit about what I don’t like. I really dug the Brody debut, even if that was a convoluted ass way to get there, and I liked all the hossery. Quality stuff.
  14. Uncle Tony helped a brother out and put all the pretentious dweebs in segment 1. Always looking out for me, TK. Love you.
  15. I know I have my quirks, but if I can't laugh at them then what's the point?
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